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Hunting For Weed In A Pandemic & Are You Okay, ...
Also: the importance of flags.
23 min
Introducing: News O’Clock
It is time.
2 min
Here We Go Again
And now for something moderately different....
2 min
The End…?
Or the beginning. ...No, wait, yeah, def the end.
25 min
Impeachment Trial Day 13: 48 - 52
If the glove is expertly tailored and you have receipts for the purchase of the glove, you must acquit.
17 min
The State of the Union is Inappropriate
But the union has totally learned its lesson.
14 min
Impeachment Trial Day 12: Closing Time
You don’t have to go home, but...
17 min
Impeachment Trial Day 11: Case Closed
And nothing new was ever learned. Ever.
17 min
The Senate’s Not Working, So Neither Are We
1 min
Impeachment Trial Day 10: We’re In The Endgame Now
“How many futures did you see where we win?” “One.”
19 min
Impeachment Trial Day 9: This Is More Of A Com...
“I have a question I am sending to the desk” - my dreams
17 min
Impeachment Trial Day 8: A Well-Rested Defense
Let me explain. No, that will take too long. Let me sum up.
14 min
Impeachment Trial Day 7: Through The Looking Glass
The time has come, the lawyers said, to talk of many things
15 min
Impeachment Trial Day 6: Splitting On Defense
Time to take a biiiiig sip of coffee and review the defense strategy.
14 min
Impeachment Trial Day 5: “He Is A Dictator”
Oh. So it’s like that.
17 min
Impeachment Trial Day 4: Baby, This Is What You...
No new friends, no no evidence.
16 min
Impeachment Trial Day 3: Let Me Tell You A Story
Once upon a time in Ukraine…
13 min
The Rules Of Engagement
Sleep is for the weak under Senate impeachment rules.
20 min
Filing Briefs And Revisiting Parnas
Impeachment Paperwork Rules!
16 min
The One Where The President Is On Trial
If I had a gavel, I would gavel in the morning, I would gavel in the evening.
19 min
Trump's Defense & The Trial Finally Begins!
Let’s get it started in here.
19 min
Who Will Make The Case For Trump’s Removal?
The Democrats who will put the president on trial.
14 min
Mitt's Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility
Romney-Man, Romney-Man, does whatever Mitt Romney can
15 min
Do The Democrats Have A Plan?
A preview of what the Dems in the Senate are thinking.
16 min
The Man, The Moustache, The Legend
Will the Senate hear from Bolton?
13 min