Mike Saves Hockey

Join Mike Straw every Friday as he dishes on all the latest news and headlines from the world of hockey. Presented by Full Press Hockey.

Ep 7: The NHL on TNT is Bad
The NHL on TNT is in its first year, but it's already shown to have quite a few problems. From production to broadcasters and more, Mike Straw and Jim Biringer fix what's broken with the NHL on TNT on Mike Saves Hockey.
30 min
Ep 6: Avalanche and NHL Trade Deadline Talk Wit...
Jeremy Lambert of Fightful.com and Chris Wassel of Full Press Hockey, join Mike Straw during the NHL Trade Deadline special to discuss the latest movement and the Colorado Avalanche.
22 min
Ep 5: Fixing The NHL Trade Deadline
The NHL Trade Deadline is one of the best days in sports, but how can it become more exciting?
28 min
Ep 4: Fixing The NHL Salary Cap Issue
Mike Saves Hockey by addressing the NHL's salary cap issues, and how to fix them. After seeing the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Vegas Golden Knights find loopholes in the system, what can be done to hold teams accountable for bad contracts?
31 min
Ep 3: Rocky Wirtz and the Chicago Blackhawks Mess
Mike saves hockey by addressing the mess that is the Chicago Blackhawks.
28 min
Ep 2: NHL All Star Game/ Hockey Jersey Nostalgia
It's Mike Saves Hockey with host Mike Straw. This week, Mike saves NHL jerseys and the NHL All Star Game.
31 min
Ep 1: Shootout/Overtime, NHL Officiating; ESPN ...
On the debut episode, host Mike Straw discusses NHL overtime, the state of officiating, and ESPN's coverage in their first season back.
44 min