Cobcast: Inside the Grind with the Na...

Big picture conversations about the future of agriculture with the National Corn Growers Association and its network of industry leaders.

Join us every month as we explore new topics and advocate for America’s corn farmers. From the fields of the Corn Belt to the DC Beltway, we’ll make sure that the growers who feed and fuel America have a say in issues that are important to them.

Founded in 1957, the National Corn Growers Association represents nearly 40,000 dues-paying corn farmers nationwide and the interests of more than 300,000 growers who contribute through corn checkoff programs in their states.

NCGA and its affiliated state organizations work together to create and increase opportunities for corn growers, with a vision of sustainably feeding and fueling a growing world.

Business News
21. Leading the Field in Sustainability, with N...
NCGA charts a course on the future of U.S. corn sustainability for continued improvement, increased marketability and a better future.
33 min
20. Corn & Bourbon: Powering Partnerships and K...
The Kentucky Corn Growers Association and Green River Distilling have teamed up to produce a locally-sourced bourbon that supports corn research.
35 min
19. Bourbon, the Spirit of America, and Corn's ...
Jon visits the Frazier Kentucky History Museum bourbon exhibit, and hears from an 8th generation master distiller.
31 min
18. Follow the Science: How Farm Country Can Be...
Rural America faces unique challenges when it comes to beating COVID-19, and vaccination will play a vital role in winning the battle.
39 min
17. Short Stature Corn and Other New Ag Tech, w...
Brett Begemann, the Chief Operating Officer at Bayer Crop Science, opens up about new developments in the technology pipeline.
36 min
16. Inside the C-Suite with Corteva Agriscience...
Tim Glenn, the Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Corteva Agriscience, looks at the growing season ahead.
32 min
15. Going Whole Hog to Serve Our Pork Customers...
Jon and Bill compare notes about the shared challenges and opportunities that corn and pork face together.
32 min
14. New Year, New Challenges: What's On Tap for...
A look ahead at some of the big initiatives the NCGA has in the works for 2021.
35 min
13. CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jeff Z...
Insights about what the 2020 election means for corn farmers from an expert who’s covered presidential politics for 20 years.
45 min
12. A Wild Ride: Outgoing NCGA President Kevin ...
After making headlines in a battle with Budweiser and speaking on-stage with the U.S. President, Kevin Ross looks ahead to what's next.
42 min
11. Applying a Military Strategic Mindset to th...
In a year where growers feel like they’re under siege, the NCGA is exploring its tactical options.
35 min
10. Broadband a Big Challenge for Small Towns D...
With kids in farm country headed back-to-school, rural broadband access is a bigger issue than ever before.
29 min
9. Corn’s Place at the Table in Global Trade Po...
Ongoing trade wars have hurt U.S. growers, and the USMCA is only part of the free trade solutions that are needed.
59 min
8. Gold Medal Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee on ...
The JJK Foundation provides hope to kids in the inner city and bridges the urban-rural divide.
38 min
7. Creating Corn Demand with Biobased Materials...
Corn-based materials technology is ready to compete with traditional plastics for market share.
34 min
6. Ethanol: The Future of the Fuel Industry, wi...
The "Godfather of Ethanol" joins Jon to talk about the past and future of the most viable clean energy solution on the market.
51 min
5. Breaking Our Political Addictions, with U.S....
How a Democrat and a Republican find ways to work together for the good of America... and farmers, too.
36 min
4. Coronavirus Update: "Business As Unusual," w...
Jon and Mike examine the status of farm inputs availability amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.
31 min
3. Climate-Proofing Agriculture and Adding Valu...
In an era of climate change, growers are discovering common ground with environmental groups like EDF.
33 min
2. The Beer Corntroversy of 2019
After Bud Light picks a fight with corn farmers, the NCGA hits back, with help from MolsonCoors.
54 min
1. Hello, My Name is Jon
Get to know NCGA CEO Jon Doggett in the first episode of his new podcast.
38 min
Launching Jan. 22 - Wherever Jon May Roam, with...
The NCGA Podcast Preview
1 min