how to win the lottery: a book club p...

a book club, like oprah’s if oprah were two suburban guys from new jersey, or reese witherspoon’s if reese were two suburban guys from new jersey, except without the engine of fame that those two huge stars provide. but come on: oprah is not going to answer your emails. (trust us, we know.) every two weeks, a new book microscoped and surgeried by benevolent despot joey lewandowski and disgraced college professor "shreds"... with your help! here's a guarantee: every episode ends with an arrestable crime. will it be something boring like credit card fraud or something sexy like a casino heist? listen to find out.

fernando sdrigotti interview (author of shitstorm)
we talk to fernando sdrigotti, author of shitstorm, about "the algorithm," the evolution of twitter, and wagatha christie.
57 min
shitstorm by fernando sdrigotti
"another shitstorm and i can’t even and i can’t begin to and here i fixed your headline and thread and a lot of clapping between words in uppercase. there’s always a lot of clapping."
37 min
b.r. yeager interview (author of amygdalatropolis)
we talk to b.r. yeager, author of amygdalatropolis, about transgressive fiction, edia connole, and how to pronounce gif.
51 min
amygdalatropolis by b.r. yeager
"there was only so much of the world, and he’d seen almost all of it. even the new and novel began feeling tired and void of sense."
52 min
darcie wilder interview (author of literally sh...
we talk to darcie wilder, author of literally show me a healthy person, about fact vs. fiction, skunks, and harmony korine.
70 min
literally show me a healthy person by darcie wi...
"ho w do i destroy phone and everything ive ever done"
38 min
adam levin interview (author of the instruction...
we talk to adam levin, author of the instructions and mount chicago, about face characters, bullying, and charli xcx.
99 min
mount chicago by adam levin
"none of this happened. none of it will. it'll all be made up. i'm making it up."
100 min
katie runde interview (author of the shore)
we talk to katie runde, the author of the shore, about the jersey shore, boardwalk games, and catfishing your mom.
61 min
the shore by katie runde
"going back and forth between her friends' social media posts and group texts and the gbm wives, where she pretended to be a middle-aged mom, evy felt that she wasn't any particular age anymore."
46 min
beth morgan interview (author of a touch of jen)
we talk about the internet, exclamation points, and nicolas cage with bangs.
48 min
a touch of jen by beth morgan
"the world is filled with signs, and no one is paying attention."
63 min
season three theme and reading list
we're logging onto the internet.
11 min
bud smith interview (author of teenager)
featuring lots of new jersey talk.
67 min
teenager by bud smith
"he told her those kids were just mad because they didn’t shine, had no adventures in front of them, were going nowhere. they hated her because she shone and they never would."
55 min
either/or by elif batuman
"was it possible that zoloft would cause me to like rap music?"
60 min
the idiot by elif batuman
"everyone’s mother told them not to do things, but i was the only one who listened."
65 min
the instructions by adam levin
"there is damage. there was always damage and there will be more damage, but not always."
107 min
real life by brandon taylor
"someone wanted to make a toast. they popped a bottle of mid-priced champagne. they looked at each other. they smiled. lukas cleared his throat. 'you know, guys, this is it. this is it. our life. it starts now.'"
55 min
college novel by blake middleton (+ author inte...
"‘do you want to do whip-its and watch beavis and butthead?’ chelsea said."
69 min
sweet days of discipline by fleur jaeggy
"what are the girls thinking of? at least half are nostalgic for death, and for a temple, and for all those clothes."
32 min
devil house by john darnielle
"nobody cares about the actual details of anything, they just want the feeling they get when the story punches their buttons."
53 min
the secret history by donna tartt
"but i am getting sentimental. sometimes, when i think about these things, i do."
66 min
loner by teddy wayne
"the white male with whom everyone will become obsessed."
61 min
end zone by don delillo
"that’s the essence of the word. it’s a football, isn’t it? it is a foot ball. my foot sought union with the ball."
61 min
giles goat-boy by john barth
"i'm going to be a hero."
77 min
my education by susan choi
"she stood crimson-faced and extensively rumpled, as if she'd been rousted from bed, and my guts avalanched within me and i knew i adored her."
64 min
the virgins by pamela erens
"all this time aviva has surely believed that seung died because of her. what has that done to her?"
70 min
the nickel boys by colson whitehead
"even in death the boys were trouble."
52 min
the art of fielding by chad harbach
"putting henry at shortstop—it was like taking a painting that had been shoved in a closet and hanging it in the ideal spot. you instantly forgot what the room had looked like before."
70 min
prep by curtis sittenfeld
"perhaps this sounds mercenary, but i feel grateful for these trial relationships, and i would like to think it all evens out—surely, unknowingly, i have served as practice for other people."
64 min
the bell jar by sylvia plath
"i wondered what terrible thing it was that i had done."
48 min
season two theme and reading list
we're going back to school.
10 min
never let me go by kazuo ishiguro
"i was thinking maybe the reason you used to get like that was because at some level you always knew."
53 min
open city by teju cole
i have to be responsible for the world, and none of them knows what that feels like. if i don’t organize things just right, you see, everything will be destroyed. you understand? i’m not saying i’m god, but i know what it feels like to carry the world.
47 min
ducks, newburyport by lucy ellmann
the fact that sometimes I think that people today must be the saddest people ever, because we know we ruined everything,
71 min
any man by amber tamblyn
many times i have asked myself what i could’ve done to protect myself that night. i asked myself if i had deserved this. i convinced myself that i did, and it wasn’t hard to.
57 min
colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgr...
not everything was lost in the flow of time.
64 min
simon birch (1998) (bonus episode)
we do the owen voice.
23 min
a prayer for owen meany by john irving
i am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice—not because of his voice, or because he was the smallest person i ever knew, or even because he was the instrument of my mother’s death, but because he is the reason i believe in god; i am a christian because of owen meany.
86 min
memories of my father watching tv by curtis white
how many dots make a dad?
59 min
you shall know our velocity! (previously re-tit...
so i’d been given $80,000 to screw in a lightbulb. there is almost no way to dress it up; that’s what it was.
63 min
pizza girl by jean kyoung frazier
her name was jenny hauser and every wednesday i put pickles on her pizza.
59 min
death in her hands by ottessa moshfegh
her name was magda. nobody will ever know who killed her. it wasn’t me. here is her dead body.
82 min
introducing how to win the lottery
a podcast book club
8 min