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Hoglander's Arrival & The Best of Sweden | Silk...
SNF goes over the best Swedish NHL players in the game today, and of all-time.
40 min
Buffalo: America's Most Canadian City? | The Qu...
The Quickie looks to give Buffalo some love amidst all the city's misery.
5 min
2011'ed out, Canucks Rumours, and Henrik's 2010...
I love the 2011 Canucks run as much as anyone, but it's time to put the retrospectives and game rewinds on pause for now
71 min
Why an NHL return is easier said than done | Th...
Some food for thought with current rumours on the NHL's return circulating.
5 min
Thoughts on the NHL Draft | The Quickie
Hear Beggsy's thoughts on the NHL Draft after Day One of the NFL Draft took place.
4 min
Tale of Two Centres in Montreal | The Quickie
Two of the Canadiens men down the middle are highlighted in this episode of The Quickie.
5 min
The Best Duos In The Pacific | Silky N' Filthy
Condolences to Nova Scotia
57 min
Analyzing who the Canucks should keep between S...
This one is for the Troy Stecher fan club.
5 min
Don't go to Florida | The Quickie
Unless you're going there to buy the Panthers and bring them back to Canada.
6 min
How to Survive Quarantine and Florida Man Tales...
We talk to The Athletic's Thomas Drance about how he's handling quarantine, his start in the industry, and his time with the Florida Panthers. Plus we end with our regularly scheduled quarantine binge recommendation.
67 min
Only a Sliver of TML Shade Today | The Quickie
The Quickie takes it easy on the roast of Toronto due to the events that transpired over the weekend.
7 min
Dreaming of a Hughes, Byfuglien Pairing | The Q...
There are some enticing options out there for Buff if he decides to return to the NHL.
4 min
Nova Scotia > Quebec | Silky N' Filthy
69 min
Tampa Isn't Miami | The Quickie
At least they have a good hockey team, although there were mixed results among their stable of smaller forwards in 2019-20.
5 min
How do the '14-15 Canucks compare to today's te...
Five years ago today, the Canucks kicked off their last playoff series.
5 min
Screw You, Boston | The Quickie
The Boston Bruins are the latest victim as we go around the NHL on The Quickie
5 min
Patrik Sundstrom's 1983-84 Season and the Lates...
We break down Patrik Sundstrom's 1983-84 season and add our latest book to the Quarantine Book Club, Ken Dryden's legendary book The Game
13 min
Re-listening and Re-examining 808s And Heartbre...
A special bonus episode where we break down one of the most influential hip-hop albums in recent history
9 min
Armchair GM's, Don't be Dumba | The Quickie
The Quickie reviews the best and worst of the Minnesota Wild, with a message for armchair GM's.
6 min
NHL Deadline Trade-Backs? + Corner Gas Talk | S...
Much love to the hospitals, restaurants, custodians and the rest of y'all.
60 min
Bonino Bonanza & Rusty Hates Nashville | The Qu...
The Quickie breaks down the best and worst of the Nashville Predators.
7 min
How to Bring the Stanley Cup Back to Canada | T...
A Canucks vs. Maple Leafs playoff series? Sign me up.
5 min
Pavel Bure's 1992-93 Season and Why You Need to...
We break down Pavel Bure's 1992-93 season and Walter Issacson's biography on Steve Jobs.
17 min
Greatest Sports Movies + The NHL's Cleveland Br...
Stay Safe World
23 min
Screw You, Chicago | The Quickie
Fuck Chicago, their Cups, their awesome party atmosphere and their filthy city...
5 min