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The Real Important Game + The Stretcher & Messi...
You still gotta find the car flags
29 min
Wayne Simmonds? Nah, this ain't 2011 | The Quickie
The Quickie breaks down the Wayne Simmonds rumours, and talks about why the Canucks are better off giving the underdogs a shot. Speaking of underdogs, Trevor begins his campaign to climb up from #64 on Canucks Twitter.
4 min
The best Canucks from 2003 + Another loss again...
We'l get there next year Bondi
33 min
Goalie Scraps & Russian Raps w/ Cat Silverman |...
Kyle goes off in the Ovechkin vs. Crosby debate, and Cat Silverman joins the show to talk about goalie fights, cellys, rituals, and quality starts.
63 min
Memba when Jack Campbell was Jacob Markstrom? |...
Both were once considered top goalie prospects, but Campbell's hype train took off too soon.
4 min
The Calgary Flames are F**ked | The Quickie
Something smell rotten in Southern Alberta and nope, it's not manure.
4 min
How You Can Do It + The League Was A Joke Toda...
Get over 2011 with me by your side
36 min
They Can Maybe Catch the Blues and Who Is Your ...
The Canucks might catch the Blues, and Sportsnet's Satiar Shah delivers the latest Canucks news you do not want to miss.
75 min
Goalies are RB's of the NHL | The Quickie
Running backs in the NFL are struggling to get that big contract. Could we see a similar trend with starting goaltenders in the NHL?
4 min
Greatness was just on display | The Quickie
What do Patrick Mahomes, Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes all have in common?
3 min
no ones going to listen to this | Sippin' On A 40
Enjoy the Superbowl Parties
21 min
Rookie Hughes does it again + Sportsnet, you sh...
There is no debate
28 min
Watch These Games This Weekend | The Quickie
I tossed my Canucks bias aside (obviously we're watching those) and give you three other good match-ups to watch this weekend.
4 min
Perfect Landing Spot for Mike Gillis | The Quickie
One NHL team is screaming for the help of former Vancouver Canucks general manager Mike Gillis.
5 min
January's Beauties & Best Aussie Slangs | Silky...
Tanbir Rana & Kyle Bhawan debate Trevor's Beauty Power Rankings
47 min
The Apology to TSN + Hughes vs Edler | Sippin' ...
Give the man a final chance
25 min
Battle of Alberta is Flatlining | The Quickie
The drama between Matthew Tkachuk and Zack Kassian distracts from the fact that both of these teams have serious issues.
5 min
Elias's "Attitude" + A Waste Of Time | Sippin' ...
I'm sorry for wasting your time
22 min
Believe in Demko | The Quickie
Did you make the mistake of forgetting about Thatcher Demko?
5 min
Ring of Honour Talk and No More Early Starts Wi...
We talk Ring of Honour, Jordie Benn, and David Quadrelli joins the show.
70 min
Tailgate Season is Approaching | Sippin' On A 40
I'll bring the curry
37 min
Taking Stock in Vegas & Toronto | The Quickie
Which of these underachievers will have the stronger finish?
5 min
The "What If" Game with the 3 B's | Sippin'On A 40
Your coach is on the hot seat, I swear to you
40 min
Beggsy's Back and Everyone loves Loui | Silky N...
Probably our filthiest episode EVER
70 min
Hughes > Dahlin + Fancy Bhawan + Which Monster ...
Fancy Man Harman said it
27 min