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Lookout Landing Podcast 145: Sam Delaplane
The Mariners’ pitching prospect on his time in the Seattle organization, his favorite minor league cities, and the plight of the short pitcher
61 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 144: Braden Bishop
The Mariners outfielder combines some very real, important conversations with some very funny, less important stories from his career
91 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 143: Bradford William D...
Some teams are trying and some teams are not, but the Lookout Landing podcast gives 100% effort yet again
77 min
22. They Might Be Mariners: Trading from the fa...
Talking the Mariners' latest moves and what they portend for the farm, plus what's going on in the MLB Draft world right now.
75 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 142: Andrea Williams di...
The author, baseball fan, and former employee of the Negro Leagues museum covers a range of topics before reading a passage from the book
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 141: Middleton, Montero...
Sorry to Will Vest but this is more exciting
72 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 140: The Ballpark Food ...
We're drafting the food at T-Mobile Park! Where do the garlic fries get picked? Does this spell the end for peanuts and Cracker Jack, or are we just coastal elites who are out of touch with the modern baseball fan?
76 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 139: The podcast about ...
Talking baseball while baseball refuses to talk back
77 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 138: Mitch Haniger's tr...
Kate and John visit with Austin Einhorn, the founder of Apiros Movement and Mitch Haniger's trainer
68 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 137: “Why I’m a Mariner...
What does a press secretary for a State Senator in Pennsylvania have to say about the Mariners? Quite a lot, actually!
75 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 136: What should the Ma...
Will they make a splash in the international market? How many relievers will they add? Who would you trade for Frankie Lindor?
69 min
21. They Might Be Mariners: The Draft is Set
With draft order settled and the Mariners focused on offseason, we discuss the latest in the upcoming class.
73 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 135: Mike Zunino is in ...
Ashley MacLennan of DRaysBay joins the show to talk about our beautiful Italian boy taking center stage
41 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 134: The LCS Extravaganza
How can the Mariners become one of these teams fighting for a championship?
92 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 133: “Why I’m a Mariner...
The Seattle chef on rooting for the Mariners, baseball culture in Puerto Rico, and why ballpark food needs a major improvement
67 min
20. They Might Be Mariners: Rookie Roundup
Season reactions to the many rookies, and looking ahead to the Fall Development Camp roster.
66 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 132: Jack Anderson on h...
The former 23rd round pick discusses his development and charity work before the usual podcast gang dissects Jerry Dipoto’s recent comments and the playoff bracket
68 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 131: The 2020 Seattle M...
Each winner receives an autographed podcast microphone
90 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 130: “Why I’m a Mariner...
In moving from Oregon to Bellingham to Seattle, she realized the real friends were the Mariners she met along the way
73 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 129: The Stretch Run
What will become of our beloved Mariners? Will the smoke swallow the universe before they have a chance to make the playoffs? Seems likely
74 min
19. They Might Be Mariners: Perfect Game All-Am...
A 2021 draft preview and some discussion of the Mariners farm for you
94 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 128: “Why I’m a Mariner...
The author, podcast host, and historian on his life as a Seattle Mariners fan
81 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 127: Amanda Lane Cummin...
Our research extraordinaire joins the show to give us the rundown on how her three-part series came together
59 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 126: Trade deadline rea...
Kate, Joe, and Mikey chat all things trade deadline and our new best friends, the San Diego Padres
84 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 125: Halfway home or ha...
Jerry Dipoto is furiously stretching his phone dialing muscles
53 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 124: Early Season Vibe ...
One-third of the season is over and oh brother some of these guys need help
79 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 123: Mariners prospect ...
Mariners pitching prospect Jarod Bayless talks about his progression from 88 mph to 96 mph, with tips for young pitchers.
65 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 122: Reading Some Marin...
Matthew was gone for a week so we’re getting him back up to speed, safely
71 min
18. They Might Be Mariners: Let's remember what...
Our first mailbag episode of the season highlights summer camp in review, and initial returns on the prospects at the big league level.
61 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 121: 2020 Season Previe...
Picking some things we’re excited to watch as the rest of the world crumbles
88 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 120: Joey Gerber calls ...
The Mariners' young pitcher on the scene at T-Mobile Park, living in a hotel, and embracing Seattle
85 min
17. They Might Be Mariners: Taxi Squad Thoughts...
The draft, the taxi squad, and everything in between.
89 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 119: The Mariners... ar...
A trepidatious discussion of MLB's plan to return to the field.
66 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 118: Ryan Rowland-Smith...
The Australian pitcher on baseball in his homeland, playing for Bill Bavasi and Jack Z, and what went down during the Mariners’ infamous 2010 season
98 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 117: Dave Sims on the B...
The Mariners’ play-by-play man drops by to talk about being a Black man in baseball, what he’s seeing from society, and how to make sure this moment leads to actual changes
50 min
16. They Might Be Mariners: Draft Day Two and C...
Excitement and frustration in slightly unequal measure.
81 min
15. They Might Be Mariners: Draft Day One
Emerson Hancock, Day Two targets, and draft strategy
61 min
14. They Might Be Mariners: The Draft is Here
Our final full MLB Draft preview.
84 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 116: Trying our best
This is a podcast about baseball but also a place for friends to talk to each other. We hope you enjoy it
63 min
13. They Might Be Mariners: Minor league cuts &...
Talking MiLB cuts and MLB Draft beyond round one.
116 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 115: Bucky Jacobsen joi...
The ex-Mariner talks to us about his path to the big leagues, his love for Ichiro, and...eating grass?
79 min
12. They Might Be Mariners: Taxi Squad Debate &...
The latest on MLB's plans for minor league baseball and how prospects will be impacted.
55 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 114: "Why I'm a Mariner...
Shout out to the idyllic utopia of Maltby, Washington
66 min
11. They Might Be Mariners: 2020 Mock Draft
First round of MLB 2020 mock draft, Mariners focused.
93 min
10. They Might Be Mariners: Reviewing Seattle's...
Reviewing Jerry Dipoto's draft history with the Mariners
86 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 113: Emily Nemens on he...
Emily talks about the long process of writing a book, reads an excerpt, and tries to figure out how being a Mariner fan plays into all this
55 min
9. They Might Be Mariners: Reviewing Seattle's ...
Reviewing Seattle Mariners history in the draft from 2013-2015.
83 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 112: The Glue Guys Draft
We’re drafting teams of guys who were good but not TOO good, because they respect the game too much
73 min
8. They Might Be Mariners: Jim Callis talks the...
The Mark Kotsay is My Love Language episode
57 min
7. They Might Be Mariners: M’s farm & MLB Draft...
MLB Pipeline's Jonathan Mayo talks MLB Draft and Mariners prospects.
61 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 111: Chatting with Core...
What do beat writers do when the beat stops? Come on the Lookout Landing podcast, duh!
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 110: "Why I'm a Mariner...
Aditya and Chris have worked on Deadpool, The Martian, The Lego Movie, Into the Spider-Verse, and...the Lookout Landing Podcast
61 min
6. They Might Be Mariners: 2020 Top Prospects -...
Top 5 Mariners Prospects 2020
75 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 109: Answering Your Qua...
Matthew Roberson and Kate Preusser field questions from baseball fans in quarantine wondering what they should do with their lives
62 min
5. They Might Be Mariners: MLB Draft w/Carlos C...
Baseball America's Carlos Collazo on the MLB Draft
52 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 108: Killing Time with ...
What is there to talk about when there's literally nothing to talk about? Glad you asked!
64 min
4. They Might Be Mariners: 2020 Top Prospects -...
Mariners Top 10 prospects
79 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 107: In Lieu of Baseball
Today was supposed to be Opening Day. Instead it's just Thursday during a global pandemic. Bummer.
64 min
3. They Might Be Mariners: 2020 Top Prospects -...
Top 30 Lookout Landing prospects podcast
93 min
2. They Might Be Mariners: 2020 Top Prospects -...
Top 30 Lookout Landing prospects podcast
80 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 106: Please welcome Mic...
Lookout Landing has a new staff member, just in time for the end of the world
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 105: "Why I'm a Mariner...
Matthew Roberson talks to Joe Veyera, an editor at Factal and relentlessly positive Mariner fan, about how on Earth he ended up rooting for the team
60 min
1. They Might Be Mariners: 2020 Top Prospects -...
Debut episode of Lookout Landing prospects podcast
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 104: Spring Training Ti...
Before heading down to Spring Training, listen to Eric Sanford's tips for the Cactus League and reasons for being a Mariners fan in the first place
64 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 103: Spring Training is...
The sweet sounds of ball hitting bat, board game buzzers, and the Lookout Landing podcast are all back in your life
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 102: "Why I'm a Mariner...
Musician Tomo Nakayama drops in on the Lookout Landing podcast to talk about how he became a fan of the notoriously awful Seattle Mariners
59 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 101: Who are these guys?
Matthew, Kate, and John give you the rundown on all the Seattle Mariners' no-names, new acquisitions, and potential breakout candidates.
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 100: We're not talking ...
Celebrating the 100th episode of the Lookout Landing podcast by straight up ignoring the Seattle Mariners
61 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 99: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Jeva Lange, culture critic for The Week, comes on the show to talk about her life as a Mariners fan!
47 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 98: The Astros cheated!
Matthew Roberson, Kate Preusser, and John Trupin get together for some brief Mariner talk before launching into a mailbag about the Astros' sign-stealing scandal.
68 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 97: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Jordan from Cespedes BBQ walks us through his journey of becoming a Seattle Mariners fan, something he did completely on his own volition.
70 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 96: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Nat Baird, the newest staff writer at Lookout Landing, joins the show to talk about why he's a Mariner fan despite not being alive for their last postseason appearance.
68 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 95: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Welcoming a pioneer of the Maple Grove for the first podcast episode of 2020
61 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 94: "Why I'm a Mariners...
An award-winning comic book artist who's worked with Marvel and the Smithsonian talks to a blogger with a podcast about why they like the Seattle Mariners
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 93: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Ever wondered why people would ever choose to support the Seattle Mariners? We've got the podcast for you!
71 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 92: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Kevin Pelton and Tristan Carosino turn their backs on their own podcast to talk about the Mariners!
65 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 91: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Lookout Landing's Matthew Roberson talks to his friend Brittney Bush Bollay about being a Mariners fan who didn't grow up in Washington, how that happened, and
42 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 90: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Brian Floyd of Banner Society talks to Matthew Roberson of Lookout Landing about why they actively choose to support the Seattle Mariners
57 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 89: Mariners Prospect G...
Outfield prospect Gunn Omosako joins the Lookout Landing podcast to discuss his journey from Brazil to the Mariners organization and his love of classic rock.
53 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 88: "Why I'm a Mariners...
Two friends talk about how and why they are fans of the historically awful Seattle Mariners baseball team.
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 87: Notes from the Ariz...
Kate Preusser and John Trupin are back from the Arizona Fall League and they're going to share their experience with their friend Matthew Roberson.
63 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 86: "Why I'm a Mariners...
The second edition of Lookout Landing's series exploring the origins (and sustained life) of their Seattle Mariner fandom
62 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 85: "Why I'm a Mariners...
The first episode of a series exploring our reasons for supporting the probably-cursed Seattle Mariners
64 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 84: What do we do now?
The Seattle Mariners trudge forward in their re-build, but first they need to get through this offseason. What exactly will that look like?
67 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 83: The 2019 Seattle Ma...
The Lookout Landing podcast crew comes together to award the 2019 Seattle Mariners with several prestigious honors.
76 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 82: Kyle Lewis looks ve...
The podcast of record heaps praise on Kyle Lewis, the early stages of Jerry Dipoto's rebuild, and Ichiro's immaculate fashion choices.
53 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 81: Mariners Beat the B...
Matthew Roberson and Kate Preusser of Lookout Landing revel in the Seattle Mariners' recent wins over the Toronto Blue Jays before welcoming a very special gues
64 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 80: Mariners’ MLB Bumme...
Matthew Roberson and Kate Preusser are joined by fellow Lookout Landing writer Eric Sanford to drink beer and talk about baseball.
68 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 79: Drafting the best p...
Matthew Roberson and fellow Lookout Landing staff writer Grant Bronsdon draft teams of the best individual seasons in Seattle Mariner history.
84 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 78: Josh Horton of the ...
Kate Preusser and Matthew Roberson of Lookout Landing are joined by Josh Horton, the Everett Herald's AquaSox beat writer.
61 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 77: British Guy
Kate Preusser, John Trupin, and Matthew Roberson of Lookout Landing talk about the Mariners' player development and Daniel Vogelbach before welcoming a British
69 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 76: Modesto Nuts broadc...
Kate talks to Modesto broadcaster Keaton Gillogly about top prospects Jarred Kelenic, Logan Gilbert, Cal Raleigh and others and life in the minor leagues
67 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 75: Draft Day, Bad Play...
Lookout Landing editors and staff writers gather to discuss the recent MLB Draft and the players chosen by the Seattle Mariners.
67 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 74: Draft Prep and Gett...
Preparing for the Mariners 2019 draft with the LL gang.
71 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 73: New York Guy
Kate Preusser, John Trupin, and Matthew Roberson of Lookout Landing talk baseball before welcoming a special guest from Staten Island.
72 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 72: Live from an Irish ...
Matthew, Kate, and John catch up on the Mariners season so far
55 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 71: Daniel Vogelbach's ...
The Mariners can't stop hitting dingers and we can't help but love it.
60 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 70: the podcast of the ...
Kate Preusser, John Trupin, and Matthew Roberson of Lookout Landing gather around their respective mics to talk about the Seattle Mariners' hot start.
78 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 69: a Nice Opening Day ...
Kate Preusser, John Trupin, and Matthew Roberson are joined briefly by Grant Bronsdon to talk Mariners and MLB Opening Day
76 min
Lookout Landing Podcast 68: Spring Training, To...
Kate Preusser, John Trupin, and Matthew Roberson of lookoutlanding.com wrap up Spring Training and look ahead to the Mariners' 2019 season.
82 min