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LOCKED ON SUNS 12/2/16: Third time's a charm?
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the third matchup for the Suns with the Warriors.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/1/16: Winning ugly
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss how the Suns were able to pull out a win at home against the Hawks.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/30/16: Why Atlanta is a good ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson preview the Suns' matchup with the Hawks and believe it's a game the Suns could find success in.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/29/16: Scouting Atlanta, Knig...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss what they saw the Hawks do against the Warriors Monday night before they take on the Suns Wednesday and then talk about Brandon Knight's future with the team.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/28/16: Keeping it real
Eddie House kept it real on the Phoenix Suns' struggles as we near the 20-game mark of the season.
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/23/16: A hard-fought win in O...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson review the win for the Suns in Orlando and preview the two games coming this weekend.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/22/16: Inconsistencies, Bende...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson break down the inconsistencies of this Suns team, why rookie Dragan Bender should be playing and the preseason expectations already fading away.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/21/16: Is three guards starti...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson recap the two games over the weekend and discuss three guards in the starting lineup tonight against the Wizards.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/18/16: Alarming defensive sta...
Kellan Olson talks about some alarming defensive statistics on the Suns perimeter and previews the Sixers.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/17/16: Inexcusable loss to De...
Kellan Olson and Eddie House figure out where it went wrong in the Suns' inexplicable loss to the Nuggets.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/16/16: The potential of the s...
Kellan Olson and Eddie House discuss why the second unit has the potential to be great and preview Denver tonight.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/15/16: Should we start to wor...
Kellan Olson is back with Eddie House today to talk about Devin Booker's poor shooting percentages in the beginning of his NBA career. Is it time to start worrying about that? Plus, the two have their MVP candidates at this point in the season.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/14/16: The bright lights theory
Kellan Olson and Bright Side of the Sun's Dave King talk about the two losses over the weekend and why the Suns can't find consistency against lesser opponents.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/11/16: When's the turning poi...
Kellan Olson wonders what's next for Brandon Knight if his poor offensive play continues and then previews the back-to-back games for the Suns this weekend.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/10/16: Gaining momentum
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the Suns' win over the Pistons and why it felt like a big step forward.
15 min
Bender's big night and Booker's zeros
Kellan Olson and Eddie House recap the Suns' loss to the Trail Blazers and preview tonight's game against the Detroit Pistons.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/8/16: Going through the motions
Eddie House and Kellan Olson talk about the discouraging games against New Orleans and Los Angeles. What's up with the rotation? Will Brandon Knight ever look comfortable? Is this team just going through the motions?
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/4/16: Weekend preview
Kellan Olson rolls through the stats from the first five games to preview tonight's game against New Orleans and Sunday's against the Lakers.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/3/16: Suns win!
Kellan Olson and Eddie House finally discuss a Suns win!
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/2/16: In need of a win
Kellan Olson and Eddie House preview tonight's matchup with the Portland Trail Blazers.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/1/16: It's time to talk about...
Eddie House joins Kellan Olson to discuss the loss to the Clippers and where it's going wrong for Alex Len.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/31/16: Warren's efficiency, K...
The Suns lost two games last weekend, but there were plenty of positives in both games. Kellan Olson and Eddie House go over those and also preview tonight's game against the Clippers.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/28/16: Stopping Russell Westb...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson preview the upcoming games against the Thunder and Warriors.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/27/16: You have lost connecti...
Eddie House (@EHouse_Mr61) and Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) recap an extremely disappointing home opener and discuss Earl Watson's decision to change up the second unit.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/26/16: The season is here!
Kellan Olson and Eddie House have their first episode of the 2016-17 Phoenix Suns season! The two preview the matchup tonight with the Sacramento Kings and give their predictions for the season.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/25/16: NBA predictions
Eddie House and Kellan Olson give their predictions for the East, West, NBA Finals and all the big awards.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/24/16: Suns surprisingly rele...
Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) and Eddie House (@EHouse_Mr61) discuss the surprising release of Archie Goodwin. Eddie relates to Archie's situation and discusses the similar situation he was in at one point in his career.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/21/16: Comparing the two rebu...
Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) and Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) compare the rebuilds between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns in preparation for tonight's game.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/20/16: T.J. Warren or P.J. Tu...
Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) and Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) question whether the Suns have enough offense in the starting lineup and if that means T.J. Warren should start over P.J. Tucker.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/19/16: The X-factors for the ...
Eddie House (@EHouse_mr61) and Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) discuss their 4 X-factors for the Phoenix Suns this season.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/18/16: A preview of the Pacif...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson preview the Pacific division and give their thoughts on how the Phoenix Suns will fare this season.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/17/16: Chriss starting, Bende...
Kellan Olson answers your twitter questions for today's episode. Could Marquese Chriss start at PF on opening night? How long will Dragan Bender play SF? Will this be the year for Alex Len?
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/14/16: Previewing tonight's g...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson preview tonight's game against the Dallas Mavericks and then take a look at the New York Knicks.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/13/16: Len's struggles, Goodw...
On today's episode Eddie House and Kellan Olson review the win over the Utah Jazz Wednesday night. Alex Len continues to struggle with efficiency, Archie Goodwin is still promising in year 4 and the two give their impressions on Dragan Bender and Marqu...
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/12/16: Previewing the Jazz an...
Eddie and Kellan preview the Utah Jazz before tonight's preseason game against the Suns. Later, Eddie gives his thoughts on KD's decision to leave Oklahoma City, and they end on his former teammate in Miami Dwyane Wade heading to Chicago.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/11/16: Eddie House on Earl Wa...
Eddie's here! Kellan's partner in crime on the podcast Eddie House makes his debut. Kellan makes a strong case for why Eddie should have got more Sixth Man of the Year love for his year in Phoenix, and then the two discuss Earl Watson having the suppor...
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/10/16: Booker's eruption, Kni...
Kellan is joined by Dave King of Bright Side of the Sun to discuss the Suns' loss in Portland Friday. Devin Booker proved he is still really good at basketball and the effort of both Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss stood out for both. Enjoy!
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/7/16: Preseason impressions a...
Gerald Bourguet from Hoops Habit joins Kellan Olson to discuss preseason impressions on Brandon Knight and the two lottery picks, followed by a discussion on the Portland Trail Blazers and a preview of tonight's preseason matchup.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/6/16: Recap of last season an...
Kellan Olson kicks off Locked On Suns with a look at last season and the pieces the Phoenix Suns added in the offseason.
20 min