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The speaking industry is constantly evolving. Listen weekly for voices of experience in the speaking industry sharing tips, insights and, expertise to help you become a better speaker, build a better business, and get paid to speak.

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2 min
Licensing your IP to Corporations
A few weeks ago, we talked about building your online courses. Once you've built a powerful course, what comes next; how can you use that course to spread your message and easily (and sustainably) bring in additional revenue? By licensing your content to corporations! This week we invited Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE, to share how you can easily start licensing your content to your corporate clients and begin to bring in easy, sustainable revenue, something he calls "printing money legally."
25 min
Change Models with Chris West
What problem do you solve?
24 min
Own the Square with Mike Carr
Are you making the most of the virtual stage?
26 min
Focus Your Business with Sylvia Henderson
Are you focused on speaking or are you focused on running a successful business?
24 min
Meetings & Events in 2021 with Deborah Gardner,...
Are you ready for what's happening in meetings and events in 2021?
25 min
Off-Stage Revenue with Shep Hyken
What's the best way to start make money when you're not on stage?
27 min
New year. New Podcast. New Focus
The longest year ever is almost over. As we all start to finalize our goals and plans for 2021, NSA has a lot of exciting plans to ensure that we can better serve our members and the speaking industry. This week, on Crystal's final episode as the VOE host, we have Thom Singer, CSP, in the virtual studio discussing NSA's newest podcast, Speakernomics, and Barry Banther, CSP, CPAE, sharing exciting changes happening at NSA.
26 min
Get Paid as an Influencer
Do you want to make money with resources you already have available? Of course you do! Many different companies are willing to pay experts – like you – to get access to your communities to share their message, product, or service. This week we have Brandon Farbstein on the show, a Gen-Z Activist and influencer who will share how you can start bringing in money as a an influencer.
20 min
Dress for In-Person & Virtual Speaking
Are you still rocking that work-from-home uniform of a nice top and PJ bottoms? No judgement here we sometimes (often) do that too. But with some in-person events slated to return in 2021 or more virtual events being planned, are you dressing in a way that reflects your brand and professionalism? Listen in this week as Charlene Lawson, PHD, shares her secret tips to make sure you dress well and reflect your best self online and on stage.
22 min
Leveraging Virtual Assistants
Have you ever considered hiring a virtual assistant to help you with your day-to-day tasks of running your own speaking business? If you're on the fence about hiring someone, this episode is for you. Hathaway Rabette, a business development manager and consultant, is on the show explaining how you can leverage virtual assistants to help you run a successful business.
20 min
How to Shift an Event to Virtual
While some in-person events have returned, it seems that virtual meetings may still be the norm for a little while longer. Are you looking at how to shift your in-person event to a powerful virtual experience? This week, NSA's immediate past president Anna Liotta, CSP, explains how she and NSA team turned its annual conference INFLUENCE into a three-month experience delivering value that was worth the price of admission in each session.
21 min
An Event Producer's Perspective
We've heard how speakers are adapting to virtual events, but what are event planners and producers looking for when hiring and working with speakers? This week, Kenneth Piner, a director at FINRA's corporate communication team, is with us this week to share his experience working with virtual speakers, what tech you absolutely need to have to succeed, and some common mistakes you can avoid to make sure you look like a pro.
24 min
Your Speaking Foundation
Do you and your speaking business have a firm foundation? Being grounded in a purpose allows individuals and businesses to avoid straying from goals during challenging times…like right now. This week, we have one of NSA's founding members and a past president, Don Hutson, CSP, CPAE, whose business is still thriving 47 years later to discuss how speakers can ensure they remain grounded and build long-lasting, successful businesses.
16 min
Breaking In
Are you ready to start filling your 2021 calendar? With many companies beginning to plan their events, meetings, and trainings for 2021, it's time for you to start reaching out. This week, we have three experts, Mark Hunter, CSP, Angelique Rewers, and Meridith Elliot Powell, MBA, CSP, sharing quick insights into connecting with the true decision makers at companies, building a strong foothold in the corporate market, and ensuring you make the most of your follow up communications.
19 min
Find Opportunity in Negativity
We all face huge challenges, rejection, missed opportunities, and just all around bad days. It's easy to let these negative experiences ruin your momentum in your business. This week, Dr. Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE, shares how he turned getting replaced by a karaoke machine into a successful speaking business, along with some tips to change your mindset so you too can find the opportunity in negativity.
12 min
On Demand Speaking Resources
Are you taking advantage of everything NSA has to offer its members? Are you curious how NSA can help you grow your speaking business even if you're not a member? Check out this week's episode as our host, Crystal Washington, CSP, shares many of the resources that are available whenever you're looking for new ideas and inspiration, or trying to resolve your business challenges.
15 min
Courageous Conversations
We're living in a quickly changing world with many conversations occurring in the business world that might make us uncomfortable. Are you prepared to talk about difficult topics? This week, Denise Hamilton, an inclusion strategist with over 25 years of executive experience in corporate America, is sharing her thoughts and tactics on having courageous conversations and how you as a professional speaker can stay ahead of the curve.
29 min
No Stress Virtual Presentations
18 min
Be Resilient!
How are you feeling right now? How are you handling (or being handled by) a rapidly shifting world? This week, we're not talking about stage tips, business tools or products; we're focusing on the most important aspect of your business: you. Join our guest Elisa Hays, CSP, as she shares her expertise on staying grounded and taking time for yourself right now.
22 min
Be A Better Virtual Guest
Whether it's a podcast interview or a paid presentation, are you consistently delivering high value virtual interviews? This week, Eliz Greene and Thom Singer, CSP, are sharing their experience from co-hosting virtual and hybrid events together for the past six years, including over 100 interviews since the COVID-19 pandemic began. If you're still getting accustomed to the virtual stage, or you're looking for new ideas to stand out as a virtual speaker, you don't want to miss this episode.
25 min
LATAM Speakers Market Update & Opportunities
16 min
Quick Course Creation Part 2
Now that you've decided to create your own online course and you've planned the content, it's time to record. But where should you begin? At a studio? In your home? What platform should you use to host it? Don't worry, you don't need to find these answers on your own. Molly Wendell, CSP, is back this week to discuss the pros and cons of professional verses self recording, hiring a background stylist for your videos, and where you should host your new course.
18 min
Quick Course Creation Part 1
Whether you're seeking the illusive passive income, or you're just trying to diversify your income streams, an online course is a solid choice for professional speakers. So where to start? What platform should you use? How do you turn your expertise and programs into one course? If you don't have the answers to these questions, this episode is for you. This week (and next week) we're talking to Molly Wendell, CSP, who is a online-course-building pro who will break down everything you need to do to build your first course.
18 min
Virtual Demo Reels
You can boast that you can deliver excellent virtual presentations, but does your demo reel say the same thing? If you want to show meeting planners that you're a topnotch virtual speaker, it starts with the demo reel. This week, we have former VOE host Chuck Gallgher, CSP, who owns a video production company, sharing all the crucial details you need to know to create an excellent virtual demo reel.
18 min
Create Branded Interactive Tools
16 min
Two Price Perspectives
20 min
Learn a Language Right Now!
24 min
Hierarchy of Virtual
19 min
Quickstart Virtual Presentations
18 min
A Physician’s Point-of-View on Speaking & COVID-19
24 min
Visually Yummy Virtual
24 min
The Webinar Rundown
18 min
The Healing Power of Humor
20 min
Communication Strategy
20 min
Bold Thought Leadership During Civil Unrest
22 min
Virtual Gamification
22 min
Talk to Strangers
15 min
You, But Better
21 min
Power Planning
16 min
Digital Sponsors & Niches
20 min
Mind Shift
20 min
PIVOT with Virtual Events
24 min
Diversify with Physical Products
Your ideas are powerful. Your presentation skills are perfect. And your books are on point. But what physical products do you sell? (you better not say CDs)? If you have an inventor mindset, want create another revenue stream, or you're just tired of...
17 min
Partner with Associations
How can you partner with associations, especially right now during the uncertainty everyone is feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic? This week, Susan Robertson, CAE, who was recently appointed President and CEO of ASAE, is on Voices of Experience with...
19 min
Face Fear & Strengthen Relationships
There are a lot of reasons to feel afraid right now, but how can you turn those fears into ways to do better in your business or at home? How are you strengthening relationships with clients and business partners? Michelle Poler and Matt Ward are on...
16 min
Courses and Conspicuousness
Do you stand out from other speakers? Are you known for a specific topic that you dominate? Are your courses designed in a way that encourages success for your clients? If you can't answer "Yes!" to each of these questions, this week's episode is for...
31 min
The Referable Speech
How do you measure the success of each of your engagements? Is it the attendee evaluations? Comments from the meeting planner? For Andrew Davis, it's how many referral he got within 72 hours of his speech. This week, Andrew shares what he does to...
21 min
All Around the World
Do you want to be an in-demand international speaker? Do you want to speak for associations, but are wondering if discounting your fee is the right move? Well this is the episode for you! This week, Helen Turnbull, PhD, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow,...
19 min
Balancing Act
Making time for yourself while you're on the road, traveling from conference to conference isn't always easy, but it's not impossible. Tracy Stuckrath and Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP, CPAE, are on VOE this week to discuss healthy eating tips for both...
19 min
Serious Business
What do you do when you're not selected for a speaking gig? Are you saving information about your prospective clients and setting reminders to follow up next year? What are you doing to provide greater value (and more money) from your clients after...
18 min
Hidden Speaker Opportunities
Keynotes, consulting, training courses, you know about all of those. But what about some of the more obscure opportunities for growing your business? First, Lou Diamond, who hosts a highly downloaded podcast, shares his tips for starting a podcast...
21 min
Influence Hearts and Minds
Get ready for a sneak peak of what you can expect to learn about at Influence 2020 this week! First, Claude Silver discusses the importance of talking to the heart and human connection with your audience, followed by Andrew Davis with some insights...
18 min
Six-Figure Training Packages
Are you leaving money behind by only offering keynotes and other one-time events? Well, its time to consider building your ideas into a training package so you can deliver better results to your clients (and bring in more income). Jeffrey Magee, CMC,...
15 min
You Talking To Me? Customization & Accessibility
Voices of Experience
20 min
Point of View For Profit
Are you a highly sought after speaker with unique ideas, or are you just another expert that can speak about a topic? Randy Gage, CSP, CPAE, and Mark Schaefer are on Voices of Experience to discuss what thought leadership really means as a...
24 min
Brand Building for Bucks
If your branding is not unique, then you're not going to stand out in the crowded speaking industry. Jay Baer, CSP, CPAE, and Jason Harris are on Voices of Experience this week to talk about creating a unique brand that'll generate word-of-mouth...
15 min
2020 Vision–Future of Speaking
January 2020 - Episode 125
17 min
Effective Content and Social Media Marketing
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Speakers Guide to Video
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Controversy- Embrace it!
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Trademarks, Copyrights, and Licensing Oh My!
with Bill Cates, Russ Riddle, and Ted Ma  
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No More Nos
Rejection Proof Your Business with Brian Walter, Cara Silletto, and Dan Thurman  
21 min
Watch Your Back (End)
Products & CRM Tactics with Michelle Villalobos, Joe Mull, Shawn Rhodes, and Cara Silletto 
24 min
Future Focused
Future of Business & Speaking Business Back End with Peter Shankman and Michelle Villalobos
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