how to win the lottery: a book club p...

a book club, like oprah’s if oprah were two suburban guys from new jersey, or reese witherspoon’s if reese were two suburban guys from new jersey, except without the engine of fame that those two huge stars provide. but come on: oprah is not going to answer your emails. (trust us, we know.) every two weeks, a new book microscoped and surgeried by benevolent despot joey lewandowski and disgraced college professor "shreds"... with your help! here's a guarantee: every episode ends with an arrestable crime. will it be something boring like credit card fraud or something sexy like a casino heist? listen to find out.

no longer human by junji ito
"you did it... on purpose..."
49 min
marcos martin interview (illustrator of the pri...
we talk to marcos martin, illustrator of the private eye, about forming panel syndicate, cinematic credits pages, and technology that would survive the cloudburst.
50 min
the private eye by brian k. vaughan, marcos mar...
"he's gone to ground."
54 min
gender queer by maia kobabe
"but why am i like this??? someimtes i feel like my sexuality is broken and my gender is broken."
32 min
coyote doggirl by lisa hanawalt
"i just want to find red and go home."
33 min
understanding comics by scott mccloud + season ...
we're diving into graphic content.
119 min
sunburn by laura lippman
"he looks into his own drink and says out loud, as if to himself: 'what kind of an asshole orders red wine in a tavern in belleville, delaware?'"
33 min
the book of unknown americans by cristina henrí...
"we have all the spanish supermarkets now, and the school district started those english programs. i know some people here think we’re trying to take over, but we just want to be a part of it. we want to have our stake. this is our home, too."
47 min
fight club by chuck palahniuk
"we’ve just lost cabin pressure."
67 min
season six theme and reading list
suck shit, sufjan stevens. (#2)
13 min
infinite jest by david foster wallace
"because when he gets high he develops a powerful obsession with having nobody—not even the neurochemical cadre—know he’s high. this obsession is almost irresistible in its force. the amount of organization and toiletry-lugging he has to do to get secretly high in front of a subterranean outtake vent in the pre-supper gap would make a lesser man quail."
105 min
nightbitch by rachel yoder
"in the distance, she heard her husband in the backyard call for her, but she was not that woman anymore, that mother and wife. she was nightbitch, and she was fucking amazing. it seemed she had been waiting for this for a very, very long time."
44 min
wittgenstein's mistress by david markson
"this is not really that complicated, although it may seem to be. all it actually means is that even when one remembers something one did not remember one remembered, one may have still no more than scratched the surface in regard to things one does not remember one remembers."
53 min
crying in h mart by michelle zauner
"ever since my mom died, i cry in h mart."
42 min
steven hall interview (author of the raw shark ...
we talk to steven hall, author of the raw shark texts, about un-chapters, adapting novels into visual media, and messing with audiences.
66 min
the raw shark texts by steven hall
"it came up at me in a burst of spray – memories and regrets and wishes and sadness and happiness and dreams – the shark’s head, two black toy eyes either side of a huge grey bullet anvil jumbo jet slashed open all across into a black and red funnel full of teeth."
64 min
project hail mary by andy weir
"i’m going to die out here. and i’m going to die alone."
50 min
blood and guts in high school by kathy acker
"writers create what they do out of their own frightful agony and blood and mushed-up guts and horrible mixed-up insides. the more they are in touch with their insides the better they create."
51 min
memory by donald e. westlake
"what could he lose? for the next few days, he would follow any vagrant notion that came into his head, for who knew where such a notion might lead?"
54 min
speedboat by renata adler
"my own mind is a tenement. some elevators work. there are orange peels and muggings in the halls. squatters and double locks on some floors, a few flowered window boxes, half-dressed bachelors cooling on the outside fire steps; plaster falls."
43 min
eileen by ottessa moshfegh
"i was like joan of arc, or hamlet, but born into the wrong life—the life of a nobody, a waif, invisible. there’s no better way to say it: i was not myself back then. i was someone else. i was eileen."
56 min
underworld by don delillo
"the game doesn’t change the way you sleep or wash your face or chew your food. it changes nothing but your life."
82 min
the zone of interest by martin amis
"no one knows themselves. who are you? you don’t know. then you come to the zone of interest, and it tells you who you are."
74 min
season five theme and reading list
we're going to the movies. and also not.
34 min
a confederacy of dunces by john kennedy toole
"a policeman was a policeman. it was always best to ignore them unless they bothered you."
57 min