Millennial Santa

KELF, the North Pole's radio station has been hacked by a human child! Join Sunny the Elf and Santa Claus as they give kids an exclusive look at what the North Pole is really like and continue their mission to spread Christmas cheer throughout the year! Daily episodes released November 15th through Christmas Day!

Kids & Family
Santa, What's the True Meaning of Christmas? (A...
Is Christmas just about Santa Claus? Addie asks Santa about the true meaning of Christmas.
3 min
Do You Get Tired of Kid's Sitting On Your Knee?...
Ever wonder how many kids sit on Santa's knee? Ouch!
4 min
Does Santa Like Practical Jokes? (Jill on Whats...
Scout elves love to play jokes, but what does Santa really think about pranks?
4 min
Santa, Do You Know the Easter Bunny? (Message f...
Is Santa friends with the Easter Bunny? Alexie thinks they're both pretty sneaky!
4 min
How Fast Is Your Sleigh, Santa? (Niko on WhatsApp)
Does Santa's sleigh go really fast? Or does he have another way of visiting girls and boys on Christmas Eve?
4 min
Santa, Why Do You Live at the North Pole (Gunne...
Gunner ask Santa why he lives so far away...
3 min
What Makes Rudolph's Nose Shine? (Message from ...
Ever wonder what makes Rudolph's nose shine rosy red? Well, it's all about science.
3 min
What's Santa's Biggest Pet Peeve? (Esther on Wh...
Did you know Santa has a pet peeve? More than one actually...
4 min
Santa, How Do You Plan Your Route? (Email from ...
Rory wants to know how Santa plans his route on Christmas Eve.
4 min
When Is Santa's Birthday? (Nixon on WhatsApp)
We know Santa is old, but when is his actual birthday? Nixon wants to know.
3 min
Santa, Why Is Your Suit Red? (Message from Cele...
Santa has a nice red suit, but Celeste wants to know why it's red.
3 min
What's Your Favorite Christmas Tradition? (Emai...
Gage wants to know if Santa celebrates any special Christmas traditions.
3 min
What Does Santa's Christmas Tree Look Like? (Fl...
Does Santa have one giant Christmas tree, or multiple trees? Are they real or fake? Fletcher wants to know,
4 min
Santa, What Was the First Toy You Ever Made? (M...
Santa makes lots of toys, but Cadence wants to know more about the first toy he ever made.
3 min
Does Santa Wrap All His Presents? (Libby on Wha...
Libby wants to know if Santa gets some extra helping wrapping all those presents.
4 min
Santa, Do You Like Fruitcake? (Astrid on WhatsApp)
Does Santa like fruitcake? Astrid has to know.
3 min
Why Doesn't Santa Put Batteries In My Presents?...
Gabriel finds out there's a very good reason why his Christmas presents don't always come with batteries.
4 min
How Does Santa Stay Quiet When Delivering Prese...
Corey can't figure out why he can't hear Santa delivering presents on Christmas Eve.
4 min
Are the Other Reindeer Jealous of Rudolph? (Mes...
Rudolph has his own Christmas song. So, are the other reindeer jealous of him?
3 min
Is Santa Sad if Others Don't Believe In Him? (T...
What does Santa think of children (and adults) who don't believe he exists?
3 min
Does Santa Ever Get Christmas Presents? (Quinn ...
Who brings Santa his Christmas presents? Quinn wants to know.
4 min
Do You Use Hoverboards at the North Pole? (Dela...
Delaney asks if Santa and the elves use hoverboards to get around the North Pole.
4 min
Why Doesn't Mrs. Claus Travel With You? (Casey ...
Ever wonder why Mrs. Claus doesn't travel with Santa on Christmas Eve?
3 min
Santa, Do You Live Near the North Star? (Text f...
Is the North Star in Santa's backyard? Riley asks Santa.
4 min
What Animals Live at the North Pole (Poppy on W...
We already know about the reindeer, but Poppy wants to know what other animals can be found at the North Pole.
3 min
Santa, Do You Play Minecraft? (Message from Wes...
Westley knows Santa is a creative guy, so he thinks Santa might like to play Minecraft.
3 min
What Languages Does Santa Speak? (Zoe on WhatsApp)
How does Santa talk to children all over the world? Zoe wants to know how many languages Santa speaks.
3 min
Does Santa have a Smartphone? (Text from Jayden)
Could Santa use a smartphone at the North Pole? Jayden seems to think so....
4 min
Why Are the Elves So Short? (Message from Sheldon)
Ever wonder why elves are so short? Sheldon learns they come in all shapes and sizes!
4 min
Santa, Do You Drink Coffee? (Steven on WhatsApp)
We know he likes hot cocoa, but does Santa also drink coffee?
3 min
Who's Santa's Favorite Elf? (Email from Julia)
Does Santa really have a favorite elf? Julia wants to know.
4 min
Does Santa Exercise? (Message from Valentina)
Valentina wants to know if Santa exercises at the North Pole.
3 min
Santa, What Are You Thankful For? (Anna on What...
Anna knows Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. So, what is Santa thankful for?
4 min
How Much Snow Do You Get at the North Pole? (Em...
Robert wonders if the North Pole is really a Winter Wonderland.
4 min
Santa, Do You Go To Church? (Jane on WhatsApp)
Jane wonders if Santa goes to church.
3 min
Does Santa Use Drones? (Text from Anthony)
Anthony asks Santa if the North Pole uses drones.
3 min
Is There Really a "Nice" and "Naughty" List? (T...
Alex asks Santa if there's really a naughty list.
3 min
Does Santa Ever Give Gift Cards? (Charlotte on ...
Charlotte asks Santa if he ever gives gift cards.
3 min
Santa, What's on Your Bucket List? (Isabella on...
Isabella asks Santa what things are still on his "bucket list".
3 min
How Does Santa Prepare for Christmas Eve? (Text...
Liam texts Santa to see how he prepares for his big night.
3 min
Millennial Santa is Back! WhatsApp?
We're back for Season 2 starting November 15th!
2 min
What Do You Love Most About Christmas? (Text fr...
Gwen texts Santa to see what he loves most about Christmas.
5 min
How Do You Take Care of Your Beard? (Email from...
Joy wants to know what Santa does to take care of his beard!
5 min
What’s Your Favorite Christmas Carol? (Email fr...
Leo emails us to learn more about Santa's favorite Christmas carol.
5 min
What Does Your Sleigh Look Like? (Text from Isa...
You've seen the Christmas movies, but Isaiah texts Santa to see what his sleigh really looks like.
5 min
Why Do You Deliver Presents At Night? (Text fro...
Wyatt sends Santa a text to learn why he only delivers presents at night.
4 min
Are You Bald Under Your Santa Hat? (Text from L...
Lucas wants to know if Santa is bald under his Santa hat!
4 min
How Did the Reindeer Get Their Names? (Text fro...
Grace sends Santa a text to see how the reindeer get their names.
5 min
What Does Santa Do If the Weather is Bad on Chr...
Many places are getting snow right now, so Ronan wants to know what Santa does when the weather is really bad on Christmas Eve.
4 min
Will Santa Always Bring the Presents I Want? (E...
Does Santa always bring kids all the presents they want? Benjamin emailed us to find out!
5 min
Have Any Kids Been to the North Pole? (Email fr...
Do kids ever get a chance to experience the North Pole firsthand? Megan emails Santa to find out!
4 min
How Do You Deliver All Those Toys? (Email from ...
Jayden wants to know how Santa is able to deliver all those toys in just one night.
3 min
What Is Santa's Favorite Type of Cookie? (Text ...
Many kids leave cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, but Natalie wants to know what kind he likes the best.
5 min
How Do You Teach Your Reindeer to Fly? (Email f...
We know Santa's reindeer can fly, but Sean wants to know how Santa and the elves train them.
5 min
Santa, What’s Your Favorite TV Show? (Text from...
Jacey wants to know what TV shows Santa likes to watch when he's able to take a break.
5 min
How Did Santa Become So Famous? (Text from Cali)
How did Santa Claus become known throughout the world? Cali wants to know...
4 min
What Toys Do Elves Make at Your Workshop? (Emai...
Max wants to know if Santa really makes all the toys for the children, or does he have some extra help?
5 min
What Do Reindeer Really Eat? (Text from Hope)
Do the reindeer want anything besides carrots on Christmas Eve? Hope wants to know.
5 min
Santa, Do You Get Email? (Text from Miles)
How do kids get in touch with Santa? Miles wants to know if Santa checks email very often.
4 min
What Are Mrs. Claus' Favorite Recipes? (Email f...
We know Mrs. Claus makes an amazing Christmas dinner, so Annabella wants to know which dishes she likes the best.
5 min
Why Can't We See the North Pole on a Map? (Emai...
Christian asks Santa why you can't see the North Pole on Google Maps.
5 min
What Are Santa’s Favorite Apps? (Text from Violet)
We know Santa uses lots of technology on his sleigh, so Violet wants to know Santa's favorite apps.
5 min
Does Santa Have a Bodyguard? (Email from Austin)
Austin emails us to make sure there's someone protecting Santa and the North Pole.
5 min
Do You Ever Burn Yourself in the Chimney? (Text...
Audrey knows fireplaces are hot, so why doesn't Santa burn himself when he slides down them?
4 min
What Should Be in My Letter to Santa? (Text fro...
Olive sent us a text message to learn more about what to write in her letter to Santa.
4 min
Where Do the Elves Live? (Email from Cooper)
Cooper wants to know where the elves live in the North Pole.
4 min
What Types of Hot Cocoa are at the North Pole? ...
Eleanor loves hot chocolate and wants to know what flavor does Santa likes best.
5 min
How Do Your Reindeer Fly? (Text from Bree)
Bree emails to ask how Santa's reindeer can fly, when normal reindeer can't fly.
4 min
Does Santa Prefer Apple or Android? (Email from...
Hudson asks Santa what type of tablet he should ask for this Christmas.
4 min
Do Naughty Kids Really Get Coal In Their Stocki...
Lucy needs to know if her sister is getting coal in her stocking this year.
3 min
Who Founded the North Pole? (Text from James)
James asks if the elves or Santa founded the North Pole.
4 min
Do You Have Any Pets at the North Pole? (Email ...
Hailey emails to ask if Santa and Mrs. Claus have any pets at the North Pole.
4 min
How Many Toys Can You Fit In Your Bag? (Email f...
Zoe wonders how Santa can fit all those toys in his giant bag.
4 min
How Do You Know Where I Live? (Text from Harper)
Harper wonders how Santa knows where to deliver her presents each year at Christmas.
4 min
Do You Go On Vacation After Christmas? (Text fr...
Michael asks if Santa needs a long vacation after the hustle and bustle of Christmas.
5 min
How Old is Santa? (Email from Emily)
Emily wonders why Santa never seems to get older.
4 min
Do You Have Wi-Fi on Your Sled? (Voicemail from...
Sayer asks Santa is he uses wi-fi to help deliver presents on Christmas Eve.
5 min
What Does Mrs. Claus Do on Christmas Eve? (Text...
Carter is curious to know what Mrs. Claus does when Santa is away on Christmas Eve.
4 min
How Did You Train My "Elf on a Shelf"? (Text fr...
Noah asks why his Elf on a Shelf seems to be more naughty this year.
5 min
Would Santa Run for President? (Email from Madi...
Madison wonders why Santa (who is popular at the North Pole) hasn't run for President.
5 min
Do You Take Ride-Alongs In Your Sleigh? (Text f...
Ava wants to know if Santa takes request from kids who want to ride along in his sleigh.
5 min
How Much Money Do You Make? (Voicemail from Urban)
Urban leaves a voicemail asking if Santa makes any money for delivering presents around the world.
4 min
Do You Use Amazon Prime to Deliver Presents? (E...
Jacob emails Santa to see if he ever takes advantage of Amazon's free shipping or drone service.
4 min
Why Are There So Many Santas? (Email from Chloe)
Chloe emails Santa because she's confused by all the "Santas" during Christmas time.
5 min
Do You and Mrs. Claus Have Kids? (Text from Jac...
Jackson texts Santa to see if he and Mrs. Claus have any children (besides all those elves)!
3 min
Is Your Sleigh Eco-Friendly? (Email from Kendra)
Kendra emails Santa to see if his reindeer-powered sleigh is really eco-friendly.
4 min
Millennial Santa: How It All Began
Sunny the Elf launches KELF, the North Pole's Radio Station... and it's immediately hacked by a human child.
3 min
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