Mythic Thunderlute: A D&D Podcast Mus...

Professional actors and musicians- Jake, Lillian, Michael, Steve, and Leigha- play a tightly-edited Dungeons and Dragons campaign. After they record, they add sound effects, underscoring, and full-fledged musical numbers!

Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

Performing Arts
Dice in Mind: An Interview with Michael and Jake
65 min
The MTL Mid-Season Reunion Show
A Look Back on Season 1.0
76 min
S1E9: The Plan
55 min
S1E8: The Battle of Taliashire
55 min
S1E7: Vritranya
63 min
S1E6: The Forgotten
MTL has a showdown in a cave with Roscoe's favorite band! With Special Guest, singer/songwriter/actor Bethany Thomas
49 min
S1E5: The Temple of Vanitius
The band meets their sovereign, who introduces them to his only superior. With Special Guest Brian Vaughn, Artistic Director of the Utah Shakespeare Festival
46 min
S1E4: The Trial of the Boarstead 5
The band (and Herman) get put on trial. The first of its kind! With Special Guest, Wayne T. Carr from the Snyderverse and Joel Coen's upcoming The Tragedy of MacBeth.
49 min
Shoot the Lute: A Look Inside Episode 3
Game Maker Michael Doherty and Co-Producer Alex Keiper discuss the most recent episode in this glimpse into the behind-the-scenes Patreon Exclusive, Shoot the Lute.
62 min
S1E3: Gods of Old
Edgar reunites with his sister after 1,400 years. Awkward. With Special Guest, Jaye Ladymore from The CW's 4400
49 min
S1E2: The Fallen Prince
Our heroes try to figure out how to stave off the apocalypse. With Special Guest, Tony Carter, Chicago Theatre Star
42 min
S1E1: The Plea of the Wood Nymph
The journey begins. Pugface, Edgar, Roscoe, and Jocasta set off to save Edennia from certain doom. With Special Guest, Landree Fleming from Encounter Party!
50 min
Sneak Peek 2: Taliashire Morning
An early look at the opening number from the first episode! Meet our heroes: Pugface, Edgar, Roscoe, and Jocasta.
11 min
Sneak Peek 1: Prologue
Get to learn about the world of the pod in this brief glimpse at episode one. So sneaky!
2 min
Mythic Thunderlute Trailer 2: What Is MTL?
The second trailer for the upcoming D&D Podcast Musical, where the team explains what this is, and why it takes so dang long to make a single episode.
1 min
Mythic Thunderlute Trailer
Mythic Thunderlute - an RPG Podcast Musical, coming this summer!
0 min