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Postgame Reactions: Michigan Monster Mashes Not...
Discussing arguably the most complete and impressive effort of the Jim Harbaugh era.
26 min
Final predictions, preview for Michigan/ND and ...
Breaking down how Michigan can win on Saturday and thoughts on the series as a whole.
25 min
Out of the Blue: Moral Victories and Notre Dame...
The optimists of the Michigan football world deliver their input on moral victories and where this Michigan team goes from here.
35 min
Recruiting Podcast: Heavy visitor list on tap f...
Michigan has one last chance to sway some 2020 recruits.
38 min
Weighing 'moral victories' vs. failure to meet ...
The Brewcast guys discuss why it's possible to be encouraged by the team's fight at Penn State while also admitting the loss doesn't cut it.
36 min
Penn State reaction: Another familiar hole too ...
It was a familiar start to a tough road game, but Michigan rallied back. Unfortunately, it was not enough when it mattered most.
28 min
Reaction Podcast: Five-star forward Isaiah Todd...
Juwan Howard just landed his first big fish as head coach of the Michigan Basketball program.
29 min
Out of the Blue: Penn State Preview
The boys take stock after a rollercoaster ride of a game against Illinois, and look forward to the daunting challenge presented in Happy Valley.
47 min
Recruiting Podcast: Isaiah Todd’s upcoming deci...
A five-star basketball prospect is nearing his decision, and the Wolverines are one of the final two options.
28 min
Putting Michigan's "defining game" narrative in...
Why Shea Patterson deserves props and how the "defining game" narrative has been overblown at times for Jim Harbaugh.
38 min
What a blueprint for a Michigan win at Penn Sta...
It's going to take a hell of an effort to beat the No. 7 team in the country, but there's a plan in place.
24 min
Illinois Reaction: An odd performance against a...
Michigan made things way harder than they needed to be during its 42-25 win over Illinois.
32 min
Out of the Blue: Illinois Preview
Breaking down the gritty victory against Iowa and looking ahead to Illinois.
35 min
Recruiting Podcast: Basketball in the running f...
Michigan basketball may land a commitment from a five-star player very soon.
28 min
Why a change probably isn't coming to Michigan'...
Most are ready to move on from Shea Patterson, but he may be the best they've got right now. And that's a bummer.
37 min
Biggest questions coming out of the Iowa game f...
Michigan fans are happy for the win, but still largely unimpressed and concerned about the offense.
27 min
Post-Iowa Reactions: Lots of positives, but Mic...
Michigan's ability to develop offensively is being hampered by a QB it cannot currently trust.
30 min
Big Ten Media Day takeaways and interviews with...
Michigan Basketball's head coach and star duo spoke on Wednesday to Maize n Brew and reports on early takeaways from a new era.
40 min
Michigan Recruiting Podcast: Upcoming Brenden R...
Big-time football and basketball prospects visited last weekend for the Rutgers game, and a 2020 wide receiver nears his commitment.
42 min
Out of the Blue: Looking Ahead to Iowa
Gleaning what we can from the Rutgers win and looking ahead to a tough Iowa team.
43 min
What you can actually pull from the Rutgers gam...
The Brewcast boys are back to find some tangible takeaways from Rutgers, look ahead to Iowa, and continue to fear Ohio State.
46 min
Michigan's biggest questions heading into the I...
Fans of the Wolverines share their biggest concerns after Rutgers and ahead of a showdown with Iowa.
30 min
Postgame reactions: What to make of Michigan's ...
It was a mostly clean and dominant effort against a bad team that is a foundation to build off of.
45 min
Out of the Blue: Rutgers Preview and Hypothetic...
Previewing Rutgers and talking the state of Michigan football after an embarrassing loss.
41 min
Future Brew: Recruits remaining positive about ...
Things could change for the Wolverines if losses continue on the field.
38 min
Brewcast: The state of the fanbase and making s...
Fans are right to be upset. Here's how we move forward from here.
50 min
Postgame Reaction: Jim Harbaugh cannot be defen...
There are no more excuses here. Outcoached and outplayed in every facet of the game.
30 min
Interview: Tyler Hunt of Bucky's Fifth Quarter ...
Wisconsin fans are worried about what happens out of the bye week, as well.
29 min
Out of the Blue: Wisconsin Game Week
The boys touch on what they saw in the Big Ten last week and break down the matchup against Wisconsin.
39 min
Future Brew: Coaches traveling the country duri...
The coaches were busy crootin’ during the bye week.
44 min
Brewcast: OSU seems insurmountable, other Big T...
The Buckeyes are the class of the conference again, but is there any shot Michigan can catch up?
45 min
Braylon Edwards interview: On his new book, the...
The former Michigan star wide receiver joined our Friday podcast to discuss his autobiography and tell his side of the story.
30 min
Out of the Blue: Airing Grievances and Glimmers...
Breaking down what has gone right and what has gone wrong through two games and looking ahead to the bye week and beyond.
40 min
Future Brew: Breaking down football, basketball...
Big-time football and basketball recruits were on campus this past weekend.
41 min
Brewcast: How Michigan has changed expectations...
The Wolverines have not played as expected to start the year, so is it time to adjust the goals for this season?
38 min
Concern report: Ranking Michigan Football's iss...
What stands out as the biggest offensive concern for the Wolverines isn't the one that fans are roaring about.
29 min
Postgame reactions to Michigan's (ugly) 24-21 2...
What went right, what went wrong, and why this team has a heck of a lot of growing up to do before Wisconsin.
37 min
Closing Time: Behind Enemy Lines to preview Arm...
We welcome Joe Kramer of SB Nation's service academy blog to preview Saturday's game from the Army POV.
22 min
Out of the Blue: Army Preview and MTSU Final Th...
The fellas give their thoughts on the MTSU victory and what Michigan will be up against this weekend when Army comes to town.
34 min
Future Brew: Recruit reactions from visit to An...
Von and Jon discuss the players that were in town for the Middle Tennessee State game and more.
36 min
Brewcast: The good, bad, and ugly from Michigan...
Anthony, Luke, and Chris break down all of the positives and negatives a few days removed from the season's first game.
46 min
Postgame reactions: Michigan sloppy in 40-21 wi...
We break down all of the takeaways from Michigan's season opening win over MTSU
34 min
Closing Time: A one-on-one discussion with Josh...
Our debut Friday interview segment welcomes Josh Henschke to talk about what led him to working with Sam Webb, his childhood in Australia and more.
52 min
Out of the Blue: MTSU Game Week
Breaking down the remaining questions before Michigan kicks off against Middle Tennessee State this weekend.
35 min
Future Brew: Talented WR to visit this weekend,...
In our debut episode, we discuss the visitors in town this weekend for both football and basketball, as well as how the 2020 class should finish for Jim Harbaugh.
37 min
Brewcast gives the definitive State of Michigan...
On our Tuesday podcast, it's time to bring up offseason takeaways and where fans heads are at heading into the opener.
38 min
View from Stadium Blvd: Getting you up to speed...
We're back in full gear with our Monday edition with the Views gang naming players to watch and more this season.
35 min
Out of the Blue: Episode 51- The Rivalry Podcast
The definitive rivalry podcast.
56 min
Out of the Blue: Episode 50- Indiana Preview & ...
Talking Fall camp news, breaking down the always pesky Indiana team, and a few of the most bad ass women in cinema.
69 min
Out of the Blue: Episode 49- Notre Dame, Maryla...
The fellas go for a two-for-one breakdown of the Notre Dame and Maryland matchups, with some Kurt Russell talk on top.
57 min
Brewcast: Discussing Jim Harbaugh's 'controvers...
Jim Harbaugh ruffled feathers with comments on Urban Meyer, transfers and more. We break it all down.
67 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #22: The VIEWSYs Awards
We got Franz yall!!
58 min
Out of the Blue: Episode 47- Illinois Preview a...
The boys are back talking the Franz Wagner commitment, Mike Danna hype, a preview of Illinois, and their favorite chase scenes in movie history.
76 min
Out of the Blue: Episode 46-2020 Recruiting Cla...
Out of the Blue Episode 46
84 min
Brewcast: The Michigan team that wins a title f...
We wrap up Michigan Baseball's storied season and which team has the best shot to finally get over the hump.
56 min
Views from Stadium Blvd: Out of the Woods
Lots to talk about from more busy summer Michigan moments.
63 min
Out of the Blue: Episode 45 Rutgers Preview and...
Part 1: Brandon Peters, Michigan in the NBA Draft, and Rutgers Preview
28 min
Out of the Blue: Episode 45 Rutgers Preview and...
Part 2: 90's The boys welcome Wes Anderson to the show to talk classic 90's movies.
85 min
Brewcast: How baseball's success impacts Michig...
Talking College World Series, state of the QB room and why the hell is James Franklin still thought of highly?
59 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #20: Why Michigan Baseb...
Previewing the weekend for Michigan Baseball and much more.
58 min
Out of the Blue Episode 44: Oliver Martin is he...
Camp Randall is never an easy trip.
69 min
Brewcast: Previewing Michigan in College World ...
Perfect Game USA's Brian Sakowski joins to preview the College World Series and has MLB Draft takeaways. Also, the top five most important U-M Football players in 2019.
86 min
Out of the Blue Episode 43: Chris Evans, breaki...
Chris Evans is gone for 2019 & the second game of the season... It’s war.
75 min
Brewcast on the start of the Juwan Howard era, ...
Why Howard is winning his early days and why Michigan will be fine without Chris Evans
62 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #19: Okay maybe the ban...
Recapping Juwan Howard's intro and much more.
60 min
Out of the Blue Episode 42: Braiden McGregor, ...
Jared and Andrew discuss McGregor’s commitment and begin to look ahead to the 2019 opponents. Plus, some entertainment talk per usual.
66 min
Out of the Blue Episode 41: Juwan Howard Reacti...
Recapping a busy week for Michigan Basketball.
40 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #18: Reacting to Juwan ...
Michigan has a new coach and we have the reaction!
64 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #17: A farewell poem to...
Predictions for what's next, NBA Combine talk and more.
78 min
John Beilein reaction podcast: Brewcast on what...
All of the fallout from the John Beilein decision to jump to the NBA and more.
68 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #16: Brandon Power Rank...
Another jam-packed episode from Hannah and Harley
77 min
Out of the Blue Episode 40: Brandon Peters tran...
Jared and Andrew react to the Brandon Peters news, improve the Wolverines via trades, and discuss supporting characters that stole the show in movies.
49 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #15: What happened with...
We're back after a bye week for a Harley birthday edition episode with lots to discuss.
87 min
Brewcast: Avengers: Endgame spoiler discussion/...
Diving into NFL Draft fits for Michigan players and a full recap of what went down in Endgame.
114 min
Out of the Blue Episode 39: Recapping the NFL D...
Jared and Andrew react to the Michigan draft picks, discuss the NFL Draft on the whole, and gush over the Avengers.
89 min
Out of the Blue Episode 38: NFL Draft thoughts ...
NFL Draft and Avengers week, hold on to your butts.
92 min
Brewcast discusses Rashan Gary narratives, NFL ...
We've got the Avengers and the NFL Draft on our minds this week.
58 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #14: Charles Matthews o...
Basketball, recruiting, and Zion in our latest episode
98 min
Out of the Blue Episode 37: Spring Game overrea...
Jared and Andrew discuss the important takeaways from the Spring Game and how to build the perfect movie.
66 min
Brewcast: Spring Football Takeaways, Is Jordan ...
A little bit of something for everyone in this week's episode.
96 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #13: We're sad about th...
Discussing the Michigan players going pro, Harley's trip to the Final Four and more.
76 min
Out of the Blue Episode 36: Drafting the Spring...
Jared and Andrew select their teams ahead of Saturday’s “game.” Who wins?
60 min
Brewcast: Reaction to Iggy/Poole/Matthews going...
We react to the NBA decisions, how the tournament ended, and who we'd cast in a Michigan Game of Thrones.
74 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #12: U-M track and fiel...
No football, no basketball, no problem! Lots to talk about on this week's show.
108 min
Out of the Blue: Harbaugh updates spring progre...
Jared and Andrew close the book on college basketball and discuss the candidness of Jim Harbaugh
52 min
Brewcast: Putting a label on Michigan Hoops' 20...
The guys debate if Michigan failed to meet expectations this year and other tournament takeaways
66 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #11: Michigan Onesie Gu...
The Michigan Onesie guy joins us and we recap the way Michigan Basketball ended
80 min
Out of the Blue Episode 34: Texas Tech reaction...
Jared and Andrew recap the one sided Sweet 16 loss to Texas Tech.
47 min
Brewcast previews Texas Tech, West region, rath...
Lots to unpack from a chalky first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and what's ahead for Michigan
78 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #10: It's still March a...
Recapping the opening weekend of the tournament
57 min
Out of the Blue Episode 33: NCAA Tourney and Ha...
Previewing Michigan's road to the Final Four
60 min
Brewcast: Breaking down Michigan's NCAA Tournam...
Taking a look U-M's chances of making a March run and audio from Jim Harbaugh's spring football presser.
88 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #9: Bracket Help Special
Need help filling out your brackets? We've got you covered!
43 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #8: WE STILL LOVE MARCH
Discussing the week in Michigan hoops, Hannah picks an NFL team and more
77 min
Out of the Blue #32: Spring Position Battles
Breaking down spring football heading into the start of it all
74 min
Brewcast: Big Ten Tournament preview, wrapping ...
Picking the Big Ten Tournament winner and putting a bow on U-M's regular season showing
58 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #7: Bringing Hannah bac...
One of us was off the grid, but we both wish we were on Saturday
89 min
Brewcast: What NFL Combine performances say abo...
Luke, Chris, and Anthony discuss what Michigan pl…
38 min
Views from Stadium Blvd #6: Reporting on Nebras...
Hannah Harshe and Harley Johnson discuss the Mich…
90 min
Brewcast: Recapping hoops' loss to MSU, what Mi...
Luke Ghiardi, Anthony Broome, and Chris Castellan…
81 min