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Chuck Bryant of Stuff You Should Know sits down with your favorite people to talk about their favorite movies. Simple enough, but what we get is much more than that. It’s a look at what makes a favorite thing, and why someone’s favorite movie says so much about who they are. More conversation than interview, Movie Crush, at its heart, is about the love affair we all have with the silver screen.
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Mini Crush #125: Emilie Returns!
Mini Crush #125 features the return of my lovely wife. Strap in!
41 min
Flophouse Special! Stuart Wellington on Riki-Oh...
Flophouse special #2 is up with Stuart Wellington on the martial arts classic, Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki.
78 min
Mini Crush #124
Mini Crush #124 feels the need for speed.
41 min
Flophouse Special! Dan McCoy on Aliens
The first in a series of Flophouse specials! First up is flopper and Daily Show writer Dan McCoy on Aliens.
86 min
Mini Crush #123
Mini Crush #123 needs a back adjustment.
34 min
Filmmaker Series: Cole Stratton on The Manchuri...
Cole is back to dive into a four-part series on director John Frankenheimer with his classic political thriller, The Manchurian Candidate.
58 min
Mini Crush #122
Mini Crush #122 is woke AF.
49 min
Filmmaker Series: Adam Pranica on There Will Be...
Adam is back to continue his series on Paul Thomas Anderson with his 2007 comedy There Will Be Blood.
102 min
Mini Crush #121
Mini Crush #121 doesn't care what you think about it.
40 min
MC Classic: Back to the Future
Because of a tech failure, we have to re-release a classic episode this week. Easy pick for me, Paul Schneider on Back to the Future. Hope you enjoy it all over again. We'll be back next Friday with a new one.
98 min
Mini Crush #120
Mini Crush #120 is one hot tamale!
40 min
Casey on Paranoid Park
Casey is back to discuss his next pick, Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park.
87 min
Mini Crush #119
Mini Crush #119 is born to be wild.
44 min
Paul on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Paul is back in the house, figuratively, to mix up his filmmaker series with a great discussion on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
73 min
Mini Crush #118 features a very special surprise guest to the delight of your earholes.
72 min
Anney on Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Anney is back, friends! She comes to us from her house, and talks with Chuck about her latest pick, Captain America: The Winder Soldier.
75 min
Mini Crush #117: The Return of Hodgman Part II
Mini Crush #117 features more Hodgman, which is good for the soul and nutritionally sound to boot.
38 min
Brandon Reynolds on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Brandon Reynolds is a writer of many things, from deep dive long-form magazine articles to TV scripts. He's also a super awesome and smart dude that Chuck is happy to call a friend. Listen in as they discuss his movie crush, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
82 min
Mini Crush #116: The Return of Hodgman
Mini Crush #116 features John Hodgman from his quarantine holodeck in Brooklyn.
63 min
Cole Stratton on Searching for Bobby Fischer
Cole Stratton is one of the co-founders of Sketchfest and a genuine movie buff. Listen in as he and Chuck talk about his movie crush, the 1993 drama Searching for Bobby Fischer.
82 min
Mini Crush #115: 420 Edition
Hey, it's April 20th, so why not get silly with a little 420 special? Mini Crush #115 will get you high on life.
43 min
Mini Crush #114: Friday Special Edition
Mini Crush #114 is here for your children. But in a good way!
41 min
Mini Crush #113
Mini Crush #113 washes its hands vigorously for 20 seconds every 20 seconds.
43 min
Emilie and Chuck: Quarantine House Special Part I
Emilie and Chuck decided to play the quarantine house game, choosing which celebrity home they'd choose to live in.
37 min
Casey on High Fidelity
Casey joins Chuck from his bedroom closet for a chat about his comfort food movie, High Fidelity.
71 min
Mini Crush #112
Mini Crush #112 is socially distanced.
38 min
Filmmaker Series: Adam Pranica on Magnolia
Chuck and Adam Pranica continue their Paul Thomas Anderson series with the 1999 epic drama Magnolia.
116 min
Mini Crush #111: Emilie Part II
Part II of the Emilie session, Chuck and his lovely wife talk movies over some gin and wine. But not together.
59 min
Friday Mini Crush Special: Quarantined with Noel
Since Noel hasn't been on in a while, we hooked up via Skype for a little Friday mini special edition. Be safe, pals!
54 min
Mini Crush #110: Emilie Edition
Stuck in the new basement studio, Emilie and Chuck drink too much and do their best to entertain the old pals.
47 min
Noel Takeover: Chelsea Ursin on Harold and Maude
Today, Noel takes the reigns again and welcomes podcaster Chelsea Ursin to talk about awkward teenage years, rock music and her movie crush, Harold and Maude.
53 min
Mini Crush #109
Anney joins Ramsey and Chuck once again in the mini studio for #109.
43 min
FIlmmaker Series: Ben Harrison on Barton Fink
Friendly Fire's Ben Harrison is back to dive into another Coen brothers classic, 1991's Barton Fink.
78 min
Mini Crush #108
Mini Crush #108 finds Anney sitting in for the traveling Noel. Prepare to be delighted!
62 min
Film Release Special: Dan Bush and April Billin...
This week regular guest Dan Bush joins his lead actor April Billingsley to discuss the perils of making their independent horror mystery, The Dark Red. You'll also hear a great conversation about the nuts and bolts of acting and directing.
55 min
Mini Crush #107
Mini Crush #107 is making an offer you can't refuse.
45 min
Film Series: Casey on Ghost World
Casey is back in the seat for a deep dive on the 2001 indie hit, Ghost World.
83 min
Mini Crush #106: Razzies Special!
Chuck and Noel throw down on the Razzies!
43 min
Scott Willis on Repo Man
This week Chuck welcomes another crew member - Scott Willis, who works as a special effects technician. They sit to talk about his movie crush, the cult-classic, Repo Man.
79 min
Mini Crush #105: Oscar Recap Special
Chuck and Paul recap the 2020 Academy Awards.
47 min
Anney Reese on What We Do in Shadows
The winsome Anney is back this week by popular demand to talk about her latest pick, What We Do in the Shadows.
75 min
Mini Crush #104
Movie Crush #104 is alllllll back to normal, thanks for asking.
41 min
Matt Frederick on The Sixth Sense
Matty joins me again today to dive back into 1999, with the smash hit sensation, The Sixth Sense. WE SEE DEAD PEOPLE.
70 min
Mini Crush #103: Ramsey Steps In
Mini Crush #103 features Ramsey in the Noel seat!
34 min
Noel Takeover Edition: John Cameron Mitchell on...
Noel takes the reins this week and sits down to talk about the Robert Altman classic Nashville with his new pal, the one and only John Cameron Mitchell.
56 min
Mini Crush #102
Mini Crush #102 is just a bunch of malarky.
32 min
Scott Aukerman on The Apartment
This week Chuck sits down with one of his comedy heroes, Mr. Scott Aukerman, to talk podcasting, Mr. Show, writing, music and his movie crush, The Apartment.
105 min
Mini Crush #101
Mini Crush 101 is covered with Chocolate and Cheese.
29 min
Oscar Movie Roundtable: Uncut Gems
Casey, Paul and Noel sit down with Chuck today to talk about the movie that should earn Adam Sandler his first Oscar, The Safdie Brothers' Uncut Gems.
67 min
Mini Crush #100
Mini Crush #100 is a gosh darn centenarian. Holy moly, people! We've hit a milestone on the mini crushes! Very happy to dive into our 100th episode. We wouldn't be here without you.
62 min
Jason Jenkins on Being There
One of Chuck's old friends from college joins him to today to talk about his unique family lifestyle, college in the early 1990s, and his movie crush, the 1979 Hal Ashby classic, Being There.
99 min
Mini Crush #99
Mini Crush #99 is the last one of the series. JUST KIDDING!
47 min
Oscar Movie Roundtable: Jojo Rabbit
This week Chuck sits down with Anney and Casey to discuss another Oscar contender, Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit.
45 min
Mini Crush #98
Today's Mini Crush is #98, so we all rotate.
31 min
Oscar Movie Roundtable: Marriage Story
Marriage Story is one of the best movies of the year. Listen in as Chuck chats it up with his Oscar round-table hit squad, Casey, Anney and Paul.
62 min
Movie Crush Christmas Card Special
Here on Christmas Day, we wanted to read out the many wonderful messages you left for your friends and loved ones. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. We are very grateful for your support!
28 min
Mini Crush #97
Mini Crush #97 is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
30 min
Oscar Movie Roundtable: Knives Out
This week Chuck sits down with Anney, Lauren and Casey to discuss one of this year's best films, Rian Johnson's Knives Out.
52 min
Mini Crush #96
Mini Crush #96 has better things to do.
39 min
Film Series: Dan Bush on Dr. Strangelove
Filmmaker Dan Bush is back with us to continue his film series on stuff he loves. This week we tackle the Kubrick classic, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
74 min
Mini Crush #95
Mini Crush #95 is an elder. Treat it with respect.
34 min
Anney Reese on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Anney is back, folks! After surviving our slasher movie round tables, she decided to pop in to discuss one of our favorite movies of last year - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!
67 min
Mini Crush #94
Mini Crush #94 has the subterranean homesick blues.
29 min
Scott Poythress on Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Happy Post-Thanksgiving! What better way to celebrate that with a cold turkey sandwich, and listening to me and actor Scott Poythress talk about the best Thanksgiving movie of all time, Planes, Trains and Automobiles!
78 min
Mini Crush #93
Mini Crush #93 is inching toward greatness.
34 min
Friday Round Table CTJ: The Lighthouse
Noel, Casey and Paul join Chuck today to crush to judgment on The Lighthouse.
45 min
Mini Crush #92
Mini Crush #92's name is Rio and she dances on the sand.
38 min
Filmmaker Series: Paul on The Bling Ring
Paul and Chuck sit down to continue their Sofia Coppola series with her 2013 "crime drama," The Bling Ring.
57 min
Mini Crush #91
Mini Crush #91 is waxing poetic.
47 min
Film Series: Casey on The Ice Storm
Casey is back, folks. This time we're tackling his next pick, The Ice Storm.
109 min
Mini Crush #90
Mini Crush #90 is feeling it.
37 min
Film Noir Series: Scotty on Brick
Scotty is back for another entry into the noir series with the underseen Rian Johnson classic, Brick.
68 min
Horror Roundtable Pt. II: Slasher Pics with Ann...
Horror Roundtable part II is up. Anney, Ramsey and Joe join me for more discussion of all things slasher.
53 min
Horror Special: Joe Garden on Evil Dead II
Joe Garden is back, folks. This time to tackle the camp horror classic, Evil Dead II.
80 min
Mini Crush #89
Mini Crush #89 is almost 90.
19 min
Horror Roundtable Pt. I: Slasher Pics with Anne...
Let's all sharpen our knives for this year's Horror Roundtable. Anney, Ramsey and Joe join me for a discussion of all things slasher.
52 min
Mini Crush #88
Mini Crush #88 is horrorific!
32 min
Film Series: Hit Movies with Matty - Fight Club
Matty joins me again today to talk about another big movie from 1999, David Fincher's Fight Club. Does it age well? Listen in to find out!
74 min
Mini Crush #87 Featuring John Hodgman
Mini Crush #87 requests medium starch on his collar.
58 min
Filmmaker Series: Casey on The Limey
Casey goes ever so slightly more mainstream with his next pick in his filmmaker series, with the Soderbergh classic, The Limey.
72 min
Mini Crush #86 Featuring John Hodgman
Mini Crush #86 is all dressed up with nowhere to go.
51 min
Film Series: Avengers: Endgame with John Hodgman
John Hodgman is back to do what he does best, talk about Avengers movies. Listen in as we discuss Endgame, along with notes from his new book, Medallion Status.
54 min
Mini Crush #85
Mini Crush #85 is an island unto itself. Whatever that means.
34 min
Filmmaker Series: Adam Pranica on Boogie Nights
Adam Pranica continues his Paul Thomas Anderson filmmaker series with the all-time classic, Boogie Nights.
80 min
Mini Crush #84
Mini Crush #84 has a hacking cough in Act I. You know what that means...
34 min
Dan Bush on Escape From New York
Dan Bush is a friend of Chuck's who has directed four feature films. He joins Chuck in studio to talk about his first movie crush, Escape From New York.
111 min
Mini Crush #83
Where Mini Crush #83 is going... it doesn't need roads.
28 min
Filmmaker Series: Ben Harrison on Blood Simple
Ben Harrison from Friendly Fire joins Chuck to launch a Coen Brothers series with their excellent first film, Blood Simple.
65 min
Mini Crush #82
Mini Crush #82 is prematurely bald.
32 min
Friday Mini Crush Special
This week Noel and Chuck sit down for a very special Friday edition of Mini Crush.
51 min
Mini Crush #81
Mini Crush #81 is behind the 8 ball.
30 min
Matt Frederick on The Matrix
My old pal and long-time colleague Matt Frederick joins me today to talk about his movie crush, THE MATRIX.
84 min
Mini Crush #80
Mini Crush #80 is wondering if it left the iron on.
30 min
Filmmaker Series: Casey on Contempt
Casey is back, folks! This week we dive into the world of Godard with his 1963 film Contempt. It's a confounding and interesting picture, one I encourage everyone to watch it.
82 min
Mini Crush #79
Mini Crush #79 is ready for action.
37 min
CTJ Roundtable: Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood
Join us for a very special Friday Crush to Judgement as Chuck, Noel, Paul and Casey sit down to discuss Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood.
66 min
Mini Crush #78
Mini Crush #78 is a long player. Ask your parents.
23 min
Film Noir Series: Scotty on The Third Man
Former guest Scott Ippolito is back to launch a new series dedicated to Film Noir. And what better way to start than with the most heralded noir film of all time, The Third Man.
72 min
Crush to Judgment: Stranger Things Season 3
Crushing to Judgment on Stranger Things season 3!
25 min
Mini Crush #77
Mini Crush #77 is all 7s.
40 min