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Christopher Carter, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and an extra on WPXI-TV and Steeler Nation Radio digs deep on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, everyday and all year long. Everything you need to know about the Steelers Monday through Friday. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #steelers #nfl

Locked On Steelers - 5/18/18 - Has the Steelers...
Tony talks about some of the feedback he got to Wednesday's podcast about the Steelers organization and whether the Steelers mentality has cost them championships
32 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/16/18 - Panthers New Own...
Tony talks about Steelers minority owner buying the Panthers and how he aspires to turn the Carolina Panthers into a franchise modeled after the Pittsburgh Steelers
24 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/15/18 - Steelers Address...
Tony talks about the comments Mike Tomlin made about how important communication is in the secondary and with the new safeties the Steelers drafted.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/14/18 - Terrell Edmunds ...
Tony talks about the prospects of Mason Rudolph's leadership abilities and Terrell Edmunds versatility at rookie mini-camp.
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/11/18 - Rookie Minicamp ...
Tony talks about the numbers given out to each rookie and then previews his favorite undrafted free agents going into rookie mini-camp this weekend.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/10/18 - Kevin Colbert on...
Tony breaks down Kevin Colbert's comments on Mason Rudolph, Keion Adams, and what awaits the Steelers rookies at the upcoming rookie mini camp.
13 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/9/18 - Mike and Joe from...
Tony is joined by his co-hosts from SteelerCountry, Mike and Joe, to talk about Big Ben and Mason Rudolph
13 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/8/18 - Jon Ledyard on th...
Tony and Jon talk about the Steelers trading away Martavis Bryant and selecting Mason Rudolph, as well as where this puts the team in 2018.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/7/18 - Jon Ledyard on th...
Tony is joined by Jon Ledyard who breaks down the Steelers first round selection of Terrell Edmunds and what it means for the Steelers defense.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/4/18 - Assessing QB Cont...
Tony breaks down the new normal for quarterback contracts and how it affects roster construction in the NFL.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/3/18 - AFC North Draft R...
Tony breaks down how the rest of the division in this draft with three new quarterbacks being taken in the AFC North.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/2/18 - The Steelers Have...
Tony talks about why he thinks this team has too many depth issues to be taking the future picks the Steelers took.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 5/1/18 - Was Taking Mason ...
Tony talks about the Steelers selection of Mason Rudolph and whether or not it was a smart pick for the Steelers
14 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/30/18 - Steelers 2018 Dr...
Tony breaks down all the of players the Steelers selected in the draft and what it means for the 2018 season.`
17 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/28/18 - Steelers Second ...
Tony breaks down the selections of James Washington, Mason Rudolph, and Chuks Okorafor
19 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/27/18 - Steelers Take S ...
Tony breaks down the Steelers selection of Terrell Edmunds, as well as the players the Steelers passed up to get him. He also talks about the trade of Martavis Bryant.
25 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/26/18 - Steelers First R...
Tony talks about what he thinks is going to happen in the first round and who the Steelers are going to take with the 28th pick in the draft.
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/25/18 - Third and Fourth...
Tony talks about four players he missed during his draft evaluation: Jaylen Samuels, Armani Watts, Obo Okoronkwo and Darius Leonard
16 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/24/18 - Tomlin and Colbe...
Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert had their pre draft press conference and Tony breaks down everything they said, and what it means for who the Steelers will select this weekend.
29 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/23/18 - AFC North Draft ...
Tony talks about what the other teams in the AFC North are going to be looking for in the NFL draft this week.
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/20/18 - Steelers Mock Draft
Tony gives his three round mock draft on who he sees the Steelers taking in the first three rounds and why.
20 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/19/18 - Best WR Fit for ...
Tonybreaks down the best WR that will be available in the second or third rounds, and talks about Joe Haden's comments about the defense.
18 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/18/18 - Assessing the St...
Tony discusses the tight end situaiton in Pittsburgh. Should the Steelers address tight end in the draft or are there other places that they can better use their picks.
11 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/17/18 - Could the Steele...
Tony breaks down the trade rumors when it comes to trading LeVeon Bell or Martavis Bryant before draft day. What is their value and is it likely?
15 min
Locked On Steelers - 4/16/18 - James Harrison R...
James Harrison retires and Tony talks about his legacy as a Steelers pass rusher as well as Dez Bryant's future and the medical concerns around Leighton Vander Esch
10 min