Movement Memos

An ongoing call to action for movement work and mutual aid efforts around the country. Kelly Hayes connects with activists, journalists and others on the front lines to break down what’s happening in various struggles and what listeners can do to help.

The Death of a Forest Defender at Stop Cop City
"We need real wide-ranging solidarity,” says organizer Micah Herskind.
65 min
Building New Worlds in an Era of Collapse
“There are other ways of organizing life, land, and resources,” says Robyn Maynard.
63 min
Navigating Grief and Cultivating Hope at the En...
“I think this is a great time to ask ‘what if?’” says Tanuja Jagernauth.
71 min
We Need Harm Reduction With a Liberatory Vision
“We're going to have to break the rules,” says Shira Hassan.
65 min
Abolition Is About Escaping the Death Trap of “...
"We need the resources that the carceral state has stolen from us," says Andrea Ritchie.
62 min
Copaganda Arrests Our Imaginations
“Police, as a political force, are shaping mainstream media,” says Andrea Ritchie.
65 min
Prepping for the Apocalypse Means Building Comm...
“These sorts of things aren't something you can outrun,” says Chris Begley.
66 min
Confronting the “Elite Capture” of Identity Pol...
“Either we're going to stand together, or we're going to fall apart,” says Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò.
71 min
Philly Families Faced With Eviction Are Rising...
“I want everyone to fight,” says organizer Sterling Johnson.
68 min
Fascism Has Gone Mainstream
“Forces that have been awakened are not ones that can be tucked away,” says Tal Lavin.
66 min
As Attacks on Queer and Trans People Accelerate...
“I've never seen anything like this in my life,” says journalist Melissa Gira Grant.
55 min
Capitalism Is Making Us Sick and Sucking Us Dry
“All of these systems of extraction are always connected,” says Beatrice Adler-Bolton.
58 min
Nothing Ends With the Law. Let’s Talk About Lif...
An attorney, a clinic director and an abortion doula talk about life after Roe.
64 min
To Build the World We Desire, We Must Dream Dee...
“This is a great time to get with your people,” says Tanuja Jagernauth.
63 min
Abortion Funds Are Preparing For a Storm. To He...
“The fact that we have to talk about decriminalizing pregnancy is a strong argument for abolition,” says Kelly Hayes.
50 min
Attacks on Trans Youth Are a Fascist "Moral Bat...
“I am so disheartened by the lack of response to these attacks,” says attorney Chase Strangio.
56 min
Attacks on Trans Rights and Abortion Rights Are...
“Some of the wildest dreams of the far right are being realized,” says Kelly Hayes.
50 min
Hope Is Not a Given. We Must Cultivate It Toget...
Kelly Hayes and Tanuja Jagernauth discuss the practice of hope.
53 min
Are You Preparing for a Post-Roe World?
“It's a perfect storm,” says journalist Robin Marty.
46 min
The End of “Roe” Will Lead to More Family Separ...
“They make money off of family separation,” says Dorothy Roberts.
67 min
Indigenous Abolitionists Are Organizing for Hea...
“This really is a time of action,” says Morning Star Gali.
54 min
Politics as Usual Has Never Prevented Mass Shoo...
“Gun control discourse is sort of a trap,” says author Patrick Blanchfield.
58 min
Ruth Wilson Gilmore on Abolition, the Climate C...
Kelly Hayes and Ruth Wilson Gilmore discuss organizing, extraction and time.
82 min
O'ahu Organizers Are Defending the Earth Agains...
“We shut down this massive facility in four months,” says activist Kawenaʻulaokalā Kapahua.
35 min
Dean Spade Is Asking Activists, “How Much Bolde...
Kelly and Dean Spade discuss the future of mutual aid.
54 min
Harsha Walia: “To Become Ungovernable Is Central”
"If we each play a part, we chip away at the bricks of the border," says Harsha Walia.
37 min
Incarcerated Organizers Are Resisting Amid Dete...
“These folks inside have had enough,” says organizer Brooke Terpsta.
35 min
Young Activists Are Challenging the U.S. War Ma...
“Making things better is not what the war machine is for,” says Kelly Hayes.
51 min
Trans Youth Are Facing Right-Wing Attacks and a...
“It's not about bathrooms. It's about expulsion and it's about disposability,” says Chase Strangio.
47 min
Activists Are Building a Counterculture of Care...
“Support for one another [is] the hallmark of whether or not we're building something radically different,” says author Shane Burley.
44 min
Abolition Means Reclaiming the Commons and Reje...
“Capitalism is a generalized order of insecurity that requires a politics of security,” says Brendan McQuade.
32 min
Corporations Are Funding Police Repression
“Essentially they've created company towns where they control law enforcement,” says Alex Vitale.
31 min
Bree Newsome Bass: "Capitalism Has To Collapse"
Organizers Kelly Hayes and Bree Newsome Bass discuss long COVID, voting rights and getting organized.
41 min
What Will We Do With Our Rage in 2022?
"A game-changing era of global political upheaval is looming."
18 min
People in Prison Organize Collectively for Surv...
“In a death-making institution, the formation of a social life-support system is a rebellious act.”
36 min
Abolitionists Are Fighting Against the Surveill...
The ShotSpotter system manufactures urgency for aggressive police deployments.
36 min
Enough Colonial Pageantry. Let’s Rally Behind C...
Native people are still battling world-crushing forces.
41 min
Apocalypse Normal
17 min
Right-Wing Attacks on Native Child Welfare Law ...
The right's attacks on the Indian Child Welfare Act are part of a larger power grab.
53 min
A COVID Memorial Mixtape Revisited
In this throwback episode, we revisit a moment of indignation and remembrance.
21 min
Healthcare Workers Sound Off About Trauma, Soli...
“We are kind of at this breaking point. We're at this cusp,” says healthcare worker Hannah Winchester.
32 min
Rikers Island and the Shapeshifting Monster of ...
"We’re talking about a hostage situation and the answer is to free the hostages."
50 min
From Burnout to Breakthroughs, Weary Organizers...
How can we build our way back from pandemic exhaustion?
39 min
Trump is Gone, But the U.S. is Still Putting Mi...
Securitization is a bipartisan imperative that must be fought.
47 min
Laughing at Mass Death Brings Us Closer to Fascism
The recreational dehumanization of people who are dying of COVID-19 harms us all.
42 min
To Fight the GOP’s Radicalized Base, We Have to...
The right’s culture war has an astronomical body count.
40 min
Ten Years After Occupy Wall Street, Another Wor...
Occupy helped us imagine a world beyond capitalism.
69 min
The Fight Against Fascism Isn’t Over
“We're talking about a heavily armed populace that's self traumatizing through its own mythology."
55 min
Getting Real About Prisons and Why They Don’t M...
“None of us are safe, so long as safety is mythologized on these terms."
65 min
What the Mainstream Media Never Told You About ...
“The state is personified and ascended, but people are dehumanized."
66 min
A New Wave of Jim Crow Laws is Here. Here’s Wha...
“We are under significant attack,” says voting rights organizer Toni Watkins.
31 min
Police Convictions Are Not the Goal. Minneapoli...
“The only way we can guarantee justice is to remove ourselves from this entire system as it exists right now."
53 min
You Cannot Divorce Policing From Murder
Policing is the violent maintenance of inequality.
56 min
Resuscitating Normalcy Will Kill Us. What We Ne...
What kind of world are we trying to imagine into being?
43 min
Work Isn’t Fulfilling Because Capitalism is a D...
"We live in a system that conditions us to celebrate each other for sacrificing ourselves to work."
50 min
From Survival to Solidarity: Emerging From the ...
“You don’t always get to choose who helps you survive.”
55 min
Bent on Revenge, The Far-Right Will Rage Agains...
Trump’s most dangerous supporters now see themselves as renegades in a stolen country.
39 min
What to Expect in the Final Days of Trump's Fas...
“One of the worst things the media could do right now is pour fabric softener over fascism.”
35 min
2020 Turned Our Worlds Inside Out. Here’s What ...
2020 offered us some lessons worth keeping.
32 min
Chicago Teachers Pledge Collective Action as Ja...
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to reopen schools one day after her stay at home order expires.
25 min
Don’t Fawn Over Biden. Fight Neoliberalism.
21 min
Georgia Organizers and the GOP Square Off in a ...
“There is a real massive effort that's scaling up.”
32 min
Hunger Strikers Caged in the Second Wave are "J...
Our society created the framework for this atrocity. Now it's part of a perfect storm.
35 min
Welcome to Trump's Last Act, The Most Dangerous...
Trump has two months to rage against his humiliation and every weapon in the world at his disposal.
15 min
Having a Meltdown? Let's Process this Electoral...
Election Day is here. Let's talk it out.
48 min
Mass Protest is Coming and the Cops Are on Trum...
What will protest look like during a fascist power grab?
27 min
Reclaiming Possibility: A Rant Against Despair
Fear can crowd out our imaginations and dampen our compassion.
17 min
Arm Wrestling Authoritarianism: The Homestretch
What will the next week be like?
40 min
Planning for Disaster: A Writing Exercise
What does it take to survive a crisis?
15 min
Searching for Safety in a Right-Wing Nightmare
“Let’s face the future together, as bravely as we can.”
17 min
“Don’t Fear the Virus” is Genocidal Rhetoric. W...
Migrant children and others caged in the path of COVID-19 will not be flown to Walter Reed.
24 min
Reclaiming Life and Housing in an Era of Collapse
“We have a moral responsibility to make sure these people don't die.”
23 min
Why The Fascists Don't Want Us to Grieve
14 min
How to Do More Than Panic About Voter Suppression
There is a genocidal carnival barker in the White House and it's up to us to wrench him out.
49 min
The Election is Being Sabotaged Before Our Eyes
Democracy isn't dying in the dark. It's dying in broad daylight.
53 min
"Unrest" Is Not the Enemy. Fascism Is.
"Burying the truth about how we got here will not help us escape."
10 min
Trump's "Shockingly Dangerous" Fed Squads Expan...
Kelly and Shane Burley break down the threat posed by Trump's fed squads.
36 min
“The Cops Are With the Fascists”: How Police Te...
Kelly talks with Ejeris Dixon about fascism, police violence and how we can fight back.
41 min
"We Surrender Nothing and No One”: Our Playbook...
Kelly talks with organizer Ejeris Dixon about courage and solidarity in a time of rebellion.
21 min
In the Era of COVID-19, Collective Grief is Reb...
Kelly talks with Cindy Milstein about sharing grief and resisting fascism.
41 min
Hit Hard by Toxic Smoke and COVID-19, This Chic...
Kelly talks with Juliana Pino about environmental racism in the time of COVID-19.
57 min
Adventures in Digital Organizing with Mariame Kaba
Kelly talks with Mariame Kaba about storytelling and building power.
73 min
Surviving Pandemics is Indigenous Resistance
Kelly talks with Morning Star Gali about Native life and death in the age of COVID-19.
27 min
Incarceration is Killing Us
Kelly talks with Alan Mills about COVID-19, prisons and making bold demands.
43 min
Imagining Protest in a Quarantined World
Kelly talks with Lisa Fithian about how we can resist from a distance.
43 min
We Need a Riot of Empathy
Kelly talks with Tanuja Jagernauth about collective grief and resisting the normalization of mass death.
43 min
How to Fight Fascism While Surviving a Plague
Kelly talks with Shane Burley about organizing for survival and the analysis of state power we need right now.
34 min
Shelter in Place and Plan an Uprising
Kelly talks about organizing for change while socially distanced.
16 min
Our Government Has Failed Us. How Do We Protect...
Kelly and Pilar Weiss talk about emptying cages.
44 min
What to Do When the World's on Fire ft. Vanamal...
41 min
Fighting Anti-Semitism: From Terror to Solidari...
48 min
Getting Real About Fascism: What You Need to Kn...
66 min
Should We All Be In the Streets? Let's Talk Abo...
34 min
Clinging to Normalcy Is Killing Us. How Do We B...
39 min