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The Rob Carson Show - (08/17/22)
Another one bites the dust! Liz Cheney gets absolutely trounced by Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman in the Wyoming Republican primary after heading up the Jan 6th political theater puppet show which NOBODY WATCHED. Americans are not buying it, and both Arizona and Wyoming have spoken LOUDLY. More to come! Also, weapons expert Braden Langley joins Rob on the Newsmax hotline to discuss the Biden administration going after your 2nd amendment rights
117 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/16/22)
The Biden Administration continues their misinformation campaign, declaring the most botched military withdrawal of our history a total success on the anniversary of the Afghanistan debacle. Your host Rob Carson also points out the growing accusations that the recent FBI raid on Donald Trump’s residence was political weaponization of our federal agencies, and even FBI agents are speaking out. Also, Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano joins Rob on the Newsmax hotline
117 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/15/22)
Donald Trump impersonator Shawn Farash joins Rob to discuss the very real political movement he is part of happening right now in the state of New York. Also joining Rob on the Newsmax hotline, Constitutional law attorney for the former president Jenna Ellis
117 min
Best of the Week / The Rob Carson Show (08/13/22)
Highlights from this week's Rob Carson Show on Newsmax Radio
78 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/12/22)
Newsmax host Rob Carson says he has the REAL reason why the FBI invaded Donald Trump's home, and shares with listeners and callers in today's radio show
117 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/11/22)
While conservative social media outlets throw around the words "civil war," your host Rob Carson says we are already in the midst of it, and has several audio clips to back up his claim! Also, South Carolina House Rep Ralph Norman joins Rob on the Newsmax hotline
118 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/10/22)
More fallout from what may be a completely failed FBI raid on Donald Trump's Florida residence, and Dr. Naomi Wolf joins Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline
118 min
The Rob Carson Show - FBI Raid Special (08/09/22)
The FBI raids Donald Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago. Former Trump advisor and author Dick Morris was one of the first people to speak with the former President after the raid, and he spills the beans today on the Rob Carson Show. Also calling in to the Newsmax hotline, former Dept of Defense and US Army Colonel John Mills
117 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/08/22)
VP Kamala Harris applies the tie-breaking vote as the Senate attempts to push through another enormous spending bill. Special guests Kash Patel and Dick Morris join comedic host Rob Carson to discuss the latest headlines
117 min
Best of the Week / The Rob Carson Show (08/06/22)
Highlights from this week's Rob Carson Show on Newsmax Radio
117 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/05/22)
After three days of futile panic after voting polls closed, Arizona secretary of state Katie Hobbs, who will be the challenger in the upcoming gubernatorial election, finally declares Kari Lake the winner of the Republican primary race for Governor against the incumbent RINO. Arizona citizens have figured it out, and Hobbs is running scared. Also, retired Col. James Carafano joins host Rob Carson to discuss the latest blunders in American foreign policy under the Biden administration
117 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/04/22)
Donald Trump continues to rack up the wins as his endorsed candidates sweep the primaries! Also, comedian Alex Stein joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline
116 min
The Rob Carson Show - (08/03/22)
Rob goes over the current primary results as they come in across the country, his opinion on the winners, and GETTR CEO Jason Miller joins Rob on The Newsmax hotline
117 min
How to Hide the Anniversary of the Afghan Pullout
Your inimitable host Rob Carson proposes his theory on why the Democrat mainstream media bullhorn is drumming up a China war narrative. Also, New Hampshire candidate Karoline Leavitt joins Rob on the Newsmax hotline
117 min
Tired of the Nonsense
Co-Founder of FreeSpace Social Media, Jon Willis, talks about the conservative social media revolution and author/lawyer Gordon Chang joins host Rob Carson to discuss the Pelosi/Taiwan threat
117 min
Best of the Week / The Rob Carson Show (07.30.22)
Highlights from this week's Rob Carson Show on Newsmax Radio
78 min
Changing Definitions
Democrats are changing definitions to avoid criticism. “Recession,” “Woman,” “Insurrection,” all have been changed and asserted by the administration’s White House correspondent, but no one is falling for word-scrambles anymore. Nancy Pelosi backs down on the assault rifle ban. Wise move. On the Newsmax hotline, Arizona’s Dr Kelli Ward joins host Rob Carson to discuss Freedom vs Tyranny
118 min
Harris Weaker than Biden on World Stage
Kamala Harris hands out her pronouns as the world makes fun of her and our enemies see how weak our nation’s mentality is. The Dems are focused on stopping Trump from winning in 2024, even if it means arresting him on imaginary charges from the one-sided political theatre. Also, are we officially in recession? The Watchdog on Wallstreet, Chris Markowski, joins host Rob Carson to discuss the financial state of the country, and how you can take advantage of it (
117 min
When Recession Becomes REAL
As the economic growth numbers come out, we are faced with the brutal reality that we are officially in a recession under the Biden Administration. They are attempting to change the definition of "recession" to hide their failure, but this will not work. The people feel the pain. Also, Kentucky Rep James Comer joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss Democrats' latest scheme to take guns away from Americans
117 min
Turning Point Students Want Trump
WHO Director announces Monkey-Pox is indeed a global pandemic and you know what that means, kids…mail-in ballots! Host Rob Carson shares his thoughts on what you can do to prepare and prevent chicanery in the next election cycle. Also, a review of some moments from this weekend’s Turning Point USA conference including overwhelming support for Donald Trump as candidate, and Americans saying “No” to electric vehicles…
118 min
Best of the Week / The Rob Carson Show (07.23.22)
Highlights from this week's Rob Carson Show on Newsmax Radio
121 min
Zeldin Attacked, Two-Tiered Justice System
Republican NY governor nominee Lee Zeldin is attacked with a knife on stage, and the assailant is only charged with minor assault and released on bail the next day. We saw similar instances against Supreme Court Justices. Is the embedded Democrat deep state encouraging violence against Conservatives? Your host Rob Carson believes YES.
120 min
Biden has Cancer....Biden has COVID…
Fully-vaxxed and double-boosted Joe Biden gets COVID (??), and is “in isolation” following his brief world-failure tour, after he accidentally suggested he has cancer during a public appearance. White House cleanup officials are hard at work cleaning up the mess! Green Energy proposals are being revealed as expensive and ineffective, the people no longer buying it. Dr Jerome Corsi joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss
120 min
Trump Endorsees Continue to WIN!
Former guest on the Rob Carson Show, gubernatorial candidate for the state of Maryland Dan Cox, has officially won the republican primary for governor and guess what? Yep, he was the candidate endorsed by Donald Trump. Trump currently holds the political record for endorsement wins. But this could be dangerous. Enemies are learning what they need to do to win elections, and the water could be getting murky. Only time will tell. Also, author and former Trump advisor Kash Patel joins Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss the latest headlines
121 min
The “Squad” Turns on the Deep State!
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow “squad” members seem to have defected from the Democrat Jan 6th show trials, voicing to the press that she witnessed Capitol Police working together with the protesters, and she is not going to pretend it didn’t happen! This is big news, Meanwhile in a public appearance, Joe Biden actually says “What am I doing here?” These are amazing times indeed. Also, author and pundit Dick Morris joins Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss his new book “The Return: Trump's Big 2024 Comeback”
119 min
Biden Returns with Empty Gas Can
Biden’s world tour to beg for oil production anywhere but here sends him packing with an empty gas can. World news outlets mock his mental and physical state. Another one down as Fauci announces retirement. Conservative attorney and former House Rep Doug Collins joins host Rob Carson to discuss the latest headlines
120 min
Best of the Week / The Rob Carson Show (07.16.22)
Highlights from this week's Rob Carson Show on Newsmax Radio
117 min
Biden Puts Senility On World Stage
Joe Biden painfully travels the world in search of oil everywhere other than our own country, and continues shaking hands with the air and wandering off unable to answer questions from the press. Authoritarians in positions of power across the globe being forced to resign, could Joe be next? Green new policies are exposing themself and the people are realizing there is no benefit for THEM. Also, comedic pundit Dave Rubin joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline
119 min
Hit the Road, Joe!
Ahh, it must be election season again, as sensationalism creeps across the mainstream media concerning Roe v Wade backlash, Biden saying America wants him re-elected, and more. Maryland gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox speaks with host Rob Carson about turning the state around, plus Rob is also joined by Amistad Project director Phillip Kline to discuss the progress of election integrity as the season approaches, including the removal of ballot dropboxes in Wisconsin
119 min
Marjorie Taylor Greene vs. The Swamp
Strongwoman superhero and GA House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene joins host Rob Carson to reveal the Democrat insanity occurring behind closed doors on Capitol Hill, as they continue to take loss after loss. What tricks do they have up their sleeve next? MTG gives Rob the details. Also, Senator Josh Hawley eviscerates a woke liberal Berkeley professor until she resorts to the typical leftist name-calling, and melts into a puddle of multi-gendered confusion
119 min
Jill Biden es Ignorante
Jill Biden slaughters the Spanish language in an awful public appearance while her husband Joe gets heckled louder than ever before in Washington DC. Conservative show host Liz Wheeler joins Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss the latest news headlines
118 min
Democrats in Trouble
Vaccines for children gets pushed, and gets completely ignored by parents. Americans are no longer buying what the DNC is putting out, and this includes “Green New” energy policies, as Sri Lanka and Netherlands erupt into chaos over the agenda. Biden sells our strategic oil reserves to foreign nations tied to his son. Speaking of, is it possible to go anywhere on the web these days without seeing Hunter Biden naked smoking crack..? Rep Lisa McClain joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss the latest headlines
119 min
Best of the Week / The Rob Carson Show (07.09.22)
Highlights from this week's Rob Carson Show by Newsmax
120 min
88% Of The Country Is Now United
A record-breaking 88% of Americans now agree: the country is going in the wrong direction. Voicemail of Biden acknowledging Hunter’s foreign business dealings circulates the web. Where did this come from? The Biden administration makes a move to enable Planned Parenthood, after the Supreme Court’s historical decision- eyebrows raise. Adam Schiff introduces a resolution to stop further investigation into the January 6th event. NOTE: It’s always the coverup that gets you caught. Also, Daily Caller writer & researcher Kay Smythe joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline
120 min
Deep State Getting BLASTED!
Boris Johnson suddenly resigns, Dutch famers shutting down commerce, mysterious Georgia Guidestones explode-- what is happening?? New revelations on the rise, while the old guard finally takes the punishment. People are rising up against corrupt leadership across the globe. Texas declares illegal immigration is now an illegal INVASION, and wants the Biden administration to do something about it...NOW! Host Rob Carson has Rep Andy Biggs on the Newsmax hotline to discuss this and other breaking news stories
119 min
Big Pharma, Big Ugly
What happens when Democrat states have every teen on psychoactive meds and take away school recess and exercise programs? Well, eventually a young boy puts on a dress and shoots innocent people on the Fourth of July. Rob discusses the fallout of the weaponized Big Pharma industry. Also, political investment strategist Chris Markowski ( joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss current headlines
120 min
Democrat Moaning Falls on Deaf Ears
Returning from a glorious 4th of July weekend, it has become obvious that the Left’s caterwauling has fallen on deaf ears, nobody wants to hear it anymore. Joe Biden has united the country against him and his administration- the people want the economy fixed NOW. Mixed martial artist Israel Adasanya calls out the mainstream media for not covering the important stories, plus special guest Rep Devin Nunes joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss current news headlines
118 min
Best of the Week / The Rob Carson Show (07.02.22)
Highlights from this week's Rob Carson Show by Newsmax
78 min
Signals Grow for Biden's Impeachment
Confidence in the national economy CRASHES, as 85% of Americans disagree with the White House narrative and say financial hardship is getting worse. Another corruption scheme is exposed with the planning of upcoming vaccine distribution for a "possible" pandemic return just about the same time as elections...Hmmmmm. Also, evangelist & presidential appointee activist for human rights Jack Brewer joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss fatherhood in America
117 min
Supreme Court Ruling Exposes Climate Change Scheme
Two “witnesses” end up contradicting each other in the kangaroo Jan 6th hearings, another complete fail by the Dems. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court hands down TWO MORE conservative wins! Amazing!! Also, EpochTV anchor and author Sam Sorbo joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss the tragedies currently happening in the American education system, and how you can help fight for the health of our children
118 min
Another Big News Flop
As expected, there was no groundbreaking info during the continuing sham hearings on the January 4th supposed “insurrection.” Plenty of hearsay though, plus more ratings drops. Ya gotta wonder if this is actually costing the Dems more than they are making in campaign funds. Meanwhile, the southern border is so wide open that migrants are being found dead after being packed into container trucks. Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death among adults ages 18-45.
112 min
They Started It, We'll Finish It.
The latest buzz-word going around the web is “civil war.” However, Conservatives realize this “civil war” was started by the Left in the summer of 2020, and we are finishing it without firing a shot. Supreme Court dropping hammers daily. We’ve had enough of burnings, lootings, politically funded activists, CRT, intentional economic disaster, green new nonsense, and most importantly, citizens being held in jail with no charges as political prisoners to raise campaign funds. We are done. They have been revealed. It ends now.
117 min
Drinking Liberal Tears
The Left had its share of meltdowns and tantrums over the weekend, but hardly what we expected. Possibly because the majority of Americans now believe that abortion is murder. In South Dakota, governor Kristi Noem announces that doctors performing abortions will now be prosecuted. Go, Kristi! Also, New Hampshire congressional candidate Karoline Leavitt joins host Rob Carson on the Newsmax hotline to discuss the latest headlines
117 min
Best of the Week / The Rob Carson Show
Highlights from this week's Rob Carson Show by Newsmax
118 min
Abortion Laws Returned to the States!
Two smash hits for the Conservative movement this week! Roe V Wade gets overturned, and returns to a state-by-state decision. Do you know why? It’s because having an abortion was never a constitutional right. Do you know what is? The right to keep and bear arms. Leftists are learning the hard way again, we are a nation of rules and laws as dictated by the Constitution of the United States of America!
118 min
Where’s That Ukraine Money Going..??
2,000 small businesses are out of business in the state of Maryland, and we are considering sending another billion dollar package to Ukraine. Americans are angry. The people want to go back to “America FIRST!” The Biden Administration tries to play the people’s heart-strings by lifting a gas-tax, which means little and is fooling no one. Start. Drilling. Here. NOW! Florida rejects suggesting vaccines for children, labeling it as unnecessary fear-mongering for medical profit. Host Rob Carson says “Correct!” Plus, the latest on the far-left Democrat party trying to modify the 2nd Amendment to take guns away from Americans
119 min
Biden Begs for Oil
Our failed President is now begging for more oil production from foreign nations, who laugh and ignore him. The entire world sees he is desperate to increase his approval rating before the midterms. The CDC approves a COVID vaccine for children 5 years old and younger, and no one listens. The entire world knows the Dems are in bed with Big Pharma for political gain. Everyone is waking up, the Democrats are doomed. Biden slips up and says there will be another pandemic, your host Rob Carson plays the audio! Plus, America's lawyer Jenna Ellis joins Rob to discuss the latest headlines
119 min
Free Speech and Elon Musk
While Americans continue to feel the burn in their wallet, the DNC is trying to stop Elon Musk from silencing their political MSM bullhorn in every way possible, but as always, the Truth will overcome. Musk may well be known eventually as the man who restored freedom of speech in America. Also, firebrand outspoken feminist and true patriot Naomi Wolf joins host Rob Carson to reveal behind-the-scenes details regarding vaccinations and the medical industry
117 min
Biden Falls, Gets Minor Bruises & Alzheimers
President 81 Million mirrors his approval rating with an embarrassing face-plant, Juneteenth reminds Americans that Republicans ended slavery, and Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward joins host Rob Carson to discuss the latest headlines and progress of the election integrity movement
118 min
Biden Polls Lowest in History of Polling!
They can run but they cant hide. A staggering 91% of Americans have the same growing concern. The Biden administration is feeling the pressure from all sides, and the cracks are showing. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is being cornered on a daily basis over America’s number one concern: Inflation. Their response? To deny it is happening. Rob exposes the liars on Capitol Hill and is also joined by conservative activist Rogan O’Handley to discuss the woke generation’s outcries getting flushed down the toilet
119 min
Fossil Fuel Follies
Newsmax host Rob Carson explains the politics behind the farce previously known as “global warming” which then became “global cooling” and is now “climate change.” Also, Rob is joined by former National Security Advisor KT McFarland ( as well as the Watchdog on Wallstreet, political financial strategist Chris Markowski (
120 min
Trump's Ultimatum to the Deep State
Donald Trump issues a 12-page document as a warning to the deep state players, basically putting them in check on the chess board. They will have their last chance to do what is right for the country, or they will face the evidence that has been gathered (Space Force, anyone?). Newsmax funnyman Rob Carson brings you the details along with some laughs to brighten your day...
117 min
Donald Trump Warned Us
He warned us about gas prices, he warned us about inflation and taxes, he warned us about our 401k’s and the stock market, and he warned us about 2nd Amendment infringement. It all came true. As a result, more and more Americans are starting to believe in a compromised electoral process. Newsmax’s Diamond & Silk join host Rob Carson to discuss
117 min
Even AOC Won’t Endorse Joe!
New York’s pride and shame, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, gets put on the spot and asked if she will support Joe Biden in a Presidential run for 2024. Unfortunately for President 81 Million, even she cannot bring herself to give it the green light. The Democrat party is doing everything they can to destroy the country before November, but are being stopped and exposed at every turn. Newsmax host Rob Carson gives the details
110 min
The Hearing Nobody Cared About
A totally partisan group of corrupt career politicians on Capitol Hill conspire with their Democrat bullhorn mainstream media outlets to put on the most boring live hearing of all time, and nobody cared. The January 6th “insurrection” is hardly what concerns Americans at this point, while they are paying $85 or more to fill their gas tanks. The Biden administration has completely failed on every front, they are terrified of the upcoming election cycle. They ought to be more afraid of the release of the American citizens they’ve held as political prisoners for almost two years for this sham campaign event. George Papadopolous joins host Rob Carson to make fun of Nancy Pelosi and her fellow cronies
38 min
Because We’re Not Stupid
Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson goes OFF on a tirade recorded just before the sham “January 6th “insurrection” hearings! Can’t wait to hear what he has to say AFTER! Also, huge news which the mainstream media is trying to keep secret, an assassination attempt on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
44 min
Hunter Buys a Hooker
As the contents of the now verified Hunter Biden laptop from hell emerge, we get to enjoy some wonderful text messaging between a Las Vegas call-girl and the son of our current President. This now contributing to the lowest ever approval rating of a President in his home state, as Biden polls at 34% approval in Delaware. The people are waking up. City of Uvalde, Texas native actor Matthew McConaughey makes a tearful appearance on Capitol Hill as Rob analyzes the narrative behind it. Also, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins Rob Carson to discuss gun legislation in his state since the tragedy
39 min
Even Higher Gas Prices On The Way
November election cycle is just around the corner, and the Democrat party is getting curb-stomped leading up to it. As a result, they are trying to force all of their political agendas through beforehand, and one of them includes $10 per gallon gas. Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson explains. Also, retired DOD Col. John Mills joins Rob to discuss the latest news headlines…
39 min
Why We Need "Weapons of War"
Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson and a few callers, ex-military, and gun-owners discuss the 2nd amendment concerns in the country. Also, journalist & host of “Unfit to Print” Amber Athey joins Rob to talk about current news headlines…
43 min
Rob Carson Returns!
Rob Carson is back from vacation, and reveals the suffering he saw while driving across the lower southeast portion of the country. Depending on where you live, the pain in your wallet hurts even more. At some point, the Democrat establishment will step in and say they have the solution for the problem that they created. Will Americans buy it again? Or are we witnessing a mass awakening? Rob plays clips of Joe Biden and his administration denying that they are the cause…
37 min
[Mini]- Joe Biden Songs - Two Music Parodies!
Rob is on vacation this week, but we didn’t want to leave you without your daily dose of Carson comedy! This week will feature some of Rob Carson’s most requested song parodies. PLEASE share these gems with friends by using the share button! THANK YOU!!! Today we have a double-header grand finale! Joe Biden "It Sucks To Be You" and "Welcome Back," both created with the help of Jim Gossett (
3 min
[Mini]- Nancy Pelosi Parody "Speaker of the House"
Rob is on vacation this week, but we didn’t want to leave you without your daily dose of Carson comedy! This week will feature some of Rob Carson’s most requested song parodies. PLEASE share these gems with friends by using the share button! THANK YOU!!!
2 min
[Mini]- You Gotta Fight For The Right!
Rob is on vacation this week, but we didn’t want to leave you without your daily dose of Carson comedy! This week will feature some of Rob Carson’s most requested song parodies. PLEASE share these gems with your friends by using the share button! THANK YOU!!!
3 min
The Barack Obama Movie Villain
The Marxists want to take away the 2nd Amendment but it will never happen. Anti-American groups such as the Weather Underground, with Barack Obama in attendance, have been planning to stoke chaos in society to break apart the family unit, and we are seeing the result. Their end game? To seize Constitutional freedoms and make Americans more compliant to government demands. Rob has the scoop! Also, attorney & former government official Kash Patel joins Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson to discuss the Durham v Sussman trial carving its way back to the Clinton Foundation. Will we finally see people pay the price for their political crimes??
34 min
The Fallout of Fear Porn
Once again during campaign season a school shooting gets instantly politicized with no regard to the victims. Unlike our disconnected President, Rob Carson reports the names and stories of the victims of this tragedy. Are we witnessing the effects of years of fear-mongering on impressionable young minds? Convention of States President Mark Meckler joins host Rob Carson to discuss
42 min
Biden Hints at World War
President Biden flubs again and publicly announces we would engage in a war with China should they invade Taiwan, his administration is now scrambling to sweep up the. Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum (WEC) and Klaus Schwab put their evil on display, and Ron DeSantis says there is “no way” Florida will sign on to the WHO’s global pandemic treaty..! Also, Hollywood reporter Christian Toto joins the show to talk about the entertainment industry getting woke and going broke
43 min
The Watchdog on Wall Street
The Democrat party is running out of distractions to keep your eyes and ears from their true agenda. Disinformation governance board FAILED, our border is a mess, baby formula MIA, and the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want us involved in Ukraine until our own problems at home are fixed. So why are they still ignoring us? Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson has the answers, as does today’s special guest Chris Markowski, aka the “Watchdog on Wallstreet”
36 min
Democrats vs America!
Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson outlines all the ways that the far-left Democrat party has attempted to supersede your Constitutional rights, and how this assault is going to get more extreme as they are handed loss after loss after loss. The latest proposal by Democrats is to cease ALL oil-drilling production in the United States, and Rob has the audio!
40 min
Disinformation Board CRUMBLES! We Are Winning!!
Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson celebrates the embarrassingly quick demise of the most shocking Democrat proposal to date, a governance board that determines what private citizens are allowed to say! Total Communism! Also, Dr. Kelli Ward joins Rob to discuss the many recent failures of the Left, her latest book on election integrity, and new NFT campaign
37 min
Doug Mastriano Wins PA Primary!
Trump-endorsed candidate Doug Mastriano has won the GOP primary for Pennsylvania governor. Does anyone find it unusual that there are no Democrat primary candidates embracing an endorsement from President “81 Million Votes” Joe Biden? Doug Mastriano joins Newsmax host Rob Carson to discuss
41 min
A Summer of Rage..?
Georgia superhero and House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene joins Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson to talk about the Democrat’s complete failure of trying to remove her from the November ballot and their supposed upcoming “Summer of Rage’ which won’t happen….
31 min
Democrats Play The Racism Card Again!
Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson explains everything you weren’t told by the mainstream media concerning the recent NY shooting incident, why governor Kathy Hochul is trying to stoke the flames of a non-existent race war, and why the far-left democrat “Squad” have announced full support to send $40 billion dollars to assist Ukraine rather than assist the growing financial crisis right here at home. Also, Rob gives his own version of a 2022 Graduation Ceremony speech
40 min
The Original Crap-Touch!
Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson is hearing other news anchors using his phrase “the Joe Biden Crap-Touch”..! Which is GREAT, so long as you remember where it came from! Here we play the original, and Rob also notes that the MSM has also finally acknowledged the one million COVID death marker. Will they also acknowledge that the count has not increased since mask mandates were lifted? Also in the news, Netflix finally tells their Chappelle-offended employees to go pound sand, Congress introduces an abhorrent 40 billion dollar aid package for Ukraine while American citizens continue to suffer, and PA senator Doug Mastriano briefly joins the show with a gubernatorial campaign update
40 min
Which Movie Are We Living In?
“Enemy of the State,” “Demolition Man,” etc. It seems so many sci-fi movies somehow predicted the current state of our society. Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson goes over several movies and scenarios which seem to have remarkably come true as of late. Also, ladies & gentleman, thanks again to the far left Democrats….we now have a MAGA King!!!
39 min
Ultra-Maga OK..!
Roe v Wade is now assuredly set to be overturned, as Karens who don’t represent the people affected by it (as usual) still protest in oblivion. Gas prices continue to rise as we lose our oil reserves thanks to the inept Biden administration. Despite all this, add another one to the win column as Democrats come up with an awesome term for Republicans “Ultra MAGA”..! We love it!!! Also, firebrand author Naomi Wolf ( joins Rob Carson to talk about the latest headlines
36 min
Senator Rand Paul Joins Rob Carson
This special episode of the Newsmax Daily podcast starts with host Rob Carson and Sen. Rand Paul discussing the audacity of the government to create a disinformation board to determine what is truth and what is misinformation, when it has been proven over and over again in history that government is the biggest propagator of misinformation. Senator Paul cites several examples. Also, Washington Times contributor Cheryl Chumley joins Rob to discuss the background of Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” and her new book “Lockdown: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom”
40 min
Democrats Become An Endangered Species
The Karens are out in full force, and Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson is here to celebrate their contribution to another conservative victory as they Karen themselves into non-existence! Also, South Carolina Rep Ralph Norman joins the show and suggests that the recent food processing warehouse fires seem very suspicious!
44 min
Desperate Gasps From The Dying Left
The Left loves to spread misery, and misery has taken a turn towards downright ugly. Groups of Karens across America have decided to hold protests in front of Supreme Court members residences to fight for the right to kill unborn babies with beating hearts. Something tells us that not too many will join them, as the moment draws near that the States will now make their own rules regarding abortion. This is long overdue. Also, Merrick Garland teams up with Mayorkas to form the Wild & Woke wrestling tag team by creating an “Environmental Justice League.” Who do these guys think they are??
42 min
Leaks, Leaks, Leaks!
Leaks from the Supreme Court, leaks from the DHS, and new Kevin McCarthy audio leaks. Are these genuine leaks, or is this what politics has become? One thing is for sure, Donald Trump is no longer in the rear view mirror, as all of his endorsed candidates seem to be winning in the primaries. The Democrats now have one agenda: Destroy Donald. Meanwhile at Mar-a-Lago, Newsmax contributor Jenna Ellis attended a special screening of a new documentary that is sweeping the conservative news outlets, yet is oddly being completely ignored by the mainstream media. Jenna Ellis joins Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson today to talk about the event
35 min
Roe V Wade Has Been Effectively Overturned
The topic of abortion is something that is very close to Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson, and a surprise call from a listener puts him on the spot to start off today’s show. Another person close to the subject is today’s guest, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who also shares his thoughts on the subject and the growing crisis on our southern border
33 min
The Silent Secret Behind Abortion
The announcement of Roe vs Wade being overturned to allow states to make their own laws regarding abortion has leftists melting down across the country. But could this be the last ditch effort of the Biden administration to get people to show up at the polls in November? This is a huge news event and many details are discussed in today’s episode
37 min
This Line Must Not Be Crossed!
The Biden Administration creates a DHS “Misinformation Czar” in America?? This must be stopped, this is the hill to die on. Florida governor Ron DeSantis is REFUSING to cooperate with this obvious attempt at controlling narratives for political gain by the Democrat party, and so should YOU. Rep Lauren Boebert is also on the warpath to stop this seemingly fascistic power-grab by Mayorkas and the DHS. Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan joins host Rob Carson to discuss
37 min
When Did Opinion Become Disinformation?
Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson is wondering why some people in the country are allowed to have an opinion while others aren't, as the Biden administration creates the “Disinformation Governance Board,” seemingly to fight to their last breath against the waves of dissenting opinions now streaming out across all platforms. Former Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland joins host Rob Carson to discuss
33 min
Dinesh D’Souza Talks “2,000 Mules”
The career politicians are in panic-mode on Capitol Hill ever since Matt Gaetz introduced the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop into the Congressional record, and its gonna get a whole lot hotter when firebrand filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s new film detailing the 2020 election titled “2,000 Mules” comes out next week. Dinesh D’Souza joins Rob Carson on today's podcast to discuss what you will see in the film. For more details visit
40 min
Biden Creates “Board of Disinformation”— JOSEPH...
The Deep State is panicking, they are losing control of the narrative, so they just announced a government funded “board of disinformation.” It seems we suddenly need to control speech once Elon Musk bought Twitter. Weird. The Socialist playbook developed by Joseph Stalin in 1923 is being followed to a T. Hang on, kids, it’s going to get rough, but only because the deep state is LOSING and they will NOT go down without a fight! They've miscalculated the resolve of American patriots and America’s passionate fight for freedom, even by opposing oligarchs such as Elon Musk and others, who KNOW freedom must be maintained at all costs. If you EVER listened to a classic Rob Carson opening monologue, LISTEN TO THIS ONE NOW!!!
45 min
The Great Divide
What would happen if Left and Right decided to part ways, and we split the country up into partisan states? Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson already knows what would happen. The Left would stream across the borders into the conservative states because they would quickly have NOTHING and would finally learn having nothing SUCKS! Daily Caller contributor and podcaster Kay Smythe joins host Rob Carson to discuss
33 min
The Candy Aisle Kids Twitter Tantrum
COVID mask mandates deemed unconstitutional, restoring freedom of choice. Twitter purchased by Elon Musk, restoring freedom of speech. CNN plus falls flat on its face in just 3 weeks. Court blocks Biden from lifting Title 42, protecting our southern border (for now). Black Lives Matter is under investigation. Woke Disney takes an uppercut to their political agenda face. America’s patriots are WINNING while mainstream media and big tech continues to LOSE! There was never any other way this could end; We are the United States of America, BORN out of freedom from tyranny! The corrupt DNC and Democrats have no escape hatch, they must continue down their own path of self destruction. What’s next? The laptop? The 2020 election? Popcorn ready, this will be fun
39 min
They’re Coming To Take Him Away!
Hunter Biden is facing prosecution for illegal foreign money lobbying, and his corrupt business trail is leading right back to Daddy “I never talked to my son about overseas business” Biden. Also, Chicago descends into chaos as Mayor Lori Lightfoot (beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice) continues her brilliant “defund the police” campaign, and Corey Lewandowski joins host Rob Carson to discuss the latest headlines
41 min
The Kevin McCarthy Tape
New recordings surface of House minority leader Kevin McCarthy having a phone call with Liz Cheney after the January 6th event discussing Trump’s removal, and Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson opines that it was the ENTIRE swamp, Democrats AND Republicans, that wanted Donald Trump out! Trump threatened their biggest secret; that politicians go to Washington DC to get wealthy off our tax dollars, not to fight for Americans, and that is why they STILL refuse to speak up about the 2020 election irregularities! Could this be the wake up call they need to realize that we have been gathering evidence on the swamp for many years now? The dominos continue to fall, the evidence is leaking out, they have ALL been caught! Drip, drip, drip…
40 min
Saturday Night Special - 04/23/22
Special collection of unreleased bits throughout the week on Newsmax Radio, including the hilarious “Space Idiocy” starring Kamala Harris addressing Space Force like they are children. Other segments include host Rob Carson explaining that the dumbest words ever spoken are “defund the police.” As a result of this Black Lives Matter mantra, we now have the highest crime rate in major democrat cities across the nation, and people are fleeing. We are witnessing the balkanization of the United States. Add in a little teaching minors about sex and CRT in school, and you have the blueprint for any classic Socialist society- it all starts with an attack on culture and the death of the family. Katie Mcfarland of joins Rob to discuss
42 min
Dissent is NOT "Disinformation"..!
“Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”- Voltaire. Newsmax Daily host Rob Carson opines how this quote applies today, with citizens and even the Biden administration rejecting the lifting of mask mandates despite the science behind it. Democrats are also currently at work trying to remove competitive incumbents from the November election cycle, this tactic in addition to the usual election chicanery. How much will we take before we are forced to take action? Why did former President Obama just warn people about “the dangers of disinformation”..? Does this all tie together? Why are we sending our oil reserves overseas? What is our huge sums of money paying for in Ukraine? We MUST ASK QUESTIONS! Todays special guest did just that- college student Daniel Schmidt raised a few eyebrows when he spoke up at the recent Chicago “Disinformation Conference.”
41 min
Get Woke, Go Broke!!
Democrats are planning to actually fight back against lifting mask mandates, believe it or not. However, Florida governor Ron De Santis has a great answer to “woke” companies like Disney & Twitter who push political agendas, as he proposes taking away special state privileges for those who want to play. Also, Jen Psaki cries on a podcast while defending teaching children nine years old and under about sex— why are they “grooming” children?? Also, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee joins host Rob Carson to discuss the self-destruction of the Democrat party and the future of the GOP
43 min
No More Stupid Masks!!!
Did common sense just score a win?? Are Americans done being fear-mongered into nonsense? Sure looks like it, as a federal judge effectively ends mask mandates on airplanes and other public transportation! Listen to Rob play the reactions of airline crew and passengers as the Democrat party feels their grip over American voters via fear slipping away. How will they enable mass mail-in ballot votes on a compromised election system without the fear of a pandemic involved? Since the CDC has “overstepped its authority,” will we now see lawsuits emerge against the tyranny of Anthony Fauci and the CDC..?? Radio listeners call in to today’s show and voice their opinions. Also, the horrible negative effect that Black Lives Matter has taken on actual black lives gets revealed by Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson
38 min
What’s the Difference Between “Liberal” and “Le...
Rob Carson briefly discusses the difference between Liberal, Left, and Libertarian— because it’s getting really confusing! Also, Joe Biden attempts to trick the people with a national oil-drilling scheme that falls flat on its face, the growing food crisis continues to rise, and GETTR CEO Jason Miller joins the Newsmax Daily podcast to discuss the latest in social media platform news
45 min
The “Putin Price Hike"..??! Haha! Nice Try…!
President 81 Million attempts to shake hands with a ghost after his last public appearance where he blames Vladimir Putin for rising gas prices, which all Americans have been suffering since well before the Putin/Ukraine situation. We are not that easily fooled anymore, Uncle Joe, YOU did that! Also, interesting Easter-related scientific discoveries determine the most damaging wounds suffered by Christ while carrying the cross to Calvary, and former U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie joins the Newsmax Daily podcast to discuss current US veteran conditions under the current administration
36 min
Saturday Night Special - 04/16/22
Bonus interviews from this week’s Rob Carson radio show include political commentator and stand up comedian Dave Rubin, Washington Editor at Spectator USA Amber Athey (who was fired for insulting Kamala Harris’ outfit), and former Louisiana congressman John Fleming joins host Rob Carson to discuss Title 42 and the coming southern border disaster and coronavirus being used for political gain
38 min
Rob Carson Meets Donald Trump
Newsmax Daily podcast host, the inimitable Rob Carson, is in sunny South Florida— so of course its only natural that he would meet with Donald Trump himself! Listen to Rob recount the memorable evening he had at Mar-a-Lago and the impression it made on this small-town kid from a farm in Iowa who once had little more than his voice and a microphone. Speaking of business, Elon Musk means business too! Musk has put in a bid to own Twitter and convert it into a “free speech platform necessary for Democracy around the world.” Also, financial strategist Charles Mizrahi joins Rob to discuss the effects of inflation and raising the minimum wage
40 min
Are They Driving Us Crazy ON PURPOSE??
Newsmax Daily podcast host, the inimitable Rob Carson, is out on tour and has some humorous observations about why people snap more frequently these days..! Plus an exclusive peek into the new music recordings of John Hinckley Jr, yes, right here only on the Newsmax Daily podcast. Also, former Trump attorney and Newsmax contributor Jenna Ellis joins Rob to discuss the latest headlines and the importance of Easter celebrations
34 min
Big Danger In The Big Apple
As the details surrounding the tragic subway scene unfolds in New York City, one thing conservatives know for certain is the Biden Administration will use this event to push for gun control and restrict your second amendment rights. Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson points out ALL of the indignities we are suffering during the week of Easter, and how it will unfortunately only get worse under this administration. What’s next? Jen Psaki says hyper-inflation. Economic wizard and financial strategist Chris Markowski joins Rob to discuss…
35 min
Donald Trump Hits Big In North Carolina
New polling reveals approval ratings for Biden’s individual responsibilities are absolutely in the toilet, the worst of any President in our history. Also, Rob uncovers a news story that outlines the privileged life Hunter Biden once had before it fell apart, and National Security Council director Kash Patel joins the show to discuss the latest regarding US security
36 min