Mentor My Mix

Mentor My Mix goes behind the scenes to focus on the tactics for the artist/producer to thrive in today's music industry. MMM delves deep into the professional life stories and the core competencies that make each guest great at what they do. Join Greg Gordon as he explores what makes for a great artist/producer and the chance to get to know what makes them tick both as everyday people and their passion for making music their lives.

Music Interviews
Sinukus: From Live 365 Internet Radio to Avid P...
From Live 365 Internet Radio to Avid Pro Tools architect, The Ambient Mafia, The Unison Collective and beyond!
64 min
Lucia Lilikoi: The value of Education, Crowdfun...
The Value of Education, Crowdfunding, Vinyl and Sound Healing
66 min
Michael Starita: Saying Yes, RTFM, Finding Fulf...
Saying Yes, RTFM, Finding Fulfillment, and Meditation
67 min
Sheridan Carter: Networking, Collaborating, Vis...
Networking, Collaborating, Vision & Weed
55 min
Kiva: Producer, Label Boss and Ableton Certifie...
Multi Instrumentalist, Producer, Label Boss and Ableton Certified Trainer
56 min
Kush: From Live Sound to NFT's and Remote Recor...
From Live Sound To NFT's and remote recording with The Everyone Orchestra
71 min
Jef Stott: Producing Global Bass Electronic and...
Jef Stott: Producing Global Bass and Ambient Electronic Music with Ableton Live
76 min
Bob Duskis: 25 Years of Music with Six Degrees ...
Bob Duskis: President and Co-founder of Six Degrees Records
76 min
Gavin Hardkiss: Pioneering SF's electronic musi...
Gavin Hardkiss: An Electronic music pioneer navigating the waters of today's music industry.
100 min
Heather Christie: The Triple Threat Hero's Jour...
Heather Christie "music-preneurship", remixing songs for more reach, American Idol, and the Hero's Journey
45 min
Brian Schmidt: 30 Years in Game Audio + G.A.N.G...
The Pyramind/G.A.N.G. Sound For Games Scholarship + 30 Years in Game Audio
52 min
Martin Luther McCoy: The Rebel Soul Sound
SF to NYC & back: Touring with The Roots to Hollywood, The SF Jazz Collective & Rebel Soul Records
81 min
Shawn Mercado AKA Shdws: Blowing up the undergr...
Getting signed to Night Bass and Divided Souls to Parc 'N Rave shows with Insomniac
69 min
Mentor My Mix Trailer
2 min
Shane Hazleton: Concept to creation with the AP...
From Conceptualizing the original APC 40 to Mentoring LMFAO
62 min
MING: The art of getting signed & creating mult...
Getting signed, touring, national commercials, multiple streams of revenue, and a Grammy Nomination
80 min
Antiserum: OG Bass head to OG Funksta breaks do...
OG Bass Head to OG Funksta breaking down Skunked
59 min
Dr. Steven Schwartz: Sonically Vibe'ing the wor...
Bioharmonic Technologies and Primal Resonance: Producing Music for Wellness
75 min
Social Kid: Creating of the Mid Tempo sound
The journey from Frost Raven to K Theory to Social Kid
68 min
Ken Felton: Game Audio Bound, From LA To The SF...
Game Audio Bound: From LA To The SF BAY
69 min
Moldover: The Godfather of Controllerism
From Controllerism to Self Care to the Joy of Education and Continuity through Community.
58 min
DJ Celeste: Performing in VR
Producing & Live Streaming during Covid & building virtual performance spaces for DJ's in VR
61 min
Bruce Mac Vaughn: From necessity to opportunity,
From necessity to opportunity, Coaxing out your soul song and holding the bitterness and sweetness together in relationship to fully experience life.
72 min
Steffen Franz: Championing the Indie Artist
From CBGB's to Janes's Addiction to Mix Master Mike and Beyond
63 min
Jaytech: The sound of Anjunadeep
From lemons to lemonade: Taking a year off Raves for the first time ever, Breaking down a brand new release & giving people a touch of heaven.
73 min
Niko Kotoulas: From Wall Street to Music Busine...
"A formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune"
57 min
Jor van der Poel: Berlin based producer tells all!
Life In Berlin, Performing with Ableton Live, Experimental and Techno Music, RTFM, and how to know what you don't know!
57 min