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LOCKED ON SUNS 3/7/19: The numbers behind the S...
We go over how different the Suns looked by the numbers over this 4-1 stretch
43 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/6/19: Devin Booker goes off in...
The Suns made easy work of the Knicks. Have they turned a corner?
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/5/19: Breaking down Kevin Arno...
Another story from ESPN relays dysfunction within the Suns' front office. Also, how did Tankathon.com treat the Suns today?
39 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/4/19: The Phoenix Suns are the...
Phoenix has won three of their last four games behind great habits forming
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/2/19: Suns stun the Lakers as ...
Did the Suns just get Luke Walton fired by the Lakers?
22 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/28/19: Comparing AD and Ayton ...
Deandre Ayton is putting similar numbers to a rookie AD. We walk through what this means
34 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/27/19: Reacting to the Woj and...
Adrian Wojnarowski had a damning report about the Suns, then James Jones responded
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/26/19: How the NBA tank race i...
How will other teams impact the Suns down the stretch? Tanking. We examine who might do it.
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/25/19: The franchise-worst los...
Finally, the Suns snapped their streak with a great all-around performance
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/23/19: Twitter mailbag at the ...
Can Zion Williamson save the Suns? We answer that plus plenty more
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/22/19: Twitter mailbag at the ...
We answer all of your questions amidst the Suns' lowest point of the season
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/21/19: No more excuses after l...
Another loss for the Suns etches them in the wrong record book
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/19/19: Early offseason outlook...
We go through how we think this crazy offseason will go for the Suns
52 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/18/19: All-Star break reset wi...
We run through the Suns' disappointing season and tackle other questions
51 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/14/19: All-Star weekend previe...
It's time to start focusing more on the draft amidst another disappointing season
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/13/19: It doesn’t get much wor...
The Suns got absolutely embarrassed in their 15th straight loss
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/12/19: The James Jones progres...
Jones spoke on 98.7 FM on a litany of topics
39 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/11/19: Where do the Suns go fr...
With 14 straight losses, the Suns are dragging along rock bottom
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/8/2019: Mikal Bridges keeps ge...
The Suns outplayed the Warriors for three-plus quarters but lost to the defending champs.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/7/19: All's quiet in Phoenix o...
Tyler Johnson was the Suns' lone headliner, so how does it impact their summer plans?
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/6/19: Tyler Johnson is now a P...
The Suns traded Ryan Anderson for combo guard Tyler Johnson on Wednesday
38 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/5/19: The latest on Lonzo Ball...
LaVar Ball wants his son badly to be in Phoenix, and the Suns now are reportedly after him
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/4/19: James Harden drops 44 po...
The Suns' 118-110 loss saw some positives, but they were simply overmatched by The James Harden Experience
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/1/19: Special trade deadline p...
We answer all of your questions before a drama-filled trade deadline
34 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/31/19: Lonzo Ball rumors plus ...
Lonzo Ball and the Suns have mutual interest; plus we hand out grades for Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges
34 min