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LOCKED ON WOLVES 10-19-16 Military Open Practic...
The Wolves hosted 250 military members and their families for an open practice. Hear what Thibs, KAT, Ricky & Zach has to say about their 5-game, 10-day road trip. And with an aging core and the addition of Chandler Parsons, are they still the Grit & ...
20 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES 10-18-16 Busy Week of Basketba...
Tonight's Fan Fest tips of a busy week at Target Center. Zach LaVine's elite-level eFG% when paired with Ricky Rubio. And Kris Dunn's amazing journey to the NBA.
23 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES 10-17-16 Preseason Games #4 & ...
Facing elimination, how big was Maya Moore's performance vs. Sparks? Recapping the Wolves 3-2 road trip. And MIN's defense continues to be strong but the offense has room for improvement.
19 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES 10-14-16 "Closing the Gap" on ...
A look at how the Wolves defense has fared & how the Wolves are winning the 3-point battle. What players are hot? Who's not? The referees points of education this season. Plus a couple of highlights you don't want to miss.
29 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES 10-13-16 Preseason Game #3 - M...
Wolves starters imposed their will in the 3rd quarter. Another game with an advantage in 3-pointers? And MIN already has a Top-10 defense? What would that mean for their playoff chances?
24 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES 10-12-16 Talking Wolves with E...
ESPN's Tom Haberstroh discusses the impact of Tom Thibodeau & how good the Wolves defense can be. MIN's preseason road trip continues tonight vs. Nuggets in Lincoln, NE. And the Lynx restore order in the WNBA Finals.
24 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES 10-11-16 Preseason Game #2 - C...
Thibs talks about the Wolves struggles to guard the 3-point line. Zach goes for 30 and discusses shot selection. And more shooting woes for the Wolves offense.
21 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES 10-10-16 Preseason Game #1 - M...
The Wolves and their 3-point shooting. A tale of two halves. Tue shooting percentage tells the story. And a look at tonight's matchup vs. Hornets.
19 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 10-7-16 Training Camp - Day ...
What will the Wolves do with their open roster spot? The forgotten man: Gorgui Dieng. And can MIN be a good corner 3-point shooting team?
23 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 10-6-16 Training Camp - Day ...
Rubio says he and Dunn have not yet played together, but Dunn has gotten some run at SG on the 2nd unit. And SB Nation's Paul Flannery gives his take on Thibs, KAT, Wiggins & what might be in store for the Wolves this season.
18 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 10-5-16 Training Camp - Off ...
Answering your tweets about lineups, preseason schedules, divisions & the D-League. And how did Tom Thibodeau first meet Bill Musselman and begin his journey to the NBA?
21 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 10-5-16 Training Camp - Off ...
Answering your tweets on lineups, preseason schedule, divisions & the D-League. And how did Tom Thibodeau first meet Bill Musselman and begin his journey to the NBA?
21 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 10-4-16 Training Camp - Day ...
Does Wiggins have the personality to be a more vocal leader? Thibs talks about the benefits of a 10-day 6-game preseason road trip. Did you know Bazz's sister Asia is a professional tennis player? And Thibs talks about adding Ed Pinckney.
17 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 10-3-16 Training Camp - Week...
Is a 10-day, 6-game road trip that covers over 4,000 miles too much for the preseason? How does Thibs see the 2nd unit shaping up? Hear from John Lucas III and Ed Pinckney rounds out the Wolves coaching staff.
26 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-30-16 Training Camp - Day ...
KAT stepping into the leadership void. The Wolves free throw advantage, is it a good thing? And Brandon Rush on his journey back from two ACL injuries.
18 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-29-16 Training Camp - Day ...
Thibs on his depth at power forward and using Bazz and Wiggins at the 4. How fast will the Wolves play this season? And the NW Division leads John Schuhmann's continuity rankings.
20 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-28-16 Training Camp - Day ...
KAT says he's prepared to play any position. Belly thinks his new diet is already paying off. And Wiggins talked about not falling into bad habits with his shot.
17 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-27-16 Media Day: Hear what...
Thibs & the players talk about the impact of KG. Are big things in store for Belly? And hear what Wiggins said about Thibs wanting the team to play fast.
25 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-26-16 KG Retires, Pek Out ...
A look back at Kevin Garnett and his Hall of Fame career. How good was Pek during the '13/'14 season? And is a 4th Wolves assistant still to be named?
25 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-23-16 Roster Breakdown: Po...
Has Kevin Garnett played his last game in a Timberwolves uniform? Can G & KAT continue their positive play together? Are Belly & Cole the first bigs off the bench?
37 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-21-16 Roster Breakdown: Sm...
What's the ceiling for Wiggins scoring if he's able to develop a consistent outside shot? Can Muhammad adapt to Thibodeau's defensive philosophy?
21 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-20-16 Roster Breakdown: Sh...
After a strong second half of last season, is Zach LaVine poised for a breakout year in '16/'17? What kind of impact can Brandon Rush make?
22 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9-19-16 Roster Breakdown: Po...
With Rubio, Dunn & Jones, do the Wolves have one of their deepest PG rotations in franchise history? Can Rubio & Dunn play together? How does the Summer League MVP Tyus Jones find minutes?
27 min
LOCKED ON WOLVES - 9/9/16 - Offseason Recap: Th...
Offseason Recap. Thibodeau & Layden hires, Dunn in the draft, free agency and addressing team needs.
27 min