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The Locked On Yankees is your only daily podcast covering all facets of the New York Yankees. Host Stacey Gotsulias, who has written for Baseball Prospectus and The Hardball Times, brings you analysis, commentary, and opinions about all things Bronx Bombers. Stacey is joined by co-host and producer Steve Granado. If you need to know the latest news or if you want take a trip or two back in time to revisit specific Yankees' games and Yankees' teams of the past, Stacey's got you covered. If there's a blast from the past you haven't heard about in years, you'll probably hear Stacey say his name with glee in her voice. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your Team. Every day. 

Nestor Cortes bounces back and the Yankees beat...
Stacey talks about the Yankees' 4-3 win over the Rays, the ump show during the game, previews the series finale and looks back at a game from 2001!
28 min
Gerrit Cole rebounds nicely against the Rays!
Stacey looks at what Gerrit Cole did differently against the Rays compared to the Twins and talks about the reasons why this Yankees' team is different and why they're winning
29 min
The Yankees welcome the Rays for three games in...
Stacey previews the series between the Yankees and Rays, looks at pitching matchups, batters numbers against the starters, and more!
28 min
The Yankees sweep the Cubs out of the Bronx!
Stacey recaps the weekend against the Cubs and discusses how this Yankees team could possibly be special
28 min
The Yankees starters had some trouble with the ...
Abbey and Stacey discuss the troubles the Yankees' starters had with the Twins, preview the Yankees-Cubs series and talk about Yankees-Cubs they've attended
35 min
The Yankees head to Minnesota to take on the Twins
Abbey and Stacey discuss the many storylines surrounding the matchup between the Yanks and Twins, preview the pitching matchups and more!
32 min
The Yankees have a successful weekend against t...
Stacey recaps the weekend against the Tigers and wants to know how you feel about the Yankees' games being on different streaming services
28 min
The Yankees sweep the Angels in a doubleheader ...
Stacey recaps the Yankees' interesting doubleheader against the Angels and highlights a few performances and key at-bats. Plus, a preview of the Tigers' series
28 min
The Yankees beat the Angels rather convincingly...
Stacey recaps the Yankees' 9-1 victory over the Angels, previews tonight's matchup and looks at the standings because it's June 1 and we can do that now.
28 min
The New York Yankees are still good nearly 50 g...
Stacey looks at how some of the Yankees have done during their 33-15 start to the season then previews the series with the Angels and Derek Jeter has joined social media.
28 min
Bonus episode: The Yankees and Rays join forces...
Abbey and Stacey discuss what the Yankees and Rays did on social media on Thursday night and the impact the Uvalde shooting (and others) have on sports
41 min
Nestor Cortes shuts down the Rays and the Yanke...
Abbey and Stacey discuss Nestor Cortes Jr's amazing start to the season, Manny Banuelos' long and winding road back to the Yankees and the Yankees have been bitten by the injury bug, again...
41 min
The New York Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles...
Stacey recaps the 2-0 win against the O's, previews the series against the Rays and complains about the 2022 schedule
29 min
Jose Trevino helps the New York Yankees walk-of...
Stacey discusses Tuesday's frustrating yet ultimately exciting 7-6 win over the Orioles in extra innings, the story of Jose Trevino and his dad and previews the series finale
24 min
The New York Yankees have an interesting weeken...
Stacey discusses the weekend the Yankees had against the White Sox and previews the series against the Orioles
27 min
The Yankees take three of four from Baltimore!
Stacey discusses Wednesday's win and Thursday's loss to the Orioles. Plus a look back at May 19 in Yankees' history.
27 min
The New York Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles...
Stacey talks about the Yankees and Orioles, plus a couple of tweets about the Yankees made Stacey want to respond in more than 180 characters
27 min
The New York Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles...
Stacey recaps the Yankees' 6-2 victory over the Orioles and looks at specific pitching performances. Plus, Stacey takes a trip down memory lane.
29 min
Nestor is nasty as the Yankees take three of fo...
Abbey and stacey discuss the weekend against the White Sox and preview the series against the Orioles
33 min
The Yankees slug the White Sox in Chicago!
Abbey and Stacey discuss what is making the Yankees do so well, they talk about the Yankees 15-7 win over the White Sox and they preview Friday's matchup
35 min
Previewing the Yankees-White Sox series!
Stacey previews the Yankees' four-game set against the White Sox in Chicago and do the Yankees hit too many home runs? Perhaps.
26 min
The Yankees sweep the Jays!
The Yankees win a quick two-game series against the Jays and are they for real?
30 min
Nestor Cortes Jr. is the talk of baseball!
Talking about the newest MLB superstar Nestor Cortes Jr! Plus a preview of the pitching matchups in the Yanks-Jays series and the AL East looks weird but it's only May.
33 min
The Yankees take two out of three from the Rang...
Stacey recaps the whirlwind series with the Rangers, discusses key pitching performances and worries about the offense, just a little bit.
27 min
A series preview crossover with Brice Paterik o...
Stacey and Brice Paterik of Locked On Rangers talk about the Yankees and Rangers' 2022 (so far), they shine the spotlight on specific players from each team and they talk about Joey Gallo
37 min