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DRAFT SEASON with Bondi | Sippin' On A 40
What's in store for 2022
21 min
Your 2022 CANUCKS + Who is KGB? | Sippin' On A 40
Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for KGB
24 min
2022 Höglander + Nelly Furtado's TOP 10 SONGS |...
The lists of all lists
18 min
Holtby's Trip Down the I-5, A Modest Goal for t...
The Canucks are in a playoff race, and we're going to keep calling it that until they're officially eliminated. Braden Holtby has probably been the team's MVP since they returned, and it could earn him a trip down the I-5 to Seattle (please). Daniel Wagner aka Pass It To Bulis joins the show to talk about his career, the Canucks sudden playoff push, and that banner that flew over Vancouver last week. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and rate and review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoyed the show!
70 min
Canucks + Nelly Furtado's most IMPORTANT song |...
17 min
Canucks + Best Song from Vancouver in 2021 | Si...
Growing my beard
19 min
The Playoffs Dream Is Still Alive (Kind Of) & D...
Do the Canucks still have a chance at the playoffs? Technically, yes but a lot has to go right for that to happen. We break down the past two games from this team, plus we give an impassioned plea to ownership to lock up two important pieces of hockey operations. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and make sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts!
14 min
i was gonna watch the game but then i got HI | ...
Two edits later....
20 min
The Best Win Of the Season, Bo Leads From Examp...
The Vancouver Canucks beat the Leafs as one of the biggest home underdogs in recent history, and damn did it feel good. After some people questioned Bo Horvat's leadership, he showed them why he is the captain of this team by leading by example on the ice. Alex Edler gets suspended for kneeing Zach Hyman, and Leafs fans think he's the second coming of Matt Cooke for some reason. Brayden Fengler joins the show to talk about all that, how the COVID outbreak could determine future decisions surrounding the team, how to evaluate under difficult circumstances, and much more. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts!
71 min
Horvat Haters + Bye-Bye Benning? | Sippin' On A 40
Thanks for the hope FRIDGE
21 min
J.T. Miller Went Scorched Earth, And Who Has th...
J.T. Miller called game on Thursday, and the Canucks now have an extra two days of rest — although their revised schedule is still horrendous. Bo Horvat and Jim Benning addressed the media on Friday, but who has the player's backs in all of this? -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts.
14 min
A lot of bullsh*t and Kyle's Romance | Sippin' ...
F*ck you Ghost
42 min
Gaud's Gone, Benn-ie and the Jets, and Jimbo's ...
The NHL trade deadline came and went, and there was quite a bit of action from the Canucks despite this podcast's prediction. Adam Gaudette was shipped off to Chicago (maybe because of COVID), Madison Bowey is here for the expansion draft, and Jordie Benn is flying off to the Winnipeg Jets. Alex Blair of the On Air podcast joins the show to break down all things trade deadline, Tanner Pearson's new contract, Jim Benning's future with this hockey team, and much more. We end the show with how this meat grinder of a schedule can be a moment to learn for the Vancouver Canucks. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts!
80 min
The Never-ending Cap Crunch and All Is Quiet On...
Tanner Pearson signed a contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks — Jimbo just won't ever learn will he. Plus we get into the press conference with Jim Bovard and Jim Benning, and why the Canucks will be a quiet team at this year's trade deadline, and for a very valid reason. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts.
17 min
Sorry Tanner Pearson | Sippin' On A 40
Congrats on the deal I guess...
25 min
GO CANUCKS GO | Silky N' Filthy
There's only on thing we know here...
48 min
Dr. Bondi Henry & 2 and a half BIG Contracts | ...
We apologize for the bad audio
34 min
COVID Crisis and the Two Cornerstones New Deals...
COVID-19 has a grip on the Vancouver Canucks and at this point, everything is on the table. Will the Canucks play all their remaining games, should there even be games, and we go off on how some people have turned this into a referendum on management. Guest Dylan Eckland joins the show to talk about the COVID-19 outbreak on the Canucks, Demko's new deal, and favourite Sedin moments. We end the show with some educated guesses on what Elias Pettersson's and Quinn Hughes' new deals will look like. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoyed the episode!
63 min
COVID Strikes and Demko Gets His Dollars | Powe...
In this episode, we touch on the two main storylines from the team over the past few days. Eight Canucks Players and a member of the coaching staff have tested positive for COVID-19 — the Vancouver Canucks will not be playing hockey again for a significant stretch. Thatcher Demko is getting paid — why was this deal so significant, and how does this shape the future trajectory of this team?
19 min
Demko and his Dollars | Sippin' On A 40
Watch out for your 2023 Canucks
17 min
Five Canucks Who Need to Play | The Quickie
The season is running out, so give these guys a damn shot.
5 min
A Delicate Balancing Act, Tempering Expectation...
The Canucks haven't played in what seems like forever, but their place is still not set in stone in the North Division given that Montreal hasn't played in a while. The rest of the season will be a delicate balancing act between looking towards the future and a hockey operations staff that may not have the same intentions. Lachlan Irvine of The Creasecast joins the show to talk about the two-game series against the Winnipeg Jets, some key decisions to be made about this roster, and how to make the playoffs AND sell at the deadline. We end the show with a realistic outlook on what to expect from the Canucks at the trade deadline.
73 min
A Balding Canuck Fan Goes To Brooklyn | Sippin'...
I'm Only Human
22 min
Downed By The Jets, Asset Management SZN, and T...
The Canucks lost back-to-back games against the Jets in regulation, all but grounding their chances at a playoff spot. The urgency wasn't there in the first game, but they just didn't get the bounces in the second game. Now, it's time for everyone in Vancouver's favourite season — asset management season. We end the show with some talk on Elias Pettersson's injury, and why the Canucks need to exercise caution.
21 min
Demko's Vezina Case & Stoned on Mark | Silky N'...
Could Demko actually pull off a Vezina nomination during his first season as a starter?
33 min