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The Mind, Money, Motion podcast focuses on helping listeners worry less about money by keeping their mind and body healthy. The discussion will help improve your MIND (by maintaining a positive outlook and active brain), or your MONEY (by learning to use your financial tools wisely), or your MOTION (by incorporating healthy diet and exercise habits) all so you can enjoy LESS WORRY and MORE LIFE! Marie Burns, a Certified Financial Planner, speaker, author, and Founder of the education business called Mind, Money, Motion is the host of this discussion to provide actionable ideas for women.

Health & Fitness
MMM Ep 37: Who Get's What?
Have you made your "Who Get's What?" list?
8 min
MMM Ep 36: Lifeguarding Your Legacy
Heidi Thompson shares how to protect your family with those important and sometimes overlooked documents
24 min
MMM Ep 35: To Each His Own: Financial Power of ...
Marie helps clarify the terminology so you can better understand your financial power of attorney document before you speak with your estate planning attorney or financial institutions.
8 min
MMM Ep 34: The Morbid Details
It may feel morbid to think about it, but deciding who gets your “stuff” in advance will save your family unnecessary stress after you’re gone.
6 min
MMM Ep 33: Common Estate Planning Mistakes
Are you making these common estate planning mistakes?
8 min
MMM Ep 32: Begin with the End in Mind
Begin with the End in Mind - Have You Told Your Assets Where to Go?
9 min
MMM Ep 31: The Power of Self-Talk
Dr. Bob Ruotolo shares how you can use the power of self-talk to change your life
22 min
MMM EP 30: Have You Inventoried Your "What If's"?
Marie addresses “What If” thoughts and worries that everyone thinks about
8 min
MMM Ep 29: Being Financially Prepared Throughou...
Tony Steuer shares his approach to being financially prepared throughout life
25 min
MMM Ep 28: Financial Literacy: The Root Cause o...
Valentino Sabuco discusses the importance of financial literacy
24 min
MMM Ep 27: Two Important Numbers for Financial ...
Step 4 of the "Before" Financial Checklist book
10 min
MMM Ep 26: Positive Intelligence
Dr. Kevin Gazzara Shares the Importance of a Positive Mindset
24 min
MMM Ep 25: The Magic (Pass)words
Step 3 of the "Before" Financial Checklist is Not About Knowing, it's About Doing
9 min
MMM Ep 24: Motivating Yourself to Exercise
Health Coach Gina Reinecke breaks down why exercise is so important and strategies for getting and staying motivated
25 min
MMM Ep 23: I Own, I Owe
Step 2 of the "Before" Financial Checklist is to Compile a List of What You Own and What You Owe
17 min
MMM Ep 22: How to Mindfully Manage Your Weight
Wellness Coach Toby Benton shares her tips on how to mindfully manage your weight
23 min
MMM Ep 21: Get Your Ducks in a Row
Step 1 of the Before Financial Checklist is to Get Your Ducks in a Row
13 min
MMM Ep 20: In Case You Get Hit By a Bus
Life and Legacy planning expert Abby Schneiderman, talks about the importance of planning for the life stage that everybody goes through
22 min
MMM EP 19: Make Sure Your Family is Protected
Mark Munson shares key information that families need to know related to declining health issues for seniors
29 min
MMM EP 18: How to Make Your Best First Impression!
Clarisse Ringwald gives us tips on how to make your best first impression
23 min
MMM EP 17: Know Your Health Insurance Options
Jane Kassel discusses health insurance options as we get ready for open enrollment
21 min
MMM Ep 16: What’s Age Got to Do with It?
Toby Benton talks about the biggest concerns around getting older
21 min
MMM 15: The Importance of Having an Estate Plan...
Elizabeth Estes talks about the importance of having an estate plan in place
24 min
MMM 14: Take Charge of Your Life!
MK Mueller shares her process on how you can take control of your life
25 min
MMM 13: Common Estate Planning Mistakes and Mis...
Bonita Joy Yoder discusses the most common estate planning mistakes
22 min
MMM 12: Living the Life You Want
Mike Skrypnek shares tips for business owners on how to live the life you want
22 min
MMM 11: Benefits of Yoga for the Mind and Body
Toni Brucato teaches us the importance of using yoga to help improve the mind and body
23 min
MMM 10: Health is a Vehicle, Not a Destination
Toby Benton guides us on how to get to the ultimate state of well-being
26 min
MMM 09: Practicing mindfulness and reducing stress
Holly Duckworth talks about how to use mindfulness to be in the moment and reduce stress
23 min
MMM 08: How to navigate the healthcare system s...
Dr. Luke shares tips on how to navigate the healthcare system so you can spend less and live well
25 min
MMM 07: Clarifying your vision and building a s...
Linda-Ann Stewart shares how to clarify your vision and build a strategy to achieve your goals
26 min
MMM 06: Update on the housing market for buyers...
Mark Sloat Addresses the Housing Market in Today's Environment
25 min
MMM 05: Daily practices to set yourself up to w...
Sophia Olivas Gives You Daily Practices That You Can Use to Set Yourself Up to Win in Life Financially
28 min
MMM 04: Power Conversations: How to cope with s...
3-Step Strategy from Dr. Karen Jacobson on Coping with Fear and the Unknown
33 min
MMM 03: Never Go with Your Gut: Advice for Indi...
Advice from Behavior Economist Dr. Gleb Tsipursky for Individuals during COVID-19
29 min
MMM 02: Never Go with Your Gut: Advice for Busi...
Advice from Dr. Gleb Tsipursky for Businesses during COVID-19
32 min
MMM 01: Making SMART decisions during stressful...
Making SMART decisions during stressful and challenging times
31 min
MMM Trailer: Mind, Money, Motion - Less Worry a...
Learn more about Mind, Money, Motion
0 min