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Clay, Kyle, Daniel, Josh and Adrian love comics. Join them while they discuss all things comics with friends, creators, local comic book store owners, and more!

50 - on Our 50th Episode, Clay goes too far (We...
After an extended break due to local conventions, the full group is back!This Week the gang catches up on the news and also talk D23 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe [01:00 - 15:00]Hanna-Barbera Movie Universe [15:00 - 24:00]News from D23Star Wars ...
71 min
49 - Dressing up for the Eisners (British Invas...
This week We discuss the Eisners that occurred at SDCC 2019.  Eisners discussion [1:00 - Tangent] Movie Tangent [4:30 - 6:00] House of X Tangent [9:30 - 30:00] -Spoilers for Astonishing X-Men (2017) -Uncanny X-Men (2018) Marvel Events [30:00 - 35:00] Bac...
76 min
48 - We didn't go to Comic Con
This week we talk about all the trailers we missed from San Diego Comic Con 2019 Watchmen - HBO Star Trek: Picard CBS All Access The Witcher - Netflix The Boys - Amazon PrimeCarnival Row - Amazon PrimeMarvel and the Future of the MCU Phase 4 SUBSCRIBE, R...
89 min
47 - I don't understand, there's a Milk Carton?
This week, here is part 2 of out 07.14.2019 recording What we've been reading? [02:30 - 13:00]Comics Mentioned:-X-23: Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 -Hannah the TV show- [Tangent]-Silver Surfer BlackTrouble Redeeming codes [13:30 - 19:00]Comics Make us Happy...
64 min
46 - Spider-Man: Far from Home Talk
This episode was recorded on 07/14/2019 This episode contains FULL SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) Show notes Local Shop Talk / Games [1:00 - 10:00]Dallas comic club book of the Month - Girl Town by Carolyn Nowak [10:00 - 15:00]Spider-Man: ...
47 min
45 - Tell me about the old comics Clay
Here is Part 2 of our 06.23.2019 Recording.  We Review the Marvel Preview Books [01:00 – 30:00]Josh goes to the movies and watched Men in Black [31:00 – 42:00]Bat-Fever and “Old” Movies [43:00 – 50:00]Vertigo Recommendations and Outro [51:00 – 56:00] SUB...
56 min
44 - Farewell Vertigo Comics
This Week here is Part 1 of our recording from 06.21.2019 Vertigo Comics [00:01:00 - 00:22:00]Extra Tom King [00:22:00 - 00:30:00]Currently Reading [00:30:00 - 00:47:00]-War of the Realms coming to an end-Bendis' X-Men-Avengers Vol. 1 Comics community an...
59 min
43 - Who is watching Dark Phoenix?
We are back and continue to talk about all the stuff we are into.  Other Comics We’ve been reading [01:00 – 30:00] Godzilla Comics Justice League Odyssey Tetris: The Games People Play Swamp Thing Vol. 1 (2011) More War of the Realms Invincible What have ...
63 min
42 - Mister Miracle in Crisis! - Tom King Comics
We had a lively discussion about some of the Tom King Comic books we have read Time codes below Tom King Comics [1:00 – 35:00]  FULL SPOILERS Heroes in Crisis, Mister Miracle, The Vision, Omega Men Also mentioned DC Rebirth one Shot Starman (1994) Discus...
61 min
41 - Self has Technarchy Difficulties PART 2 Th...
Here is PART 2 of the episode recorded on Memorial Day!  ENJOY! Pop Culture Round up! CW Shows and Movies we've been watching Game of Thrones SPOILERS and TV Show Finales Year of the Geek SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW!  Follow us on twitter @nextissuepod Tw...
49 min
40 - Self has Technarchy Difficulties PART 1
PART 1 of 2  This episode the team is faced with some technical difficulties, but we still had a blast in our discussion. (See time codes below for our discussion topics) Intro / What are we reading? War of the Realms and tie ins. - 9:00 Tim Burton's Bat...
55 min
Minisode - Our Watch Has Ended [Game Of Thrones...
[FULL SPOILERS FOR GAME OF THRONES] Join us as we discuss with special guests the Final Season of HBO's GAME OF THRONES Thank you for a great ride.    SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW!    Follow us on twitter @nextissuepod Twitch.TV/NextIssue and Facebook  Cla...
71 min
39 - The Irregular Show
On this episode Clay and Daniel explain to Josh what the Fast and the Furious franchise is all about. Also we talk about Comics we've been reading. Josh is back from being dusted by Thanos and gives us his thought on Avengers Endgame [SPOILERS]  See Not...
94 min
Minisode - Before the Game of Thrones Finale
[SPOILERS] for Season 8 and prior of HBO's Game of Thrones (except the finale) This episode was recorded before the Finale of Game of Thrones  Carlos, Jesus and Daniel discuss Season 8 and speculate on the finale of GoT SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW!  Thank...
31 min
Minisode - 4 Kids walk Into a Bank
The Dallas Comic Book Club presents a Spoiler Free Discussion of:  "4 Kids Walk into a Bank" Written by Matthew Rosenberg  and Art By Tyler Boss SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW!  thank you!  Follow us on twitter @nextissuepod Twitch.TV/NextIssue and Facebook ...
16 min
38 - Avengers Assemble! - Endgame Discussion [S...
We are in the Endgame now! The Crew discusses Avengers ENDGAME FULL SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame (2019) and pretty much the rest of the MCU movies Follow us on twitter @nextissuepod and facebook Clay: Kyle: https://...
84 min
37 - Old Man Hawkeye
This episode we discuss the Marvel Maxi-series Old Man Hawkeye FULL SPOILERS for this book. Also Full Spoilers for OLD MAN LOGAN Follow us on twitter @nextissuepod and at http...
110 min
Minisode - Game of Thrones Watch Party
This is a very special treat.  As Game of Thrones premieres for its final season, Daniel asks a few questions from his friends at a Watch Party Let us know your GoT Origin Story and your predictions SPOILERS! for Game of Thrones both the TV Show and the ...
24 min
36 - Rise of the Immortal Hulk
Intro / What are we reading 1:00 - 32:00 Comics mentioned: -Amazing Nightcrawler -Detective Comics -The Immortal Hulk -Mister Miracle -Planet Hulk -Umbrella Academy -The Killing Joke -Euthenauts TV Talk 32:00 - 41:00 Mentioned: Deadly Class Arrow (Spoile...
105 min
35 - Captain Marvel
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79 min
34 - Comic Book Court Case: Zero Hour
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95 min
31 - 2018 wrap-up part 1
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49 min
28 - Daredevil: comics vs. Netflix
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84 min
30 - The guys talk about Stan Lee
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54 min
27 - What are you reading?
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