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The Locked On Yankees is your only daily podcast covering all facets of the New York Yankees. Host Stacey Gotsulias, who has written for Baseball Prospectus and The Hardball Times, brings you analysis, commentary, and opinions about all things Bronx Bombers. If you need to know the latest news or if you want take a trip or two back in time to revisit specific Yankees' games and Yankees' teams of the past, Stacey's got you covered. If there's a blast from the past you haven't heard about in years, you'll probably hear Stacey say his name with glee in her voice. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your Team. Every day. 

Happy 20th Anniversary to Derek Jeter and the F...
Stacey discusses another quote from someone within the organization about Aaron Boone, talks about the Dodgers/Giants series and recalls the Flip Play against Oakland
29 min
There's Yankees news to talk about!
Stacey discusses the future of Aaron Boone, the organization's issues, the Alex Cora amnesia problem plaguing some journalists and more!
30 min
Rest In Peace, 2021 New York Yankees
Stacey discusses the Wild Card game loss, Phil Nevin's blunder, Gerrit Cole's hamstring and why A-Rod is so bad in the booth
29 min
It's the Al Wild Card episode | Yankees at Red Sox
Stacey previews the AL Wild Card, goes through the rosters, has some injury news and tries to figure out who the heck is going to win.
25 min
The Yankees are in the playoffs!
Stacey talks about the weekend but more specifically Sunday's game because that's the one that finally got the Yankees into the playoffs.
27 min
BONUS: Locked On MLB Playoff Preview Special Te...
29 min
The Yanks stun Robbie Ray and the Blue Jays
Stacey discusses Thursday's big win over Robbie Ray and the Blue Jays, talks about possible playoff scenarios that some people wish for and previews the final series against the Rays
28 min
The Yankees lose a tough one, 6-5 to the Blue Jays
Stacey recaps Wednesday's loss to the Blue Jays, talks about Cole's performance and wonders how the Yankees will fare against Robbie Ray on Thursday
27 min
The Yanks beat the Jays, 7-2!
Stacey recaps Tuesday's game, discusses Giancarlo Stanton's insane play of late, previews Wednesday's matchup and talks about both the AL and NL Wild Card races
30 min
Three-game sweeps, Toronto, and turtles, oh my!
Stacey recaps the weekend in Boston, previews the extremely important series against Toronto in Canada and the Yankees have a turtle mascot now.
31 min
Yankees-Red Sox Preview
Stacey previews the pitching matchups in this weekend's pivotal, important and essentially live or die series in Fenway, discusses the Jays/Rays brouhaha and looks back at this date in Yankees' history
28 min
A crossover extravaganza with Brice Paterik of ...
Stacey is joined by Brice Paterik of Locked On Rangers to discuss Joey Gallo, more Joey Gallo and even more Joey Gallo, plus other Yankees and Rangers stuff.
38 min
The Yankees beat the Rangers, as they should
Stacey discusses Monday's win over the Rangers, previews Tuesday's matchup and wonders what the coaching staff is doing
28 min
Gerrit Cole gets booed off the mound and the Ya...
Stacey discusses the lost weekend for the Yankees against Cleveland, previews the Texas series, talks about Gerrit Cole getting booed and honors her Bronx-born, Yankee fan dad for his 80th birthday
29 min
The comeback kids strike again in Baltimore
Stacey discusses Wednesday's come from behind victory in Baltimore and wonders if Chad Green pitches too much, Aroldis Chapman too little and if Gleyber Torres knew there was only one out when he took off from second.
29 min
Gerrit Cole wins #15 against the Baltimore Orioles
Stacey discusses the Yankees' Tuesday night win over the Orioles, talks about baseball broadcasts, the Subway Series and previews the next two matchups in Baltimore
28 min
Derek Jeter is inducted into the Hall of Fame
Stacey discusses Derek Jeter's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame
30 min
The Yankees need to stop losing
Stacey recaps three straight losses for the Yankees and wonders why Aaron Boone seems to be managing like a guy who doesn't want to be employed anymore.
28 min
The Yankees need to sweep the Orioles
Stacey talks about Gerrit Cole saving the Yankees from a long trip home and discusses how the Yankees need to take care of business in September
28 min
The Yankees lose another game to the Angels
Stacey recaps the Yankees' latest loss to the Angels, talks about how all is still not lost in the division race and previews Wednesday's finale in Anaheim.
27 min
The Yankees lose to the Angels, 8-7
Stacey recaps Monday's loss to the Angels, previews Tuesday's game against the Angels and tells you everything will be alright.
27 min
The Yankees drop two out of four in Oakland (or...
Stacey recaps the weekend against Oakland and previews the series in Anaheim
29 min
A Yankees-A's crossover extravaganza with Jason...
Stacey Gotsulias and Jason Burke talk Yankees-A's on this edition of Locked On Yankees
40 min
The Yankees turn it up to 11 in Atlanta!
Stacey recaps the two wins in Atlanta that extended the Yankees' winning from 9 to 10 and from 10 to 11! They also discuss Aroldis Chapman's performances in both games and talks about how this is the Yankees team people expected all year.
26 min
The Yankees sweep the Twins in three games
Stacey discusses the Yankees' series against the Twins and previews the series with Atlanta
26 min
The Yankees beat the Twins, 7-5!
Stacey discusses Thursday night's victory over the Twins, Stanton's home run possibly injuring a fan, and previews the rest of the weekend!
27 min
The Yankees sweep the Red Sox and pull ahead of...
Stacey discusses Wednesday's 5-2 win over the Red Sox and previews the four-game set against the Twins.
27 min
The Yankees sweep the doubleheader against the ...
Stacey recaps the Yankees doubleheader sweep against the Red Sox, previews Wednesday's contest and has thoughts about Luke Voit's postgame quotes.
28 min
Cole and Montgomery come back and the Yankees w...
Stacey recaps Monday's game against the Angels and Tuesday's day game against the Red Sox
24 min
The Yankees sweep the weekend in Chicago!
Stacey recaps the weekend between the Yankees and White Sox on the South Side and previews the one-game matchup between the Yankees and Angels
24 min
A field of dreams turns into a field of nightma...
Stacey discusses the Field Of Dreams loss to the White Sox, previews the rest of the White Sox series and looks back at this date in Yankees' history
24 min
A Field Of Dreams game preview
Stacey previews the Field Of Dreams game and wonders if young people even care about it as much as the older generation does
23 min
The Yankees take two of three from the Royals
Stacey recaps the past two games for the Yankees, updates you on injuries and COVID, and looks back at this date in Yankees' history
26 min
The Yankees win a wild one in KC
Stacey discusses Monday's wild game in Kansas City, previews tonight's matchup and wonders who to pull for, the Rays or the Sox
24 min
The Yankees take three of four from the Mariner...
Stacey recaps the weekend against Seattle. apologizes for attending Sunday's game and previews the series in Kansas City
23 min
The Yankees take the first of four against the ...
Stacey recaps Thursday's win over the Mariners, discussing Joey Gallo's first Yankees' home run, previews Friday's matchup, and more!
21 min
The Yankees beat the Orioles 10-3
Stacey recaps Wednesday night's game against the Orioles and previews the series against Seattle
22 min
A big Yankees win and three debuts in one night!
Stacey recaps Tuesday night's historic game
23 min
A show all about Joey Gallo with Brice Patrick ...
Stacey is joined by Brice Paterick of Locked On Rangers to discuss the Joey Gallo trade and he tells you everything you need to know about Gallo
36 min
The Yankees sweep the Marlins!
Stacey discusses the Yankees' sweep of the Marlins, the impact the new trade acquisitions had and previews the series against the Orioles!
25 min
It's a trade deadline extravaganza!
Stace discusses everything that happened at the trade deadline for the Yankees, their opponents and around the league.
27 min
Two out of three ain't bad but the final game i...
Stacey recaps Wednesday and Thursday's game against Tampa and discusses the Joey Gallo trade!
24 min
The Yankees win one in Tropicana Field!
Stace recaps last night's 4-3 victory over the Rays, discusses a late-night trade the Yankees made, previews tonight's matchup and looks back at this day in 2016
23 min
It's a crossover extravaganza with Ethan Smith ...
Stacey is joined by Ethan Smith from Locked On Pirates and the latest trade between the Yankees and Pirates, they talk about the future of the Pirates and more!
33 min
It's a lost weekend in Fenway for the Yankees
Stacey discusses the weekend in Fenway and talks about getting too cocky too soon.
25 min
Recapping another ugly loss for the Yankees
Stacey recaps Thursday's awful loss to the Red Sox in Fenway, previews tonight's pitching matchup and gives you some general MLB updates!
25 min
The Yankees beat the Phillies. Next up, the Red...
Stacey discusses Wednesday's long, frustrating but ultimately happy extra-inning win for the Yankees and previews the four-game set against the Red Sox.
24 min
The Yankees take one from the Phillies
Stacey recaps Tuesday night's victory over the Phillies, tries to preview Wednesday's matchup with no information and looks back at this date in Yankees' history
25 min
Previewing the Phillies series
Stacey previews the short two-game series with the Phillies then takes a look back at this date in Yankees' history
27 min
The Yankees take two out of three from the Red ...
Stacey discusses the series win over the Red Sox and recaps the games from this past weekend!
26 min
The Yankees are going through a COVID-19 outbreak
Stacey discusses what we know so far about the Yankees and their COVID-19 outbreak which caused Thursday's contest against the Red Sox to be canceled
26 min
A kinda, sorta preview of the Red Sox-Yankees s...
Stacey tries to preview the Red Sox-Yankees series but is thwarted by the Yankees.
24 min
It's an All-Star recap!
Stacey recaps the All-Star festivities, has thoughts about the All-Star uniforms, their disappointment in the Home Run Derby and discusses Commissioner Rob Manfred's statements about the rules.
25 min
The Yankees win a series but end it on a disast...
Stacey discusses the weekend in Houston, the Home Run Derby lineup and more!
25 min
A preview of the Yankees-Astros series
Stacey previews the series between the Yankees and Astros and takes a look back at July 9, 2011.
27 min
The Yankees are sweepless in Seattle
Stacey discusses Wednesday's win and Thursday's loss in Seattle
26 min
The Yankees spank the Mariners 12-1
Stacey recaps the Yankees' 12-1 victory over the Mariners and has some thoughts about Aroldis Chapman and New Era's horrible new hats
25 min
Previewing Tuesday night's matchup against the ...
Stacey previews tonight's matchup between Jameson Taillon and Justus Sheffield of the Mariners
26 min
Recapping the lost weekend against the Mets
Stacey discusses the lost weekend for the Yankees against the Mets
26 min
Debacle in the Bronx | The Yankees lose a winna...
Stacey discusses what it was like to witness Wednesday night's debacle in person
24 min
The Yankees snap their four-game skid
Stacey discusses Tuesday night's 11-5 victory over the Angels, preview's Wednesday's matchup and takes a trip back to 2001.
22 min
The Yankees are free, freefallin' (yet again)
The Yankees look lifeless and Stacey has had enough. Plus a preview of Tuesday's matchup between Andrew Heany and Jameson Taillon.
24 min
The Yankees win their series against the Royals!
Stacey discusses both Wednesday night's win and Thursday afternoon's win against the Royals, shines the spotlight on some good performances and has some thoughts about the newly unveiled All-Star jerseys.
23 min
The Yankees drop the first game to the Royals
Stacey recaps Tuesday's loss to the Royals and discusses what happened in baseball last night including the Max Scherzer/Joe Girardi brouhaha
23 min
A preview of the Yankees-Royals series
Stacey previews the series against the Kansas City Royals and they still don't believe Michael King doesn't like pizza.
22 min
The Yankees win two out of three against the A's!
Stacey discusses the Yankees' successful weekend against the A's
26 min
It's a crossover extravaganza with Jason Burke ...
Stacey is joined by Jason Burke of Locked On A's to talk about the upcoming series and other baseball (sticky) stuff!
47 min
Gary Sanchez saves the Yankees!
Stacey recaps Wednesday's comeback win against the Blue Jays and previews the series finale.
25 min
The Yankees beat the Blue Jays in Buffalo and T...
Stacey recaps last night's 6-5 victory over the Blue Jays, discusses Tyler Glasnow's rant and previews Wednesday's game in Buffalo
24 min
Previewing the Blue Jays series while talking a...
Stacey discusses the new rules that will be implemented by MLB with regards to foreign substances and previews the Blue Jays series.
27 min
The Yankees are free, freefallin...
Stacey discusses the weekend in Philadelphia and looks back at a better game from 2009.
24 min
The Yankees having a closing out a series problem
Stacey discusses Thursday night's shocking loss to the Twins and wants to know why the Yankees have such a big problem closing out series on a positive note.
25 min
The Yankees beat the Twins again and Cole silen...
Stacey recaps last night's 9-6 victory over the Twins and has more thoughts about the whole Gerrit Cole situation.
26 min
The Twins are (once again) the cure for the Yan...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' 8-4 win over the Twins on Tuesday night and discusses the sticky ball problem in MLB.
26 min
The Yankees are in still in a free fall
Stacey rants about the weekend debacle against the Red Sox and looks back at a much better game from 2006.
26 min
Recapping a win and a loss and ranting about um...
Stacey discusses both Wednesday night's win and Thursday afternoon's loss to the Rays and rants about the state of Major League umpiring.
26 min
The Yankees walk off in extras against the Rays!
Stacey discusses Tuesday night's walk-off victory in extras over the Tampa Bay Rays. Clint Frazier was the hero and he had some things to say. Plus a preview of Wednesday night's matchup.
26 min
The Yankees are in a free fall
Stacey discusses the Yankees and their current free fall and previews tonight's matchup against the Rays.
23 min
It's a doubleheader day against the Blue Jays!
Stacey previews the doubleheader against the Blue Jays and has thoughts about Corey Kluber, paternity leave and baseball scheduling.
22 min
The Yankees welcome the Blue Jays to town
Stacey previews the three-game set against the Blue Jays, has Minors' news, cheating news, and injury news!
25 min
The Yankees sweep the weekend series against th...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' three-game series sweep over the Chicago White Sox
27 min
The Yankees finish a successful road trip and h...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' successful 7-3 road trip, recaps yesterday's game, talks about the White Sox controversy and previews the Yankees' series against those same White Sox
26 min
Corey Kluber pitches a no-hitter!
Corey Kluber pitched a no-hitter against the Texas Rangers and Stacey has a lot of thoughts and stats!
26 min
The Yankees have a comeback win in Texas but wh...
Stacey recaps Tuesday night's victory over the Rangers, discusses Monday's loss and Gerrit Cole's performance and preview tonight's matchup against Texas.
28 min
The Yankees can't sweep Baltimore and that's a ...
Stacey briefly recaps the weekend against Baltimore and goes into the reasons why the Yankees need to figure out how to sweep series if they're going to be successful. Stacey also previews the series against Texas and looks back at David Wells' perfect game.
24 min
Celebrating Dwight Gooden's no-hitter 25 years ...
Stacey briefly discusses Thursday's 9-1 loss to the Rays, breaks down Jameson Taillon's pitches and then takes a trip back to 1996 when Dwight Gooden shut down a scary Seattle Mariners lineup.
27 min
Gerrit Cole is preposterous
Stacey recaps Wednesday's 1-0 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays and more specifically gushes over Gerrit Cole's dominant eight=inning performance.
28 min
Do you believe in miracles?
Stacey discusses the Yankees' 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night.
25 min
Previewing the Yankees and Rays plus a Minor Le...
Stacey previews the Yankees/Rays series, discusses her thoughts about Luke Voit's return and she has some news from Minor Leagues!
22 min
Recapping the weekend against the Nationals
Stacey recaps the Yankees' weekend against the Nationals
24 min
Previewing the series against the Washington Na...
Stacey previews the series against the Washington Nationals and takes a look back at this day 35 years ago
23 min
The Yankees win two out of three against the As...
Stacey discusses Wednesday night's game and Thursday afternoon's game against the Astros.
25 min
The Yankees beat the Astros 7-3 and fans chant ...
Stacey discusses Tuesday night's 7-3 victory over the Houston Astros, talks about some of the stuff that happened at the Stadium and previews Wednesday's matchup.
24 min
It's a crossover extravaganza with Eric and Bre...
Stacey is joined by Eric and Brent of Locked On Astros to preview the Astros/Yankees series in Yankee Stadium!
36 min
The Yankees sweep the Tigers and is Corey Klube...
Stacey recaps the weekend for the Yankees. They swept the Tigers and got two strong pitching performances from Gerrit Cole and Corey Kluber.
20 min
The Yankees drop the finale to Baltimore and he...
Stacey discusses Thursday's frustrating loss to the Orioles and rants a little bit about how the runner on second in extra innings rule does not seem to help the Yankees. She also looks back at this date in Yankees history and previews the Tigers series.
27 min
The Yankees win and the Yankees lose!
Stacey discusses Wednesday's win against the Orioles and more specifically, Domingo German's performance and then she witnesses the Yankees lose against Baltimore while she's recording the show. Fun!
25 min
The Yankees win and Corey Kluber looks like vin...
Stacey discusses the Yankees' 5-1 victory over the Orioles and she apologizes to Corey Kluber.
25 min
Why is baseball trying to ruin itself with so m...
Stacey and Gabrielle Starr of Locked On Red Sox talk about rule changes that will be happening in the Pioneer League and it evolves into a conversation about everything that's wrong with baseball today.
40 min
The Yankees win three out of four in Cleveland!
Stacey recaps the weekend against Cleveland and previews the series against the Orioles!
27 min