Music & Meaning

Music and Meaning is a captivating, cinematic podcast written and hosted by Grammy Award-winning music producer Charlie Peacock. Charlie shares evocative, in-depth stories of his intricate dance of serving both the church and crafting the popular songs the whole world sings. By analyzing the soundtrack of our lives, Charlie, skillfully and artistically teases out its profound social and theological meaning. Reflective and whimsical, Charlie shows how music transcends mere sound, becoming a mirror to our times, a testimony to our shared humanity, and a sign and symbol of our deepest joys and needs.

Music Commentary
Society & Culture
Music, Meaning, and Milestones: Season One Finale
Reflections on the first season of Music and Meaning.
33 min
The Way Maker: Nashville Meets Nigeria Meets In...
Charlie Peacock interviews celebrated Nigerian singer-songwriter Sinach ("Way Maker") and music executives from Integrity Music in Nashville
47 min
Invention and Reinvention with Steve Taylor
49 min
If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It
Charlie Peacock wonders how democratizing music creation- dropping the barrier to entry so low that anyone can write a song, affects the individual's soul and our culture.
35 min
Heart In Motion
Host Charlie Peacock interviews the Grammy Award-winning producers behind Amy Grant's pioneering, record-breaking hit album.
53 min
Four on the Floor
Host Charlie Peacock interviews three of Nashville's finest young women songwriters in honor of Women's History Month: Erika Daves, Jasmine Mullen, and Abby Siler.
42 min
Monkeys At The Zoo: Metaphors, Methods, and Pos...
Charlie Peacock fields questions from our listeners with in-depth answers and music examples—joined by guest musicians, Aaron Smith and Sam Ashworth.
45 min
Four On The Floor
A special episode highlighting music news featuring host Charlie Peacock and a panel of experts, Tracy Gershon, Rissi Palmer, and Swagg R'Celious.
29 min
God Gave Rock and Roll To You
Charlie Peacock is joined by author and historian Leah Payne to reveal the surprising origins of evangelicalism’s contemporary Christian music.
33 min
Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The True Pioneer of Gosp...
Charlie Peacock pays tribute to the inventor of gospel rock with guests Tommy Sims and Jerry McPherson
21 min
St. Augustine Tunes in to the Top 40
Charlie Peacock and 4th century theologian St. Augustine listen to the lyrics of today’s Top 40
20 min
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Charlie Peacock offers a narrative trip through the many ways Jesus has been represented in pop music: explicitly, implicitly, genuinely, and in mockery.
15 min
Chatbots and Sexy Synth Saxophones
Charlie Peacock tackles the headline topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on music.
13 min
What's Christian about Chemistry?
Charlie Peacock shares the story of signing the Grammy Award-winning band Switchfoot.
15 min
Music & Meaning – Trailer
3 min