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Mavs Fanatic Radio
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Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 112: Chris Arnold from 10...
62 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 111: Cowboys look to get ...
66 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 110: MLB Playoffs, Cowboy...
66 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 109: MAVS EDITION!!! DSF ...
58 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 108: Cowboys are 2-0, loo...
62 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 107: Mike Fisher of 105.3...
65 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 106: ZEKE GETS PAID!!! Co...
76 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 105: Dak, Zeke, and Coop ...
81 min
10 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 104: Chris Arnold of 105....
84 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 103: Mike Fisher of 105.3...
67 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 102: DSF talks Cowboys an...
62 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 101: NBA Free Agency, USW...
78 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod: 100TH EPISODE PT 2. !!!!! L...
49 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod: 100TH EPISODE PT 1. !!!!! F...
38 min
Dallas Fanatic Pod Ep 99: NBA Talk & Texas Rang...
70 min
DallasFanatic Pod Ep 98: DeShaun goes solo on t...
19 min
DallasFanatic Pod Ep 97: Bryce Wasserman of MLL...
72 min
DallasFanatic Pod Ep 96: Dak Prescott is "All a...
65 min
DallasFanatic Pod Ep 95: NBA Lottery, NBA Playo...
64 min
DallasFanatic Pod Ep 94: Stars' season comes to...
81 min
DallasFanatic Pod Ep 93: Stars advance! Rangers...
61 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 92: Dirk says goodbye to Dal...
93 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 91: Maxi Kleber joins the sh...
64 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 90: Dirk Nowitzki, NBA Award...
76 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 89: Mike Fisher and Donnie N...
68 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 88: Luka's bad game; NBA fan...
59 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 87: Dirk Nowitzki and the cu...
77 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 86: The legacy of Dirk Nowit...
62 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 85: The lasting legacy of Di...
77 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 84: Mavs finally make some n...
32 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 83: Dirk returns; Mavs road ...
59 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 82: Mavs keep winning; DeSha...
53 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 81: Luka Doncic is becoming ...
61 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 80: The Luka Doncic led Mavs...
61 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 79: The Pros and Cons of the...
61 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 78: Don't let the Mavs growi...
61 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 77: Mavs show potential and ...
60 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 76: Mavs open season with ex...
60 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 75: The Crew Breaks down Mav...
62 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 74: DeAndre Jordan, Mavs Tri...
61 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 73: Dirk Nowitzki's Legacy; ...
61 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 72: Are the Mavs in a good p...
62 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 71: Lebron James' IPromise S...
60 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 70: Kawhi Leonard Trade, Mav...
59 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 69: NBA Free Agency
28 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 68: Luka Donkic, NBA Awards ...
60 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 67: 2011 NBA Champion Jason ...
53 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 66: Mavs Draft Talk & NBA Fi...
63 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 65: Mavs Draft & Trade Rumor...
60 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 64: NBA Finals & Mavs Draft ...
60 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 63: NBA Playoffs & The GOAT
59 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 62: Mavs get ready for NBA D...
61 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 61: Mavs End Season With NBA...
59 min
Mavs Fanatic Podcast Episode 60: Mavs Tank Watc...
47 min
Mavs Fanatic Podcast Episode 59: Mavs Madness, ...
52 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 58: Mavs hire new CEO; NCAA ...
43 min
MavsFanatic Podcast Ep 57: Mavs Scandal, Tankin...
58 min
Mavs Pod Ep 56: Dirk's Minute Milestone; Seth C...
40 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 55: Blake Griffin Trade, Pot...
58 min
MavsFanatic Pod Ep 54: Rick Carlisle, Lavar Bal...
45 min
MavsFanatic Pod Episode 53: Are Mavs trying to ...
48 min
MavsFanatic Episode 52: Mavs Draft News and bes...
60 min
Mavs Ep 51: MAVS DEFEAT SPURS! Mavs Draft News ...
40 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 50: Taimon and Mike react to th...
46 min
MavsFanatic Ep 49: Mavs open the season, Dennis...
41 min
MavsFanatic Ep 48: Mavs Preseason, Mavs History...
58 min
MavsFanatic Ep 47: Mavs Media Day, Hurricane Ma...
45 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 46: Player Profiles, Mavs futur...
59 min
MavsFanatic Ep 45: Player Profiles, Outlook on ...
Mike Dupont takes a personal day while Taimon and Deshaun talk about impact players for the Mavs, and the overall season.
56 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep. 44: Taimon is heading to Holly...
60 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 43: Mavs Schedule, more Nerlens...
Taimon and Mike discuss if the Mavs have a favorable schedule this upcoming season.
59 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 42: Nerlens Noel, Mark Cuban an...
Taimon and Mike welcome DeShaun Walker to the program as there brand new board operator. -   - Taimon and Mike discuss the ongoing Nerlens Noel situation as well as weigh in on Mark Cuban's comments on NFL QB Colin Kaepernick. -   - Twitter.
59 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 41 Kyrie Irving, Nerlens Noel, ...
Mike Dupont is introduced as the newest co-host on Mavs Fanatic! - Taimon and Mike discuss the possibility of Kyrie Irving getting traded to the Mavericks as well as the impact a Kyrie Irving trade could have on the Mavericks if he is traded to the We...
59 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 40 NBA Summer League Breakdown,...
Mike DuPont fills in while Nick is away covering the Summer League. Mike and Taimon discuss the Mavs Summer League play, Dennis Smith Jr as well as how the Mavericks are faring out this off-season. -   - Follow Mike: Twitter.com/MikeDuPont_ -
60 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 39 Seth NBA Offseason Twitter Q...
Nick and Taimon welcome Josh from the Seeing Stars Podcast to discuss the Paul George trade, Chris Paul move, Gordon Hayward signing, what the Mavericks are doing,  answer your Twitter questions, and talk about Erick Dampier for entirely too long. -
59 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 38 CP3, Clippers, Phil Jackson,...
Nick and Taimon welcome Dylan Duell to discuss the Chris Paul to the Rockets Trade, the state of the Clippers, if they want Blake Griffin on the Mavs, Phil Jackson being fired by the Knicks, the NBA Draft (oh, yeah,
89 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 37 NBA Draft with Chris Axmann
Nick and Taimon welcome the Almighty Baller himself, Chris Axmann, to discuss who the Mavs should take with the 9th pick, what it means for Donnie Nelson, Kristaps Porzingis, Paul George, and what the D'Angelo Russell trade means for the Dallas Maveric...
59 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 36 Is it Jrue?
Nick and Taimon are joined by Mike Dupont of MavsFanatic.com to discuss the rumors about Jrue Holiday coming to the Mavericks, Stephen Jacksons (stupid) comments about Dirk, Wes Matthews trades, and the NBA Draft. -   - Follow Nick: Twitter.
59 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 35 Best Duo in Mavs History
Nick and Taimon discuss the best duo in Mavericks history, the NBA Finals, and the upcoming NBA Draft.  Presented by MavsFanatic.com -   - Follow Nick: Twitter.com/NickVanExit - Follow Taimon: Twitter.com/TaimonT717
60 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 34 The L Stands For Life
Nick & Taimon discuss the suitors for Nerlens Noel's alleged "Max Contract."  Which teams have cap space and could they swoop in and out play the Mavs? Then they discuss the known fact that MFFLs are the most loyal NBA fans.
60 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 33 Seth Curry on FS1, Beefs, & ...
Nick & Taimon discuss Seth Curry appearing on Undisputed and The Herd, their beef with Skip Bayless & Lavar Ball, Manu Ginobili's send-off, Jrue Holiday or Kyle Lowry, and redo their Gut-Reaction Mock Draft 2.0 - Visit: MavsFanatic.com
60 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 32 Draft Lottery, Zaza, Porzingis
Nick & Taimon discuss the NBA Draft order and give their gut reaction mock draft.  Who should the Mavericks take and who will be available at the 9th spot? Then they decide whether Zaza's play was dirty, out a former rival (Spur) for hypocrisy,
59 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 31 Mavericks Draft Overview
Nick & Michael DuPont survey the NBA Draft landscape and discuss the Mavericks needs heading into the Draft. Who should the Mavericks draft? Who will be available? They guys give some answers and reveal every team's needs ahead of the Mavs in the lotte...
72 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 30 Mavs 2016-17 Ridiculous Stat...
Nick & Taimon are joined by Dylan Duell of MavsFanatic.com and Jay "Muffin" Attal to compete in the Mavs 2016-17 Ridiculous Stats Quiz.  If you get any of these right you are a bonafide MFFL. - Visit: MavsFanatic.com Follow: twitter.
60 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 29 Lottery & Exit Interviews
Nick & Taimon discuss the NBA Draft Lottery and where the Dallas Mavericks stand.  They also run through the best quotes from the Mavs Exit Interviews including Dirk Nowitzki, Harrison Barnes, Seth Curry, and Rick Carlisle.  This, of course,
64 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 28 Season in Review
Nick & Taimon recap the Mavs season and discuss Tony Romo, Wes Matthews, the Mavs rebuilding, Seth Curry, and the entire 2016-17 Mavericks season. - Visit: MavsFanatic.com Follow: twitter.com/themavsfanatic - Follow Nick: twitter.com/nickangstadt
64 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 27 "Team Tank has won the day"
Nick and Taimon discuss how Team Tank has won, the starters that played last night against the Kings, how Harrison Barnes can improve, and Taimon doesn't think we can trust Kevin Durant. - Visit: MavsFanatic.com Follow: twitter.com/themavsfanatic
64 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 26 Tim Cato
Nick and Taimon ask what makes a banana organic, could Holger teach D'Aaron Fox how to shoot, and what's it like to interview Mark Cuban on the infamous Stairmaster? Nick has a major beef with Taimon, that Taimon actually agrees with and they welcome o...
61 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 25 Victor Villalba Mavs & Cowbo...
Nick and Taimon welcome the Mavs & Cowboys Spanish Radio Announcer in-studio to discuss his journey and the state of the Mavericks.  The guys talk about how Victor got into broadcasting, the nuances of Spanish language broadcasts,
63 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 24 Writers Roundtable: Playoffs...
Nick and Taimon welcome MavsFanatic.com writers Michael Lark and Michael DuPont to discuss...what else...the Mavericks playoffs hopes, whether Nerlens Noel is worth a max contract this summer, and what would it be like if Obama bought part of the Maver...
61 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 23 Dirk 30k with Chris Arnold
Nick and Taimon welcome Chris Arnold, Mavs MC and 105.3 The Fan Host, to discuss the atmosphere and precedent of Dirk scoring his 30000th point at home in Dallas.  Then Nick and Taimon discuss Dirk's place in history,
56 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep. 22: Mavs draft options and nee...
Nick and Taimon speak with Sean Derenthal of the Ode to Oden Podcast on the Almighty Ballin Podcast Network about the NBA Draft and the Mavericks draft needs. - Visit: MavsFanatic.com - Follow: twitter.com/themavsfanatic - Follow Sean: twitter.
39 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 21 Max Rappaport on Nerlens Noel
Nick and Taimon welcome 76ers writer Max Rappaport to talk about the Mavericks' new addition, Nerlens Noel.  They ask him about his offensive game, his personality, and whether or not his lateness will be an issue going forward.
36 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 20 Michael Lark
Nick and Taimon discuss Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut joining the Cavaliers, Kevin Durant's injury and what that means for the Mavs, and Beef it out over Draymond Green and Paul Pierce.  Then they bring on Michael Lark to discuss his journey covering...
35 min
The Mavs Fanatic Podcast Ep. 19 Trade Deadline ...
Nick & Taimon explore every angle of the Nerlens Noel Trade.  Was the Andrew Bogut experience in Dallas a failure? Are the Mavericks going to regret trading away Justin Anderson too early? What happened with Deron Williams? - MavsFanatic.com
35 min
The Mavs Fanatic Podcast Ep. 18: Mike Fisher & ...
Nick and Taimon welcome Mike Fisher from 105.3 The Fan and DallasBasketball.com to discuss the very latest on the Mavericks on Trade Deadline Eve. Then they call up the founder of MavsFanatic.com Ryan Wilson to discuss how Mavs Fanatic began and where ...
54 min
Mavs Fanatic Ep 17 Isaac Harris on Trade Season...
Nick is joined by Isaac Harris (Editor of Fansided's The Smoking Cuban) to discuss their first year covering an NBA team, NBA Trade Season, and personal stories
66 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 16 “We Are Tanking”
Nick and Taimon discuss Mark Cuban's comments to Ben & Skin on 105.3 The Fan about Tanking. Then Taimon rants about Kevin Durant and All-Star Weekend. - Follow: twitter.com/NickAngstadt Follow: twitter.com/TaimonT717
52 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 15 Coach Dave DuFour
Taimon and Nick welcome Coach Dave from Real GM and BBallBreakdown to discuss the state of the Mavericks, Coaches, and somehow the Knicks... - Follow: twitter.com/coachdavedu4 Follow: twitter.com/NickAngstadt Follow: twitter.com/TaimonT717
50 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 14 Spurs, Cavs, and YOGI!
Taimon and Nick discuss the Mavs incredible week including back-to-back wins against the Spurs & the Cavs and YOGI FERRELL has been incredible but should the Ma
37 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 13 David Zavac on the Caval...
Nick and Taimon discuss whether there has been another NBA team to win a title with only 1 superstar, Pierre Jackson getting released, Yogi Ferrell being signed
39 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 12 Tanking Or Not with Rob ...
Nick and Taimon discuss how the Mavs are 4 games out of the 8th spot in the playoffs and continue to disagree on Team Tank vs Team Playoffs. Then they bring on
36 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 11 Mavs Ridiculous Stats Quiz
Nick and Taimon welcome Josh Dack of the Seeing Stars Podcast to discuss the Mavericks 3 game winning streak and Nick quizzes the guys on ridiculous Mavericks s
34 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 10 Chris Arnold
Nick and Taimon are joined by Mavericks MC and 105.3 The Fan host Chris Arnold to talk about tanking, the playoff push, Harrison Barnes, and the Mavs Fanatic Bo
41 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 9 Mavs Fanatic Boorometer
Nick and Taimon welcome Dylan Duell to discuss the Mavs Fanatic Boorometer and the most hated active players in the NBA. - Follow: twitter.com/NickAngstadt Follow: twitter.com/TaimonT717 Follow: twitter.com/DylanDuell
47 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 8 What Happened Last Night ...
Nick and Taimon were both on hand for the...whatever it was last night... against the Rockets. They discuss that, the Malice at the Palace, Dirk & Bogut return
36 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 7 Utah, Craig Sager, Boogie...
Nick and Taimon welcome Josh Dack of the Seeing Stars Podcast into the studio to talk about the DALvsUTA game, Craig Sager, Boogie vs The Media, and Nerlens Noe
72 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 6 Mavs 20 Games in and Pote...
Nick and Taimon discuss the Mavericks first 20 games, Harrison Barnes, Dirk & Bogut's injuries, potential trades and, by the way, Taimon does a pretty good Chri
51 min
The Mavs Fanatic Ep 4 It’s Getting Better, We S...
Taimon and Nick are joined by Josh and Nathan of the Seeing Stars podcast to discuss the Mavericks season thus far. They recap the Mavs week against the Bucks,
33 min