More often than not, interesting stories feature a mismatch - people who don’t line up with each other, or with circumstances, or expectations. Join host Roger Weber for stories of square pegs in round holes.

Society & Culture
Mismatch Presents: Space Curious
Each episode will answer space-related questions submitted from our audience.
21 min
Mismatch Presents: The Eyes of Texas
Live From Houston, It's Saturday Night?
14 min
Jose Feliciano’s Anthem Encore
The most memorable and controversial performance of the national anthem has led to some surprises 50 years later.
24 min
I’m Never Using My Smartphone Again
The story of one former tech addict quitting her iPhone and social media cold turkey.
22 min
The Hidden Letters, Part 2
More on the Strange Emergence of a Lost Piece of Family History
18 min
The Hidden Letters, Part 1
The Strange Emergence of a Lost Piece of Family History
27 min
The Amazonian expedition that nearly killed Ted...
Theodore Roosevelt seemed invincible. But now, feverish and emaciated, he was ready for his life to end on The River of Doubt
27 min
The House That Beards Built
From religious fervor to baseball stardom to the trial of the century.
32 min
Dueling Doctors
A 40-year feud between two of the most prominent surgeons in the world.
28 min
The Original Siamese Twins
Chang and Eng Bunker’s lives were astonishing.
32 min
The One and Only Wolverine
A science teacher risks his own precarious health to track and study an elusive visitor.
27 min
The Jingle King Takes A Bow
A jingle writer’s journey from commercials to an orchestral commemoration of his family and their fate in the Armenian Massacre.
21 min
My Disastrous Family Reunion
A gathering of people with nothing in common, other than common D-N-A.
22 min
The Wolves and Moose are Out of Whack
When the balance of nature goes out of whack on a remote island in Lake Superior, bad things happen.
24 min
Square Dancing in the Amazon
Henry Ford’s audacious plan to create a rubber plantation and an All-American town in the Amazon rainforest.
24 min
Someone’s in the Kitchen with Thai Food
A deliciously complicated tale of food, language, race and identity set in a rapidly changing neighborhood of Detroit.
22 min
The Terrible Tragedy of Daniel Dodge
No one thought the marriage would work, but no one could have imagined the way it would end.
26 min
Sparky and Nixon
It was a bizarre pairing of iconic men when Richard Nixon sat down to be interviewed by Sparky Anderson. How did that happen?
21 min
Introducing Mismatch
Learn more about the new podcast covering stories of the incompatible, unsuitable and out of step.
1 min