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Locked On Wizards is a daily podcast on the Washington Wizards hosted by Ed Oliver a former College Basketball Player and a D.C sports Youtuber and Brandon Scott a lifelong Wizards fan. Listen to Locked On Wizards every day for a look inside the Washington Wizards and the NBA. Hail to the Wizards. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 2-11-18 -- Injuries Mar Vict...
The Wizards snapped their two-game losing streak with a comfortable win over the Bulls Saturday, but now have zero healthy point guards on their roster after a pair of injuries.
39 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 2-9-18 -- Another Wiz-Celts ...
Locked on Celtics host John Karalis broke down the controversial whistles, easy misses and onslaught of turnovers that kept the Wizards from hanging on to beat the Celtics Thursday.
30 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 2-8-18 -- Wizards Ready to L...
After the dust settled, Dustin Alwood returns to the podcast to analyze extent of the Wizards' locker room issues and preview Thursday's Celtics vs. Wizards matchup.
29 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 2-6-18 -- Wall Hopes Everybo...
John Wall responds to criticism that the Wizards are better off without him and the Sixers end Washington's five-game winning streak.
33 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 2-5-18 -- Best Stretch of th...
With their fifth consecutive victory without John Wall Monday, the Wizards have amassed their longest winning streak of the season.
27 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 2-4-18 -- Well-Fed Wizards C...
Noah Goetzel and Arthur Reinaltt take over as hosts of the Locked on Wizards podcast as the Wizards match their longest winning streak of the season.
38 min
Well-Fed Wizards Cruise Past Magic
New hosts, new outlook. Noah Goetzel and Arthur Reinaltt take over as hosts of the Locked on Wizards podcast as the Wizards match their longest winning streak of the season.
0 min
Well-Fed Wizards Cruise Past Magic
New hosts, new outlook. Noah Goetzel and Arthur Reinaltt take over as hosts of the Locked on Wizards podcast as the Wizards match their longest winning streak of the season.
0 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 2-1-18 -- The fat lady has sung
Ben Standig talks about another sharing is caring win for the Wizards -- and signs off as host of the podcast
29 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-31-18 -- Wizards vs. Raptors
Ben Standig talks Raptors-Wizards big picture ahead of Thursday's matchup
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-30-18 -- Wall down, Wizard...
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas discuss John Wall injury news and a gritty Wizards win over the Thunder
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-29-18 -- John Wall injury ...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin discuss the latest on John Wall's injury status
35 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-28-18 -- Better is better
Ben Standig on the rout over the Hawks and gearing up for a Thunder-ous rematch
14 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-25-18 -- Thunderstruck
Ben Standig and Armon Lee discuss Russell Westbrook unleashed, Bradley Beal's scoring and another Wizards loss
41 min
fLOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-24-18 -- We draft the All...
Ben Standig and Bobby Bancroft draft the 2018 NBA All-Star teams and talk Wizards-Thunder
33 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-23-18 -- All-Stars in the ...
Ben Standig discusses the big All-Star news for the Wizards and J. Michael returns for some straight talk on these basketballers
35 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-22-18 -- Drummed in Dallas...
Ben Standig on what might be the Wizards' worse loss of the season and chances Wiz get two All-Star
38 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-21-18 -- What's the fix?
Ben Standig and J. Michael on erratic play, potential moves and lots more Wizards in part 1 of their conversation
35 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-18-18 -- Kelly Oubre Jr. 1...
Ben Standig catches up with Wizards sixth-man Kelly Oubre and talks potential rotation changes
23 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-17-18 -- Wrong way on the ...
Ben Standig talks Wizards snoozing on the two-way player deadline and criticism of Otto Porter's shots
24 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-15-18 -- Buck'd again
Ben Standig, Todd Dybas and Adam Rubin discuss late-game woes and another Wizards loss to the Bucks
28 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-14-18 -- Bram Weinstein
Ben Standig and Bram Weinstein (ESPN 980, former ESPN anchor) talk Wizards
88 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-11-18 -- Wizards First-hal...
Ben Standig and Rashad Mobley ponder most improved Wizards player, toughest loss and more in their first-half season review
37 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-10-18 -- Here they go again
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas wonder how on earth the Wizards lost to the Jazz yet again
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-9-18 -- First half surprises
Ben Standig talks Otto Porter, previews Jazz-Wizards and ponders the biggest surprises of the first half of the season
43 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-8-18 -- Devin Robinson ret...
Ben Standig updates the latest from Wizards land, including notes on Devin Robinson and Otto Porter
23 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-6-18 -- Wizards' Buck'd; '...
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas look ahead to the trade deadline; John Wall reacts to Wizards loss
35 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-5-18 -- Adapt or else, but...
Ben Standig looks at the Wizards current 3-point shooting compared to recent seasons
27 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-4-18 -- Start fast, finish...
Ben Standig and Bobby Bancroft discuss Marcin Gortat's scoring, consistent ways and another Wizards win
19 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-3-18 -- New Year's resolut...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin ponder various Wizards New Year's resolutions involving Porter, Brooks and others
49 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 1-1-18 -- Running down the B...
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas on the Wizards win over the Bulls and what's next for 2018
27 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-30-17 -- Focused Wizards ...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin discuss a rousing win over the Rockets and preview Sunday against the Bulls
37 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-29-17 -- Blast off
Ben Standig and Ben DuBose (Locked on Rockets) preview Friday's Rockets-Wizards matchup
48 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-28-17 -- Let's rant
Ben Standig skips past the details of Wednesday's loss to the Hawks and focuses on the consistent inconsistency
23 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-26-17 -- What we learned ...
Ben Standig and Jay King (Locked on Celtics) discuss the Wizards' Xmas Day win and what's changed for both teams
44 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-25-17 -- Wizards present ...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin talk late game heroics, small ball success and a Wizards win over the Celtics
31 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-23-17 -- Magical win, now...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin discuss a Wizards rout over Orlando, Bradley Beal talks Xmas game in Boston
34 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-23-17 -- Brooklyn beat do...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin discuss a stunning blowout loss in Brooklyn, John Wall's minutes and the Wizards' unfinished roster
41 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-21-17 -- Contract amnesty...
Ben Standig and Michael Pina (Vice Sports) talk Wizards options with Ian Mahinmi's contract, Victor Oladipo and that Xmas Celtics game
41 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-20-17 -- Wizards Boogie b...
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas deep dive into idea of DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall together in Washington after a Wizards win
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-19-17 -- "What if" Wizards
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin ponder the "What if" moments for the Wizards
59 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-17-17 -- No slowing down ...
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas tip their caps to another wow performance from LeBron James as the Cavs top the Wizards
25 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-15-17 -- Mike Scott puts ...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin on Mike Scott's latest impressive day at the office, Otto Porter not so hip and a Wizards win
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-13-17 -- Wall returns and...
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas talk John Wall's return, Markieff Morris sitting and a Wizards win
25 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-12-17 -- Late loss lumps ...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin talk late chaos, starters struggles and a Wizards loss in Brooklyn
38 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-11-17 -- Nets-Wizards rec...
Ben Standig and Gavin Schall talk both sides of last season's Nets-Wizards deadline trade, wanting Otto Porter and Tuesday's game
37 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-10-17 -- Schedule reset
Ben Standig examines the Wizards' standing in the East and the upcoming schedule
20 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-9-17 -- Clipped by LA -- ...
Ben Standig talks bizarre finish, angry Scott Brooks and a Wizards loss with Adam Rubin and Bobby Bancroft
42 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-7-17: Eclipsing the Suns;...
Ben Standig talks the stellar bench, why the fuss over DeAndre Jordan and another Wizards win
36 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-6-17 -- Beal Blazes Portland
Ben Standig and Kyle Weidie talk Bradley Beal's 51 points, whether there's a big trade out there and a huge Wizards win at Portland
39 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-5-17 -- Ugly in Utah
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin on the all-around debacle as Wizards get hammered by the Jazz
34 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-4-17 -- Jazz preview; Bro...
Ben Standig looks ahead to the upcoming road trip and ponders the meaning of Tomas Satoransky with an assist from Wizards head coach Scott Brooks,
16 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-2-17 -- Morris, Wizards m...
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas discuss a rejuvenated Markieff Morris and Wizards win over the Pistons. Plus hear John Wall on his knee
28 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 12-1-17 -- Sit Morris?; Pist...
Ben Standig ponders if the Wizards should make a switch at power forward and looks ahead to the Pistons arriving Friday night
18 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-30-17 -- Hacking into Wiz...
Ben Standig went road-tripping to Philadelphia and discusses starter struggles, Hack-a-Simmons, Satoransky's rise and a Wizards loss
25 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-29-17 -- Clutch This
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin on Otto Porter's late-game heroics, bench play extraordinaire and a Wizards win at Minnesota
33 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-27-17 -- Late game fixes
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin on what's going wrong with the Wizards in the fourth quarter, what are the missing pieces and what Scott Brooks should with Ian Mahinmi
42 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-26-17 -- Here they go again
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas on defensive struggles, playing without John Wall and another Wizards last game collapse
23 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-25-17 -- Wall MRI; Blazer...
Ben Standig updates all with why John Wall missed Friday's practice and ponders level of concern before previewing Saturday's Blazers-Wizards game
15 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-22-17 -- Patrick Hruby; H...
Ben Standig and Patrick Hruby on the rise of Otto and Oubre; Wizards-Hornets preview
35 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-10-17 -- Wizards buck Mil...
Ben Standig and Conor Dirks discuss the Real Deal Beal, defending Giannis and a Wizards win over the Bucks
32 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-20-17 -- Pieces are the p...
Ben Standig and Adam Rubin on playing without John Wall, if players are set up to fail and the Wizards loss at Toronto
43 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-18-17 -- Comeback denied
Ben Standig and Noah Goetzel talk John Wall's knee concern, a frenzied finish and the Wizards fall to the Heat
25 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-16-17 -- Heat check; NBC ...
Ben Standig and Adam Gracia (Chris Mannix show) explain why picking nits with this Wizards team is all kinds of good following victory over the Heat
29 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-15-17 -- Heat preview; Ke...
The Miami Heart swept the Wizards last season. Now the two teams meet for a home-and-home set. Ben Standig on what went wrong last season. Also Kelly Oubre Jr. talks his shot and short shorts.
16 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-13-17 -- Wall king of Kings
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas talk Wall's 3-point wizardry, Mike Scott's emergence and a Wizards win over the Kings
19 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-12-17 -- Scott Brooks exp...
Wizards head coach Scott Brooks on topics ranging from Ian Mahinmi's role to staggering minutes for John Wall and Bradley Beal
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-11-17 -- Wizards swarm, S...
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas talk defending Schroder, under the weather John Wall and a Wizards win over the Hawks
14 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-10-17 -- Wizards have a Ball
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas talk rotation changes, Lonzo Ball's shot, Markieff Morris injuries and Wizards win over the Lakers
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-7-17 -- Dallas Deja Vu
Ben Standig and Bobby Bancroft on another inexplicable Wizards home loss
25 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-7-17 -- Schedule wins; Ma...
34 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-6-17 -- Real Deal Beal du...
Even without John Wall the Wizards rise above north of the border as Bradley Beal scores 38 points against the Raptors. Ben Standig on the win and also goes 1-on-1 with ex-Wizard Jared Dudley on Otto Porter.
24 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-4-17 -- LeBron, LeBron, L...
LeBron James scored not one, not, not three, but 57 points in a winning effort against the Wizards. Ben Standig talks about the epic performance and what went wrong on the Wizards end with Yahoo's Michael Lee and the AP's Howard Fendrich.
36 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-3-17 -- The Love Connection
Previewing Friday's Cavs-Wizards game including the big picture matchup. Plus, thoughts from John Wall on defensive lapses and Eric Bledsoe
24 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-2-17 -- Eclipsed by the Suns
The Wizards go from running away to imploding against the visiting Suns.
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 11-1-17 -- Mo Morris; Less M...
Previewing Wednesday's Suns-Wizards matchup and pondering whether Markieff Morris should return to the starting lineup.
22 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 10-30-17 -- Six pack of Wiza...
The Wizards wrap up their road trip with a rout over the Kings, leaving Ben Standig to ponder what we've learned after six games.
24 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 10-28-17 -- Battling Warrior...
The Washington Wizards went nose-to-nose with the Golden State Warriors in more ways than one. Ben Standig and Adam Rubin on the Bradley Beal-Draymond Green scuffle, what went wrong late and -- what Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre did right.
29 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 10-27-17 -- Warriors, come o...
Ben Standig and David Devall revisit the Wizards' LA story, talk Otto Porter stats and preview Friday's game against the Warriors.
42 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 10-26-17: La La Loss
With a win Wednesday over the Lakers, the Washington Wizards would sit 4-0 for the first time since 1978. With a sluggish offense throughout and poor free throw shooting performance late, that didn't happen. Ben Standig on the overtime loss in Los Ange...
22 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 10-24-17: Mile High Club
Three games, three wins for the Washington Wizards including Monday's triumph in Denver. Todd Dybas fills in with the postgame analysis including the offense keeps humming even when the shots aren't falling.
16 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, October 23: Road Trip previe...
Ben Standig previews Monday's start to the four-game Western Conference road swing with Wizards point guard Tim Frazier. Plus the best parts from the 2-0 start and whether the Suns' meltdown could help Washington.
40 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 10-21-17: Running down a dream
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas recap the Wizards' 115-111 win over the Pistons. The defense wasn't hot, but Otto Porter, John Wall and Bradley Beal fueled the offense -- even if Reggie Jackson thinks the refs helped. Also, random Marcin Gortat stories for ...
25 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, 10-20-17: Pistons preview; I...
Ben Standig looks ahead to Friday's Pistons-Wizards matchup and why starting Kelly Oubre might not be so bad. Oubre might have to start with Jason Smith uncertain following Wednesday's shoulder injury. Plus some positive news on Markieff Morris.
12 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 19: Opening Night
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas talk Wizards over 76ers, winning without good shooting and a new injury. Plus Marcin Gortat on facing Joel Embiid and Philly rookie Ben Simmons after his NBA debut.
28 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 18: Game changer
Even before the Wizards tip off their season Wednesday against the 76ers, much has changed. Ben Standig on the brutal Gordon Hayward injury and the impact for Boston and Washington. Then John Wall helps set up the season with a perception vs. reality l...
24 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 17: Bradley Beal; 76ers...
Less than 48 hours before Wednesday's season opener against the 76ers, Ben Standig examines why the Wizards dropped two of three in the series and what's going on with Philly rookie Markelle Fultz. Plus Bradley Beal on his new weapon and Joel Embiid's ...
31 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 16: Wizards season preview
What's most exciting about the Wizards' upcoming season? Biggest fear? Who gets bumped from the rotation when Markieff Morris returns? Plus Over/under's, predictions, NBA MVP talk and general tomfoolery as Ben Standig (@benstandig) and Truth About It's...
68 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 13: East preview, Part ...
Stay for Part 2 of Ben Standig's Eastern Conference preview with Dan Feldman (NBC Sports, ProBasketballTalk), including expectations for the Wizards. Start with Ben's thoughts on the latest playoff loss for one of Washington' priamry pro sports teams.
47 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 12: Kelly Oubre speaks;...
Ben Standig goes 1-on-1 with Kelly Oubre, who talks about staying young in the grown-up world of the NBA, anger over usage in Celtics series and the Wizards' revamped second unit. Plus Ben offers some takeaways from Wednesday's preseason game at Miami.
27 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 11: East preview, part 1
Ben Standig and NBA Sports' Dan Feldman dribble around the East Conference for topics including the East's second-best player, breakout performer, team likely to surprise.
34 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 10: Marc Spears; Ochefu...
Busy day in Wizards land as injury news for Sheldon Mac is confirmed and Daniel Ochefu's time in Washington ends. Ben Standig ponders the timing of Ochefu's release and then talks #Wizards, NBA playoff seeding and more with ESPN NBA Insider Marc Spears...
33 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 9: Under the hood; Carr...
Ben Standig discusses the highs and low of the Wizards' last two preseason games including Sheldon Mac's possible season-ending injury. Also hear from Bradley Beal and a 1-on-1 with preseason sleeper Carrick Felix.
33 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 6: Markieff Morris retu...
He's baaaaack. Hear from Markieff Morris about his wild offseason, rehab status and what he plans on doing to Al Horford. Then Ben Standig recaps the latest from Wizards practice and previews Friday's preseason game against the New York Knicks.
25 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 5: Scott Brooks ; Elena...
On the latest Locked on Wizards podcast, hear from coach Scott Brooks on the power forward plan, early scouting prep and more. Plus Ben Standig goes 1-on-1 with Mystics star Elena Delle Donne and shares the latest from #Wizards land.
35 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct 4: Morris news; All-Star...
On the latest podcast, Ben Standig on Markieff Morris' acquittal, the NBA All-Star Game switching from traditional East v. West format and latest from practice. Plus, Ben goes 1-on-1 with #Wizards guard Sheldon Mac about his role and what it's like ha...
23 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 3: Wizards Potpourri
Ben Standig and Todd Dybas reconvene ahead of the Wizards preseason opener to discuss the backup point guard slot, Tomas Satoransky's role, the Morris Twins trial, Scott Brooks perhaps signaling game on with the final roster battles and more.
26 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Oct. 2: Tim Frazier; Fan exp...
Ben Standig (@benstandig) goes 1-on-1 with Tim Frazier. Topics include the longtime issues backing up John Wall, second unit upside and why Frazier doesn't have cable TV. Then Ben looks at the gameday experience at Capital One Arena with Wizards fan Ja...
39 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Sept. 29: Steve Buckhantz
Ben Standig talks new pieces, upcoming season and of course the change from Phil Chenier to Kara Lawson with longtime #Wizards play-by-play TV announcer Steve Buckhantz. Plus the latest news from training camp.
17 min
LOCKED ON WIZARDS, Sept. 28: Brian Windhorst; J...
Ben Standig recaps Day 2 of Wizards Training Camp from Richmond with thoughts from All-Star point guard John Wall. Plus Ben goes 1-on-1 with ESPN NBA analyst Brian Windhorst on the Eastern Conference, why the #Wizards could reach the NBA Finals, Kyrie ...
40 min