Locked On Texans - Daily Podcast On T...

Locked On Texans podcast keeps Battle Red Nation up-to-date on all things Houston Texans. Hosted by Houston sports journalist Coty Davis and football analyst John Hickman, Locked On Texans is the only daily podcast covering your favorite NFL team. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Texans - Trivia Friday (Dec 2)
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. With Lambeau Field Sunday, we talk bad weather games. Plus, we discuss some Texans' history making games. Longtime Fantasy Football wri...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Where's the hurry in the off...
Robert asks Coach O'Brien & Brock Osweiler why there hasn't been more urgency in the offense. JJ Watt keeps doing good in the Houston community. Plus, you'll hear from Houston Oiler NFL Hall of Famers Kenny Houston & Elvin Beathea after the halftime ...
14 min
Locked on Texans - Charles James Interview (Nov...
Why did Charles James go $60,000 in debt? James tells Robert his remarkable route to the NFL, gives his thoughts on the new special teams rule & tells us which Texans player will be a Pro Bowler someday. This Sunday every NFL player can wear 'Cleats ...
18 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Packers (...
How can the Texans beat Green Bay? We go behind enemy lines with CBS 58 Milwaukee Sports Director Kevin Holden who covers the Packers & calls the preseason games on Telemundo Wisconsin. Robert asks about Aaron Rodgers, Dom Capers' defense, Clay Matth...
22 min
Locked on Texans - Chargers Postgame Show (Nov 28)
Did Robert finally give up being an 'Osweiler Apologist' this week? His Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal tries to pull him over to the dark side after a frustrating 21-13 loss to San Diego. He also gets inside the Texans locker room reaction rig...
30 min
Locked on Texans - Trivia Friday (Nov 25)
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. This week we look at Texans QB draft mistakes & Houston's NFL Thanksgiving success. Longtime Fantasy Football writer & NFL historian And...
15 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Chargers ...
How can the Texans beat the Chargers? In our Locked on crossover podcast, Robert asks Locked on Chargers Host Derek Togerson about Phillip Rivers, Coach McCoy's issues & if the Chargers will stay in San Diego. Plus, we go into Texans/Oilers-Chargers...
33 min
Locked on Texans - a JJ Watt Sighting? (Nov 23)
What's the latest on JJ Watt? Texans Extra Points Host Drew Dougherty joins Robert & says Watt surprised us with a revelation in his Players Tribune piece. Drew describes the Mexico City experience & gives his funniest moments on camera with Texans'...
15 min
Locked on Texans - Raiders Postgame Show (Nov 22)
How huge were the refs mistakes? Robert's Houston Sports Talk co-host R.G. Seal joins him to look at some game changing calls by the officials, Brock's latest performance, Clowney's excellence & O'Brien's questionable decisions.
28 min
Locked on Texans - Was it a good Sunday for AFC...
What problems do the Texans face with Derek Carr? Vince Wilfork talks about that & his huge Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway. Plus, Lamar Miller & Jonathan Joseph talk about the traveling Texan fans & Robert hits on a national piece criticizing Brock & h...
13 min
Locked on Texans - Texans Trivia Friday (Nov 18)
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. Longtime Fantasy Football writer & NFL historian Andy Rioux is our Alex Trebek. With the Raiders game coming up Monday night, one of our...
13 min
Locked on Texans - Stephanie Stradley Interview...
Why didn't the Texans address their offensive issues before this season? Chronicle Texans Blogger Stephanie Stradley wonders why & looks at what Texans issues we should be talking about that we're not.
25 min
Locked on Texans - Prepping for Mexico (Nov 16)
What will the Texans expect in soccer crazed Mexico City? Robert goes inside the locker room to talk Mexico & the red hot Derek Carr with A.J. Buoye, Whitney Mercilus & Texans President Jamey Rootes. He also goes one-on-one with Safety Quinten Demps.
13 min
Locked on Texans - Danny Mata Interview (Nov 15)
Are the Titans a real threat for the AFC South Title? Fox 26 Sports Producer Danny Mata joins Robert to look at the division race with 7 games to go. Plus, O'Brien addresses the national media, Akeem Hunt's big game & a coaching mistake.
22 min
Locked on Texans - Jaguars Postgame Show (Nov 14)
Was this a quality performance by Brock Osweiler? Robert gets into a heated debate with his Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal over Brock's play this week. We discuss Akeem Hunt's outstanding season debut, Kareem Jackson's good & bad play and Coac...
36 min
Locked on Texans - Can Will Fuller improve road...
Who would you rather have, Osweiler or Bortles? SportsRadio 610 'Triple Threat' Producer Brian McDonald joins Robert to answer that impossible question. They look at the DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football dilemma & preview the Jags game.
14 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Jaguars P...
Joining Robert is Locked on Jaguars Host Kerry Belkin. Could Coach Gus Bradley be gone after this game? Kerry gives us the latest on Bradley, Bortles, the talented defense & we talk about what once was a great rivalry.
40 min
Locked on Texans - Trivia Wednesday (Nov 9)
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. Longtime Fantasy Football writer & NFL historian Andy Rioux is our Alex Trebek.
11 min
Locked on Texans - Can Brock Swipe Right for De...
Is there good news on Kevin Johnson? Robert's Houston Sports Talk podcast Co-host RG Seal explains why Johnson's foot may not be so bad. Plus, we preview the Jags game & emphasize the importance of the Osweiler-Hopkins connection.
22 min
Locked on Texans - Robert Nelson Interview (Nov 7)
What does Coach O'Brien feel like he needs to fix at the halfway point? We hear a few thoughts from him at the Monday press conference & Robert goes inside the locker room for a one-on-one with new Texans Cornerback Robert Nelson. Nelson tells how th...
19 min
Locked on Texans - Trivia Friday (Nov 4)
We debut Texans Trivia Friday with NFL TV Statistician Adam Pena & longtime NFL Fantasy Writer Andy Rioux. Plus, Robert's conversation with tight end Stephen Anderson. The rookie discusses his transition to the NFL & has thoughts on former Cal teamma...
18 min
Locked on Texans - Can Brock get to average? (N...
Is Brock's play good enough against bad defenses? SportsRadio 610 'Triple Threat' Producer Brian McDonald joins Robert to break down Osweiler's numbers against the bad competition. They also hit on Lamar Miller's season & dream about a season where J...
24 min
Locked on Texans - SportsTalk 790 Host Jayson B...
Is there still hope for Brock Osweiler? Joining Robert is SportsTalk 790 Host of The Source & Scalp Fantasy on SiriusXM Host Jayson Braddock. We discuss the issues with Osweiler, CJ Fedorowicz's improvement & Jadeveon Clowney.
28 min
Locked on Texans - Andre Johnson Retires (Nov 1)
We pay tribute to the career of Texans' legend Andre Johnson. Chronicle Texans Beat Writer John McClain joins Robert to look back at his career. Plus, John hits on Arian Foster's retirement & the impatience fans have with Brock Osweiler. We take you...
22 min
Locked on Texans - Lions Postgame Show (Oct 31)
Robert takes you inside the locker room after a 20-13 win. You'll hear from Osweiler, Jadeveon Clowney, Alfred Blue & AJ Bouye. What have learned from the Texans at the halfway mark as they head into a bye week. Robert's Houston Sports Talk co-host R...
43 min
Locked on Texans - Greg Mancz Interview (Oct 28)
Robert goes inside the locker room & talks to un-drafted free agent starting center Greg Mancz. How did a kid from Cincinnati end up a Browns fan? Mancz tells us about that & about his journey to the NFL. Plus, Houston Sports Talk podcast host R.G. ...
29 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Lions (Oc...
How big of a roll is Matthew Stafford on? We go behind enemy lines with Locked on Lions host Matt Dery in this Locked on Simulcast. Matt tells us about the Lions defensive issues & what the feeling is about Coach Jim Caldwell. We look at the 2 citi...
25 min
Locked on Texans - Shane Lechler & JJ Moses (Oc...
Is Coach O'Brien thinking about a quarterback change? Robert discusses his press conference Tuesday, including Lamar Miller's health. Plus, Robert talks with punter Shane Lechler about his Super Bowl experience & former Texans return man JJ Moses abo...
12 min
Locked on Texans - Broncos Postgame (Oct 25)
Is the Brock Osweiler Fan Club getting smaller by the minute? After another ugly road loss, Robert debates Brock's performance with his Houston Sports Talk co-host R.G. Seal. Should Osweiler & Hopkins seek relationship therapy? They hit on their tro...
32 min
Locked on Texans - DJ Reader Interview (Oct 24)
Robert goes one-on-one with Texans rookie D.J. Reader. He thought Houston was all about jewelry before he got here. Don't know what that's all about. D.J. talks about playing at Clemson, playing with Clowney & getting mentored by Wilfork. Robert al...
14 min
Locked on Texans - Positive Friday (Oct 21)
What are the positive surprises so far this year? SportsRadio 610 Triple Threat Producer Brian McDonald joins Robert to hit on 4 major surprises this season. Plus, Brian looks at what the Texans may need to do schematically to beat the Broncos this w...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Broncos Preview (Oct 20)
What did the Broncos watchers think of Osweiler? We go behind enemy lines with Locked on Broncos host Adam Kinney. We ask Adam about their impresssion of Kubiak & what to expect from QB Trevor Simeon.
23 min
Locked on Texans – Patrick Starr Interview (Oct...
What’s wrong with the Texans run defense? State of the Texans Patrick Starr joins Robert to hit on the Broncos game, Bernardrick McKinney’s development, Kevin Johnson’s future & the Demeco Ryans’ lawsuit.
22 min
Locked on Texans – Do the Broncos want revenge...
With all the former Texans on the Broncos staff, are they looking for revenge? Wade Phillips & Gary Kubiak know Osweiler but Brock knows what to expect. Robert asks Houston Sports Talk co-host R.G. Seal who has the advantage. We also talk Kevin John...
14 min
Locked on Texans – Colts Postgame Show (Oct 17)
Was it the Rosencopter Revenge? After one of the great comebacks in Texans history, we take you inside the locker room. You’ll hear from Bob McNair, Brock Osweiler, Duane Brown, Johnathan Joseph & AJ Bouye. Robert looks back at a wild last few minut...
30 min
Locked on Texans – Colts Preview Pt 2 (Oct 14)
This is the 2nd part of our Locked on simulcast with Locked on Colts host Matt Danely. I give the Colts audience a little perspective on Rick Smith & we’ll give our game predictions this week. Robert talks about an addition the Texans made to the act...
21 min
Locked on Texans - Colts Preview (Oct 13)
We go behind the enemy lines to get an idea of what the Colts are thinking with Locked on Colts host Matt Danely. He shares draft horror stories which should sound familiar to Texan fans. This is part 1 of a 'Locked on' Network Simulcast with Matt.
26 min
Locked on Texans - Corey Moore Interview (Oct 12)
After getting his most snaps in his Texans career, Robert goes one-on-one with safety Corey Moore. He talks about the SEC heavy Texans secondary, his roots in Georgia, playing between the hedges with the Bulldogs & growing up as a fan of JJ Watt.
14 min
Locked on Texans - Is Osweiler digressing? (Oc...
What should worry you most about the Texans loss? Robert asks Aaron about Osweiler, O'Brien, the defense & if Tyler Ervin should be replaced as return specialist. Plus, Aaron gives an update on the Texans injuries.
11 min
Locked on Texans - Vikings Postgame Show (Oct 9)
Did Osweiler take a step back? We break down another blowout Texans road loss. Robert is joined by Houston Sports Talk podcast co-host R.G. Seal & Locked on Rockets host Ben DuBose.
26 min
Locked on Texans - Have the Vikings lost a key ...
Will the Vikings be without a huge weapon this week? Houston Sports Talk podcast co-host R.G. Seal joins Robert to talk Stefon Diggs injury, Braxton Miller’s return, the Texans covering Tight Ends & Running backs & what Coach O’Brien might have in sto...
18 min
Locked on Texas - Is Sam Bradford legit? (Oct 6)
Robert’s joined by Sam Ekstrom from Locked on Vikings. How good is Sam Bradford playing & where does that leave the Vikings with Bridgewater? Sam discusses their QB situation & that dominant defense. Plus, he gives us Minnesota’s level of concern ab...
21 min
Locked on Texans- Is Braxton Miller back? (Oct 5)
Will Braxton Miller be back this week? We talk about the injury situation with Braxton, Stephen Andersen, Kareem Jackson, Jonathan Grimes, CJ Fiedorowicz & Devon Still. Who is the unknown cog in the Texans offense? Aaron talks about him & a big meet...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Is Duane Brown Ready? (Oct 4)
We talk about Duane Brown's return, AJ Buoye's improvement & go one-on-one with Texans LB Brian Peters.
14 min
Locked on Texans- Titans Postgame Show (Oct 2)
We talk about a happy Sunday for the good guys. We discuss Texans new play-caller, another great game from Fuller, CJ Fiedorowicz’s breakout performance & the run defense. Plus, you’ll hear postgame reaction from owner Bob McNair, Fiedorowicz & Oswei...
18 min
Locked on Texans- Guest Steph Stradley (Sept 30)
Osweiler goes after his critics & Chronicle Blogger Stephanie Stradley talks JJ Watt, the Texans history with injuries & Coach O’Brien’s offense.
21 min
Locked on Texans- Texans Positives & Titans Pre...
We try to find some positives after a hard 7 days for Texans' fans & we preview the Titans game. Plus, you'll hear from Antonio Smith & Brian Cushing about their return to action.
11 min
Locked on Texans- Life without JJ Watt (Sept 28)
How will the Texans deal with the loss of JJ Watt? How long would it take for him to come back fully healthy? We talk about replacing Watt. Plus, Cushing & the Ninja are back!
14 min
Locked on Texans- Could Duane Brown play Sunday...
Did Bill O'Brien hint that Duane Brown could play Sunday? Is it realistic? We talk about that & the Texans tackling issues. Plus, we'll hit on the AFC South 3 weeks into the season.
14 min
Locked on Texans - Patriots Postgame Show (Sept...
What in the world happened Thursday night? We look back at this disastrous performance & take apart everything from coaching to the offensive line. No group gets a pass.
13 min
Locked on Texans- Patriots Preview (Sept 22)
Robert dials up Aaron at Gillette Stadium to preview the Patriots game. Will Gronkowski play? We'll have the latest, plus we discuss the O'Brien-Belichick relationship.
11 min
Locked on Texans - How's JJ Watt progressing? ...
We look back at Watt's performance against the Chiefs & look ahead to the Patriots rookie starting QB this week, Jacoby Brissette. Aaron explains why the Ravens have success against the Patriots & the Texans don't. Plus, Brock Osweiler on how he can ...
15 min
Texans vs. Chiefs Postgame Show (Sept 18)
In our debut, Aaron & Robert look at a perfect start to the season for the Texans dominant defense. They talk Will Fuller, Lamar Miller & why AJ Bouye was such a key against KC. Plus, you'll hear postgame from QB Brock Osweiler & Safety Quentin Demps.
29 min