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Brendon Kleen takes you inside the Phoenix Suns and the NBA every weekday with the Locked On Suns podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network #suns #nba #phoenix

Irrational Suns Fans, a Nike Signature Shoe for...
Catch up on the latest Phoenix Suns news.
31 min
Phoenix Suns Have No Answer For Luka Doncic, Of...
A 1-2 road trip for the Phoenix Suns.
30 min
The Phoenix Suns Were Reminded That Details Mat...
Two winnable games for the Phoenix Suns, but only one win.
28 min
How Devin Booker Can Keep Proving His Place At ...
The Phoenix Suns star can win MVP this year.
25 min
Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton Combine for 81 A...
The Phoenix Suns future is in good hands.
26 min
Why the Chris Paul Injury Was a Blessing In Dis...
A gift from the gods to the Phoenix Suns.
35 min
Devin Booker Goes for 44 as Phoenix Suns Pull O...
The Phoenix Suns have won five straight games.
30 min
The Phoenix Suns Are Having the Regular Season ...
Leveling up, the Phoenix Suns way.
31 min
Why the Suns Were Unbothered By PatBev, Plus a ...
The Phoenix Suns were unbothered by Beverley's BS.
31 min
A Toxic Patrick Beverley Ejection Caps Off 8th ...
The Phoenix Suns beat PatBev and the Lakers AGAIN.
29 min
Is the Phoenix Suns' Championship Window Still ...
Digging deep on the state of the Phoenix Suns.
30 min
Was That CP15 or CP3? Phoenix Suns Dismantle Kn...
The Phoenix Suns have found a new old difference-maker.
26 min
Devin Booker Puts On a Show, But Phoenix Suns B...
The Phoenix Suns lost another tight road game.
25 min
Eric Gordon To the Phoenix Suns? Plus James Jon...
The Phoenix Suns are making moves behind the scenes.
32 min
Balanced Basketball and Big Runs Lead Suns To A...
The Phoenix Suns slayed the beast once again.
31 min
Suns Free Throw Trouble, CP3 Load Management, P...
Just another busy week for the Phoenix Suns.
43 min
Deandre Ayton Underwhelms Again, Phoenix Suns L...
The Phoenix Suns need more on offense from Deandre Ayton.
31 min
Chris Paul Is Taking a Step Back. Here's How th...
The Phoenix Suns offense is a work in progress.
31 min
Mikal Bridges Does His Best Kawhi Leonard Impre...
The Phoenix Suns took care of business in Minnesota.
29 min
Cam Johnson Update + Mikal Bridges and Deandre ...
The Phoenix Suns need answers.
39 min
Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns Don't Get Eno...
The Phoenix Suns ares losing bodies left and right.
28 min
Everything Phoenix Suns Fans Need to Know About...
Injury has struck the Phoenix Suns.
30 min
Will the Phoenix Suns Avenge Their One Loss of ...
The Phoenix Suns face a back-to-back against the only team to beat them this season.
27 min
The Nets Are Imploding. Can the Phoenix Suns Ta...
Are the Phoenix Suns right back in the KD chase?
38 min
Cam Johnson Picks On KAT and the Wolves To Lead...
The Phoenix Suns are getting help from a new guy every night.
28 min