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Thoughts on the Canucks vs. Wild | The Quickie
The Canucks wouldn't blow this, would they?
4 min
Yes, that D-Bag Was Pretty Good for NYR | The Q...
We talk about the best and worst of the Rangers on today's pod.
6 min
Facing the Minnesota Wild in the Fugazi Playoff...
Breaking down the potential matchup in the playoffs/not really playoffs/fugazi cup, and Andrew Walker of Sportsnet 650 joins us this week.
67 min
Let's Make the 24-Team Format A Little Wackier ...
Let's Make the 24-Team Format A Little Wackier
5 min
Does Anyone Hate Their GM Anymore? | The Quickie
Social Media is a powerful tool. Don't doubt that professional organizations use it to gauge market opinion.
5 min
The Canucks are winning the fugazi Cup, aren't ...
And that's totally fine
38 min
The Best Brock in the NHL Wasn't Boeser | The Q...
That's the nicest thing I have to say about Long Island.
5 min
Hyping CBJ As A Sneaky Cup Favourite | The Quickie
Defence wins championships, amirite?
6 min
Raleigh, the NHL's most irrelevant city | The Q...
Hey, at least the hockey team is good.
6 min
Canucks Top Propsects, Free Agency Priorities, ...
67 min
What if the Canucks Never Hired John Tortorella...
How does that affect the "rebuild?"
5 min
The Insane "What If" Episode | Silky N' Filthy
What if Pittsburgh won the 2004 draft lottery, or if Panarin chose NYI over NYR...
37 min
The Return of "No F**** Given" Gary Bettman | T...
Is it heartwarming or disheartening to hear him say he's not considering canceling the season?
4 min
What The Hell Happened to Matt Murray? | The Qu...
Will he be a member of the Penguins in 2020-21?
5 min
The Canucks Timeline for Contending, Booze as a...
More Judd Brackett talk and we officially take a stance on Brendan Leipsic.
79 min
Stay Greasy, Philadelphia | The Quickie
There are a few reasons why "The City of Brotherly Love" amps up the grease levels.
5 min
Thank You, Elliotte Friedman | The Quickie
Bring on the 24-team playoffs.
4 min
Deciphering the goaltending mess in the Pacific...
Everybody (in the Pacific) got problems.
6 min
Top 10 Names in the 2020 NHL Draft | Silky N' F...
Shout out to Hugo Styf.
30 min
About that 2003 Canucks Team.... | The Quickie
Their fate should have been better...
5 min
Highlighting Yin & Yang Performances from Caps'...
John Carlson was on pace to break records, while another Caps vet floundered.
5 min
Gambling on a Pick in an Early June Draft, Judd...
Jimbo is going gambling in an early June draft, while Judd Brackett and the Vancouver Canucks are in a good ol' fashioned standoff,
77 min
Bring Back the NHL Draft in June | The Quickie
The fastest hockey podcast in the world is backing a quick return for the NHL draft. Go figure.
4 min
Who was Detroit's Most Disappointing Player? | ...
The dubious award for the most disappointing player on the most disappointing team. What an honour.
4 min
Borowiecki's Best Season Ever | The Quickie
Well, you know, despite the lack of team success and all...
5 min