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Canucks broadcasting appreciation episode | The...
The franchise might not have a Cup in 50 years, but the broadcasting has been top-notch.
5 min
Why you need to watch The Sopranos ASAP | Power...
A special bonus episode of Power Of The Pure-L, breaking down why you need to watch The Sopranos
10 min
OH CANADA | Silky N' Filthy
Join us while we rehearse for our new program!
54 min
Heaps of Praise for Underrated Winnipeg | The Q...
You might hate the city, but The Quickie has a soft spot for the underrated prairie mecca.
6 min
Best and Worst of the NHL's Most Boring Playoff...
Sorry, Dallas.
6 min
Heaping too much praise on Denver & the Avs | T...
I mean, this is the network with the West Coast Bias...
5 min
Ryan Kesler's Best Season With the Canucks and ...
29 min
Catching Up With Loved Ones | Sippin' On A 40
Shoutout Deepak Chopra
38 min
Best and Worst of the St. Louis Blues | The Qui...
Lots of positives for the defending Cup champs but damn, St. Louis needs to improve that Trip Advisor page...
4 min
Wait, what about that first round pick? | The Q...
With the Canucks first round pick still in limbo, The Quickie looks at options for the Canucks if they do fall out of the playoffs.
5 min
Best and (mostly) worst of Anaheim | The Quickie
When Adam Henrique is your best player, you're gonna have a bad time.
4 min
P90 X Predictions + New Show Alert | Silky N' F...
What up Canada?
57 min
Quick Downfall in LA & Venice Vibes | The Quickie
The Kings suck but there are some underlying positive. You also get a Venice Beach story on this episode of The Quickie.
4 min
Calder Trophy Talk + Wash Your Body | Sippin' O...
Much love to Bondi
30 min
Ain't No Thrill With Phil & I'm Moving to Glend...
The Quickie covers the best and worst of the Arizona Coyotes, and the city of Glendale.
5 min
Our First Hockey Memories and The Quarantine Bo...
The Canucks signed Will Lockwood and Marc Michaelis, but we want to know your first hockey memories. We have Brendan Batchelor as our guest, and we end with the debut of the Quarantine Book Club.
64 min
This one time in Vegas... | The Quickie
The resurgence of Maximillian & a little Vegas tale this morning on The Quickie.
7 min
69 Thoughts Feat: Ty Lemmon | Silky N' Filthy
If safe. Make Love.
48 min
Quinn F*cken Hughes + High Spirit High Spirit |...
Stay Safe
25 min
If only we all had Boughner's mojo | The Quickie
The Quickie touches on the best (but mostly worst) of the Sharks & virtually fist-bump Boughner's recent cocky comments.
6 min
Will NHL players save the day? | The Quickie
The Quickie breaks down the unorthodox proposal from NHL players on finishing the season.
4 min
Yamamighty & Why Does Everyone Hate Edmonton? |...
The Oilers have been better than advertised & I throw the city a surprising compliment.
5 min
Chirping the Calgary Flames | The Quickie
Sorry, Sam Bennett.
6 min
Hockey Is on Pause and Shows to Watch During a ...
No more hockey or any sports for the foreseeable future — we are truly living in unprecedented times. Guest Tej Dhaliwal of the LarschCast joins the podcast to talk about the Canucks season up to this point, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and much more.
78 min
Best & Worst of the Vancouver Canucks | The Qui...
The Quickie talks about the most surprising Canucks (both good and bad).
5 min