Nice Podcast with Dave Delaney

Candid conversations about communication, collaboration, community, kindness, and *nice* leadership.

Join keynote speaker, author, creator of the Nice Method, and founder of, Dave Delaney as he speaks with brilliant minds in business and in life to discuss topics like the Great Resignation or Big Quit, employee retention, company culture, leadership growth, human capital, kindness and empathy, and much more.

Guests include Robin Dunbar of "Dunbar's Number" fame, Close-up 'Magician of the Year Award' recipient and world-famous blind card mechanic, Richard Turner, New York Time's bestselling author, Chris Brogan, plus Harry S. Campbell, Tamsen Webster, Denise Jacobs, Lisa Cummings, Laura Gassner Otting, Liane Davey, Marcus Whitney, Scott Monty, and many more.

Expect plenty of laughs and ah-ha moments as Dave speaks casually with his smart guests.

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The theme song is “Little Jane May” and the end song is “Funny Feeling” by

#25 Energy, manifestation, and peace with Natal...
Energy, manifestation, and peace with Natalya Berdikyan.
59 min
#24 Trust, vulnerability, humanity, and touch w...
Trust, vulnerability, humanity, and touch with Minter Dial.
71 min
#23 How to communicate more effectively with an...
How to communicate more effectively with and learn from body language with Scott Rouse.
51 min
#22 Consistency, personal branding, blogging, a...
Consistency, personal branding, blogging, and your Cumulative Advantage with Mark Schaefer.
52 min
#21 Dunbar's Number, friendships, and collabora...
Dunbar's Number, friendships, and collaboration with Robin Dunbar.
68 min
#20 Your people, goals, and winning Inc. Best W...
with Ben Landers
61 min
#19 Company culture, employee benefits, and bus...
Company culture, employee benefits, and business acquisition with Pat Owings.
51 min
#18 Public speaking, performance, and entrepren...
with Michael Port
56 min
#17 Personal branding, content marketing, and y...
with Tamsen Webster
49 min
#16 Slowing time, aging, and digital legacy wit...
with Ronni Bennett
49 min
#15 Leadership, teamwork, and career developmen...
with Harry S. Campbell
69 min
#14 Retaining talent, culture, and innovation w...
with Arnie Malham
52 min
#13 NICE SHORT - Humble Inquiry
with Dave Delaney
6 min
#12 Self employment, business coaches, and impo...
with Jeffrey Shaw
62 min
#11 Business development, trusted allies, pande...
with Marc Pitman
53 min
#10 Overcoming obstacles, procrastination, and ...
with Richard Turner
60 min
#9 The ROI of Nice, active listening, and empat...
with Scott Monty and Me
67 min
#8 Self-doubt, failure, and partnerships with K...
with Kris Kelso
50 min
#7 Equality, entrepreneurship, and manifestatio...
with Marcus Whitney
55 min
#6 Empathy, conflict debt, and healthy tension ...
with Liane Davey
55 min
#5 NICE SHORT - Recap and Loneliness
Please take our brief listener survey at This episode recaps some key takeaways from the first few episodes of the Nice Podcast. Dave also shares he wrote about loneliness inspired by Dr. Vivek Murthy and Brené Brown. Join us in .  Music...
16 min
#4 Gratitude, listening, and rethinking passion...
with Laura Gassner Otting.
52 min
#3 Personality assessments, strengths, and team...
Learn why it’s paramount to identify and confirm your strengths as a leader.
32 min
#2 Confidence, self-doubt, and success with Den...
Denise Jacobs's Banish Your Inner Critic is the premier handbook on silencing fears and self-doubt to unleash creativity and help people do their best work.
39 min
#1 Leadership, reinvention, and bravery with Ch...
Learn about reinvention, authenticity vs. bravery, selling yourself and staying humble, depression, why it's important to share compliments, and more. 
72 min
#0 Welcome to the Nice Podcast with Dave Delane...
Candid conversations about communication, collaboration, community, kindness, and making leadership nice again.
21 min