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Christopher Carter, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and an extra on WPXI-TV and Steeler Nation Radio digs deep on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, everyday and all year long. Everything you need to know about the Steelers Monday through Friday. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #steelers #nfl

Kenny Pickett Shows Command, Hope, Leadership i...
The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the New York Jets 24-20, but Kenny Pickett got his debut chance and scored two touchdowns in the process.
36 min
Why Mike Tomlin Must Switch Up Steelers Game Pl...
The Pittsburgh Steelers get ready to face the New York Jets Sunday with a chance to fix their season. While Mitch Trubisky, Kenny Pickett and Matt Canada have dominated the Steelers headlines, this game should come down to the Steelers' defense being able to take over.
31 min
Why Alex Highsmith, Steelers Defense Will Boost...
Crossover Thursday unites Locked on Steelers with Locked on Jets, but clear mismatches may define the upcoming showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets.
30 min
How Steelers Must Use WRs Diontae Johnson, Chas...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receivers are talented, but they haven't had as many chances to shine as Mike Tomin might've hoped. When you look at passing charts and the All-22 film, it's clear there are patterns of success the Steelers are using to create easier reads and passing opportunities for Mitch Trubisky to see the field.
29 min
Why Steelers Won't Start Kenny Pickett Yet | Of...
The Pittsburgh Steelers may seem stubborn for not starting Kenny Pickett over Mitch Trubisky, but there's a good amount of reasons for Mike Tomlin letting his rookie quarterback grow on the bench.
42 min
Steelers' Biggest Fix Needed Is Run Defense's A...
If the Pittsburgh Steelers want to stop their season from falling off a cliff, they have to get back to playing elite defense soon. That will be tough without T.J. Watt, but the it all comes down to fixing the run defense to let the rest of the defense get back to what they do best.
30 min
Steelers Lose 29-17 to Browns | Mitch Trubisky ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns 29-17 Thursday night as Mitch Trubisky looked slightly better, but still not good enough to run the offense. Meanwhile, Nick Chubb had a strong night with over a hundred yards and Jacoby Brissett looked like the better quarterback.
35 min
Is Najee Harris' Vision a Problem? | Pittsburgh...
The Pittsburgh Steelers need Najee Harris to be a focal point of this offense. He's missed some rushing lanes in recent games, but is his vision truly lacking?
39 min
Steelers vs. Browns on Thursday Night Mitch Tru...
The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to the face the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night football, but is this Mitch Trubisky's last chance before Mike Tomlin gives Kenny Pickett a chance to start?
34 min
Pittsburgh Steelers All-22 Film Reveals Mitch T...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' offense has only scored a single touchdown in each of their first two games against the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots.
29 min
Mitch Trubisky's Struggles to See Field Crush P...
The Pittsburgh Steelers lost their first game of the season 17-14 in a slow-paced defensive game against the New England Patriots. Mitch Trubisky struggled with only a single touchdown drive and his first interception of the season while not seeing the field and limiting the offense.
37 min
Cam Heyward, Steelers' Defense Still Great Matc...
The Pittsburgh Steelers placed T.J. Watt on injured reserve Thursday, but their defense along with Cam Heyward, Minkah Fitzpatrick and several other key players matchup well wit the New England Patriots' offense in the week two showdown.
40 min
Steelers Need Mitch Trubisky to Spark Chemistry...
The Pittsburgh Steelers need Mitch Trubisky to spark chemistry with Pat Freiermuth to get their offense going against the New England Patriots. In this Crossover Thursday episode, Chris Carter of Locked on Steelers and Mike D'Abate of Locked on Patriots see the key to the upcoming matchup coming down to controlling in the middle of the field.
29 min
Steelers' Offensive Struggles on Mitch Trubisky...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive struggles against the Cincinnati Bengals came down to a lack of rhythm. But the question is whether that was a Mitch Trubisky problem, or a Matt Canada problem?
37 min
Steelers Dodge Bullet on T.J. Watt/Najee Harris...
The Pittsburgh Steelers might not have lost T.J. Watt for the season due to a torn pec injury. Reports suggest the tear might be partial, and that could mean he's back anywhere between 4-6 weeks.
34 min
Minkah Fitzpatrick, Steelers Defense Wins w/Tea...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' defense played an ELITE game against the Cincinnati Bengals in their 23-20 overtime upset. Minkah Fitzpatrick was PHENOMENAL with 14 tackles, an interception returned for a touchdown and a blocked extra point.
31 min
Why Myles Jack, Najee Harris are Pittsburgh Ste...
The Pittsburgh Steelers could look to T.J. Watt, Cam Heyward, Minkah Fitzpatrick or new quarterback Mitch Trubisky as the keys to upset the Cincinnati Bengals in week one; but Chris Carter and Jenna Harner have two players being overlooked who could be the biggest keys to victory.
35 min
Cincinnati Bengals' Offensive Line Improved Eno...
The Cincinnati Bengals have invested in their offensive line to protect Joe Burrow. But are they enough to stop T.J. Watt, Cam Heyward and the Pittsburgh Steelers' pass rush?
32 min
Kenny Pickett QB2 Conspiracies Run Wild / How P...
The Pittsburgh Steelers admitted they made a mistake on their first depth chart of the regular season and that Kenny Pickett was really QB2. But some people think it wasn't a mistake, and more about conspiracies that run wild among Steelers fans.
37 min
Steelers Right to Name Najee Harris/Mitch Trubi...
The Pittsburgh Steelers named Najee Harris and Mitch Trubisky as their new offensive captains along with T.J. Watt, Cam Heyward and Miles Killebrew for defense and special teams. But are Harris and Trubisky the right faces for the team?
32 min
Steelers' Run Defense Been Fixed for Cam Heywar...
The Pittsburgh Steelers' run defense was a major focus during training camp and the preseason. But have they done enough to be ready for the Cincinnati Bengals and Joe Mixon in week one?
26 min
Can Pittsburgh Steelers Skill Players like Naje...
The Pittsburgh Steelers still look more than shaky at the offensive line. But their skill players with Najee Harris, George Pickens, Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool and Pat Freiermuth are a major resource that can balance the offense.
30 min
Pittsburgh Steelers' Preseason Showed How Matt ...
The Pittsburgh Steelers hadn't been a team that specialized in attacking the middle of the field in their passing game with Ben Roethlisberger over the past few years. But with Matt Canada, that appears to be changing with Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett at quarterback
34 min
Steelers' Trades for Malik Reed/Jesse Davis Hel...
The Pittsburgh Steelers made moves to complete their 53-man roster Tuesday, including trades for Malik Reed, linebacker of the Denver Broncos and Jesse Davis, offensive tackle of the Minnesota Vikings.
39 min
Why Pittsburgh Steelers Won't Trade Mason Rudol...
The Pittsburgh Steelers fielded several calls from other NFL teams about quarterback Mason Rudolph for trade interests. However, Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan aren't interested in moving their 5th year quarterback unless it's for the right price.
28 min