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The Locked On Yankees is your only daily podcast covering all facets of the New York Yankees. Host Stacey Gotsulias, and producer Steve Granado, bring you analysis, commentary, and opinions about all things Bronx Bombers. If you want to know about the latest happenings in the Yankees' farm system, look no further. Every Monday, Locked On Yankees tells you about the players you need to know about and some players you probably never heard of. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your Team. Every day. 

LOCKED ON YANKEES -- It's a Derek Jeter extrava...
Today it's all about Derek Jeter who is about to be inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Stacey takes a look back at key moments in Jeter's career and more!
16 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- More fallout from the Astr...
Stacey discusses the ongoing fallout of the Astros' cheating scandal including the firing of Alex Cora, Carlos Beltran's fate and some Yankees' reactions to the scandal and the fallout.
14 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- The Astros get punished an...
Stacey discusses the punishment handed down by MLB against the Astros for their sign-stealing scheme, she talks about CC Sabathia's new job and is elated about the changes to the Yankees' Strength and Conditioning department
16 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- Happy Arbitration, Yankee ...
Stacey discusses all of the arbitration deals, Aaron Judge's payday, Brett Gardner's deal for 2020 and more!
14 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- It's Gerrit Cole day in th...
Stacey discusses Gerrit Cole's introductory press conference. She has quotes, she has thoughts and she has some other news that doesn't involve Gerrit Cole.
15 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- Discussing Yankees rumors ...
Stacey discusses some Yankees rumors involving Dellin Betances and others. She also takes a trip down memory lane.
14 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- Brett Gardner will be bang...
Stacey discusses Brett Gardner's deal, Dellin Betances rumors, Josh Hader rumors, Austin Romine going to the Tigers, Didi Gregorius officially becoming a Phillie and more!
16 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- The Yankees were the Yanke...
Stacey discusses the Yankees getting Gerrit Cole and losing Didi Gregorius, She also briefly touches upon some other Yankees news, the "juiced" baseballs and more!
15 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- The Winter Meetings have b...
Stacey wonders if anything will happen during the Winter Meetings. She discusses Gerrit Cole, Brett Gardner, Didi Gregorius, Dellin Betances and more!
14 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES--The Yankees are visiting wit...
Stacey discusses the news about the Yankees visiting both Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg and wonders if it actually means anything. She also discusses some non-tender news, Didi Gregorius news and more!
13 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES--Could Blake Treinen become a...
Stacey discusses the upcoming Winter Meetings, the possibility of Blake Treinen becoming a Yankee and she takes a look at the biggest hits of the decade
17 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES--Catching up on some offseaso...
Stacey discusses some news about Greg Bird, wonders what excuse the Yankees will make for not signing Gerrit Cole, she reveals the All-Decade list according to The Athletic and more!
17 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- Which Yankees players and ...
Stacey discusses all the things Yankee fans have to be thankful for in 2019, from individual games to players who stepped up, there's a lot!
16 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- The Yankees made some impo...
Stacey discusses the moves the Yankees made last night ahead of the Rule 5 draft and she talks about the proposal that would cut 42 Minor League teams including a Yankee affiliate.
15 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- It's Hall Of Fame time again!
Stacey discusses the 2020 Hall of Fame ballot and names all the former Yankees listed, she also talks about new pitching coach Matt Blake and more!
16 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- Trying to answer some offs...
Stacey discusses the offseason so far and tries to figure out some answers to some Yankee questions. Plus more information has come out about the Astros' cheating scandal.
17 min
Aaron Boone loses the Manager of the Year Award...
Stacey discusses Aaron Boone losing the Manager of the Year Award, she discusses the Astros and their cheating, she talks about Brian Cashman at the GM Meetings and Matt Blake is the new Yankees' pitching coach!
11 min
David Cone interviews for the Yankees' pitching...
Stacey discusses David Cone interviewing for the Yankees' pitching coach vacancy, briefly talks about the upcoming Hall Of Fame vote and discusses how ridiculous it is that 25-year-old stadiums are being replaced by newer stadiums.
12 min
The offseason is officially here and so is free...
Stacey discusses the latest Yankees news about Didi Gregorius, Aroldis Chapman and Aaron Boone and she has some thoughts about the Yankees and free agency.
15 min
Flashback: 2001 World Series Games 4 and 5 and ...
Stacey takes a look back at October 31, 2001 and November 1, 2001, Games 4 and 5 of the World Series against Arizona. She also goes on a mini rant about Hal Steinbrenner's spending habits.
15 min
The World Series is still on so let's look back...
Stacey discusses last night's shenanigans in Houston, reminisces about Game 3 of the 2001 World Series, and more!
17 min
The Yankees fire Larry Rothschild
Stacey discusses the Yankees firing Larry Rothschild, recaps a World Series game from 10 years ago, discusses the current World Series and more!
13 min
Looking back at World Series from the past
Stacey takes a look back at Game One of the 1999 World Series which began 20 years ago tonight, she also recaps Game One of the 2019 World Series, looks ahead to Game Two and talks about how relaxing it is to not worry about watching the Yankees
17 min
Are Yankees fans too entitled?
Stacey discusses a problem among her fellow Yankee fans and tries to get to the root of the problem, she also previews tonight's matchup in Game One of the World Series because baseball is still being played even though the Yankees are out of it.
16 min
The season is over and CC Sabathia says goodbye
Stacey discusses the Yankees' ALCS loss to Houston, talks about the ridiculous narratives that are now coming out about the 2010s Yankees and she talks about her love for CC Sabathia
15 min