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Cyrus Saatsaz (Award-Winning Journalist and Host of The Rick Barry Show) and Kylen Mills (Sports Anchor) with weekly contributor Kevin Danna (Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Santa Cruz Warriors) brings Dubs fans inside their team and the NBA with a daily podcast. Subscribe for daily news, analysis, rumors, and updates on Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and all of the Golden State Warriors. Locked on Warriors is part of the Locked on Podcast Network.

Locked on Warriors: Jan 8, 2018: Casual Curry B...
Casual Curry Brilliance - Rookie Watch - Nuggets in Town
14 min
Locked on Warriors: Jan 5, 2018: Warriors Top R...
Warriors Top Rox - Down the Reddit Hole - Clippers a Tough Test
22 min
Locked on Warriors: Jan 4, 2018: (Un)Necessary ...
(Un)Necessary Heroics - Throwback to We Believe - Warriors vs. Rockets Preview
20 min
Locked on Warriors: Jan 3, 2018: Warriors Visit...
Warriors Visit Mavs - Curry vs. KD Stats Deep Dive - Sea Dubs Update
20 min
Locked on Warriors: Jan 2, 2018: Steph's Return...
Steph's Return Triumphant - Treacherous January - Klay Sheds Light on Shoe Deal
20 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 29, 2017: Warriors to F...
Warriors to Face Hornets - Down the Reddit Hole - Houston Chokes Away 1st Place
22 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 28, 2017: Dubs Throttle...
Dubs Throttle Jazz - Revisiting "The Choke" - How Did Aliko Get Here?
20 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 27, 2017: Dubs Lose Big...
Dubs Lose Bigly Before Xmas Victory - Death Toll Lineup - Previewing the Jazz
19 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 22, 2017: Dubs to face ...
Dubs to face LAL, DEN, CLE - Down the Reddit Hole - History of NBA Christmas Day
23 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 21, 2017: Oddball Win f...
Oddball Win for Dubs - #ThrowbackThurs: Antawn the Man - NBA Christmas Rankings
21 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 20, 2017: Curry Out for...
Curry Out for Xmas - Dubs-Grizz Preview - Stats Deep Dive: Bulls Edition - Final Thoughts on Kobe
32 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 19, 2017: Warriors Esca...
Warriors Escape from LA - Klay Thompson Conversation - Kobeland
24 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 18, 2017: Previewing GS...
Previewing GSW-LAL - NBA Rookie Watch - What's Kobe Been Up To?
14 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 15, 2017: Dubs Blast Ma...
Dubs Blast Mavs in 2nd Half - Best of NBA Reddit - A Conversation About Mark Jackson
20 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 14, 2017: Undermanned M...
Undermanned Mavs Meet Wounded Warriors; #ThrowbackThursday; How's the Chase Center Coming?
24 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 13, 2017: Curry's Ankle...
Curry's Ankle Injury History; Statistical Deep Dive into Warriors' Shooting; Around the NBA
22 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 12, 2017: GSW Beats PDX...
GSW Beats PDX Despite Dame Heroics; #WarriorOfTheWeek; Breaking Down the Rakuten Deal
16 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 11, 2017: Dubs vs. Pist...
Dubs vs. Pistons Recap, Team Schedule Fast Forward, Trail Blazers vs. Dubs Preview
20 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 8, 2018: Previewing Det...
Previewing Detroit; Best of NBA Reddit; A's Lose Out on Peralta Site
20 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 7, 2017: Undermanned Du...
Undermanned Dubs Bounce Hornets; KD Is Amazing; LeBron and Harden Are Amazing Too; Trade News
23 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 6, 2017: Scouting the H...
Scouting the Hornets; #BackInTime; Brave New World Without Curry
26 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 5, 2017: Curry Injures ...
Curry Injures Ankle; #WarriorOfTheWeek; Around the NBA Leaderboards
25 min
Locked on Warriors: Dec 4, 2017: Dubs Bring Bac...
Dubs Bring Back 3rd-Quarter Dominance, KD Is Quietly Amazing; Livingston's Ejection
20 min
Locked on Warriors Dec 1, 2017: Warriors vs. Ma...
Warriors vs. Magic Preview; Breaking Down Dubs' Top-5 Defense, Around the NBA
21 min
Locked on Warriors: Nov 30, 2017: Dubs Win 1st ...
Dubs Win 1st OT Game; Best of NBA Reddit; Where to Watch When the Warriors Are on the Road
24 min