Millennial Santa: Christmas Questions...

A human child has hacked KELF, the North Pole's radio station! Join Sunny the Elf and Santa Claus as they give kids an exclusive look at what the North Pole is like and continue their mission to spread Christmas cheer throughout the year!

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Santa, what's one thing you'll do differently n...
Every year, Santa makes small changes to improve workflow at the North Pole. Ivy wants to know what Santa will do differently next year.
4 min
Santa, will you visit if someone in my house fe...
What happens if someone in your house feels sick? Don't worry, Santa always finds a way!
3 min
How do you train your sled dogs, Santa? (Amelia...
Santa explains that raising a sled dog is a bit different than raising a new puppy.
4 min
Santa, how big is the North Pole? (Jenny from V...
Santa talks about his village a lot... but how big is it
3 min
Santa, what’s your favorite meal? (Jacob from N...
Mrs. Claus makes some amazing meals, but which one is Santa's favorite?
3 min
Santa, do you celebrate Hanukkah? (Tamara from ...
There are lots of religious holidays in December. Does Santa celebrate all of them?
2 min
What other names do you have besides "Santa Cla...
Santa is known around the world by different names... here are just a few.
3 min
Santa, how do you know if I'm not home on Chris...
Santa seems to have this amazing way to track kids across the world. So, how does he do it?
3 min
Santa, if you were a cartoon, who would you be?...
You've seen a bunch of cartoon Santas... but if Santa were a cartoon, which one would he choose and why?
3 min
Santa, how do you stay warm at the North Pole?...
The North Pole is super cold right now, so how does Santa stay warn?
4 min
Santa, what's one thing no one knows about you?...
Everyone has secrets, right? Well, in this episode, Santa reveils something most people don't realize.
4 min
What is your favorite Christmas song? (Cody fro...
What's the one Christmas song that gets stuck in your head every year?
4 min
Can you have dinner with me and my family? (Fin...
So, what are the chances that Santa will come to your house and eat spaghetti?
3 min
Santa, what makes you most proud? (Dawson from ...
Santa shares what children around the world do that makes him super proud!
4 min
Do you like all the letters children send to yo...
Santa gets lots of letters every Christmas. But which ones does he like the best?
4 min
What’s the one thing that makes you most happy?...
We know Santa loves Christmas, but what else makes him happy?
3 min
Why are Christmas colors red and green? (Sophi...
We all wear red and green at Christmastime... but why?
3 min
Do you have a favorite superhero? (Nathan from ...
Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman? Does Santa have a favorite superhero?
3 min
Did you always want to be Santa? (Nora from Ind...
Did Santa dream about becoming Father Christmas someday? Hmmmm.
4 min
Santa, what was the first job you ever had? (Da...
What did Santa do before he was "Santa"?
3 min
Santa do you read books? (Logan from Arizona)
Does Santa have a favorite book? Logan wants to know.
4 min
Did you go to Santa school? (Parker from Dallas)
How does Santa learn how to be Santa? Parker wants to know...
3 min
Why can't planes see you flying on Christmas Ev...
Hmmm.... Zoe wonders why planes can't see Santa flying on his big night.
2 min
Is Rudolph's red nose really hot? (Taylor from ...
Taylor learns that something that's red in color could mean it's hot or cold... or just the right temperature.
3 min
Santa, do you eat reindeer burgers? (Fiona from...
Hmmmm.... reindeer with a side of fries? That doesn't sound right.
3 min