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Religion & Spirituality
Stop The Nonprofit Board Blame Game
Board Engagement with Hardy Smith
37 min
Madison Avenue, Wally’s Gas Station, and a Box ...
Transforming our world through Radical Loving and Awesome Holiness
38 min
What Can LinkedIn Do for Nonprofits?
Interview with LinkedIn Specialist, Carol Kaemmerer
34 min
Making Grant Management Practical
Interview with Grant and Contract Management Expert, Ansley Fender
33 min
Getting the Most Out of Your People: Management...
Interview with Co-Founder of NeighborShare, Diana Zhang
35 min
Clergy Leadership Challenges with Hugh Ballou
Clergy Leadership Challenges with Hugh Ballou
24 min
Don't Let Your Emotions Hijack your Success: Em...
Interview with Dr. Reggie Thomas
39 min
Changemaking Through Philanthropy
Leveraging Philanthropy As A Force For Social Change
38 min
The Clergy Leadership Intensive Webinar
The Clergy Leadership Intensive Webinar
92 min
The Shortcut to Leadership Excellence
Interview with Scott Drake
34 min
The Enneagram and Transformation
Interview with Dr. Joseph Howell
32 min
Leading From The Jumpseat: How to Create Extrao...
Interview with Peter Docker
42 min
Using Competition To Drive Results
Interview with Jaison Morgan
36 min
Building Sustained Giving, Continuous Growth, a...
Interview with Funding Expert, Larry C. Johnson
48 min
Installing Business Systems Into Your Nonprofit...
Interview with Tim Nichols
20 min
Media Power for Nonprofit Organizations: Connec...
Interview with Scott Murray
36 min
Situational Awareness and Leadership for Person...
Interview with Brian Searcy
30 min
Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Nonprofit
Interview with Digital Expert Mark Stebbins
36 min
Little Things Everyone Can Do To Make A Big Imp...
Interview with Amy & Scott Malin
38 min
Leader Effectiveness: Closing The Confidence Gap
Interview with Robbie Walls
36 min
Discovering the Value of Including Persons with...
Interview with Peaces of Me Founder, Daniel Hodges
36 min
Corporate Lessons applied to Entrepreneurship
How to Identify and Avoid Future Disasters
36 min
7 Questions That Unlock How Your Organization C...
Interview with Marketing Specialist, Chris Barlow
41 min
Traits of The Gracious Leader: The Power Five®️
Interview with Gracious Coach Doris Young Boyer
44 min
Bio Writing and Visibility As a Leader
How to talk about yourself without sounding arrogant with Writing Coach June Morrow
39 min
Engaging Members and Supporters Through Live or...
Interview with Speaker and Magician Joe M. Turner
43 min
Nonprofit Leadership Strategies from a Venture ...
Effective Decision Making: Thinking Critically (and Rationally) • Cultivating Next Generation Leader
42 min
Justice in the Courtroom, Service in the Community
Interview with Daniel K. Kramer, President of Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities
57 min
Learn Why Your Social Media Content Strategy Is...
Interview with Social Media Strategist, Sarah Olea
59 min
What Sets Great Leaders Apart
Interview with Leadership Coach Lisa Anna Palmer
59 min
Outreach Strategies and Donor Communication
Interview with Communication Expert, David Wachs
58 min
Reimagining the University of Lynchburg and Bui...
Leading Higher Education
60 min
5 Leadership Strategies to Maximize Personality...
Developing the Leaders Around You Interview with Pat Tamakloe
60 min
What Disney Can Teach You About Your Next Virtu...
Interview with Ella Glasgow
58 min
The Danger of Echo Systems Interview with Joel ...
Interview with Dr. Joel Bryant
58 min
What Happens To Youth Who Age Out Of Foster Care?
Interview with Maria Rolf
55 min
Conversations that Build Culture and Fuel Perfo...
Interview with Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell
58 min
How Much More Money Does Your Nonprofit Need to...
Interview With Debbie Mraze
59 min
The Art and Science of Profitable Joint Ventures
Interview with JVology Founder, Jay Fiset
59 min
Instability to Independence via the Lighthouse ...
Instability to Independence via the Lighthouse Model: A fresh look at serving our community Finny Mathew is an experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the packaging and containers industry. A strong business development...
60 min
There’s Never Been A Time Like This
Interview with B1G1 Founder, Paul Dunn
57 min
Why Your Authenticity Is Needed In The World No...
Interview with Sandra Dee Robinson
53 min
Dysfunctional Nonprofit Boards Can Ruin an Orga...
These Recruiting Principles Offer a Solution
59 min
How Nonprofit Organizations Can Grow
Interview with Jennifer Katrulya
59 min
The Why Behind Our Businesses
Interview with Vintro’s Founder Noor Sugrue
58 min
Your Relationship with Money: Will I Win or Lose?
Interview with Richard Hansen
56 min
Rock Against Trafficking: Saving Lives Through ...
Interview with Gary Miller
57 min
Passionate Performance: Striving to Change the ...
Interview with Mrs. Virginia American, Dhomonique Murphy
55 min
Dream Big and Then Make It Happen with Jim Hard...
Dental Nonprofit work in Kenya
58 min
New, Collaborative Approaches to Combatting Hum...
Interview with Mitzi Perdue
58 min
Viral Media Fundraising: Growth Hacking That's...
with Pete Winters
60 min
How to Give $1 Million Per Year to Charity
Interview with Mike Skrypnek
60 min
Increasing Philanthropy with Planned Giving and...
Interview with Brion Crum
58 min
Learning the Value of Human Alignment / Collabo...
Author of The Book of Agreements, Stewart Levine in the Guest
57 min
Top 5 Best Presentation Skills for Rocking the...
Interview with with Rich Bontrager
58 min
How is Fear Stealing from You?
Interview with Amanda Bar
60 min
Innovative Fundraising in an Uncertain Economy
Interview with Scott Schilling
56 min
Creating Your Story: Raising Awareness and Attr...
with Story Guide Lynn Sanders
56 min
Sponsorship for Non Profits with Charmine Hammond
How collaboration, creativity, and relationships can lead to YES
60 min
Mastery Under Pressure with Tina Greenbaum
Building your emotional stamina through peak performance training
60 min
Tools for Supercharging Your Nonprofit with Biz...
Planning for Success
62 min
How to Use Focus and New Habits to Get More Acc...
With Elan Marko and Blake Fly
58 min
Engaging Digital Platforms for Nonprofits
with Digital Expert Spencer Brooks
59 min
Nonprofit and Business Collaboration: The Pathw...
Interview with Kelli Holmes CEO Team Referral Network
60 min
Empower Us! From Crisis to Strategic Harmony wi...
Empower Us! From Crisis to Strategic Harmony with Dr. Ira Kaufman Ira Kaufman, Ph.D. is a Transformation Strategist, CEO, Social Entrepreneur, and Educator. Ira’s 45 years of management experience spans three worlds: business, nonprofit, and...
60 min
Working “ON” Your Business and not just “IN” Yo...
Working “ON” Your Business and not just “IN” Your Business with Mark Dobosz Business and Strategic Planning As a Routine Part of Your Business/Organization Mark Dobosz serves as Executive Director of the Western Sports Foundation. WSF provides...
56 min
Handling Difficult People: Dealing with People ...
Interview with Kit Welchlin
60 min
How To Turn Social Media Marketing Into A Consi...
with Social Media Specialist Tony Restell
59 min
Three Must-Know Strategies for Building a Stron...
with Dr. Mary Hiland
60 min
Why The World is Our Oyster and Nonprofits are ...
Interview with J. E. Rash
59 min
The Power of Transformational Experiences with ...
Donor and Recipient Experiences
58 min
Becoming a Successful Founder with Ryan Frederick
Becoming a Successful Founder with Ryan Frederick Ryan Frederick is a Founder and product person at heart. He has founded and grown several software and service companies from inception to viability, through to sustainability. He has been...
58 min
Philanthropy Misunderstood by Bob Hopkins
Philanthropy Misunderstood by Bob Hopkins The word PHILANTHROPY isn’t new, but many think being a philanthropist is about money. In Bob Hopkins’ new book, he assures us it IS NOT. He and 100 of his friends define, by way of their good deeds, that...
60 min
Shaping the Future of America with Mike Ghouse
Dr. Mike Ghouse is the founder and president of the Center for Pluralism
59 min
Human Philanthropy: Giving of Yourself with Dr....
Human Philanthropy: Giving of Yourself with Dr. Fred Pescatore
57 min
Leading Teams to Online Fundraising Overnight
Interview with Megan Anhalt
58 min
The Shanti Project: Nonprofit Volunteer Support...
Interview with Founder Dr. Charles Garfield
42 min
SynerVision Community Update
The SynerVision Community Update Hugh Ballou, Amit Banergee, and Russell Dennis share what’s happening in the SynerVision online “Community for Community Builders.” This “One-fo-a-Kind” community is exclusively for nonprofit leaders and...
51 min
Paper for Water: Gifts that Give
Paper for Water: Gifts that Give Paper for Water's primary mission is to bring water and the Word to the Thirsty one piece of paper at a time. The mission was born out of the desire that two little girls had to help other girls worldwide who do not...
61 min
Chicks and Local Charities Connecting with Jewe...
Chicks and Local Charities Connecting with Jewels Muller Jewels Muller is a wife and a mother of twin boys. She is the Founder and CEO of Chicks Connect Mastermind Support Network. She has an amazing passion for life and supporting entrepreneurs. She...
46 min
The Chance to Reinvent the Workplace with Alise...
COVID-19’s Silver Lining
55 min
Video Can Rescue Your Nonprofit During COVID-19
Interview with Doug Scott
59 min
Become the Beacon of Light with Sharon Lechter
Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel
56 min
Top 3 Ways Media Can Increase Visibility and Ra...
Interview with Michelle Calloway
52 min
Nonprofit Fundraising in our COVID-19 World wit...
Nonprofit Fundraising in our COVID-19 World with Martin Leifeld Martin Leifeld, author, coach, consultant, and public speaker directed the raising of over $500 million dollars during his 24 years of fundraising leadership in the St. Louis region....
58 min
Shift Your Money Relationship with Chella Diaz
Finding Your Money Leaks
55 min
Don't Stop Networking, Just Do It Differently
Interview with Dr. Ivan Misener
56 min
Virtual Event Preview: Nonprofit Reactivation S...
Organizational impact is a result of effective leadership! The SynerVision Leadership Nonprofit Reactivation Symposium is a one-day intensive virtual event for you to learn the skills to stand up or grow your nonprofit, recruit the right board and...
50 min
Seven Things Every Donor Wished We Knew Intervi...
Seven Things Every Donor Wished We Knew Interview with Wayne Olson Wayne Olson is the Gift Planning Officer for Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City Utah. Prior to that, Wayne was President of Wayne Olson Consulting LLC where he advised...
38 min
Leadership in Faith Communities with Kathleen P...
Leadership in Faith Communities Interview with Kathleen Panning Knowing the God-given gifts others see in you improves communication, teamwork and furthers the mission and ministry of your congregation or nonprofit. Not knowing these gifts fuels...
59 min
How to Use Technology to Stay Audit Ready and S...
Interview with CFO Expert Tosha Anderson
52 min
Supercharge Your Funding Program with Smartphones
Interview with Dr. Greg Sanders and Adam Bricker form EZCard
54 min
The Future of Digital Fundraising and How to Ge...
Interview with Sarah Olivieri
47 min
Building Buzz to Attract More Energy and Fundin...
Interview with Michael Hemphill
47 min
How Speakers And Experts Can Write And Publish ...
Interview with Jeremy Jones
55 min
Traits and Habits of Great Leaders w/Scott S Smith
Traits and Habits of Great Leaders: How the best leaders throughout history and across industries differ from the ordinary Interview with Scott S. Smith Scott Smith has had 1,800 articles and interviews published in 190 media, including Investor’s...
60 min
How to Use Support for Non-Profits to Build a C...
The Story of Barefoot Wine with Founders Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan
59 min
The Nonprofit Exchange Reviews of 2019
Hugh & Russ look at highlights of past sessions
55 min
Maxing Out the Mission with Robert Day
Leading a Cause Based Local Charity
57 min
How to Raise Major Gifts for Annual and Capital...
How to Raise Major Gifts for Annual and Capital Campaigns w/Amy Eisenstein Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Capital Campaign Toolkit. She is also a consultant, speaker, author, and trainer with Amy Eisenstein, LLC. Her published...
57 min