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Lookout Landing Podcast 67: Jordan Shusterman o...
Jordan Shusterman (the Mariner fan half of Cespedes Family BBQ) joins John Trupin and Matthew Roberson to talk baseball.
68 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 66: Yah Mo B There, Cap...
Kate Preusser, John Trupin, and Matthew Roberson discuss the Seattle Mariners' bullpen and much, much more.
70 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 65: Talking Starting Pi...
Is it fair to say Wade LeBlanc is human oatmeal? Please sound off in the comments
77 min
Episode 64: Finding New Love in the Mariners Ou...
Previewing the Mariners outfield depth
61 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 63: A Deep Dive into th...
In the first installment of a new podcast series, Kate, John, and Matthew talk about the state of infielders in the Mariners' organization.
67 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 62: Edgar Hall of Fame,...
After a long hiatus, we back for season 2
55 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 61: Carlos Santana, Mar...
Kate and John are joined by staff writer Matthew to talk about the latest Mariners' goings-on
106 min
Episode 60: Emergency Canó and Díaz Trade-A-Pal...
John and Kate hop on to talk the trades of Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano to the Mets, as well as several other moves and implications.
73 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 59: Most Depressing Off...
Kate is joined this week by staff writer Matthew Roberson, who helps joke through the pain of being a Mariners fan in winter 2018/19
92 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 58: Kyle Boddy, Founder...
Kate and John talk to Kyle Boddy, founder of Driveline Baseball, about the state of today's game, maximizing training efficiency, and the Warped Tour
95 min
Episode 57: Build the whole thing out of 25 Edw...
John, Zach, and Grant chat about the Mariners and also the tribulations of Garfield High School.
65 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 56: Slumping offense an...
Kate and John are joined by staff writer Matthew to talk about the current state of the team, and PE class
82 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 55: Offense Threat Leve...
Kate and Eric classify the Offense Threat Level Midnight, give props to Scott Servais, and try to figure out what the Shiggy Challenge is
75 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 54: Fun with the Marine...
Kate and John talk about the Mariners' recent hot streak, preview the upcoming series, and are general buffoons
114 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 53: The Mariners are......
Kate, John, and Isabelle review the week in Mariners-land and preview upcoming matchups
98 min
Episode 52: LIVE from Safeco Field
John, Zach, and Isabelle take the show on the road and record live from Safeco Field.
68 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 51: Chris Archer, the O...
Kate and John are joined by staff writer Matthew Roberson, and things get a little off-track towards the end.
97 min
Lookout Landing Podcast Episode 50: Canó, Ryon ...
Kate and John experience joy and pain
77 min
Episode 49: Dragon’s beard and Mariners left fi...
Y’all we went a little overboard. After a week and a half of silence, Kate and I brought on fellow editor Isabelle Minasian to assess the Mariners at the ~1/5th
120 min
Episode 48: Come take a ride with Grand Slammu
A nice road trip rehash, some bullpen love, and a new mascot to boot.
84 min
Episode 46: Road Trip Songs and Homecoming Mari...
Recapping the Mariners recent road trip, forecasting the upcoming homestand, and some objectively questionable movie recommendations.
69 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 45: Baseball is back, a...
Kate and John review the opening series, preview the upcoming road trip, and do Snoopy dances because baseball is back
66 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 44: Last podcast before...
Kate and John talk best and worst case scenarios for the season
77 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 43: Spring Fling
Kate and John talk Spring Training: injuries, positional battles, and early standouts
89 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 42: Mariners Prospect L...
In the span of a few hours, Louis Boyd went from thinking his baseball career was over to packing his bags for Peoria.
57 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 41: Mariners Prospect T...
Kate and Ben are joined by pitcher Tommy Romero to talk about his experiences so far in his young career
49 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 40: Jordan Cowan
Kate is joined by Mariners prospect Jordan Cowan, who is invited to his first big-league camp this year
58 min
Episode 39: Love in a Dangerous Spring Time
With the news of Ryon Healy's injury, John and Kate discuss their expectations and interests in Spring Training.
72 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 38: Andrew Moore (The G...
Mariners pitcher Andrew Moore joins Kate and John to talk about baseball, video games, and Andrew's budding career as a movie reviewer
75 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 37: Mailbag, spring tra...
Kate and John return to catch up on the state of the team and answer your questions
82 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 36: Mariners farmhand L...
This week, Kate and special co-host Ben Thoen are joined by Mariners prospect Lindsey Caughel to talk pitching philosophy, the Mariners' organizational philosop
50 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 35: Casey Boguslaw
Casey Boguslaw of ForwardMile.com talks about barrels, catch percentage, and the scourge of deep-dish pizza
69 min
Episode 34: Art Warren
Mariners relief pitching prospect Art Warren joins the show to talk about his breakout season and the eventual ascendance of the Cleveland Browns
62 min
Episode 33: The Dee Gordon Trade/Shohei Ohtani ...
Jordan Shusterman from Cespedes BBQ joins Kate and John to FREAK OUT about the Hot Stove that seemingly belongs to the Mariners alone
90 min
Episode 32: Completing the Mariners Shohei Ohta...
We ace the quiz for the Mariners to earn them the prince of the 2018 offseason.
104 min
Episode 31: The Healy Trade and Hot Stove with ...
Kate and John are joined by Jordan Shusterman of Cespedes BBQ to discuss the recent trade that brings Ryon Healy to Seattle in exchange for Emilio Pagan. They b
108 min
Episode 30: The LL Offseason Plan Begins ft. Be...
Planning a course of action soon to be obsoleted in mere days by Gerard Dipoto.
113 min
Episode 29: Astros, Mariners Prospects, and Hal...
Kate and John are reunited to talk about player development, the coaching carousel, burgers and trick-or-treat
93 min
Episode 28: Shohei Ohtaninbaum - ft. Kazuto Yam...
Kazuto Yamazaki joins John and Kate to discuss the most important man of the entire offseason for the Mariners: Shohei Otani.
66 min
Episode 27: Time Makes Re-tools of Us All
The season is over for all intensive purposes, so John and Kate look ahead at what could be done to fix some of the holes for 2018.
92 min
Episode 26: 52 Beautiful Pitchers and 3 Ugly Ones
After a year of struggling to put together a cohesive pitching staff all season, this week Kate and John examine the starting pitching in the organization.
92 min
Episode 25: Leake, Gonzales, & the Mariners-Car...
Discussing the couple recent trades between the Mariners and the Cardinals with an expert on the Redbirds.
58 min
Episode 24: Casey Catherwood and audio problems...
Kate and John are joined by Casey Catherwood of the Rainiers to discuss the upcoming
45 min
Episode 23: Zach Milkis and a lot of book talk
Kate is joined by staff writer Zach Milkis to talk baseball, books, and baseball books
69 min
Episode 22: An All Questions Episode - Can We F...
An all listener question episode on everything the Mariners need to do down the stretch, with Edgar, and with their jerseys.
89 min
Episode 21: The Mariners, the Royals, the Rays,...
Debating if this is a “playoff team” and what that even means in 2017’s bizarro American League.
71 min
Episode 20: The Phelps Trade and State of the Team
Kate and Jamey Vinnick of Scout.com discuss Jerry Dipoto's latest trade and the current state of the Mariners
67 min
Episode 19: Going Nuts ft. Jen Mac Ramos
Kate and John are joined by Jen Mac Ramos to discuss her experiences following the Mariners most successful minor league team this year - the Modesto Nuts.
95 min
Episode 18: Trade Deadline Decisions Loom for t...
The Mariners are falling apart, making it prime time to talk trade season. John and I discuss who is tradeable, who is not, and examine places the Mariners migh
79 min
Episode 17: Smylying Through the Tears
John and Kate discuss the highs and lows of the past week and project what the Mariners may do in the next month with their roster.
66 min
Episode 16: Discussing & Digressing the Mariner...
The Mariners took a step towards restocking their farm system this week. We focus on the guy named Santa.
95 min
Episode 15: Ian Miller Interview
The Mariners' minor league speedster joins us for an insider's view of baseball
54 min
Episode 14: Ben Gibbard makes his case to be th...
The indie rock legend joins the podcast to discuss his life as a Mariners fan and other questionable life choices.
95 min
Episode 13: The Outfield Quadragon
Kate and John are joined by staff writers Isabelle Minasian and Jake Mailhot to debate the fantastic production of the Mariners' outfield so far.
100 min
Episode 12: Talking Texas Rangers and Mutton Bu...
WFAA Rangers beat writer Levi Weaver joins the podcast to discuss the Texas Rangers and children riding sheep.
76 min
Episode 11: Replacing Haniger With a Motter Bob...
A slightly loopy Kate Preusser and John Trupin convene late at night after the Mariners series win over the Detroit Tigers to discuss how the M's can recuperate
79 min
Episode 10: Pitching and Mitching
Kate Preusser, John Trupin, and Jake Mailhot get together to discuss the surprising starting pitching, both good and bad, the Mariners' excellent homestand, and
73 min
Episode 9: The Hole Has Been Dug
The Mariners haven't been able to buy a win. Kate Preusser and John Trupin are joined by editor Zach Sanders to discuss grim reality.
57 min
Episode 8: RISP-Reward Analysis & Toasted Grass...
The Astros held the Mariners offense down. Safeco Field's newest snacks might be tough for you to keep down. We discuss both.
68 min
Episode 7: The Real Baseball is Here
Mariners Baseball is back at last. We go over our season predictions, expectations, and hopes as the first week of the season gets under way.
72 min
Episode 6: Spring has sprung!
Spring Training storylines galore and more!
90 min
Episode 5: AL West Preview
In this episode, Kate and Jose and joined by biz savant, Zach Sanders, and LL intern, Luke Mounger.
66 min
Episode 4: The Ghosts of Mariners past, present...
In episode four of the Lookout Landing podcast, Kate and Jose are joined by fellow staff contributors, John Trupin and Grand Bronsdon. We discuss the awfulness
97 min
Lookout Landing Podcast: Episode 3, part 2
We continue our conversation with site writers John Trupin and Jake Mailhot about the Mariners pitching staff, with part two's focus on the bullpen.
62 min
Episode 3: Starting Rotation
We're joined by staff writers John Trupin and Jake Mailhot to discuss this year's starting rotation until your ears fall off. (Note: This was a lengthy conversa
58 min
Episode 2: The best offense is a good defense
Managing Editor, Kate Preusser, is joined by site contributors Jose Rivera and John Trupin. They discuss potential position players projections for the 2017 sea
92 min
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