The Million Dollar Sellers Podcast

Welcome to the Million Dollar Sellers Podcast hosted by MDS Member Nick Shucet. In this podcast you’ll learn how these amazing E-Commerce entrepreneurs got started, the mistakes they made along the way, the wins they have celebrated and where they are now.

#59-Corey Ganim: How To Batch Produce Content f...
How Batching Content Creation & Setting Artificial Deadlines Can Increase Efficiency
40 min
#58-Chelsea Cohen: Smart Inventory Management: ...
Effective Techniques to Manage Stock Levels, Reduce Fees, and Optimize Supply Chains
38 min
#57-Miles & Maurice Huffman: How a TikTok Video...
Tech, Military Surplus & Shark Tank: Inside a Dynamic Father-Son Duo's Entrepreneurial Partnership
60 min
#56-Steven Blustein: Why You Need to Diversify ...
How to Expand Your Business Globally & Overcome Supply Chain Hurdle
35 min
#4 Private Label vs Retail Arbitrage vs Wholesa...
Which Amazon Business Model is Best for FBA (Pros and Cons)
41 min
#3 − 7 Amazon Sellers Mistakes to Avoid in 2024...
Breaking down the biggest mistakes Amazon sellers make and how to avoid them.
46 min
#2 − Tips For Contacting Amazon Seller Support
How to Handle Amazon Seller Support Issues and Optimize Team Operations through Strategic Hiring
28 min
#1 - Why Hiring Based on Personality is Better ...
Lessons on How Hiring Smart and Delegating Right Can Change Everything
34 min
#55 - How Carbon6 Operates and Cultivates its W...
Inside Carbon6: Work Dynamics and Operational Techniques: Insights from the Team
30 min
#54 ﹣ Naseem Saloojee: How To Evaluate Business...
Discover the process of assessing businesses and identifying their potential
29 min
#53 - Tim Jordan - The 'Learn as You Go' Approa...
Discover how Carbon6 integrates expertise and community support to meet Amazon sellers' needs effectively.
25 min
#52 - Ian Page - How to Launch A New Product on...
Learn how to start strong on Amazon: from planning and pricing to advertising and dealing with competitors.
30 min
#51 - Rohit Nair: eCommerce Business Insurance:...
Why traditional insurance isn't enough for online businesses, and why you need special insurance made just for e-commerce.
33 min
#50 - Lesley Hensell: Strategic Business Planni...
How to Face Amazon Registry Struggles, Storage Fee Reductions, and Inauthentic Claims.
44 min
#49 -Nater Youngchild: From Delivering Grocerie...
How to Find Your True North in Business: Bali, Skiing, and Entrepreneurial Enlightenment
48 min
#48 - Megan Harmon: Guardians of Brands: Insigh...
How to Secure Your Brand and Defend Against Unauthorized Sellers in E-Commerce
36 min
#47 - Inside Carbon6's Toolbox: Profitable Habi...
How to switch from burning cash to raking it in: Carbon 6's e-commerce turnaround
54 min
#46 - Burying Myself Alive: Colin Raja's Journe...
How Personal Transformation Powers Amazon's Success
46 min
#45 - Jason Hanan: Why You Need To Start Automa...
How to Efficiently Manage E-Commerce Operations and Lead a Remote Team
53 min
#44 - Paul Hersko: Bridging E-commerce and Real...
How to Apply E-commerce Expertise to Excel in the Real Estate Market
45 min
#43 - Matteo Lombardi: Recruiting and Hiring Ti...
How to attract top talent that aligns with your company's values
50 min
#42 - Mussayab Ehtesham: How To Navigate The Up...
Navigating the Journey to Prosperity and Fulfillment
50 min
#41 - Rolando Rosas: Challenges Amazon Sellers ...
How to overcome struggles related to verification, compliance, and other Amazon complexities
37 min
#40 - Alberto Gomes: Balancing Business and Lif...
Learn how prioritizing life and health lays the groundwork for success.
43 min
#39 - From Banker to Entrepreneur: Turning Amaz...
How to juggle business and family: delegation, growth, and mindset Insights
46 min