Mapping The College Audition: An MTCA...

This podcast is an exploration of the daunting College Theater (+ Musical Theater) Audition process led by an expert in the field, as well as an exploration of the paths to success from college to beyond. We talk with Colleges about their training programs and Artists about their unique careers fostered by their training. Join Charlie Murphy, actor & Director of Musical Theatre College Auditions (MTCA) as he chats with Broadway performers, college faculty members and industry pros about navigating the college audition process, earning a performing arts degree, and the role education plays in pursuing a career in the arts. Charlie will provide bonus tips and insights from 17+ years of expertise in this niche of the industry. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at If you want to learn more about MTCA, you can check us out at

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Performing Arts
Ep. 109 (CDD): Slippery Rock University with Aa...
In this College Deep Dive, Charlie and Aaron discuss: Entrepreneurial spirit of Slippery Rock student, The importance of Wellness for the actor, Flexibility to minor with a BFA, Cost effective program, What it means to “just be yourself”
78 min
Ep. 108 (AE): Celia Keenan-Bolger (Tony Award W...
In this College Deep Dive, Charlie and Celia discuss: Finding what kind of environments you thrive in, What it is like playing younger, Merging creative self to the personal self, How the practice of vulnerability is the practice of presence, Using performing as a way to process life
90 min
Ep. 107 (CDD): Ohio Northern University with Da...
In this College Deep Dive, Charlie and David discuss: Cultivating a nurturing artistic environment, Exploration of different styles of acting, Taking up space in audition rooms and The care of building and shaping a class
61 min
Ep. 106 (AE): Dan Weschler (PigPen Theatre Co.)...
In this College Deep Dive, Charlie and Dan discuss: Seeking ways to be present, How PigPen was formed, Ways to navigate the creative process and accolades in a larger group, Imposter syndrome in the writing process
74 min
Ep. 105 (CDD): Rutgers University with Cameron ...
In this College Deep Dive, Cameron and Charlie discuss: Training opportunities such as Miesner and studying at the Globe Theater in London, Approaching training mindfully and having transparent artist led conversations, When to utilize certain material, Why there is not a Shakespeare requirement in your audition
59 min
Ep. 104 (AE): Sean Allan Krill (Broadway’s Para...
In this Artist Exploration, Sean and Charlie discuss: Staring out in the Chicago Theater scene, Experiencing your spouse's Broadway Debut as a castmate, What it means to be generosity on stage
89 min
Ep. 103 (CDD): Manhattan School of Music with L...
In this College Deep Dive, Charlie and Liza discuss: Exploring other musical interests as a music theater major, MSM Disney Collaboration Opportunities, The different ways that MSM students network, What MSM is looking for in an audition
50 min
Ep. 102 (AE): Shereen Pimentel (Broadway’s Revi...
In this Artist Exploration, Charlie and Shereen discuss: Life as a child actor while staying in public school, Navigating having an equity card at a young age, The benefits of having a music degree with quick turnaround auditions, Honing free lance artist skills
82 min
Ep. 101 (CDD): University of Miami with David...
In this College Deep Dive, Charlie and David discuss: What is style and why it’s important, Taking caution with Chat Boards, The willingness to be “wrong” when given an adjustment, Audition Advice for Parents!
70 min
Ep. 100 (AE): Leo Ash Evens (MTCA Director) o...
Happy 100th Episode! In this celebratory Artist Exploration, Leo and Charlie discuss: How Leo fell in love with the grind of auditioning, Ways to approach the same role in different productions, What motivates Leo’s artistic and business careers, Advice for voice overs actors
52 min
Ep. 99 (CDD): The Savannah College of Art and D...
In this College Deep Dive, John and Charlie discuss: Musical theater training with an emphasis on TV/Film acting, Working within a budding TV/Film hub and a casting office that is on campus, The possibility of double Majoring and Double Minoring, Full ride opportunity for excellent singers with good transcripts
48 min
Ep. 98 (AE): Chris McCarrell (Broadway’s Lightn...
In this Artist Exploration, Charlie and Chris discuss: Strategically working towards artistic goals while in school, Finessing “flying by the seat of your pants”, The differences when approaching roles like Marcius and Percy Jackson, The secret juice behind Chris’ TikToks
102 min
Ep. 97 (CDD): Cornish College of the Arts with ...
In this College Deep Dive, Timothy and Charlie discuss: The different degree paths of Cornish College, The reason for varying class sizes, How are the additional and supplemental videos are used in their admission process
45 min
Ep. 96 (AE): Talia Suskauer (Broadway’s Wicked)...
In this Artist Exploration, Talia and Charlie discuss: How she and her family navigated the college audition process, Championing a sibling that attends the same program as you, Why she chose Penn State, Auditioning for Young Arts, Her Pre and Post Pandemic Elphaba experience
51 min
Ep. 95 (CDD): Five Towns College with David Kra...
In this College Deep Dive, David Krasner from Five Towns College and MTCA Director, Charlie Murphy discuss: The unique classes at Five Towns such as- “Cabaret Ensemble”, Competitive training for the third of the price, Students taking professional work while in school, How to display intelligence through the work in an audition, What should you do after you audition?
56 min
Ep. 94 (AE): Merri Sugarman (Tara Rubin Castin...
In this Artist Exploration, Merri from Tara Rubin Casting and MTCA Director Charlie Murphy discuss: The Relationship a Casting Director has with Producer, How do build a relationship with a Casting Director, What makes a Casting Director bring an actor into the room, How to become a reader
63 min
Ep. 93 (CDD): Marymount Manhattan College with ...
In this College Deep Dive, Charlie and Michael discuss: How Marymount Manhattan cultivates curious community artists, The unique classes such as the Seminar Class, Dance Share and Ensemble Class, The urge to over analyze what happened in the room after an audition,How waitlist movement works at Marymount Manhattan College
52 min
Ep. 92 (AE): Jimmy Nicholas (NBC’s Chicago Fir...
In this Artist Exploration, Jimmy Nicholas from NBC’s Chicago Fire and MTCA Director, Charlie Murphy discuss: Advocating for yourself in an educational setting, Capitalizing on auditions in your early career, The importance of never burning bridges, Chicago Fire, & Engaging with your Alumni Community
96 min
Ep. 91 (CDD): University of Michigan (Act 2) w...
In this College Deep Dive, Michael and Charlie discuss: Support systems that shaped and aided his early career, New direction and initiatives of University of Michigan, Changes Michigan is implementing to prepare their students for the business, How Michigans evaluates auditions and prescreens
59 min
Ep. 90 (AE): Brandon Victor Dixon (Broadway’s C...
In this Artist Exploration, Brandon and Charlie discuss: Why he chose a liberal arts education over conservatory training, differences between live performances and live TV musicals, juggling producing and performing responsibilities, dissonance between arts and commerce, and Advocacy through art.
59 min
Ep. 89 (CDD): Carnegie Mellon University (Act 2...
In this College Deep Dive, Don and Charlie discuss: How he developed his skills as a dialect coach What is a Voice and Speech class? Differences between a dialect and a voice coach Don’s suggestions for a Carnegie Mellon audition Voice Overs
72 min
Ep. 88 (AE): Jordan Parente (Agent w/ Stewart T...
In this Artist Exploration, Jordan and Charlie discuss: How do you even become an agent? What attracts Jordan to a client? What are some ways you get an agent? What should a potential client prepare for a meeting? Ways to cultivate a successful agent-actor relationship Self Tape tips!
64 min
Ep.87 (CDD): University of Utah with David Sch...
In this College Deep Dive, David and Charlie discuss: Dedication to the work and talent, The benefits of a Research 1 University, The Black Friday Event of Showcase, David emphasizes the importance of telling a story in your audition
41 min
Ep. 86: 2022 A Year in Review
Another calendar year in the books! Settle down with your Eggnog or Lacroix to celebrate 2022 with Meghan and Charlie. We answer listener questions in our mailbag segment and of course play some silly games.
73 min
Ep. 85 (AE): Marcia Debonis (Casting Director/A...
In this Artist Exploration, Marcia and Charlie discuss: How she became an actor who is also a casting director, Marcia explains the real role of a casting director, Type and how networks should cast real people, The Differences between TV vs Theater, Things to keep in mind going into an casting room & The dos and don'ts of self tape
90 min