how to win the lottery: a book club p...

a book club, like oprah’s if oprah were two suburban guys from new jersey, or reese witherspoon’s if reese were two suburban guys from new jersey, except without the engine of fame that those two huge stars provide. but come on: oprah is not going to answer your emails. (trust us, we know.) every two weeks, a new book microscoped and surgeried by benevolent despot joey lewandowski and disgraced college professor "shreds"... with your help! here's a guarantee: every episode ends with an arrestable crime. will it be something boring like credit card fraud or something sexy like a casino heist? listen to find out.

square wave by mark da silva
"a churning violet cylinder of smoke, a thousand feet tall and growing with no compromise to its proportions, rose off forty smoldering broadleaf acres on a windless morning on the indian plateaus. the second millennium had seventy days left to it."
49 min
fever dream by samanta schweblin
"those are stories my mother tells. neither you nor i have time for this. we’re looking for worms, something very much like worms, and the exact moment when they touch your body for the first time."
31 min
deb olin unferth interview (author of barn 8)
we talk to deb olin unferth, author of barn 8, about heist stories, teaching literature, and chickens.
62 min
barn 8 by deb olin unferth
"barn 8 was the first thing to truly go wrong. later everyone would say so. the mistake of barn 8 would endure. barn 8 would go down as the colossal error that ensured the defeat of the greatest animal heist in recorded history."
38 min
something new under the sun by alexandra kleeman
"terrible, definitely. but it’s not really an emergency, he thinks, putting on his signal and shifting into the fast lane, if you can drive around it. an emergency would be everywhere you looked, inescapable; some long-submerged animal intelligence would recognize it with fierce instinct. in an emergency, the mind would not drift aimlessly from daydream to distraction as his did now, in search of something to grasp."
58 min
the overstory by richard powers
"sounds come up and out of nick’s mouth, syllables that mean, loosely, oh, my hopeless jesus. he has seen monster trees for weeks, but never one like this. mimas: wider across than his great-great-great-grandfather’s old farmhouse. here, as sundown blankets them, the feel is primeval, darshan, a face-to-face intro to divinity. the tree runs straight up like a chimney butte and neglects to stop. from underneath, it could be yggdrasil, the world tree, with its roots in the underworld and crown in the world above. twenty-five feet aboveground, a secondary trunk springs out of the expanse of flank, a branch bigger than the hoel chestnut. two more trunks flare out higher up the main shaft. the whole ensemble looks like some exercise in cladistics, the evolutionary tree of life—one great idea splintering into whole new family branches, high up in the run of long time."
58 min
land of milk and honey by c. pam zhang
"on sunday we slathered brioche with cultured butter, dolloped crème fraîche on daubes, and spooned a pudding of aida’s creation. the interior was so creamy it recalled the molten center of the earth. if the land of milk and honey produced no further milk, this meal proclaimed, then we would sup of the last like kings and queens."
47 min
season nine theme and reading list
we're thinking local, reading global.
21 min
first blood by david morrell
"his name was rambo, and he was just some nothing kid for all anybody knew, standing by the pump of a gas station at the outskirts of madison, kentucky."
56 min
david connerley nahm interview (author of ancie...
we talk to david connerley nahm, author of ancient oceans of central kentucky, about "delicate" horror, the editing process, and ernest p. worrell.
53 min
ancient oceans of central kentucky by david con...
"and the boy sunk to the bottom of the sea and the slow churn of the ancient ocean turned his bones to dust and turned the dust to stone and over the silent turning of the bottom of the ocean, no light fell and his name was lost among the shards of bone and shell."
39 min
the vine that ate the south by j.d. wilkes
"but dixie-phobes take heart. the southland is not just some spook house, some bigoted hellhole. hollywood gives us a bad rap. for the same unsophistication that leads to belligerence and prejudice in some can produce the finest qualities in others. not far from where the scum of the earth park their trailers, the salt of the earth tend their lawns. the old folks at home."
46 min
season eight theme and reading list
suck shit, sufjan stevens. (#3)
18 min
ragnarok by walter simonson
"... tell them simply that the stone god was here."
46 min
prison pit by johnny ryan
"no bros. no mercy. complete and total slaughter."
36 min
kingdom come by mark waid, alex ross
"they no longer fight for the right. they fight simply to fight, their only foes each other."
40 min
asterios polyp by david mazzucchelli
"to live (as i understand it) is to exist within a conception of time. but to remember is to vacate the very notion of time."
43 min
this one summer by mariko tamaki, jillian tamaki
"boobs would be cool."
33 min
bitter root by david f. walker, chuck brown, sa...
46 min
ann nocenti interview (author of the seeds)
we talk to marcos martin, author of the seeds, about hexagons, fake news, and andrei tarkovsky.
47 min
the seeds by ann nocenti, david aja
37 min
no longer human by junji ito
"you did it... on purpose..."
49 min
marcos martin interview (illustrator of the pri...
we talk to marcos martin, illustrator of the private eye, about forming panel syndicate, cinematic credits pages, and technology that would survive the cloudburst.
50 min
the private eye by brian k. vaughan, marcos mar...
"he's gone to ground."
54 min
gender queer by maia kobabe
"but why am i like this??? someimtes i feel like my sexuality is broken and my gender is broken."
32 min