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Chuck Bryant of Stuff You Should Know sits down with your favorite people to talk about their favorite movies. Simple enough, but what we get is much more than that. It’s a look at what makes a favorite thing, and why someone’s favorite movie says so much about who they are. More conversation than interview, Movie Crush, at its heart, is about the love affair we all have with the silver screen.

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Mini Crush #170
Mini Crush #170 is tapping out.
28 min
Anney Reese on Alien
Anney is back, y'all, to talk about the all-time sci-fi horror classic, ALIEN.
74 min
Mini Crush #169
Mini Crush #169 has saved you the aisle seat.
42 min
Jordan Morris on Demolition Man
Our old pal Jordon Morris is back to tackle another early 90s summer action flick, Demolition Man.
58 min
Mini Crush #168
Mini Crush #168 will have a Vesper martini, thank you very much.
39 min
Noel Takeover: Kesha on Wayne's World
Noel is back for another Friday takeover, this time with music sensation Kesha, to chat about her life and career, and her favorite movie, Wayne's World.
45 min
Mini Crush #167
Mini Crush #167 has got it alllll going on.
42 min
Wyatt Cenac on Blazing Saddles
Writer, comedian and actor Wyatt Cenac joins Chuck to talk about the stone cold classic, Blazing Saddles.
121 min
Mini Crush #166
Mini Crush #166 has a one-way ticket to NOWHERE.
29 min
Casey on Spring Breakers
Casey is back to chat about the Harmony Korine psychodelic-crime movie, Spring Breakers.
59 min
Mini Crush #165
Mini Crush #165 is cranky AF.
36 min
Jeff Meacham Tom Cruise Spectacular
Blackish star Jeff Meacham joins Chuck today to talk all things Tom Cruise.
90 min
Mini Crush #164
Mini Crush #164 has sprung like Spring.
44 min
CRUSHER SPECIAL - Chuck on Minnie Questions
Chuck and Minnie Driver had such a good time on her new podcast we thought we'd drop the episode into your lives to enjoy. You know, like U2 did!
35 min
Meryl Poster on Beautiful Girls
Producing legend Meryl Poster joins Chuck today to talk about the favorite film from her own career, Beautiful Girls.
70 min
Mini Crush #163
Mini Crush #163 just tooted. Sorry.
44 min
Filmmaker Series: Ben Harrison on The Hudsucker...
Ben Harrison is back to continue our Coen Brothers series with their very weird, brown comedy, The Hudsucker Proxy.
51 min
Mini Crush #162
Mini Crush #162 has all the makings of greatness.
40 min
Hal Lublin on Raiders of the Lost Ark
Improv genius and podcast Hal Lublin joins us today to talk about a little movie called RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.
89 min
Mini Crush #161
Mini Crush #161 is fully vaccinated!
31 min
Trevor Young on Dazed and Confused
Musician and podcast producer Trevor Young joins the supporting cast today to talk a bit about Richard Linklater and his seminal film, Dazed and Confused.
69 min
Mini Crush #160
Mini Crush #160 is back and you're gonna be in trouble.
30 min
Casey on Beau Travail
Everybody's favorite film buff is back to chat about Claire Denis' vexing military drama, Beau Travail.
79 min
Mini Crush #159
Mini Crush #159 wants to put a bird on it.
42 min
Bobby Seagull on Starter for 10
Guest Bobby Seagull stops in today to talk about his movie crush, Starter for 10.
74 min
Mini Crush #158
Mini Crush #158 built a time machine... OUT OF A DELOREAN!
65 min
Minnie Driver on Tootsie
Big news! Minnie Driver popped in to chat about her movie crush, Tootsie!
71 min
Mini Crush #157
Mini Crush #157 knows that in the end, the love we take is equal to the love we make.
35 min
Brian Kiley on The Man Who Would Be King
Chuck's pal, Conan writer Brian Kiley, sits in today for a great conversation about comedy writing and his movie crush, The Man Who Would Be King.
75 min
Mini Crush #156
Mini Crush #156 is getting a bit gamey.
44 min
Michael Ian Black on Flirting With Disaster
Author and actor Michael Ian Black joins Chuck to talk about his latest book and his movie crush, Flirting With Disaster.
69 min
Mini Crush #155
Mini Crush #155 is ready to go to the movies again.
43 min
Cole Stratton on Defending Your Life
Everyone's favorite movie fan, Cole Stratton, is back to chat about his latest pick, Defending Your Life.
59 min
Mini Crush #154
Mini Crush #154 is looking forward to January 20th in a big way.
44 min
Miranda Hawkins on Silver Linings Playbook
Chuck's colleague Miranda is introduced to the movie crushers today to talk about Silver Linings Playbook.
65 min
Mini Crush #153
Mini Crush #153 has returned like a swallow to Capistrano.
49 min
Steven Hyden on Music Movies
Steven Hyden is a music writer, music nerd and music podcaster. So he and Chuck sit down to talk the best music movies of all-time.
105 min
Mini Crush #152
Mini Crush #152 says HAPPY NEW YEAR!
27 min
Movie Crush Classic: Paul Scheer on Beverly Hil...
Movie Crush goes with a classic ep this week as we finish up our holiday break. Please enjoy the hysterical Paul Scheer and his crush, Beverly Hills Cop.
87 min
Mini Crush #151
Mini Crush #151 is ditching 2020 once and for all.
30 min
Movie Crusher Spectacular!
The Movie Crusher Christmas Spectacular is here!
31 min
Mini Crush #150
Mini Crush #150 is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
51 min
Filmmaker Series: Adam Pranica on Inherent Vice
Adam joins Chuck to continue their series on filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson with his 2014 effort, Inherent Vice.
59 min
Mini Crush #149
Mini Crush #149 should be reheated at 350 degrees for 20 minutes on the middle rack.
33 min
Casey Hanukkah Special: Gentleman's Agreement
Casey stops in to help Chuck honor Hanukkah with chat on one of the great Jewish films, Gentleman's Agreement.
59 min
Mini Crush #148
Mini Crush #148 is a bit chilly.
35 min
Holly and Anney on The Empire Strikes Back
Everyone's favorite Star Wars fans, Holly and Anney are back to chat with Chuck about the all-time great film in the franchise, The Empire Strikes Back!
89 min
Mini Crush #147
Mini Crush #147 is busy training for the grand finale.
31 min
Jesse Thorn on A Thousand Clowns
Chuck's pal Jesse Thorn is a public radio broadcaster and heads up the Maximum Fun podcast network. He joins Chuck today to chat up the business and dive deep on his movie crush, A Thousand Clowns.
117 min
Mini Crush #146
Where Mini Crush #146 is going doesn't need roads.
66 min
Seth Nicholas Johnson on Scott Pilgrim vs. the ...
Seth, our new(ish) producer here at Movie Crush, joins us to talk about his pick, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!
64 min
Mini Crush #145
Mini Crush #145 has a stiff neck.
32 min
Cole Stratton on Still Crazy
Friend of the show, Cole Stratton is back to introduce Chuck to the feel-good power of Still Crazy.
47 min
Mini Crush #144
Mini Crush #144 is starting to relax.
41 min
Filmmaker Series: Casey on Manchester by the Sea
Casey is back to wind up our Kenneth Lonergan series with his gut-wrenching drama, Manchester by the Sea.
71 min
Mini Crush #143
Mini Crush #143 features a very special guest for Pop Quiz, Hotshot.
78 min
Horror Roundtable: Dream Warriors and Season of...
Our final roundtable today features a couple of classic horror "threequels."
73 min
Mini Crush #142
Mini Crush #142 closes out our month of horror.
33 min
Chuck Bryant On The Why I’m Voting Podcast
If you want to change, preserve, or build a better America, there’s one easy way to make your voice heard: Vote.
10 min
Horror Special: Joe Garden on Return of the Liv...
Everyone's favorite horror movie buff is back, the great Joe Garden, to chat about his pick - Return of the Living Dead.
60 min
Mini Crush #141
Mini Crush #141 smelt it but did not deal it.
55 min
Horror Roundtable: Universal Classic Monsters
Robert Lamb and Paul join Chuck to discuss Frankenstein in detail, along with an overview of the Universal Monster universe.
46 min
Mini Crush #140
Mini Crush #140 is feeling the creepy vibes.
36 min
Horror Roundtable: The VVitch
Anney and Lauren join Noel and Chuck to talk about The VVitch.
53 min
Mini Crush #139
Mini Crush #139 has it alllll goin on.
40 min
Paul on Badlands
Paul is back to chat about the Terrence Malick classic, Badlands.
58 min
Mini Crush #138
Mini Crush #138 walks slowly away from the explosion.
38 min
Anney on Thor: Ragnarok
Anney is back to nerd out with Chuck on her most recent pick from the MCU, Thor: Ragnarok.
74 min
Mini Crush #137
Mini Crush #137 waxes off.
44 min
Film Series: Matt Frederick on The Fisher King
Everyone's favorite, Matty Frederick is back to chat The Fisher King.
74 min
Mini Crush #136
Movie Crush #136 is schweepy and needs a nap.
32 min
Filmmaker Series: Adam Pranica on The Master
Friendly Fire's Adam Pranica is back to continue their PT Anderson series with The Master.
105 min
Mini Crush #135
Movie Crush #135 is about to have a margarita.
42 min
Lauren Vogelbaum on Videodrome
Podcaster Lauren Vogelbaum joins Chuck to chat about 80s techno-thriller Videodrome.
51 min
Mini Crush #134
Mini Crush #134 throws itself at the mercy of the court.
35 min
Casey on Margaret
Casey is back to continue with our series on films of Kenneth Lonergan with his 2011 offering, Margaret.
84 min
Mini Crush #133
Mini Crush #133 has the pre-election jitters.
39 min
Paul on Starship Troopers
Paul is back in the basement to chat about the 1997 war satire Starship Troopers.
47 min
Mini Crush #132
Mini Crush #132 IS OVER IT ALREADY.
33 min
MC Special: Cole Stratton's 100 Lesser Known Mo...
Cole Stratton joins Chuck for a special episode today to discuss his list of 100 lesser known movies you can watch at home.
71 min
Introducing: Popcorn Book Club
1 min
Mini Crush #131
Mini Crush #131 ate fish when there was no fowl.
35 min
Andy Siara on Force Majeure
Andy Siara is Chuck's friend and also the writer of the new Andy Samberg movie, Palm Springs. They chat about the writing process and Andy's crush, the 2014 Swedish dark comedy Force Majeure.
81 min
Mini Crush #130
Mini Crush #130 has the fever for the flavor.
34 min
Janie Hadad Tompkins on The Big Chill
Janie Hadad Tompkins is an actor and podcaster and a wonderful human. She drops in via her Los Angeles home studio to chat about the Boomer classic, The Big Chill.
78 min
Mini Crush #129
Mini Crush #129 is going down Chicago line. If this ep should jump the track, do you want your money back?
42 min
Casey on You Can Count on Me
Casey is back to dive into his next pick, the wonderful indie sibling drama, You Can Count on Me.
71 min
Mini Crush #128
Mini Crush #128 wants to make you an offer you can't refuse.
54 min
Justin McElroy on Withnail and I
Justin McElroy is one of the three brothers of the McElroy podcasting dynasty. He pops in today to talk about his crush, Withnail and I.
77 min
Mini Crush #127
Mini Crush #127 may have audio issues so it doesn't feel so great about itself.
36 min
Holly Frey on Rogue One
Everybody's favorite Star Wars fan, Holly Frey, sits in with Chuck to dive into Rogue One.
83 min
Mini Crush #126
Mini Crush #126 has got me down.
38 min
Flophouse Special! Elliott Kalan on The Taking ...
We finish our Flophouse run with the esteemed Elliott Kalan on The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974).
84 min
Mini Crush #125: Emilie Returns!
Mini Crush #125 features the return of my lovely wife. Strap in!
41 min
Flophouse Special! Stuart Wellington on Riki-Oh...
Flophouse special #2 is up with Stuart Wellington on the martial arts classic, Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki.
78 min
Mini Crush #124
Mini Crush #124 feels the need for speed.
41 min
Flophouse Special! Dan McCoy on Aliens
The first in a series of Flophouse specials! First up is flopper and Daily Show writer Dan McCoy on Aliens.
86 min
Mini Crush #123
Mini Crush #123 needs a back adjustment.
34 min
Filmmaker Series: Cole Stratton on The Manchuri...
Cole is back to dive into a four-part series on director John Frankenheimer with his classic political thriller, The Manchurian Candidate.
58 min
Mini Crush #122
Mini Crush #122 is woke AF.
49 min