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Brendon Kleen takes you inside the Phoenix Suns and the NBA every weekday with the Locked On Suns podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network #suns #nba #phoenix

Predicting This Week's Phoenix Suns Headlines o...
What will we hear about the Phoenix Suns this week?
32 min
Ultimate NBA Mock Draft 2022: Picks 1-6 With Ra...
41 min
Ranking the Most Likely Phoenix Suns Offseason ...
What will actually happen for the Phoenix Suns this summer?
35 min
New Phoenix Suns Allegations Arrive as Senior S...
Another chapter in a NBA long investigation into the Phoenix Suns.
29 min
The Phoenix Suns Are Working Out NBA Draft Pros...
Everything Phoenix Suns fans need to know heading toward the NBA Draft.
26 min
Ranking the Top 5 Most Logical Deandre Ayton De...
Where will Deandre Ayton go if he leaves the Phoenix Suns?
31 min
Another Crazy Week in Phoenix Suns Land, Plus t...
Recapping another busy week for the Phoenix Suns in the news.
35 min
Did a COVID Outbreak Really Derail the Phoenix ...
More news emerges on what happened to the Phoenix Suns in the postseason.
36 min
Why Confidence is the Defining Word of the Phoe...
How the Phoenix Suns can get their swagger back.
32 min
Deandre Ayton Gone? How Phoenix Suns Fans Shoul...
The Phoenix Suns are back in the news with their franchise center.
26 min
How the Phoenix Suns Can Stay at the Top of the...
Lots of change in the West, can the Phoenix Suns stay at the top?
28 min
An Honest Conversation About What Needs to Chan...
Where do the Phoenix Suns go next?
36 min
Could OG Anunoby & the Toronto Raptors Be a Fit...
The latest NBA rumors again connect to the Phoenix Suns.
36 min
Why the Phoenix Suns Need to Go Back to 2019 to...
The Phoenix Suns have to rewind to go forward.
28 min
3 Lessons the Phoenix Suns Can Learn From this ...
What the Phoenix Suns can take away from the 2022 NBA Finals.
34 min
A Wild Start to the Phoenix Suns Offseason, Plu...
More on the latest Phoenix Suns rumors.
36 min
We're One Step Closer to a Potential Phoenix Su...
Could the Phoenix Suns really go after Kevin Durant?
27 min
Reported Monty Williams & Deandre Ayton Rift Co...
The latest between the Phoenix Suns and Deandre Ayton.
29 min
A Best-Case Deandre Ayton Trade Plus One Thing ...
How the Phoenix Suns should proceed with their two young stars.
33 min
What to Know About a Cam Johnson Extension Plus...
Another big key for the Phoenix Suns this summer.
46 min
What Does the Ideal Phoenix Suns Team Built Aro...
The Phoenix Suns have some decisions to make for the future.
41 min
What Does the Future Hold for Deandre Ayton and...
A preview of the situation between Deandre Ayton and the Phoenix Suns.
35 min
Who to Blame? Fallout Continues for Phoenix Sun...
What comes after Game 7 for the Phoenix Suns?
43 min
A Stunning End Comes For the Phoenix Suns After...
The season is over for the Phoenix Suns.
29 min
Chris Paul Comes Up Empty, Phoenix Suns Offense...
The Phoenix Suns are facing their first Game 7 together.
31 min