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It's Time For The BuzzFeed Daily 2021 Pop Cultu...
Also: In the immortal words of Semisonic: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”
19 min
These Are Some Of The Best DM 911s Of 2021
Also: Don’t snoop through other people’s phones — especially if you don’t want to find porn!
15 min
These Are The Wildest Medical TikToks Of 2021
Also: TikTok is not a doctor!
13 min
These Are The 2022 Movies We Cannot Even Wait T...
Also: Andrew Garfield is not an actor — he's a liar!
21 min
"The End Of Us" Is A Pandemic Breakup Movie Tha...
Also: It’s okay to want kids and okay not to want kids — just make sure your partner knows either way.
20 min
Jason Isbell Is Trying To Change Country Music'...
Also: If you’re Ellen Pompeo, just let everyone else keep their jobs.
16 min
"Spider-Man: No Way Home" Is The Culmination Of...
Also: Even Meryl Streep forgot how to be a person during COVID, so don’t beat yourself up if you did too.
18 min
The "Harry Potter" Reunion Is Coming Up — Is It...
Also: You can still love "Harry Potter," but J.K. Rowling is a TERF no matter what.
19 min
"Single All The Way" Is The Jolly Gay Rom-Com W...
Also: More queer Christmas rom-coms (and queer content in general) please!
15 min
"Succession" Is Like "Game Of Thrones" Without ...
Also: Staying together for the kids is usually not a great idea!
19 min
"Cancel Culture" Isn't A Real Problem If You're...
Also: If you're accused of cultural appropriation, please don't blame your child!
14 min
"And Just Like That..." Isn't As Groundbreaking...
Also: Don't try and upstage Megan Thee Stallion!
21 min
"Pandemic Brain" Is A Real Thing And Now Harvar...
Also: It's Mr. Big's fault, not Peloton's!
18 min
This Woman Had A Bead Stuck Up Her Nose For 20 ...
Also: Leave child stars alone!
18 min
Being Alone For The Holidays Is Totally OK And ...
Also: You don't need to do everything society tells you to do!
17 min
The Narrative That Yoko Ono Broke Up The Beatle...
Also: Stop bullying Kim Cattrall!
18 min
We Spoke With A Therapist To The Ultra-Wealthy ...
Also: It’s okay not to share every thought that runs through your mind!
21 min
I Can't Stop Thinking About My Ex (Who Sucks) —...
Also: There's nothing wrong with Kirsten Dunst's teeth!
16 min
Santa Claus Is Real And I Will Not Be Persuaded...
Also: In the immortal words of Chris Crocker — leave Britney alone!
19 min
"King Richard" Is One Of The Best Movies Ever M...
Also: Please make the "America's Next Top Model" documentary!
19 min
Mothers On TikTok Are Speaking Out Against "Dad...
Also: Make more movies with shirtless men, please!
17 min
Lady Gaga Shines In "House of Gucci," Which Is ...
Also: To the men out there — just shut up and listen!
23 min
Fictional Kingdoms, Stolen Identities, And Vane...
Also: Stretch marks are normal!
18 min
These Vegan Puerto Rican Dishes Are A Great Sub...
Also: It was Agatha All Along!
11 min
Adele's "30" Is Finally Here And Now We Love He...
Also: Make sure you listen to Adele in the car while it’s raining (but not while driving).
18 min