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Money Lab
From the dynamic duo of Listen Money Matters, comes another brutally honest show. But this time, they mean business. Literally! Matt Giovanisci and Andrew Fiebert drop the gauntlet of truth about being self-employed, serial entrepreneurs. They're not teaching how to build a successful company. Instead, they run business challenges and experiments that offer a transparent view of what it really takes to make money online without being a complete douche nugget.
5 Questions: Google Algorithm Changes and What ...
It's listener question time! Matt and Andrew answer everything from how to keep on top of the changes to the Google algorithm, how to treat nofollow vs. dofollow links and how site performance affects for SEO. Oh, and what happens to your website when you die? Matt and Andrew answer all your questions about optimizing your site for speed and prepping your website for the day you kick the bucket. Enjoy! P.S. Want to organize your business as if you were a ghost? Check out Matt's Asana for Bloggers course: Moneylab.co/Asana
50 min
Practical SEO Writing Strategies with Michelle ...
Good news: SEO isn't as complicated as you think. Digital content editor and writer Michelle Lowery joins the show to share her best practices for SEO writing and editing. Matt and Michelle chat about how they approach creating content that ranks on Swim University, including clever ways to incorporate keywords and how to optimize text for both robots and humans. Michelle also shares some of her favorite strategies for researching keywords and how she weaves a human-centered approach into her work. This is a behind-the-scenes look at Swim University's entire SEO process and how Michelle creates articles that are more likely to rank. Enjoy! P.S. If you want to learn more about writing SEO friendly content, check out Matt's course SEO for Bloggers: Moneylab.co/SEO P.P.S. You can find Michelle on Twitter @MichelleDLowery
74 min
The Untapped Value of The Network
Why is it so dang hard to ask for help? Matt and Andrew debate why they have so much trouble reaching out to their network and asking for favors -- even though they both have entrepreneur friends who would gladly help. How can they start leveraging their networks without coming across as fake or needy? They discuss everything from how to craft emails and how to stop procrastinating with pitching their work. Enjoy! P.S. Have you seen the new Lasso sales page? Matt and Andrew are pretty proud of how it turned out. Check out the experiment here: Moneylab.co/MRR
53 min
Small Changes, Big Payoffs
Earning thousands more a month with just a flip of the switch? It's possible. Small changes can pay off in big ways in the online business world. Matt and Andrew talk about the tiny tweaks they've made that have lead to more money. And we're talking really tiny tweaks, like moving around existing links, adding new featured images and making minor updates to existing products. It can take lots of tracking to figure out what changes work, but it makes for a better business in the long run. Maybe it really is the little things in life. Especially if they make you more money. Enjoy! P.S. One of Matt's biggest payoffs? A small change to how he tracks his revenue. Check out his write up about his Lean Business Model at Moneylab.co/Lean-Business
50 min
A Blueprint for Growing Your YouTube Channel wi...
How do you hack the YouTube algorithm? Tom Martin joins the show to teach us everything he knows about YouTube SEO and do a live teardown of Matt's Swim University YouTube channel. Tom is the YouTube mastermind behind several multi-million subscriber YouTube channels, including BBC's Mr. Bean. He shares strategies for getting viewers to binge watch your videos, designing thumbnails with great click through rates and increasing the total watch time on your channel. If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to YouTube SEO and growing a channel to Mr. Bean-level proportions, consider this episode your hands-on tutorial. Enjoy! P.S. Tom was generous enough to offer a few YouTube intro course to MoneyLab listeners at VidPro.com/MoneyLab. Thanks, Tom! P.P.S. Follow along with Matt's YouTube Optimization experiment here: Moneylab.co/Youtube-Optimization
84 min
Failed Experiments Selling Sponsorships and Ads
There's money to be made in the advertising world. But is it the right business model for everyone? Both Matt and Andrew have made a living selling sponsorships and advertising through their online businesses. But over the years, they've both realized that it's not the right fit for their businesses or the way they like to work. Why did they abandon that business model? And what is the right business set up for making money through ads? Spoiler: it may just be peddling your own wares. Enjoy! P.S. This episode is brought to you by... Money Lab! (Spoiler). If you want to support the show, check out the extensive menu of Money Lab courses here: Moneylab.co/Products
54 min
Unidentified Shiny Objects
Ooh, piece of candy! As entrepreneurs, we're constantly being sold on new ideas. And some of us end up "impulse buying" those new ideas. It's classic Shiny Object Syndrome. Like an excited little puppy running after a bouncing tennis ball, it's super tempting to chase after new and exciting business ideas, tools and projects. Matt and Andrew talk about how they've fallen victim to Shiny Object Syndrome and how they avoid running after every idea that comes their way. Enjoy! P.S. If you're looking for a new business idea to run after... check out Matt's course, SEO for Bloggers! But seriously: if you're in the market specifically for SEO training, this is the perfect course for that.
54 min
A YouTube Content Hypothesis
YouTube is soooo hot right now. Matt's noticing an uptick in sales, traffic and ad revenue from the new YouTube videos he's produced and published for SwimU. So he's running an experiment to see if he can make more money through the 'Tube on both of his affiliate websites. Will producing YouTube videos again pay off in the long run? How the heck does YouTube SEO work? And how can you measure if it's working? If you're YouTube curious, this episode is for you. Enjoy! P.S. Check out Matt's sweet new pool videos here on YouTube. P.P.S. Here's a link to the Veritasium YouTube video analyzing why YouTube videos go viral.
62 min
Business Boundaries and Staying Focused
FOCUS, PEOPLE! Both Matt and Andrew have historically sucked at setting boundaries with their businesses and focusing on what they actually need to do. But all that's about to change! And Andrew's about to start a family, so he's got extra incentive to figure how to manage his time. They both love working on their businesses, but it means it's easy to get lost in their work or go down a rabbit hole with tasks that aren’t actually that important. So what are the critical areas they need to focus on with their business? And how do they start working smarter (not harder) with the hours they have? The clock starts... now. Enjoy! P.S. Parkinson's Law is the old adage that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." Definitely not "Oslo's Law," guys. P.P.S. If you need some organizational help with your online business, check out Matt's course Asana for Bloggers: Moneylab.co/Asana
44 min
5 Questions: Seasonal Niches, Improving Affilia...
You've got business questions, we've got business answers! Matt and Andrew bring all the A's to your Q's, including a deep dive into measuring click-through rates and why goals might be more distracting than helpful. How do you improve affiliate marketing conversions on your website? How do you protect yourself from getting your ideas stolen on the internet? And how do you deal with running a niche website with traffic that dries up in the winter? Keep the questions coming and we'll keep the answers flowing. Enjoy! P.S. Matt mentions his post on website optimization. Check it out on Money Lab here: Moneylab.co/Website-optimization P.P.S. If you haven't already checked out Matt and Andrew's latest software Lasso, check it out at GetLasso.co
44 min
Finding New Income Streams
Matt needs money! He's already trimmed his costs down to the bone in his business and now he wants to focus on efficient ways to ratchet up his revenue. So how can he increase the flow of his existing income streams on his websites? Should he focus on micro changes, like optimizing click through rates? Or is it something bigger, like monetizing his video content on his YouTube channel? In this conversation, Matt and Andrew debate ways to increase their revenue without adding additional costs and by leveraging their super powers. Enjoy! P.S. Want to create some affiliate marketing income streams in your business? Check out Matt's affiliate marketing course at Moneylab.co/Affiliate
58 min
The Road to $15,000 MRR
Getting to $15,000 monthly recurring revenue in 6 months... piece of cake, right? Matt and Andrew have challenged themselves to get their product Lasso into the hands of 300 customers by the end of November. It's a time crunch, which means not relying on long-term SEO and focusing on strategies that'll get more customers in the first few months. What tactics will get them the quickest and most impactful results? And how can they leverage their personal superpowers to get to that 6 month finish line? Enjoy! P.S. You can read about the entire $15,000 MRR challenge at Moneylab.co/MRR P.P.S. Jump on the Lasso waiting list at GetLasso.co. Giddy up, cowboy.
47 min
Rebooting Our Business Operating Systems
You know you should have processes in place for your business. So why does every entrepreneur avoid this? At what point is it time to create better processes versus always fixing things as you go? Matt and Andrew break down the process of creating processes, including how to trick yourself into doing the really un-sexy work of building a business operating system. Matt has a literal gasping ah-ha moment in this one and maybe even solves the reason why Andrew has avoided this work. Enjoy! P.S. Need better business operating systems? Have you seen Matt's Asana for Bloggers course? Check it out here: Moneylab.co/Asana
48 min
When Email Marketing Advice Doesn't Work
Spoiler: classic email marketing tactics don't work for every online business. Can complex marketing funnels, slow drip campaigns and content upgrades actually hurt sales? Matt and Andrew dive into the details of Matt's multi-month experiment trying to optimize his sales funnel at Swim University. They pick through Matt's sales stats, walk through his elaborate email set up for converting readers to customers and debate why a complicated funnel wasn't the right move for his website. Get ready to talk UTM codes, conversion rates and customer avatars. Enjoy! P.S. Check out Matt's full write up about his email marketing experiment here: Moneylab.co/email-funnels
51 min
Total Business Makeover with Travis Sherry
WWMD (What Would Matt Do)? Travis Sherry of Extra Pack of Peanuts joins the show as Matt plays business consultant and dives into what's working and what's not on Travis' website. Travis shares all the juicy details (revenue, traffic, subscribers) and Matt unloads his advice on how he thinks Travis can start to rank for some meaty keywords and pull in more revenue. Buckle up: this episode is like a live mini course/case study in auditing an online business. Enjoy! P.S. You can find Travis at ExtraPackofPeanuts.com P.P.S. Want Matt to play consultant with your business? You can get the next best thing by checking out his SEO and Affiliate Marketing Courses: Moneylab.co/products/
92 min
5 Questions: Trashing Articles, Customer Feedba...
It's listener question time again! Matt and Andrew unpack all of your burning questions. How do you save an article that flopped in the SEO rankings? What should you focus on if you're only one person trying to build an affiliate site? And how much does Matt LOVE banner ads? (Hint: 0%). Thank you everyone for sending in your questions. Enjoy! P.S. The Affiliate Marketing Video Course is on sale for $149! Check it out here: Moneylab.co/affiliate AND since you're a beautiful listener of the show, you can use the promo code PODCAST for 10% off. P.P.S. Do you know what a meatball shorty is?
40 min
Getting Out Of Our Own Way
Move, please! Get out the way! Like any good entrepreneur that cares too much, Matt and Andrew are prone to self-sabotaging the very same business that they love so dearly. So how do you stop yourself from derailing the growth and success of your online business? In this episode, Matt and Andrew discuss how to stop micromanaging and create business processes that last. Their little business babies grow up so fast - time to finally set them free! Enjoy! P.S. Have you checked out Matt's Affiliate Marketing Video Course yet? It's a ton of affiliate marketing how-to video content (duh) and it's 10% off if you use the promo code PODCAST. Check it out here: Moneylab.co/Affiliate
53 min
Behind The Money Lab Curtain
It's the one year anniversary of the Money Lab Podcast! Steph Halligan joins the show today to celebrate with Matt and take a behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes into an episode of Money Lab. From the work flow that makes podcasting easier to Matt's crazy tech setup in his new office-turned-podcast-studio, we explore each piece that make for an entertaining podcast. Enjoy! P.S. You can find Steph hanging out on Twitter @StephHalligan P.P.S. Matt documented his super profesh podcast set up here: www.Moneylab.co/professional-podcast P.P.P.S. Have you seen Matt's Affiliate Marketing Video Course yet? Check out www.MoneyLab.co/Affiliate and get 10% off when you use the promo code PODCAST.
64 min
When Does It End?
Time to wrap it up? Matt and Andrew debate how to know when it's stop growing a revenue-generating website. Is there a moment when an online business is “done” and it’s time to move on to other projects? Or should they always double down on the work if a website is making money? I don't think there was ever an episode where Matt and Andrew disagreed more ;-) Enjoy! P.S. The Affiliate Marketing Video Course is here! And it's 10% off for listeners with the promo code PODCAST. Check it out at www.MoneyLab.co/Affiliate
60 min
Running a Paid Community with Jason Moore
A subscription-based online community sounds good in theory, but what does it actually take to run a monthly membership site? Jason Moore stops by to explore the payoffs and challenges of managing a paid community. How do you keep adding value so customers stick around? And can a skeptic like Matt be convinced to start his own Money Lab community? Jason helps Matt debate whether or not it's a fit for his business and his lifestyle. Enjoy! P.S. You can find Jason at LocationIndie.com and ZeroToTravel.com P.P.S. Check out the latest Money Lab offering, The Affiliate Marketing Video Course: www,MoneyLab.co/Affiliate. Get 10% off when you use the promo code PODCAST.
56 min
Affiliate Site Showdown
It's a battle royale between affiliate sites as Matt and Andrew debate the pros and cons of their different affiliate business models. From only using the Amazon affiliate program to managing tons of affiliate partners, how do they structure their affiliate revenue streams? And what are the challenges of running a site that makes 100% of its money from affiliate marketing? Matt and Andrew dive into the revenue and risk of each of their money-making affiliate sites. Enjoy! P.S. Speaking of affiliate marketing... the newest Money Lab course is here! Check out Matt's in-depth affiliate course at www,MoneyLab.co/Affiliate. Get 10% off when you use the promo code PODCAST.
50 min
Getting SaaSy with Justin Jackson
"Internet stuntman" and long-time friend of the show Justin Jackson stops by to dive into what it takes to build a successful SaaS company. Justin's own company Transistor.fm (a podcast hosting platform) has reached over $8,000 in MRR in 8 months. How do you figure out how to price your product? How do you do stand out at a crowded market? And how the heck do you actually get your product to spread through word of mouth? This is a juicy one. Enjoy! P.S. You can find Justin at JustinJackson.ca and Transistor.fm P.P.S. Check out Jason Cohen's in-depth SaaS post that Justin talks about in this episode. P.P.P.S. Have ya heard? Matt and Andrew have their own SaaS product called Lasso. "People like us use products like this!"
84 min
5 Questions: New Niches, Ethics and Selling Our...
It's listener question time! Matt and Andrew bring the A's to your Q's about everything from starting a site from scratch to the ethics of affiliate marketing. And what would it take to get Matt and Andrew to sell Swim University or Listen Money Matters? Thanks for submitting your questions and keep 'em coming. Enjoy! P.S. Naturally, Matt talks a lot about his SEO course in this episode. Check it out at MoneyLab.co/SEO P.P.S. Have you guessed what Andrew's secret niche site is? (He gives some big clues in this episode. But will he ever tell us outright?!)
60 min
In It For the Long Haul
It only took 15+ combined years for Matt and Andrew to "make it" as "entrepreneurs." And you can, too! Listen in on Matt and Andrew's beer-fueled trip down memory lane recapping the slumps, the wins and the eff-it-all moments on the loooooooong road to "success." Enjoy! P.S. Andrew casually recommends checking out WP Engine: www.Moneylab.co/wpengine P.P.S. This episode may or may not be brought to you by Little Caesars Pizza.
55 min
$180K In Business Expenses
Gotta spend money to make money, right? RIGHT? Matt and Andrew go over their business expenses from the past year and debate whether or not this old entrepreneur adage lives up to the hype. They talk real dollars and debate whether spending all that money in their business actually makes cents. Enjoy! P.S. One thing that Matt's happy to spend money on? Email. Check out his Converkit experiment here: https://www.moneylab.co/email-funnels/
63 min
Oh snap, it's here! Matt and Andrew have finally launched their SaaS product, Lasso (an affiliate link manager and monetizer for Wordpress sites). In this episode, they talk about the crazy-making process of bringing a SaaS product to market and how excited they are to start using this beautiful piece of software. Enjoy! P.S. Read all about Lasso and the entire challenge at MoneyLab.co
51 min
Is My Business Safe?
It's 10 PM. Do you know where your income streams are? Running an online business means you're exposed to a lot of external forces, like algorithm updates, affiliate commission changes and even economic recessions. Matt and Andrew debate how to future-proof their businesses to protect against the unpredictable. Enjoy!
70 min
Marketing Done Differently
It's no secret: Matt and Andrew love using Ahrefs. But they're more than just a kickass SaaS product: they're approaching marketing in a totally different way. Tim Soulo, the CMO of Ahrefs, stops by to talk about how they're blowing up the traditional SaaS marketing model and debate what does and doesn't work in the online marketing world. Enjoy!
78 min
Funnels of Love
Matt and Andrew are both severely under-monetizing their email lists. Like THOUSANDS of dollars left on the table each year. Why aren’t they monetizing the hell out of their lists? And is there a happy medium between selling consistently to your audience and selling out? Dive deep into their funnels and see what happens on the other side. Enjoy!
59 min
Lifesaving Systems
Asana, Google Drive, Intercom... Matt and Andrew get into the nitty gritty details about each system they use to run their business. It's the un-sexy truth behind their businesses that keeps things sane and saves a ton of time and money. Gotta trust The System, man. Enjoy!
51 min
Online Business...In Bed
Oooo we've got some scandalous business relationship gossip over here! Andrew and Matt have worked with their significant others a lot over the past few years. Sometimes it's been amazing. Other times it's been harder than a Brangelina breakup. In this episode, they spill the tea on what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to working with the one you love. Enjoy!
43 min
There’s Gold In Them Thar Podcasts
It’s a bumpy road to building a profitable podcast, but both Andrew and Matt now make consistent moolah talking into your ear holes every week. What were some of the biggest challenges they've faced along the way? What's worked well and what’s still a struggle? Grab your pickaxe, Prospector as we regale you with tales of podcasting gold. Enjoy!
45 min
Google The Emotional Robot (The Future of SEO)
Some old-hat SEO strategies are dying away, or at least they aren’t as effective anymore. So what does the future of SEO look like? In this episode, we debate what's becoming more important when creating searchable content and how Google's AI is becoming more discerning and human-like everyday. I, for one, welcome our new SEO overlords. Enjoy!
49 min
The Good, The Sad, and The Fugly of 2018
We had a lot of business highs and lows this past year. Looking back, what would we have done differently? What are we proud of? And what shenanigans do we have planned for the new year? Do we both blow up our online businesses to start a crypto mining company? Find out what happened in 2018 and what's in store for 2019. Enjoy!
54 min
Andrew and Matt had businesses that crashed and burned. Why didn't they work and what have they learned? There was drama and fallouts and money unearned. They unpack it all in this episode. Enjoy!
45 min
Mark-eting Suckerberg
Facebook. It's changing. It's always changing. So does that mean we need to change how we use it in our businesses? Do we even need to use it at all? Let's discuss. Enjoy!
42 min
The Structure Crux
Structuring an online business. That's what we're talking about. Ya know? LLCs, S-corps, C-corps; stuff like that. Pretty straightforward. Enjoy!
33 min
Remote Control
Sometimes when you run an online business, you need to work remotely. What's the best gear? How do Matt and Andrew work remotely and still get things done? Enjoy!
33 min
A Physical Product with Caleb Wojcik
Caleb Wojcik talks about how he and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income are creating and launching a physical product this year. They built a tripod for vloggers called SwitchPod. Enjoy!
68 min
Howdy Partnership
Andrew and Matt might be entering a legit business partnership...again. Ut oh! What does that mean? Is that stupid? Is that smart? They have an honest conversation about what a new partnership would look like and if it makes sense. Enjoy!
82 min
The Podcast Marketing Burst Recap
31 episodes are in the bag! Thanks for following along. Did the podcast grow? Listen and find out. Enjoy!
71 min
An Obvious Income Source
What is it? You have to listen. Matt also wrote an article about it, but listening about making money is more fun. Don't ya think? Enjoy!
39 min
5 Questions: SEO, Conferences, and Teamwork
You love it! It's 5 listener questions. Actually, there are 8 of them this time. But 3 of them are similar. Just listen. Enjoy!
46 min
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
Having good, talented people around you will help you build a business faster. That's true. But it's also not true sometimes. When times? Let's talk about it. Enjoy!
67 min
Video Head Gear
Want to make great videos? What does it take? What equipment do you need? What equipment do you don't need do da do da day? Who knows? Let's talk about it. Enjoy!
46 min
Increase Your Page Speed
Your website needs to be super freaking fast. That's what Andrew and Matt dive into on this episode. Everyone's a wiener! Enjoy!
40 min
SAAS Truth Bomb
You can't handle the truth about building a software-based business! Can you? Oh, you can? Good because Demi and Tom won't' save you from this episode about software. Maybe they will. Enjoy!
59 min
Pricing On The Cake
Pricing your online products is arbitrary and hard to do. What do you charge? Is it too much, too little, just right? How hot is that porage, Goldilocks? Andrew and Matt talk about all that. Except for the Goldilocks analogy. They don't mention that at all. You're welcome. Enjoy!
49 min
eBooks That Earn $54,603 a Year
Andrew and Matt talk about Matt's eBook revenue stream. They wanted to know more about how Matt made the products and how it sold. Enjoy!
68 min
5 Questions: Imposters, Outcomes, and Time
Andrew and Matt answer five listener questions and really dive deep with their answers on this one. Dealing with imposter syndrome, how to test a business idea before you invest time into it, and how they time block our days. Enjoy!
39 min
The Social Media Marketing Paradox
The basic question Andrew and Matt are trying to get to the bottom of here is, "should you invest in social media marketing to grow your business?" It's not that black and white. Every brand has different needs. They discuss this paradox we face as online business owners. Enjoy!
39 min
Prioritizing Projects
We all struggle in our business when we don't know how to prioritize or don't know what to do next, right? Right. Well, Andrew and Matt talk about the many ways they filter ideas and pick the project to work on next. And they also talk about the dumb mistakes they made in the process. Enjoy!
50 min
Videos for Profit
Thomas Frank is back on the show talking about YouTube videos. But this time, they're talking about money. How do you make money with YouTube videos? How are others making that sweet, sweet YouTube coin? Find out and enjoy!
59 min
Travel Gear for Business
Matt doesn't always travel, but when he does, these are the things he carries. Also, the things that Andrew carries, too. This ep is filled with our must-have travel supplies. Enjoy!
41 min
A HYPER Focused YouTube Channel
Andrew and Matt talk to Chase Reeves about his newish YouTube channel that is blowing up! It's very unique A cross between deep life chats and...bag reviews. Yup. Who knew?! He talks about that, how he makes money on it, and his departure from Fizzle. Enjoy!
57 min
Fool-Proof Systems
Matt and Andrew believe in systems, not goals. Systems are what they use to grow our business. What they use to scale. And in this episode, Andrew and Matt dive into their process for building systems that you can use for your biz, dawg. Enjoy!
46 min
5 Questions: Money, Goals, and Marketing
Oh yea, another 5 listener questions, coming at you! Andrew and Matt talk mostly about setting goals. Do they set goals? Is it worth it? Does it work? You'll have to listen to get answers to these questions and more. Enjoy!
53 min
Content That Stands The Test of Time
Ok, you're a fly on the wall in this episode. Don't worry, you don't have to eat...you know, what flies eat. Or for that matter, what Jeff Goldblum eats. Probably pears. That's our guess. Anyway, we digress. This episode, Andrew and Matt have an off-the-record conversation about getting back to basics. Getting back to the things that made them successful: content creation. They discuss a future in which all they did was create content and software and nothing else. No more Mr. Manager. No more teachers. No more books. What the heck are we talking about? Who cares, just listen. Enjoy!
50 min
Business Books
Who doesn't like books? Business books? Yea, we read them. They make us think. They inspire. They keep us up at night. They derail us. But more importantly, they're awesome. And boy, do we have some good recommendations for you this time. Andrew and Matt dive into their 11 favorite business books of ALL TIME! Enjoy.
59 min
Haters Gonna Hate
Haters gonna hate. They're out there. They're being mean. You can have a thick skin, but that's BS. Andrew and Matt talk about handling the hate and dealing with the criticism that comes at people who do things in public on the internet. Enjoy!
57 min
Selling Sponsorships
Talking about advertising. Making money. Making deals. Cashing checks. Breaking necks. Next? It's this episode filled with information about how Andrew and Matt sell sponsorships on their podcasts (so meta, bro). And how Matt sold sponsorship deals on his pool website. Enjoy!
63 min
The Art of Buying and Selling Websites
Thinking about what it takes to sell a website? Perhaps you're looking to buy and flip a site. Or just buy a site. Or cry in a fight. Or lie a flight. Ok, The point is, this episode is all about buying and selling websites for profit. Let's do this! Enjoy!
53 min
Selling a Wordpress Plugin
Any interest in creating and selling a Wordpress plugin? Andrew and Matt both created plugins and want to know what the real scoop is in selling them. Is it hard? Is it profitable? Can you screw it up? All of these questions and more with someone who took the leap and created his own plugin with a group of friends that's extremely successful. Enjoy!
59 min
5 Questions: Setbacks, Focusing, and Routines
A new themed episode where Matt and Andrew answer 5 listener questions totally off-the-cuff. These questions are sent in from listeners and they read them verbatim and answer them with honesty. Look out for more of these episodes in the future. This is an idea pilfered from the Listen Money Matters podcast. Enjoy!
59 min
Working in Isolation
It can get pretty lonely being a solopreneur who works from home. There are struggles to deal with. Consequences to face. And Andrew and Matt talk about these personal issues and triumphs when it comes to working alone. Enjoy!
53 min
Wordpress Plugins
Andrew and Matt run businesses from Wordpress powered websites. And in order to operate those sites, they need great plugins to grow. In this episode, must-have Wordpress plugins. Enjoy!
64 min
Conferences: Attend, Skip, or Sneak In?
It's hard to say whether or not attending conferences can help your business. At least that's what Andrew and Matt think. There are other ways to get value out of a conference and that's what they uncover in this episode. Enjoy!
53 min
Be a Boss That Doesn't Suck
Are you a boss? Do you know what your team members think of you? Are you trying not to suck and have everyone in your company think you're a d-bag? Well, I hope so. Andrew and Matt talk about being a boss that doesn't suck. Enjoy!
48 min
Tools for Productivity
There's no shortage of tools to help you be more productive in online business. That said, there are better tools than others. So that's what this episode is about. Enjoy!
59 min
Passion Mashin’
What the heck is "passion mashin'?" It's about combining two skills or passions in your life to create unique businesses or opportunities to grow your business. Both Andrew and Matt have practiced passion mashin' without even knowing it. So if you now know what it is, how can you practice to your advantage? Enjoy!
49 min
Building a Product in 7 Days
It took Matt just 7 days to make an online product and not a "Minimum Viable Product" either. A full-blown, balls-to-the-wall, product. And he's done this twice. Andrew and Matt break down the entire process for building a product in a very short period of time. Enjoy!
56 min
Scaling Up Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing can be lucrative or a royal pain in the tuckus. But if you practice the art of honesty, transparency, and employ some excellent secrets we reveal in the show, you can nail it before you scale it. Then, you'll be sitting in the catbird seat, higgledy-piggledy. Enjoy!
51 min
Content Audits
What if you could triple your website traffic by deleting a third of your content? Andrew and Matt discuss the merits of doing a content audit on your site and what that can do to improve your website traffic. Enjoy!
50 min
Are you a rule breaker? Do you blindly follow the pack? Would you jump off a bridge if someone told you to? This is an episode about not listening to the gurus. Instead of practicing hero worship, look towards yourself. Stop taking advice from others and trust your gut when it comes to your own business. Everything is an experiment. And nobody has a secret sauce to help you with your business. Just because someone is giving you advice, doesn’t mean they’re right. Listen to yourself. Trust the numbers. Do what works for you and your business. What works for you might not work for someone else. Enjoy!
57 min
Managing Money
What's in your wallet? Money? Good. That's where money should go. But when it comes to running an online business, the rules for managing your money are a little different. Andrew and Matt talk about how they manage their business finances with the right tools and the right team members. 3njoy!
53 min
Burnout! It's real. It's dangerous. It's Chronic. So Andrew and Matt discuss what it is and how to avoid it when working for yourself. They also share their personal stories of dealing with burnout. Enjoy!
69 min
Serious Podcasting Gear
WARNING: This episode is a deep-dive on podcasting gear and equipment that Andrew and Matt use. It gets very technical and nerdy. If you're interested in podcasting for serious, then you'll love it. Otherwise, it might be crazy boring. Enjoy!
75 min
Quit Your Day Job
Andrew and Matt talk about the entire three-year journey of Andrew quitting his day job and working on his online business full time. They discuss everything that went through his head and what it took financially when he decided to quit his well-paying job in New York City. Enjoy!
66 min
The Definitive Guide to Podcast Marketing
Andrew and Matt talk about how they cracked the top 100 podcasts on iTunes in less than a year on their first podcast together. They review Matt's massive article on the subject and distill it down to the 5 best tips, tactics, and ball-busting work it takes to run a successful podcast promotion campaign. Enjoy!
76 min
Loose Grips Sink Business Partnerships
Andrew and Matt talk about their failed partnership and business break up. Then, they discuss other partnerships that worked and debate the best way to structure a successful one that'll stand the test of time. Enjoy!
81 min
Website For Sale
Andrew and Matt chat about Matt's experience and the decision to sell his two-year-old coffee website. Why did he do it? How did he do it? Should he have even done it? Should you sell your website, too? All of that and more in this episode. Enjoy!
71 min
Andrew and Matt talk about the 5 most important things to focus on when it comes to SEO. They rank them in order of great importance. Then, they edited and uploaded this episode – that's what makes it PREMIUM CONTENT. All killer, no filler. Enjoy!
73 min
Business Advice Of Men
Barron Cuadro and Matt talk about the advice they'd been given over the last 10 years on how to grow their niche websites from outside experts and other's success stories. They commiserate over the trial and tribulations of trying every tactic under the sun for extreme business growth. Enjoy!
72 min
Long-Form Content For Long-Term Growth
Michelle Lowery and Matt talk about the importance of writing and editing long-form content for growing your online business. And why trying to constantly "go viral" is a fool's errand for long-term success. Enjoy!
94 min
There's Always Money In The Banana Stand
Stephanie Halligan and Matt talk about dealing with and spending money as entrepreneurs. They share stories on how they started working for themselves and what changed in their personal finance habits along the way. Enjoy!
65 min
How to Win Friends and Internet People
Nathaniel Boyle and Matt talk about how they became #IRL friends through the Internet. And how they continue to develop REAL close relationships using the true power of social media (and what it was intended for). Enjoy!
90 min
Mental Health While Working For Yourself
Justin Jackson and Matt discuss the pros and cons of being a full-time indie entrepreneur. And managing mental health while working for yourself. Enjoy!
129 min
Lifestyles of the Niche and Shameless
Corbett Barr and Matt talk the differences between lifestyle businesses and other types. They gab about running their own lifestyle businesses and what makes it special...or not. Enjoy!
95 min
An Untapped Treasure Trove of Content Ideas
Sean Ogle and Matt talk about the strategies they use to keep an endlessly moist supply of blog and video topics flowing on their hobby sites. Enjoy!
70 min
Writing Words On The Internet
Zack Sexton and Matt write words on the Internet. Meaning, they publish articles on websites. And they talk about how they write, what they use to write, and publishing often. Words are the most important online asset. Don't you agree? Enjoy!
60 min
Baby You're The Boss At Home
Stephanie Halligan and Matt talk about working from home, productivity when no one's pushing, and taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally. And you can learn more by watching the smash music video, "Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign" by Fifth Harmony. Enjoy!
56 min
Do You YouTube, Dude?
Thomas Frank and Matt discuss scripting, filming, and editing their high-quality videos. They talk about the business of "YouTubbing." Enjoy!
71 min