The Man Enough Podcast

What does it mean to be a man in the world today? More importantly, what does it mean to be human? Actor, director and author Justin Baldoni, prominent masculinity expert Liz Plank, and award-winning music producer & President of Wayfarer Studios Jamey Heath engage in honest and at times uncomfortable conversations with high profile and culture-leading guests. 

Armed with candor and compassion, each episode covers how the messages of masculinity show up in relationships, body image, privilege, fatherhood, sex, and success. If you’re interested in learning in real time, deepening your connection with yourself and others, and being reminded that you are enough, this is the podcast for you.

Society & Culture
Men Standing Up for Women with Maz Jobrani
Iran’s Women's Revolution
50 min
Mental Health Does Not Discriminate with Zachar...
Mental Health and the Radical Love it Takes to Heal the World
52 min
Creating a Healthy Mindset with Justin, Jamey a...
Embracing joy and the full range of emotions we encounter in our daily lives
46 min
The Cost of Isolation With Ex-Skinhead, Graham ...
The problem wasn’t the racism, the violence or the alcohol. The problem was the patriarchy.
54 min
Financial Freedom with Tori Dunlap
A Man is Not a Financial Plan
67 min
The Sex Industry: Empowering or Shaming? with S...
Diverse perspectives on sexual shame, and patriarchal power dynamics in sex and sex work.
74 min
Investing in Young Men with Scott Galloway
Young men are in a crisis, it’s up to us to invest in them.
54 min
What Makes A Good Man? with Jamey, Liz and And...
Performing masculinity, the science of testosterone, showing up as better partners at home and answering the age old question, ‘what makes a good man?’.
47 min
What It Means to be a Protector with Actress An...
Creating safe spaces, humanizing our parents, masculinity in the military, the repercussion of trans ‘jokes,’defunding the police and the importance of men as protectors.
76 min
'What are we allowed to laugh at?' with Matt W...
Pandemic hobbies, fathering gay and non-binary children, giving comedians space to learn from their mistakes and how men use comedy to hide vulnerability
59 min
Sex & Relationship Therapist Esther Perel on Mo...
Dating for men, equal relationships, changing norms challenge men to unlearn, how men can show up more in the abortion conversation
59 min
Justin, Jamey and Liz on Cancel Culture
This season two premiere features an open and honest conversation about the current cultural climate and the challenges of saying what you really mean.
40 min
Calling Us In: Season 1 Finale with 10+ Returni...
Join us as we reflect and check back in with guests from our first season about their journeys since we last spoke, including ALOK, Shaka Senghor, Emily Baldoni, Emmanuel Acho and more.
112 min
Jackson Katz: Is Gun Violence A Men's Issue?
How is it possible to talk about gun violence without talking about the ideas of masculinity instilled in American boys from a young age? TED speaker and best-selling author Jackson Katz helps us look at the connection between these factors, which he’s been writing about since Columbine.
54 min
Giacomo Gianniotti: A Call To Action For Men
In this special episode, Grey’s Anatomy star Giacomo Gianniotti bravely shares his family’s experience with miscarriages and medical abortions, and how his grief has moved him to advocate for men to speak out in support of healthcare and human rights.
41 min
Shane & Hannah Burcaw: Love is Not a Burden
Disability advocates and relationship vloggers, Shane & Hannah Burcaw discuss their inter-abled marriage, caregiving, intimacy, and why representation is essential to sparking change.
82 min
Phil Augusta Jackson and Echo Kellum: Come As Y...
Emmy nominated writer, Phil Augusta Jackson & actor and comedian Echo Kellum discuss Black masculinity, therapy, friendship and dating in this upbeat and meaningful conversation.
69 min
Gavin DeGraw: The Courage to Dream
Multi platinum singer and songwriter Gavin DeGraw discusses tackling grief and celebrating the legacy of his late parents, our responsibility in society to protect each other, and being courageous enough to dream.
56 min
Charity Croff: Empathy is the Answer
Instagram’s coolest Public Intellectual, Charity Croff discusses what it means to be a man, the intersections of race, gender, and the patriarchy, and why empathy is always the answer.
105 min
Noor Tagouri: Stepping Outside of Storylines
Award winning journalist and producer, Noor Tagouri discusses the power of intention in life and spirituality, the relationship of fear and control in media, and why confronting biases is important to telling fair human stories.
65 min
Victoria Alonso: Marvel's Powerhouse
Victoria Alonso—Marvel Studio’s President of Physical and Post Production, Visual Effects, and Animation production, discusses being a Latina boss in Hollywood, the power of showing up, and the messages of masculinity in the Marvel Universe.
82 min
MMA Legend Georges St-Pierre: More Than A Fighter
MMA legend and star of Marvel’s Disney+ series, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,’ Georges St-Pierre discusses bullying, depression, insecurities, and feeling terrified before a fight.
72 min
Dean Cain: Let's Disagree to Agree
Known as Superman in the series Lois & Clark, actor and producer Dean Cain discusses fatherhood, politics, police reform, and how he really feels about cancel culture and wokeness.
88 min
Anna Malaika & Michael Tubbs: Turning Admiratio...
New York Times best-selling author, Anna Malaika Tubbs, and the first Black mayor of Stockton, California, Michael Tubbs, discuss the contributions and erasure of Black women, marriage and parenting, and how we can each do our unique part to elevate human dignity.
76 min
Alyssa Milano: Meeting People Where They Are
Actor and activist Alyssa Milano discusses racism, mental health, #MeToo, and parenting in this vulnerable and transparent conversation.
75 min
Jackson Katz: All-Encompassing Courage
Renowned thought leader, TED speaker, and best-selling author, Jackson Katz discusses timely issues including abortion laws, sports culture, and male violence against women and each other in this wide-ranging conversation.
76 min
Mailchimp Presents: Going Through It Season 3 w...
With new host Jenny Yang, Going Through It returns for its third season featuring 15 notable guests reflecting on what they learned from the elders who influenced them at just the right time. New episodes releasing every Monday.
3 min
Jaime Camil: Changing the Narrative
Best known for his role as Rogelio on Jane the Virgin, Mexican actor and singer Jaime Camil talks about growing up in macho culture, how his childhood shaped his drive for success and validation, and the impact his father’s life and death has had on him.
67 min
Liz Plank: For the Love of Me
Filmmaker, award-winning journalist, author, and our beloved co-host, Liz Plank opens up about her childhood, relationships—including the one with herself—and what led her to becoming a prominent voice for a more mindful masculinity.
50 min
Man Enough to Care
In this special episode, Justin Baldoni is joined by Caring Across Generations’ co-director Ai-jen Poo, former NFL player Devon Still, author and comedian Zach Anner, actor Nathan Kress and long-term care expert Robert Espinoza to discuss the role that caregiving plays in their lives.
40 min
Shaka Senghor: A Complex Hero
Shaka Senghor—New York Times best-selling author and criminal justice activist — discusses gun trauma, fatherhood after incarceration, and how journaling and manifestation helped him create the life he lives today.
76 min
Jon M. Chu: Telling a New Story
Jon M. Chu, award winning director of Crazy Rich Asians & In the Heights, talks about growing up as the son of Chinese immigrants, forming his identity as an Asian man, and why the most important story he will ever tell is the one he tells his kids.
85 min
Tony Porter: Disrupting the Power Imbalance
Tony Porter—co-founder of A Call to Men, advisor to the NFL and training facilitator to the NBA and other major sports leagues—discusses breaking out of the “man box,” becoming your whole self, and why it’s necessary to focus on the experiences of Black women.
80 min
Introducing Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey an...
Be a “Fly on the Wall” as Saturday Night Live alumni Dana Carvey and David Spade take you behind the scenes to reminisce about the most memorable stories and moments with friends of the show.
3 min
Richie Reseda & Mannie Thomas III: Breaking the...
Featured in CNN’s documentary “The Feminist on Cell Block Y,” Richie Reseda and Mannie Thomas III share their stories of incarceration, transformation, and the work they’re doing to change the way we look at harm and healing.
88 min
Reset Mindset
In this special episode of Man Enough, we’re looking back and reflecting on some of the great conversations we had throughout 2021 with guests including Alok Vaid-Menon, Shawn Mendes, Jay Shetty, Sam and Emily Baldoni, Emmanuel Acho, Jason Wilson, and more.
55 min
Man Enough Meets #ABtalks: An Interview with Ju...
A wide-reaching interview with our host, Justin Baldoni by Anas Bukhash and the team at #ABtalks, who are doing incredible work in the Middle East to expand hearts and minds and “discover the human behind the title.”
63 min
Jason Wilson: Teaching Our Boys To Feel
Mentor and author, Jason Wilson, is a leader in Detroit changing the narrative that ‘men don’t cry.’ Through martial arts, Wilson transforms young boys teaching them to express their emotions as tools of true power to help better navigate the world.
84 min
Wisdom Kaye: The Freedom of Fashion
Dubbed by Vogue as the “Best-Dressed Guy on TikTok,” model Wisdom Kaye opens up on being bullied, struggling with body image, forming his identity, and using fashion as a tool for change in this dynamic and inspiring conversation.
61 min
Kier Gaines: Becoming Your Own Role Model
Proud husband, #GirlDad, therapist, and influencer Kier Gaines discusses the fear of life overload, marriage, fatherhood, relationships, and why we need more representation to show how dope therapy can be.
78 min
Giacomo Gianniotti: Awareness is the Superpower
Grey’s Anatomy star Giacomo Gianniotti shares his experience growing up as the son of an immigrant and how it shaped him as a man as well as what he’s learned in his first two and a half years of therapy.
72 min
Healthline: No More Silence
This November, we're partnering with Healthline to break the silence around why men are going to the doctor less than women. This silence is literally killing us. Systemic and cultural barriers often prevent men, boys and male-identifying people from seeking and receiving the adequate care that they need.
55 min
Karan Brar: Becoming Someone I Love
Actor Karan Brar shares his journey from childhood as Disney’s first Indian-American star to the man he is today. Brar reveals the grief and personal growth he experienced after losing a dear friend and how it helped him find self-love.
75 min
Joy DeGruy: Access to Respect
Dr. Joy DeGruy challenges us to look at the systems of patriarchy, racism, and neglect that have caused incredible injury for generations. Renowned researcher, educator and author, her dedication to healing has led her to develop revolutionary models and tools aimed at increasing racial and social justice. With passion and wisdom, Dr. DeGruy enlightens us all to connect with our intrinsic worth.
66 min
Eldra Jackson III: Human Work, Not Prison Work
Writer, speaker and Co-Executive Director of Inside Circle Eldra Jackson III doesn’t hold anything back as he shares how the pain and isolation of his youth led him to do things that landed him in prison for decades. Hear how he finally took accountability, transformed, found love, and now dedicates his life to healing others on similar paths.
70 min
Russell Dickerson: A New Kind of Cowboy
Multi-platinum country artist Russell Dickerson brings his life-of-the-party personality to a refreshing conversation about how his cowboy mentality has kept him from being vulnerable, why he wants to be his wife’s hype man, showing the value of opening up to conversations about what it means to be a man in the world today.
57 min
Emmanuel Acho: An Uncomfortable Conversation
Emmanuel Acho, NY Times best-selling author, Emmy-winning host of “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” and former NFL player, brings his confidence to a uniquely honest conversation about self-discipline, success, and what it feels like to remove our armor.
71 min
Anthony Padilla: The Illusion of Control
Famed YouTuber Anthony Padilla, the OG co-creator behind SMOSH and founder of Pressalike Productions, discusses mental health, the pressures that came with his success and experiences with gender policing throughout his life.
69 min
Jamey Heath: Healing My Broken Parts
Co-host Jamey Heath opens up about his life, courageously sharing stories of betrayal and being sexually abused, identity and infidelity, the need for accountability, and how putting our armor down creates safe spaces for others to do the same.
50 min
Rainn Wilson: The Unexpected Feminist Hero
Award-winning actor and comedian Rainn Wilson joins for an authentic conversation on workaholism, therapy, marriage, male friendships, and what his beloved character from The Office teaches us about being a man.
67 min
Jay Shetty: Monk Enough
Former monk and best-selling author Jay Shetty brings ancient wisdom and personal storytelling to a conversation on masculinity, insecurity, service, and having a purpose beyond ourselves.
59 min
Emily Baldoni: The Invisible Work of Women
Emily Baldoni brings her compassion and power to a transparent conversation about her marriage to Justin, the importance of communication, and the invaluable—and too often invisible—work of mothers.
73 min
Andy Grammer: Strong Enough to Listen
Multi-platinum songwriter Andy Grammer joins for an honest and uncomfortable conversation about inequality in our families and workplaces, approached with humility and an eagerness to listen and grow.
66 min
Lil Rel Howery: Strength in Imperfection
Stories & insights on grief, masculinity in the Black community, fatherhood, and body image, brought with Howery’s unique humor and honesty.
77 min
Sam Baldoni: Seeing Dad as Fully Human
Perspectives and challenges on fathers and sons, with Justin and his dad.
57 min
Alok Vaid-Menon: The Urgent Need for Compassion
ALOK challenges us to value compassion over comprehension, to try harder for each other in the name of love, and reminds us that learning is a sign of being alive.
66 min
Matthew McConaughey: Redefining Success As A Man
Matthew McConaughey shares openly about body image, relationships, parenting, and how his ideas of success values have shifted throughout his life and career in Hollywood.
61 min
Eugenio Derbez: Breaking Through Machismo to Be...
Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez discusses how we can shift away from the idea of needing to feel “macho” as we reimagine masculinity, examining parenting, success, and Latin American representation in media.
65 min
Glennon Doyle: It’s Not Men vs. Women; it’s All...
Glennon Doyle opens up about parenting, faith, and the differences between the rules of masculinity and the hearts of men.
59 min
Shawn Mendes: Shifting From Self To Service
Award winning singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes shares experiences from his childhood, career and current relationship that have shaped his ideas of masculinity, privilege, and service.
74 min
Karamo Brown: Reframing the Masculine Mentality
Karamo Brown of Netflix's Queer Eye provides humor, insight and truth with powerful presence and eye-opening vulnerability, inviting us to lean into our stories, including our mistakes, with courage and compassion.
58 min
What to expect on the first season of The Man E...
An introduction to The Man Enough Podcast, its hosts and aspirations
10 min
Introducing The Man Enough Podcast with Justin ...
3 min