Cobcast: Inside the Grind with the Na...

Big picture conversations about the future of agriculture with the National Corn Growers Association and its network of industry leaders.

Join us every month as we explore new topics and advocate for America’s corn farmers. From the fields of the Corn Belt to the DC Beltway, we’ll make sure that the growers who feed and fuel America have a say in issues that are important to them.

Founded in 1957, the National Corn Growers Association represents nearly 40,000 dues-paying corn farmers nationwide and the interests of more than 300,000 growers who contribute through corn checkoff programs in their states.

NCGA and its affiliated state organizations work together to create and increase opportunities for corn growers, with a vision of sustainably feeding and fueling a growing world.

Business News
45. Meet the Newly-Crowned King of the Corn Yie...
Growers who limited their nitrogen application still achieved incredible results.
22 min
44. Ethanol’s Past, Present and Future as a Ben...
How the Renewable Fuel Standard has changed the corn industry, and what’s on the horizon for this key sector.
31 min
43. The First Step is Giving a Darn: Mental Hea...
In honor of Mental Health Month, we talk with a former grower who uses his past struggles with suicide to help others today.
34 min
42. Bank Failures and the Rural Economy, with N...
Instability at some high-profile financial institutions is on growers' minds. Should we be worried?
29 min
41. Holding the Line Against Mexico’s GMO Corn ...
The unnecessary ban on biotech corn would take effect next year, cost 32,000 U.S. jobs annually, and worsen food insecurity in Mexico.
27 min
40. Newly-Elected Rep from Illinois Angles for ...
With roots in farm country, one Congressional freshman says she wants to find common ground in Washington.
30 min
39. Inflation, Interest Rates & the Farm Econom...
Like other moments of economic uncertainty, this too shall pass... but how soon, and how much damage will it do?
39 min
38. Winning in the Margins for Corn, with Outgo...
As Chris Edgington wraps up his term as NCGA President, we look back at the meaningful progress corn growers made in 2022.
28 min
37. UAN Fertilizer Tariffs Rejected by the Inte...
Two key players who argued their case on behalf of NCGA discuss the win and what it means for farmers.
29 min
36. The 2023 Farm Bill: A Panel Discussion at T...
Thought leaders from D.C. discuss important considerations for the upcoming farm bill legislation
42 min
35. Ethanol Mythbusting: How Corn Ethanol Can T...
The CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association helps Jon knock down some common misconceptions about ethanol.
32 min
34. Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma in the A...
With May designated as "Mental Health Awareness Month," a reminder that saying something can save lives.
40 min
33. 4-Time National Corn Yield Contest Record H...
Along the banks of the James River in Virginia, David Hula is harvesting some real bin-busters.
32 min
32. Agriculture Industry Authorities: the Commo...
Leaders from NCGA, ASA, NAWG, NSP and AEM discuss the changing state of ag in 2022.
47 min
31. Smooth Sailing on River Transportation Infr...
Jon celebrates a big win in Congress with the leaders of the Illinois Corn Growers and the Waterways Council.
26 min
30. AgriTalk's Chip Flory: Flipping the Script ...
"The Voice of Rural America," Chip Flory has been informing growers about the ag industry for decades.
45 min
29. National Security, Food and Geopolitics, wi...
A potential Russian invasion of Ukraine and other global flashpoints have real implications for the corn industry.
29 min
28. New Challenges and Opportunities for Grower...
We taking a close look at the state of the market, and its impact on Chris’s own operation.
38 min
27. Bipartisanship Revisited, with Congressiona...
A Democrat and a Republican work together for reason and compromise in our national politics.
39 min
26. Ringing in the “New Year” with NCGA’s Incom...
It may not be January 1, but there’s a new president at NCGA, and we’re getting to know him better.
20 min
25. Meat-ing Customer Needs with the National C...
NCBA’s Colin Woodall and CAB’s Nicole Erceg discuss corn partnerships and how you might be cooking steak wrong.
45 min
24. Former White Sox Outfielder Ron Kittle Reca...
NCGA's involvement in the baseball game in Dyersville, Iowa was a "stalk-off" home run for corn, for MLB and for America.
36 min
23. Congressional Rep. Cheri Bustos and the Nex...
The fifth-term Congresswoman from Illinois is the recipient of the NCGA’s President’s Award.
29 min
22. Transportation Energy Reality Check, with F...
Corn and ethanol still have an important role to play in fueling America’s transportation needs.
39 min
21. Leading the Field in Sustainability, with N...
NCGA charts a course on the future of U.S. corn sustainability for continued improvement, increased marketability and a better future.
33 min