The Million Dollar Sellers Podcast

Welcome to the Million Dollar Sellers Podcast hosted by MDS Member Nick Shucet. In this podcast you’ll learn how these amazing E-Commerce entrepreneurs got started, the mistakes they made along the way, the wins they have celebrated and where they are now.

Megan Harmon: Guardians of Brands: Insights int...
How to Secure Your Brand and Defend Against Unauthorized Sellers in E-Commerce
36 min
Inside Carbon6's Toolbox: Profitable Habits, Ac...
How to switch from burning cash to raking it in: Carbon 6's e-commerce turnaround
54 min
Burying Myself Alive: Colin Raja's Journey to S...
How Personal Transformation Powers Amazon's Success
46 min
Jason Hanan: Why You Need To Start Automating Y...
How to Efficiently Manage E-Commerce Operations and Lead a Remote Team
53 min
Paul Hersko: Bridging E-commerce and Real Estat...
How to Apply E-commerce Expertise to Excel in the Real Estate Market
45 min
Matteo Lombardi: Recruiting and Hiring Tips - H...
How to attract top talent that aligns with your company's values
50 min
Mussayab Ehtesham: How To Navigate The Ups And ...
Navigating the Journey to Prosperity and Fulfillment
50 min
Rolando Rosas: Challenges Amazon Sellers Face A...
How to overcome struggles related to verification, compliance, and other Amazon complexities
37 min
Alberto Gomes: Balancing Business and Life: How...
Learn how prioritizing life and health lays the groundwork for success.
43 min
From Banker to Entrepreneur: Turning Amazon int...
How to juggle business and family: delegation, growth, and mindset Insights
46 min
Ephraim Ausch: Logistic Management Solutions fo...
How to eliminate logistics hassles and make your Amazon operations a breeze
29 min
Krishna Poda: Data-Driven Business: How AI Tran...
How to use automated data analysis for better business outcomes
45 min
Brandon Young: Mastering Product Development: F...
How to Make Data-Driven Decisions for Successful Product Selection and Launching
43 min
Sean Chow's Formula for Growing an Eight-Figure...
Learn how to keep your team motivated and delegate responsibilities for business growth.
52 min
Corey Ganim: From Arbitrage to Wholesale: Maxim...
How to Implement Profit-First Strategies for Business Success
46 min
Ephraim Ausch: The Power of Community in Growin...
Learn how Ephraim explored Amazon 3PL to grow his logistics business.
55 min
Mehran Kamari: Optimize Your Business To Suit Y...
Even after finding success, Mehran likes to keep it lean. He views his business as a lifestyle.
45 min
Shawn Cannon: Leveraging Arbitrage to Get Into ...
Learn how Shawn got into Amazon through arbitrage.
71 min
Kevin Hundal: Building on an Existing Infrastru...
Learn how Kevin’s environment positioned him to do business and strive for oneness.
43 min
Jeremy and Jason: Building Processes That Simpl...
Learn how Ecom CPA eliminates the silo between the accounting and tax departments.
51 min
Mike Engle: Learning Teamwork Through Meditation
Learn How Mike Used Meditation To Prevent Conflict With Family And Business
50 min
Hasan Hasmani: Making Room for Other Passions T...
Learn How Hasan Used Delegation And Feedback To Make His Business Run Efficiently In His Absence
47 min
John Hefter: How An Amazon Aggregator Scales Br...
Find Out How Thrasio Reached A Billion-Dollar Valuation Managing 200+ Amazon Brands
58 min
Craig Brockie: Handling Compliance or Patent Is...
How To Run Your Business Without Fear Of Patent Infringement Issue
42 min
David Stickland: Finding the Right Path and Car...
How To Let Go of Repetitive Tasks To Focus On The Bigger Things
49 min