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Locked On Yankees - Daily Podcast On ...
The Locked On Yankees podcast is your daily podcast covering all facets of the New York Yankees. Hosted by Stacey Gotsulias bringing you analysis, commentary, and opinions about all things Bronx Bombers. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.
LOCKED ON YANKEES--The Yankees are visiting wit...
Stacey discusses the news about the Yankees visiting both Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg and wonders if it actually means anything. She also discusses some non-tender news, Didi Gregorius news and more!
13 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES--Could Blake Treinen become a...
Stacey discusses the upcoming Winter Meetings, the possibility of Blake Treinen becoming a Yankee and she takes a look at the biggest hits of the decade
17 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES--Catching up on some offseaso...
Stacey discusses some news about Greg Bird, wonders what excuse the Yankees will make for not signing Gerrit Cole, she reveals the All-Decade list according to The Athletic and more!
17 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- Which Yankees players and ...
Stacey discusses all the things Yankee fans have to be thankful for in 2019, from individual games to players who stepped up, there's a lot!
16 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- The Yankees made some impo...
Stacey discusses the moves the Yankees made last night ahead of the Rule 5 draft and she talks about the proposal that would cut 42 Minor League teams including a Yankee affiliate.
15 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- It's Hall Of Fame time again!
Stacey discusses the 2020 Hall of Fame ballot and names all the former Yankees listed, she also talks about new pitching coach Matt Blake and more!
16 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- Trying to answer some offs...
Stacey discusses the offseason so far and tries to figure out some answers to some Yankee questions. Plus more information has come out about the Astros' cheating scandal.
17 min
Aaron Boone loses the Manager of the Year Award...
Stacey discusses Aaron Boone losing the Manager of the Year Award, she discusses the Astros and their cheating, she talks about Brian Cashman at the GM Meetings and Matt Blake is the new Yankees' pitching coach!
11 min
David Cone interviews for the Yankees' pitching...
Stacey discusses David Cone interviewing for the Yankees' pitching coach vacancy, briefly talks about the upcoming Hall Of Fame vote and discusses how ridiculous it is that 25-year-old stadiums are being replaced by newer stadiums.
12 min
The offseason is officially here and so is free...
Stacey discusses the latest Yankees news about Didi Gregorius, Aroldis Chapman and Aaron Boone and she has some thoughts about the Yankees and free agency.
15 min
Flashback: 2001 World Series Games 4 and 5 and ...
Stacey takes a look back at October 31, 2001 and November 1, 2001, Games 4 and 5 of the World Series against Arizona. She also goes on a mini rant about Hal Steinbrenner's spending habits.
15 min
The World Series is still on so let's look back...
Stacey discusses last night's shenanigans in Houston, reminisces about Game 3 of the 2001 World Series, and more!
17 min
The Yankees fire Larry Rothschild
Stacey discusses the Yankees firing Larry Rothschild, recaps a World Series game from 10 years ago, discusses the current World Series and more!
13 min
Looking back at World Series from the past
Stacey takes a look back at Game One of the 1999 World Series which began 20 years ago tonight, she also recaps Game One of the 2019 World Series, looks ahead to Game Two and talks about how relaxing it is to not worry about watching the Yankees
17 min
Are Yankees fans too entitled?
Stacey discusses a problem among her fellow Yankee fans and tries to get to the root of the problem, she also previews tonight's matchup in Game One of the World Series because baseball is still being played even though the Yankees are out of it.
16 min
The season is over and CC Sabathia says goodbye
Stacey discusses the Yankees' ALCS loss to Houston, talks about the ridiculous narratives that are now coming out about the 2010s Yankees and she talks about her love for CC Sabathia
15 min
Game Four is a must-win for the Yankees
Stacey discusses Game Four of the ALCS and how it's a must-win for the Yankees, she also talks about MLB's denial regarding de-juiced baseballs and more!
14 min
Previewing Game Three of the ALCS
Stacey previews Game Three of the American League Championship Series and tells a story about 18 years ago tonight
17 min
The Yankees earn a split in Houston and Gerrit ...
Stacey recaps the weekend in Houston, discusses her thoughts on how it played out, previews Game 3 and discusses the NLCS
16 min
The ALCS matchup is set
Stacey discusses the upcoming ALCS, shares her feelings about Houston being the Yankees' opponent and tries to calm herself down and everyone else down
17 min
The waiting game continues for the Yankees and ...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' waiting game and talks about which team she'd rather the Yankees face in the ALCS, she also recaps both NLDS Game 5s from yesterday.
16 min
The Yankees still don't know their ALCS opponent
Stacey discusses the Yankees not knowing who they're facing in the ALCS, she has thoughts about who she'd rather them face and she recaps a game from 10 years ago tonight
17 min
The Yankees sweep the Twins and move onto the A...
Stacey recaps the Yankees 5-1 win over the Twins, discusses the series as a whole, wonders who the Yankees will face in the ALCS and more!
17 min
The Yankees take the first two games of the Div...
Stacey recaps the weekend, previews tonight's pitching matchup and has something to say about the current state of baseball broadcasting and baseball writing
18 min
Series Preview | American League Division Series
Stacey talks all about the Division Series, specifically Game 1's pitching matchup, she discusses the other playoff games and she dispenses some advice on how to enjoy the Twins-Yankees series.
15 min
The Yankees announce the Division Series rotation
Stacey discusses the AL Wild Card, updates you on possible roster moves for the Division Series and Aaron Boone finally announces the Division Series starters.
13 min
The Yankees are still off but there's lots of t...
Stacey discusses the NL Wild Card game and the umpiring crew for the ALDS which turns into a rant about Angel Hernandez, then she expresses her concern for two injured Yankees, recalls a fun game from the regular season and warns you to wear layers on Friday night!
18 min
The Yankees are still off but there are lot of ...
Stacey wants Yankee fans to embrace their anxiety leading into the Division Series but cautions them to not let it affect their every day life, she also discusses Giancarlo Stanton and DJ LeMahieu and more!
17 min
The Yankees end the regular series in Texas
Stacey discusses the weekend against Texas and why you shouldn't panic, she also discusses some player injuries, slumps and talks about baseball in general.
15 min
Series Preview | Yankees at Rangers
Stacey previews the Yankees' last regular season series in Texas, she reads some quotes about CC Sabathia from his former teammates and she goes on a brief rant about 25-year old stadiums being replaced by shiny, new stadiums.
16 min
The Yankees drop another game to the Rays and o...
Stacey recaps last night's loss to the Rays, looks ahead to the Division Series and the possible rotation order, plus she has injury updates, discusses the Domingo German situation and more!
17 min
A quick series Yanks/Rays preview and a harrowi...
Stacey previews the Yankees last regular season series in Tampa, updates you on some injured players and shares a story about a black widow spider that proves no one within the Yankees' organization is safe from the injury bug or in this case, arachnid.
14 min
The Yankees take two of three from the Blue Jay...
Stacey recaps the weekend against the Blue Jays, including CC Sabathia's touching ceremony and Luis Severino's performance on Sunday and she talks about the Yankees' dwindling chances to grab home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.
20 min
The Yankees clinch the AL East Division Title w...
It's a celebration as Stacey recaps last night's win, dissects Masahiro Tanaka's strong performance, previews the Blue Jays series and more!
16 min
The Yankees will have to wait another day to ce...
Stacey discusses last night's 3-2 loss to the Angels, CC Sabathia's final Bronx start and Giancarlo Stanton's return. She also previews tonight's matchup and more!
12 min
The Yankees with the help of Luis Severino beat...
Stacey recaps last night's win over the Angels. dissects Luis Severino's return and discusses the big blow the Yankees suffered last night
16 min
Luis Severino is set to make his 2019 debut, fi...
Stacey discusses Luis Severino's long-awaited return to the Yankees and their rotation, she cautions Yankees fans about expecting too much too soon from Severino, she discusses how the Yankees may pitch in the playoffs, previews the Angels' series and more!
14 min
The Yankees lose two out of three to the Blue J...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' not-so-successful weekend against the Blue Jays, takes a closer look at Dellin Betances' 2019 debut and looks forward to the series against the Angels which will mark Luis Severino's 2019 debut.
13 min
The Yankees sweep a doubleheader in Detroit and...
Stacey discusses the doubleheader sweep in Detroit, talks about the absurd amount of injuries the Yankees have suffered and she previews the series in Toronto
16 min
The Yankees drop a slugfest to the Tigers
Stacey recaps last night's 12-11 loss to the Tigers, previews tonight's matchup and discusses all of the injured players who are about to come back to the team
11 min
The Yankees win again at Fenway thanks to James...
Stacey discusses last night's 5-0 win in Fenway. She recaps the game, she shines a light on James Paxton's performance and looks ahead to the three-game set which starts tonight in Detroit.
15 min
The Yankees are still in Fenway but are looking...
Stacey discusses the series in Fenway and how it's going so far for the Yankees, she takes a closer look at JA Happ's win on Saturday, previews tonight's matchup and more!
17 min
Series Preview | Yankees at Red Sox
Stacey previews this weekend's series against the Red Sox up in Fenway, she has injury updates and she takes a brief trip back 30 years so see how the Yankees fared in a game against Seattle.
14 min
The Yankees take two of three from the Rangers
Stacey recaps the Yankees' 4-1 over the Rangers, discusses the home run races within the team and takes a trip down memory lane
13 min
The Yankees start a new scoring streak and Jame...
Stacey recaps last night's 10-1 over the Rangers, she takes a closer look at James Paxton's dazzling performance and more!
15 min
Time to pour one out for the Yankees' scoring s...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' 7-0 loss to the Rangers, take a look at Masahiro Tanaka's performance, previews tonight's matchup and has injury updates
12 min
The Yankees walk-off as heroes and take two out...
Stacey discusses the Yankees successful weekend against the As and quickly previews the series against Texas
17 min
Series Preview | Athletics at Yankees
Stacey previews this weekend's series against the A's, she has injury updates and more!
13 min
The Yankees sweep Seattle and earn a well-deser...
Stacey recaps yesterday's 7-3 win over Seattle, she shines a light on James Paxton and the offensive heroes of the day and attempts to preview the series against the As.
15 min
Tanaka pitches a gem as the Yankees beat Seattl...
Stacey discusses last night's 7-0 victory over the Mariners, she shines the spotlight on Masahiro Tanaka and she has a ton of injury updates for you
15 min
Mike Ford powers the Yankees to a win in Seattle
Stacey discusses last night's 5-4 win over Seattle, she takes a close look at JA Happ's performance, talks about Mike Ford's contributions to the Yankees and more!
14 min
The Yankees win two out of three in Los Angeles...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' successful weekend against the Dodgers, has some injury updates and previews the series in Seattle which begins tonight.
18 min
The Yankees drop their fourth in a row and head...
Stacey discusses last night's loss to Oakland, previews the series against LA and talks about her fears of what might unfold this weekend in Chavez Ravine
12 min
The Yankees lose again thanks to JA's Hapless p...
Stacey discusses JA Happ's start and his struggles, she wonders if he can be fixed, she previews tonight's game and she talks about Justin Verlander's and Kenley Jansen's media incidents.
14 min
The Yankees start off their west coast road tri...
Stacey recaps last night's loss to the A's, takes a look at Domingo German's pitch selection, previews tonight's pitching matchup and more!
11 min
The Yankees split their series with Cleveland a...
Stacey discusses the weekend against Cleveland, talks about the Yankees' upcoming west coast trip and more!
11 min
The Yankees have a history of losing big to Cle...
Stacey recalls other games in the past in which Cleveland has beaten the Yankees handily
16 min
The Yankees make it 16 straight against the Ori...
Stacey discusses the Yankees 6-5 win over the Orioles, gushes over Gary Sanchez and the rest of the team then previews the series against the Indians.
14 min
The Yankees win their 15th straight against Bal...
Stacey discusses last night's 8-3 win over Baltimore, shines a spotlight on Domingo German, and more!
14 min
The Yankees sweep another doubleheader and Torr...
Stacey recaps the doubleheader sweep against the Orioles, rattles off some cool stats about Gleyber Torres' historic performance against Baltimore and more!
16 min
Masahiro Tanaka tosses a gem, the Yankees split...
Stacey discusses the Yankees 1-0 win over the Blue Jays, previews the series against Baltimore, has injury updates and discusses her love of John Sterling
14 min
The Yankees continue their offensive tear and b...
Stacey discusses last night's 12-6 win over the Blue Jays, she rattles off some stats and she tells a story of days long ago
18 min
The Yankees sweep the series in Camden Yards an...
Stacey discusses all the records the Yankees set and broke in Baltimore this week, she recaps Wednesday's win over the Orioles and she quickly previews the series against the Blue Jays.
15 min
The Yankees win again in Baltimore
Stacey recaps last night's win over the Orioles, has some fun with John Sterling's calls and more!
17 min
The Yankees win with the long ball against Balt...
Stacey recaps last night's 9-6 win over the O's, discusses Masahiro Tanaka's pitch selection and more!
14 min
The Yankees sweep the Red Sox out of the Bronx
Stacey recaps the Yankees' four-game sweep over the Red Sox, she updates you on the myriad of Yankees' injuries and she previews the Yankees' three-game series with the Orioles which starts tonight in Baltimore.
16 min
A series preview and a look back at two anniver...
Stacey previews the Yanks' four-game set against the Red Sox, she remembers Melky Cabrera's cycle and she discusses Thurman Munson on the 40th anniversary of his death.
16 min
The Yankees beat the DBacks and have a quiet tr...
Stacey discusses the Yankees 7-5 win over the Diamondbacks and talks about the Yankees' quiet trade deadline
14 min
The Yanks drop a game to the DBacks and are the...
Stacey discusses last night's 4-2 loss to the Diamondbacks and discusses the impending trade deadline.
14 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- A series preview and some ...
Stacey previews the Yankees' quick two-game set with the Diamondbacks and discusses the trade deadline which is quickly approaching.
13 min
The Yankees finally win a game in Fenway
The Yankees win a game in Fenway and earn a well-deserved day off. Stacey also has injury updates and she discusses trade options for the Yankees.
14 min
The Yankees lose big in Fenway and lose Brett G...
Stacey recaps a game and it might not be last night's debacle in Fenway. She also updates you on injured players.
15 min
The Yankees take two of three from the Twins an...
Stacey recaps last night's 10-7 over the Twins and previews this weekend's four-game series at Fenway
17 min
The Yankees win a wild one in Minnesota
Stacey recaps last night's wild win over the Twins and updates you on some Yankees news
13 min
The Yankees drop a game to the Twins
Stacey recaps last night's 8-6 loss to the Twins, previews tonight's matchup and talks Hall of Fame speeches
9 min
A doubleheader sweep and series preview
Stacey recaps the Yankees doubleheader sweep against the Rays and previews the series against the Rockies.
12 min
LOCKED ON YANKEES -- Happy Anniversary, David C...
today is the 20th anniversary of David Cone's perfect game. Stacey recalls the day and how she had tickets but didn't go. There's also some news and notes.
14 min
The Yankees offense finally wakes up in an 8-3 ...
Stacey recaps last night's 8-3 victory over Tampa and discusses a problem with the new Stadium
15 min
Travis d'Arnaud?!
Stacey rants about last night's loss to the Rays and mentions Travis d'Arnaud by name at least 10 times. It's a fun one.
12 min
The Yankees win two out of three against the Ja...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' successful weekend against the Blue Jays, previews the series against the Rays, makes a case for the Yankees acquiring Marcus Stroman and more!
11 min
Series Preview | Blue Jays at Yankees
Stacey previews this weekend's series against the Blue Jays, discusses possible pitching acquisitions and more!
11 min
Ranting and Raving | The All-Star break continu...
Stacey doesn't like that the Yankees (and most of baseball) have another day off. She's also not happy with George King of the New York Post's grading system.
11 min
The Yankees have a good showing at the All-Star...
The Yankees represented themselves well in last night's All-Star Game, Stacey discusses that and tells the story of a game from 2005
14 min
Reviewing the Yankees' 2019 so far and talking ...
Stacey discusses how the Yankees have done so far in 2019, she talks about the Home Run Derby, and more!
17 min
Gary Sanchez provides some fireworks in a Fourt...
Stacey discusses yesterday's win in Tampa, breaks down JA Happ's performance and she discusses some things that happened in the NL:
13 min
The Yankees beat the Mets and Domingo German fi...
Stacey recaps last night's 5-1 victory over the Mets, discusses German's performance, Urshela's defense, Torres' All-Star snub and more!
19 min
The Yankees lose a tough one in Queens
Stacey discusses last night's loss to the Mets, Luke Voit's trip to the IL, Jasson Dominguez's namesake and more!
12 min
Series preview: Yankees at Mets
Stacey previews the Yankees-Mets series in Queens which starts tonight, she heaps praise upon AL Player of the Week DJ LeMahieu and more!
10 min
It's a London sweep for the Yankees!
Stacey discusses the Yankees' two-game sweep of the Red Sox in London, she rants about All-Star voting, the Yankees' handling of injuries and more!
17 min
A Red Sox-Yankees London series preview
Stacey previews the Red Sox/Yankees pitching matchups, updates you on Giancarlo Stanton's injury and more
13 min
The Yankees walk off a winner but James Paxton'...
The Yankees swept the Blue Jays out of the Bronx but James Paxton struggled. The Yankees have two streaks they're keeping alive and they're heading to London!
13 min
The Yankees return to their winning ways with a...
Stacey recaps the Yankees' 10-8 win over the Blue Jays, she looks at both CC Sabathia's and Jonathan Holder's performances and previews tonight's game.
14 min
The Yankees take three of four from Houston and...
The Yankees beat the Astros three out of four and the weekend was capped off by Old Timers Day! We also preview the three-game set against the Blue Jays.
19 min
The Yankees open their series against the Astro...
The Yankees used the long ball in their victory over the Astros. Chad Green opened and the Yankees cruised to a 10-6 victory. Stacey recaps the game, looks ahead to tonight's game and more!
10 min
The Yanks sweep the Rays, CC gets #250 and the ...
The Yankees swept the Rays out of town thanks to an offensive explosion and a good pitching performance from CC Sabathia. Stacey discusses yesterday's game, CC's performance and previews this weekend's series against the Astros
17 min
The Yankees win another game against the Rays a...
The Yankees beat the Rays again. This time 6-3 behind a solid performance from JA Happ and offensive fireworks from Cameron Maybin and Edwin Edwin EncarnaciĆ³n
12 min
Masahiro Tanaka shuts down the Rays and the Yan...
Masahiro Tanaka had a brilliant outing on Monday night against Tampa. Stacey recaps the game and takes a look at Tanaka's performance.
13 min
The Yankees split their series with the White S...
It was an interesting weekend for the Yankees who salvaged a split with the White Sox after a disastrous first two games and traded for Edwin Encarnacion seemingly out of nowhere.
11 min
The Yankees drop a bummer of a game to the Whit...
Stacey discusses Thursday's loss to the White Sox and her recap turns into a rant about the Yankees' starting pitching woes. She also goes in-depth and looks at JA Happ's bad fifth inning and tells a story about game from 10 years ago.
13 min
A series preview and a look at the Old Timers D...
Stacey previews this weekend's series against the White Sox, updates you on Giancarlo Stanton and reveals the Old Timers Day roster
13 min
The Yanks split a doubleheader with the Mets an...
The Yankees split yesterday's doubleheader with the Mets. Stacey recaps the games, gives you injury updates and celebrates a special Yankees anniversary.
13 min
Rainy day episode: Previewing today's doublehea...
Monday night's game was rained out so the Yankees and Mets are playing a doubleheader on Tuesday. Stacey previews that and more!
15 min
The Yankees avoid a sweep in Cleveland
The Yankees avoided a sweep in Cleveland, lost another player to injury and now have to come home to play the Mets in the first installment of the Subway Series. Fun!
14 min
JA Happ helps the Yankees snap a three-game los...
The Yankees snapped a three-game losing streak thanks to a strong performance by JA Happ and six runs by the offense. Stacey recaps the game, looks at Happ's performance and previews this weekend's series against the Indians.
11 min
The Yanks drop a game to the Jays and more Clin...
The Yankees drop a game to the Blue Jays and lose two in a row for the first time in over a month. There's also more Clint Frazier drama.
16 min
A series preview and an MLB Draft update
Stacey previews the Yankees-Blue Jays which starts tonight in Toronto and she lets you know who the Yankees drafted last night.
14 min
The Yankees take two of three from the Red Sox
The Yankees won their series against the Red Sox. Stacey recaps the weekend and updates you on some injured players, as per usual.
12 min
A series preview and a look back at 30 years ag...
Stacey previews the Red Sox/Yankees pitching matchups and tells a story about a game from 30 years ago
14 min
James Paxton returned, the Yankees' bat came al...
James Paxton returned, the Yankees' bat came alive and they beat the Padres 7-0
14 min
Tanaka has a rough night and the Yankees drop o...
Masahiro Tanaka's bad inning happened early and it doomed the Yankees.
13 min
The Yanks start their latest homestand with a M...
The Yankees beat the Padres 5-2 in another "opener" game. We discuss that and have injury updates.
13 min
The Yankees complete the sweep against the Orioles
It was another sweep in Baltimore and the Yankees didn't rely on the long ball to win,
11 min
The Yankees beat the Orioles again but lose Sab...
The Yankees won another game in Baltimore but CC Sabathia struggled and is heading for the DL. Gleyber Torres and Gary Sanchez went deep again and the Yankees won their 11th straight in Camden Yards.
12 min
The Yankees offense continues its assault on Or...
the Yankees won their 10th straight game in Camden Yards thanks to another offensive explosion. Clint Frazier hit two home runs, Gary Sanchez hit another and Domingo German won his ninth game.
11 min
The Yankees complete a wild comeback against th...
The game started off rough for JA Happ but a combo of his offense, Baltimore pitching and Baltimore's defense helped the Yankees complete a wild comeback.
11 min
Hello first place! The Yankees take two of thre...
The Yankees win their series against Tampa and take over first place in the AL East. Stacey recaps the weekend and gives you a couple of injury updates.
10 min
Gary Sanchez hits the ball hard
David Adler of MLB.com wrote about how hard Gary Sanchez hits the ball. Stacey goes through the numbers and it's eye-opening. Plus she previews this weekend's pitching matchups against the Rays.
13 min
The Yankees sweep the Os in a doubleheader
The Yankees sweep their doubleheader against the Orioles and Miguel Andujar makes a big decision regarding his shoulder and his season.
15 min
Another rainout, more injury updates and a stor...
The Yankees and Orioles were rained out again, there are more injury updates and Stacey tells a story about a night 23 years ago.
14 min
A rainy day rant and more Yankee injuries
The Yankees and Orioles had their game postponed on Monday night and Stacey has a lot of thoughts about how everything transpired. Plus there's more injury news, of course.
12 min
The Yanks take two of three from Tampa
The Yankees escaped from Tropicana Field with two wins thanks to good pitching and timely hitting. Stacey discusses that and more!
11 min
Gio Urshela saves the day and the Yanks take th...
Thanks to a focused JA Happ, the Yankees took three out of four from the Yankees, Gio Urshela played hero once again and there are more injury updates.
12 min
A conversation with Derek Albin of Baseball Pro...
Stacey is joined by Derek Albin of Baseball Prospectus and they discuss Jonathan Loaisiga, the replacement players and, of course, the injuries
32 min
The Yankees walk off against Seattle and Tanaka...
The Yankees staged a somewhat improbable comeback when you take into consideration how sloppy they performed all night but you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and nope, not doing it. Masahiro Tanaka was saddled with the no decision and his splitter is still not working.
13 min
The Yankees take the first game from the Marine...
CC Sabathia "outdueled" Felix Hernandez and picked up his 248th win. The Yankees hit some dingers including a big-league first and we have more injury updates.
13 min
The Yankees win two out of three against the Tw...
The Yankees take two of three from the Twins, Domingo German shines on Sunday and there's a ton of news on the injury front, as per usual.
13 min
A Yankees-Twins series preview, an injury updat...
The Yankees are welcoming the Twins to the Bronx for a three-game set. Stacey goes through the pitching matchups and wonders if this is the weekend the Twins change their luck against the Yankees.
11 min
The west coast trip ends with another Masahiro ...
Masahiro Tanaka had another not-so-great start to end the Yankees nine-game trip. We talk about that and more!
11 min
CC Sabathia picks up his 3000th strikeout in a ...
CC Sabathia reaches a big milestone in his already storied career. Stacey discusses that and the Yankees' 3-1 loss to the Diamondbacks.
12 min
Recapping the Yankees' west coast road trip so far
Stacey is joined by Matt Imbrogno of River Avenue Blues and they discuss the hows and whys with regards to the Yankees recent string of wins.
33 min
The Yankees complete a sweep in San Francisco b...
It was mostly good news as the Yankees sweep their three-game series in San Francisco. Unfortunately, two more players were bitten by the injury bug.
14 min
The Yankees' six=game winning streak comes to a...
The Yankees' pitching staff had a rough one in Anaheim and the Yankees' winning streak comes to a crashing halt.
14 min
The ragtag Yankees stage a comeback after Sabat...
The Yankees made a comeback in Anaheim thanks to DJ LeMahieu and Tyler Wade. Just like everyone expected. Stacey discusses that and more!
15 min
The Yankees win again in Anaheim
Stacey recaps the Yankees 7-5 over the Angels, talks pitching and gives some injury updates, as usual.
14 min
The Yankees beat the Angels in 14 innings
Stacey discovers how the Yankees were able to beat the Angels in 14 because she fell asleep and missed most of the game.
15 min
The Yankees walked off a winner on Sunday but w...
The Yankees won an extra innings game on Sunday after wasting a really strong performance by James Paxton. Stacey discusses it all.
16 min
Emergency Podcast: Aaron Judge gets injured
Aaron Judge suffered an injury and Stacey talks about it and the rest of Saturday's game
7 min
The Yankees drop a game to KC and show Kate Smi...
Stacey discusses Thursday night's loss to the Royals and talks about the Yankees getting rid of Kate Smith's version of God Bless America.
12 min
Happ isn't hapless and the Yankees beat the Red...
The Yankees beat the Red Sox again and Stacey breaks it down for you. She also discusses the kerfuffle in Chicago and previews the upcoming series with the Royals.
12 min
James Paxton shuts down the Red Sox
Stacey discusses the Yankees' 8-0 victory over the Red Sox and gives an injury update
14 min
Double the Fun: Previewing the Red Sox series w...
Stacey and Matt preview the short Red Sox and tell tales of playoff games past
36 min
CC Sabathia's return can't save the Yankees' we...
Stacey discusses CC's triumphant return to the team which was the only good thing about the weekend against the White Sox. She also gives you some injury updates and talks about James Paxton's discovery.
14 min
Mailbag Episode with Matt Imbrogno of River Ave...
It's our first of hopefully many mailbag episodes with special guest Matt Imbrogno of River Avenue Blues. Stacey and Matt answer your questions and discuss some fun and not so fun moments from the past.
27 min
The Yankees get swept out of Houston
The Yankees suffer a sweep in Houston and it wasn't pretty
13 min
Another frustrating loss for the Yankees in Hou...
The Yankees lose again, Luis Severino could be out until July and is Gio Gonazlez an option for the rotation?
15 min
The Yankees winning streak is snapped by the As...
The Yankees suffer an exasperating loss to the Astros which snapped their three-game winning streak. Stacey recaps the loss, updates you on some injuries and gives some airtime to a Yankees prospect she completely forgot about on Monday.
15 min
The Yankees sweep the Orioles out of Baltimore
It's a sweep in Baltimore with the added home derby thrown in for good measure as the Yankees are now above .500 heading into Houston
18 min
The Yankees win, James Paxton wins and Gleyber ...
James Paxton gets his first win, the Yankees' offense explodes and Gleyber Torres joins the record books
13 min
The Yankees to the Tigers and lose another play...
The Yankees lose again and lose another player to injury. Week one has not been kind to the Bronx Bombers and we talk about that and more.
17 min
The Good, the bad and the ugly of the Yankees 3...
The Yankees dropped a game to the Tigers and Stacey takes you through the good, the bad and the ugly of the game while looking ahead to Wednesday's game
12 min
The Yankees win a game but lose two more player...
In a game of good news/bad news the Yankees win a game against Detroit but lose two players to injury
15 min
Recapping the Yankees' lost weekend against the...
The Yankees lost two of three to Baltimore which disproves Meatloaf's theory about two out of three being not so bad and we preview the series against the Tigers with a special guest!
22 min
The Yankees start off the 2019 season with a vi...
The Yankees win on opening day and it's all good news from Yankee Stadium.
12 min
Opening day is here!
It's opening day (finally) and there's a lot to talk about. Also: Adam Ottavino admits he was a heckler and Aaron Judge has his eye on winning.
12 min
Sabathia makes progress, Gardner reflects and a...
Both CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner want to lift the World Series title at the end of the 2019 season and we unveil a new feature
15 min
The Yanks lose to the Nats, injury updates and ...
The Yankees dropped an exhibition to the Nats but everyone made it out unscathed. Stacey tells the story of a documentary.
21 min
The Yankees roster is set and the season is abo...
The Yankees have set their roster and are heading home to New York to start the season. We go through the roster and tell you the ways the Yankees can win this season.
15 min
Sanchez and Tulo can't hit the ball and J-Rod g...
17 min
Luis Severino is shut down and Sonny Gray hates...
Severino has a bum shoulder and Sonny Gray has a bum slider
14 min
The Yankees win and the Phillies get their man
14 min
Yanks have games affected by rain and Rob Manfr...
15 min
Paxton started, Tulo homered and Pettitte comes...
Some things happened on Monday February 25 and we talk about them.
14 min
Hicks gets paid, the Yankees play their first g...
18 min
Yankees position players arrive, Hal speaks, CC...
Stacey discusses comments made by Hal Steinbrenner, CC's retirement, James Paxton and more!
20 min
Spring Training Day Two | Tanaka, Ottavino and ...
13 min
Spring Training has officially started
Pitchers and catchers officially reported to camp and there's a lot to talk about
23 min
Pitchers and catchers report day!
Players are reporting to camp which means real baseball is just around the corner
17 min
Mariano Rivera and Mike Mussina are elected int...
Mo and Moose make the Hall of Fame and Stacey has feelings
22 min
REDO: Sonny Gray is no longer a Yankee, Adam Ot...
Stacey discusses the Sonny Gray trade, Adam Ottavino and the Hall of Fame announcement.
18 min
Sonny Gray is no longer a Yankee, Adam Ottavino...
Lots of Yankees news to discuss including Sonny Gray, Adam Ottavino and Mariano Rivera.
18 min
Yanks avoid arbitration with everyone but Luis ...
14 min
The Yankees still haven't signed Manny Machado
Still no word on Manny Machado
19 min
I have a headache and it has Hal Steinbrenner w...
I wasn't going to yell about Manny Machado but...
15 min
Why is Sonny Gray still a Yankee?
Stacey explores why Sonny Gray is still a Yankee and more!
24 min
Happy New Year! The Yankees signed Troy Tulowit...
There's finally some Yankees news!
20 min
Some news on the Yankees, Robinson Cano, and ot...
18 min
Manny Machado's clarification, diving into the ...
The Yankees made a trade earlier this week and we're talking about it and much more.
20 min
The Yankees trade for James Paxton
The Yankees made a trade and we're talking about it!
25 min
It's awards week and the Yankees didn't win any...
It's awards week and not a Yankee was awarded anything.
27 min
Gary Sanchez had shoulder surgery but will be r...
There's not a lot of Yankees news but Gary Sanchez had surgery!
17 min
Yankees sign CC Sabathia to a one-year deal
Good news! CC Sabathia signed a one-year deal to stay with the Yankees!
31 min
Riffing on free agents, Cory Kluber, Sonny Gray...
Stacey looks at free agents, trade candidates and defends Clayton Kershaw a little bit
26 min
Brett Gardner gets a one-year deal
26 min
The Yankees and their history on October 26
October 26 is a popular date in Yankees history and Stacey tells some stories from those nights
26 min
Yankees news and reminiscing about the 1996 Wor...
There is some Yankees news and Stacey reminisces about the 1996 World Series
20 min
The Yankees' offseason is in full swing
The Yankees' are enjoying their offseason so far but the front office has some work to do
24 min
The Yankees' offseason begins with some shockin...
There was a lot of news this weekend. Learn about it and more in today's episode of Locked On Yankees
24 min
The season is over for the Yankees
Stacey tries to make sense of Games 3 and 4 of the ALDS and more
28 min
The Red Sox blow out the Yankees in Game 3 of t...
Stacey discusses the Yankees awful performance in Game 3 and much more
25 min
American League Division Series: Yankees at Red...
It's all about the Division Series!
24 min
The Yankees win the Wild Card Game 7-2 over the...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' 7-2 victory over the A's in the AL Wild Card game
32 min
Flashback: October 2, 1978
Stacey travels back to 1978 to recap the infamous Bucky Dent game.
22 min
The Yankees finish the regular season on a high...
Stacey discusses the Yankees last weekend of the regular season
22 min
The Yankees win three out of four and Sabathia ...
Stacey discusses the past two games, CC Sabathia, and much more!
28 min
Another win in Tampa thanks to an explosive off...
The Yankees win again in Tampa thanks to an offensive explosion in the third, Stacey previews tonight's game and goes around the league
21 min
After clinching a playoff spot the Yankees look...
The Yankees are in the playoffs! Now they have to fight to keep home field advantage in the Wild Card game
24 min
Luis Severino and an explosive offense topple t...
Recapping the Yankees' win over the Red Sox
21 min
Recapping a Yankees win over the Red Sox
Stacey recaps the Yankees' win over the Red Sox, recaps the Angels-A's game and goes around the league
23 min
Series Preview | Red Sox at Yankees
Stacey looks ahead to the series against the Red Sox, updates you on Aaron Judge and Aroldis Chapman and takes you around the league.
24 min
Recapping the series loss to the Blue Jays and ...
In today's episode, Stacey recaps the series loss to Toronto, reveals a headline that made her laugh, takes you around the league and tells a story about Ben Zobrist.
25 min
A series loss to the Twins and a few injury upd...
The Yankees lost a series to the Twins and a couple of key players may be on their way back
33 min
For the love of God stop starting Sonny Gray
Sonny Gray has another short outing and the Yankees lost to the Twins for the first time in nine games
19 min
J.A. Happ and the Yankees beat the Twins
Stacey discusses Monday night's win, looks ahead to Tuesday and goes around the league
19 min
The Yankees are sweepless in Seattle and a look...
21 min
The newest Yankee hero helps lead them to victo...
The Yankees win, Luke Voit is channeling 1998 Shane Spencer and news from around the league.
26 min
The Yankees' West Coast trip starts with a dud
Stacey discusses Monday's loss, gives some injury updates and takes you around the league
23 min
A series split with the Tigers and a preview of...
Stacey discusses the series loss against the Tigers and looks ahead to the series in Oakland
22 min
The Yankees lose a heartbreaker to the Tigers
The Yankees lose again, they may have gotten Andrew McCutchen and Gary Sanchez will be back this weekend.
23 min
A series loss to the White Sox and some Yankee ...
The Yankees drop their series to the White Sox, are waiting for guys to return and more.
22 min
The Yankees walk it off against the White Sox a...
The Yanks "Walker" it off against the White Sox, Greg Bird has a tough night and more.
23 min
The Yankees drop a sloppy game to the White Sox
The Yankees lose to another bad team and look awful
19 min
A Yankees sweep, an apology and baseball news f...
We discuss the sweep against Balitmore, Luke Voit's big weekend and much, much more.
21 min
Series Preview | Yankees vs. Orioles
The Yankees are heading into Baltimore and looking for a series win
20 min
The Yankees stumble against the Marlins
The Yankees lose a winnable game, Aaron Boone makes questionable bullpen decisions and much more.
23 min
The Yankees squeak by with an extra innings win...
It took 12 innings but the Yankees finally beat the Marlins on Tuesday night
29 min
The Yankees start a two-game series in Miami
Stacey Gotsulias previews Tuesday's pitching matchup, discusses the litany of injuries and reminisces about playoff series of the past
25 min
The Yankees complete a three-game sweep against...
The Yankees have swept the Blue Jays and we discuss each win and look ahead to Miami
23 min
J.A. Happ leads the Yankees to a win over the Rays
Stacey discusses the Yanks win over the Rays, the possible Wild Card game matchup and Austin Romine
21 min
The Yankees sweep in Chicago and start a new st...
A Yankees sweep and a Luis Severino win ends their road trip on a high note.
19 min
The Yankees win two in a row
The Yankees have won two games in Chicago thanks to some surprising contributors
17 min
Yankees embarrassed in Fenway Park
A recap of the game in Fenway on August 2
16 min
Sonny Gray implodes again
Sonny Gray has a short outing, again, and Stacey looks ahead to the Red Sox series
17 min
Post trade deadline news and the upcoming serie...
Some interesting stuff happened after the trade deadline passed
15 min
The Yankees must win games against bad teams
Sean and Gary discuss the Yankees' struggles with inferior divisional teams
27 min
The Yankees need to wake up
The Yankees are having trouble beating bad teams
15 min
Trade deadline: Who's available, what should th...
Sean and Gary discuss trades, they grade some Yankee players and preview the Subway Series
32 min
Subway Series preview: Mets vs. Yankees
A discussion about the home run derby, the Mets and Yankees and Jacob deGrom
28 min
The All-Star break edition
A discussion about possible pitchers for trades, a look back at the first half and a look beyond the break
19 min
Sean and Gary's triumphant return to the podcast
Sean and Gary make their triumphant return to the Locked on Yankees podcast.
36 min
On Sonny Gray, the All-Star game, some trade ne...
Stacey Gotsulias discusses Sonny Gray, the All-Star game, trade possibilities and Jacoby Ellsbury
16 min
The Yankees lose the final game in Philly and l...
The Yanks end their road trip on a negative note and prepare for a showdown with Boston
26 min
The Yankees have a lost weekend in Tampa
The Yanks are swept in Tampa and we look ahead to their series with the Phillies
18 min
Bryce Harper's stay in New York is temporary --...
Locked on Yankees June 12
19 min
Who is better than Severino in the next 5 years?
39 min
Locked On Yankees - June 7, 2018 - Rotation Fix...
Sonny Gray, last year's trade acquisition from the west coast, pitches brilliantly as talk of Madison Bumgarner circulates
26 min
How will the Yankees approach the MLB Draft?
19 min
Luis Severino's superstar season
Locked on Yankees June 1
31 min
Locked On Yankees - May 31, 2018 - Catching Heat
Is there a right answer to who should be behind the plate when Sonny Gray pitches?
28 min
The missed opportunity with Justin Verlander
Locked on Yankees May 29
21 min
Previewing the weekend series vs the Angels
Locked on Yankees May 25
17 min
Locked On Yankees - May 21, 2018 - Minor Issues
Clint Frazier goes back to Triple-A, even though he belongs in the majors. Tyler Austin probably will follow. It's tough for them, but a nice problem for the Yankees.
18 min
Locked On Yankees - May 18, 2018 - Back In Action
The Yankees are ready to play again after a day off, a suspended game, a rainout, and another day off.
32 min
Locked On Yankees - May 16, 2018 - Rain Delay T...
Rain forces the Yankees and Nationals to put the end of their game on hold, but not before generating a lot of things to talk about
18 min
Locked On Yankees - May 15, 2018 - Quarterly Re...
The Yankees are on their way to making history in 2018, beyond their current pace for 112 wins.
20 min
Locked On Yankees - May 14, 2018 - ESPN's Coley...
Larry Fleisher breaks down the latest with the Yankees and talks to ESPN Yankees beat writer Coley Harvey
29 min
Locked On Yankees - May 11, 2018 - Where's The ...
The Yankees already are drawing comparisons to historically great teams... and they can still get better.
32 min
Locked On Yankees - May 10, 2018 - The Constant...
Omari Brown talks with James Scott of SaberScouts about everything going on with the red-hot Yankees
40 min
Locked On Yankees - May 9, 2018 - Off And Running
The Yankees stay hot and tie the Red Sox for the best record in the majors
19 min
Locked On Yankees - May 8, 2018 - It's Yanks-So...
Larry Fleisher gets you ready for the Red Sox's visit to Yankee Stadium
21 min
Locked On Yankees - May 7, 2018 - Domingo Gigante
The Yankees go 16-2 over a stretch of 18 games in 18 days, capped by incredible efforts from Domingo German and Gleyber Torres
22 min
Locked On Yankees - May 4, 2018 - Riding To The...
Tommy Romanelli of Pinstriped Prospects is the guest, discussing Triple-A Scranton
33 min
Locked On Yankees - May 3, 2018 - Houston, We H...
The Yankees figure out how to score runs deep in the heart of Texas, while also not allowing them
30 min
Locked On Yankees - May 2, 2018 - Gary On Fire
For the second time in a week, Gary Sanchez lifts the Yankees to victory with a ninth-inning home run
19 min
Locked On Yankees - May 1, 2018 - Toss It Aside
The Yankees' winning streak is over at nine, even though Sonny Gray had his best start of the season
21 min
Locked On Yankees - April 30, 2018 - Cloud Nine
The Yankees have a nine-game winning streak for the first time since 2012, and now head to Houston to meet the champs
18 min
Locked On Yankees - April 27, 2018 - Sweeping S...
The Yankees finish off the Twins and head west to face the Angels
18 min
Locked On Yankees - April 26, 2018 - The Coming...
As Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres establish themselves as major leaguers, the Yankees face an infield logjam ahead
31 min
Locked On Yankees - April 25, 2018 - Check that D
Four is good when it's the number of games in a row you've won, and also when it distracts from a bad four, like the Yankees' error total Tuesday
19 min
Locked On Yankees - April 24, 2018 - Blowout's ...
Masahiro Tanaka gets straightened out, Giancarlo Stanton goes 4-for-4, and the Yankees trade for Cole! (Not that Cole.)
20 min
Locked On Yankees - April 23, 2018 - 25 Alive!
Double meaning! The Yankees, a group of 25 players, are back on track with a series win over the Blue Jays. Also, Gleyber Torres!
21 min
Locked On Yankees - April 20, 2018 - High On Gl...
Gleyber Torres' time is coming, the Yankees keep dealing with tests of their depth, and Omari Brown's Farm Report debuts
24 min
Locked On Yankees - April 19, 2018 - Superstar ...
Is it time to move Giancarlo Stanton down in the lineup? And what's up with the Yankees being so sloppy?
30 min
Locked On Yankees - April 18, 2018 - Stuck In T...
The Yankees are a .500 team -- again -- but it won't last forever
20 min
Locked On Yankees - April 17, 2018 - Fish Fry
The Yankees batter the Marlins to open their 10-game homestand
16 min
Locked On Yankees - April 16, 2018 - April Glowers
Home from a washed-out weekend, the Yankees need to heat up before a rough part of the schedule
21 min
Locked On Yankees - April 13, 2018 - Fenway Flop
The Yankees stagger out of Boston after Wednesday night's brawlgame failed to provide a spark
21 min
Locked On Yankees - April 12, 2018 - Fenway Fis...
The Yankees get back to .500 with a wild win with two bench-clearing incidents at Fenway Park
23 min
Locked On Yankees - April 11, 2018 - Another Da...
Masahiro Tanaka vs. David Price is huge, and Brandon Drury's injury situation is unsettling
32 min
Locked On Yankees - April 10, 2018 - Shipping U...
Sports Illustrated's Jon Tayler is the guest at the Yankee Haters' Ball and helps preview this week's series at Fenway
33 min
Locked On Yankees - April 9, 2018 - Giancarlo's...
The Yankees, playing some of their worst possible baseball, especially Giancarlo Stanton, still are 5-5
24 min
Locked On Yankees - April 6, 2018 - It Is April 6
It is April 6. Seriously, it is April 6.
18 min
Locked On Yankees - April 5, 2018 - Here Come T...
We've seen our first Stanton/Judge/Sanchez trifecta, the rotation is clicking, and the whole roster is contributing. Good times for the Yankees.
30 min
Locked On Yankees - April 4, 2018 - Welcome To ...
Giancarlo Stanton gets booed in a five-strikeout home opener as Didi Gregorius steals the show with eight RBI
24 min
Locked On Yankees - April 3, 2018 - Memory Lane...
After Monday's snowout, Locked On Yankees contributors share their favorite home opener memories
21 min
Locked On Yankees - April 2, 2018 - Welcome Home!
The Yankees finally return to New York to play their first home game of 2018 after splitting a weekend in Toronto
16 min
Locked On Yankees - March 30, 2018 - A Flying S...
Giancarlo Stanton hits two home runs in his Yankees debut and Luis Severino cruises past the Blue Jays on opening day
24 min
Locked On Yankees - March 29, 2018 - Opening Day!
The Yankees get ready to open the 2018 season in Toronto with high expectations
31 min
Locked On Yankees - March 28, 2018 - The Sonny ...
Don't overlook Sonny Gray, do get ready for an important season from Gary Sanchez, maybe pay attention to some spring stats
23 min
Locked On Yankees - March 27, 2018 - Greg's Leg
The Yankees are well prepared to handle Greg Bird's absence due to ankle surgery, but it still stinks
18 min
Locked On Yankees - March 26, 2018 - Bird Doggo...
Greg Bird is going to the doctor, Yankees nightmare scenarios, and CC Sabathia
17 min
Locked On Yankees - March 23, 2018 - Locked On ...
So, now that Tyler Wade is going to be on the Yankees' roster, what should they do with him? Plus, it's Mailbag Friday!
22 min
Locked On Yankees - March 22, 2018 - Just You W...
Omari Brown hosts and is here to tell you that Tyler Wade is the new Aaron Judge. Yes, really. No, not like that.
19 min
Locked On Yankees - March 21, 2018 - London Cal...
The Yankees and Red Sox prepare to take their rivalry abroad, while at home, Alex Rodriguez remains incredible
22 min
Locked On Yankees - March 20, 2018 - Starting S...
Jacoby Ellsbury appears headed for the DL, Luis Severino gets the Opening Day nod, and Anthony Fisher and Gary Phillips are on the show
25 min
Locked On Yankees - March 16, 2018 - Judged Ina...
Aaron Judge is like a lot of people who need to pump the brakes a bit on fitting Manny Machado for pinstripes
25 min
Locked On Yankees - March 14, 2018 - Fresh Grap...
Larry Fleisher makes his Locked On Yankees hosting debut with thoughts on Neil Walker signing and the Yankees' spring performance
19 min
Locked On Yankees - March 13, 2018 - Walker, No...
Neil Walker is a Yankee, which means the other episode title possibility here was Neil's Diamond, but that guy is responsible for "Sweet Caroline," and there's no room for that here. Also, meet Omari Brown, the newest member of the Locked On Yankees team!
21 min
Locked On Yankees - March 9, 2018 - Aaron's Jud...
Aaron Judge decides he probably won't do the Home Run Derby again, Larry Fleisher breaks down Hal Steinbrenner's media session, and it's Mailbag Friday!
29 min
Locked On Yankees - March 6, 2018 - Black Hole Sun
Welcome Larry Fleisher to the Locked On Yankees team as Giancarlo Stanton's rough left field debut in spring training gets the triple back page treatment
22 min
Locked On Yankees - March 2, 2018 - Smokin' And...
Miguel Andujar keeps crushing dingers, and while it's too early in spring training to say it means anything, well...
21 min
Locked On Yankees - February 27, 2018 - Spring ...
The Yankees play their first four exhibition games, get an injury scare, and welcome their new quarterback
22 min
Locked On Yankees - February 23, 2018 - How The...
Brandon Drury joins the Yankees from the Diamondbacks in a three-way trade as New York parts with prospects Nick Solak and Taylor Widener
30 min
Locked On Yankees - February 20, 2018 - Cool An...
Aaron Boone's description of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge taking batting practice is an early winner, and there's more player movement around the AL East
23 min
Locked On Yankees - February 16, 2018 - Help Wa...
The rest of the American League East is busy adding players, but not the Yankees. Also, it's Mailbag Friday!
29 min
Locked On Yankees - February 13, 2018 - Itchers...
It's time for pitchers and catchers, which means... very little. Also, Yu Darvish is not a Yankee, and Goose Gossage is not a guest instructor.
23 min
Locked On Yankees - February 9, 2018 - Russell,...
The Yankees finally address their biggest need this winter, a starting quarterback. Plus, it's Mailbag Friday!
27 min
Locked On Yankees - February 7, 2018 - ...And N...
Miguel Andujar takes another step closer to the Bronx, appears or doesn't appear on various prospect lists, and has a familiar face on the coaching staff
26 min
Locked On Yankees - February 2, 2018 - Babe Rut...
Memories of Oscar Gamble, the Yankees sign David Hale, and Mailbag Friday with a space-time traveling Bambino
25 min
Locked On Yankees - January 30, 2018 - Oh Danny...
Danny Espinosa joins the Yankees on a non-roster invitation to spring training, and it's the most exciting thing in weeks
23 min
Locked On Yankees - January 26, 2018 - Gimme Mo
A way-too-early look at next year's Hall of Fame ballot, including Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, plus prospect talk and Mailbag Friday
29 min
Locked On Yankees - January 24, 2018 - Great Gl...
Prospect list analysis, guest Larry Fleisher on the Yankees' remaining offseason to-do list, and guest Jason Lukehart on the Hall of Fame
29 min
Locked On Yankees - January 22, 2018 - Yu Got U...
Baseball America senior writer Ben Badler is on the show to talk about the Yankees' pursuit of Cuban outfielder Julio Pablo Martinez
23 min
Locked On Yankees - January 19, 2018 - Tax Shelter
How big of a deal is it for the Yankees to stay under the luxury tax, anyway? Plus, it's Mailbag Friday!
35 min
Locked On Yankees - January 16, 2018 - Buc'n Th...
The Pittsburgh Pirates have made two trades that hurt the Yankees... who should now call the Pirates and try to make a trade.
23 min
Locked On Yankees - January 12, 2018 - All Over Yu
Brian Cashman stokes the hot stove with talk of Yu Darvish
28 min
Locked On Yankees - January 10, 2018 - Poached ...
Justin McGuire, host of the podcast "Baseball By The Book," is the guest at The Yankee Haters' Ball
30 min
Locked On Yankees - January 8, 2018 - The Yanke...
Dan Szymborski joins the show for a thorough breakdown of the 2018 Yankees' ZiPS projections
31 min
Locked On Yankees - January 5, 2018 - Fine And ...
A full mailbag episode with questions ranging from Yankees trade options to mascots to Seinfeld
23 min
Locked On Yankees - January 3, 2018 - Mussin' A...
Steven Goldman, host of The Infinite Inning, joins the show to ring in the new year talking about 2018 Yankees issues... and Mike Mussina's Hall of Fame case
35 min
Locked On Yankees - December 29, 2017 - Frazier...
Word arrives from on high that the Yankees aren't done with their winter work, which we already knew, while Todd Frazier still appears unlikely to return... plus, it's Mailbag Friday!
26 min
Locked on Yankees - December 27, 2017 - 52 Pickup
CC Sabathia's deal becomes official, meaning we can take a look at his emerging place in Yankees history. Plus, dingers and the hot stove!
28 min
Locked On Yankees - December 22, 2017 - Cole In...
Gerrit Cole trade talks heat up as the Yankees continue their push to build a championship team
26 min
Locked On Yankees - December 20, 2017 - Moose a...
Mike Moustakas may or may not make sense for the Yankees, but even if he does, don't expect him in the Bronx anytime soon
24 min
Locked On Yankees - December 18, 2017 - CC's A-...
CC Sabathia returns to the Yankees, but they're still looking for more starting pitching
24 min
Locked On Yankees - December 15, 2017 - Jacoby'...
The Yankees are going to have to be patient in their efforts to unload Jacoby Ellsbury's contract.
34 min
Locked On Yankees - December 13, 2017 - Blash F...
The Yankees stay busy with a trade that only paves the way for more moves to come
26 min
Locked On Yankees - December 11, 2017 - A New S...
Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Boone arrive in the Bronx
22 min