Locked On Spurs - Daily Podcast On Th...
Jeff Garcia, original co-founder of Project Spurs. He is also the former co-host of ESPN San Antonio's "Halftime Sports," and currently is the Spurs writer for News 4 San Antonio & Fox 29 San Antonio. He hosts a daily look inside the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA with the Locked On Spurs podcast, part of the Locked on Podcast Network #spurs #nba
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/15/2016) - Spurs make a flur...
On this episode of Locked on Spurs, the silver and black made a flurry of roster moves but who are these new guys? From Davis Bertans, Dwayne Dedmon, Bryn Forbes to how the Sixers nearly stole Manu Ginobili, this show will break it all down for you.
36 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/14/2016) - That time Tim Dun...
On this episode of Locked On Spurs, I am joined by Phillip-Rossman-Reich of Locked on Magic and Orlando Magic Daily to talk about the time San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan nearly left the Spurs for the Magic. Back in the summer of 2000, Duncan was ...
33 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/13/2016) - Now what? Expecta...
On this episode of Locked On Spurs I discuss what to expect in a post-Tim Duncan world. Is this roster good enough? What about the young guys brought in? Who will step up as a leader? Will this team be setting records as they did last season? #spurs #g...
20 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/12/2016) - A tribute to an N...
On this episode of Locked On Spurs, I look back on the career of San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan and share my memories of watching him from my fan perspective and from what I got to see sitting on press row watching Duncan, as well as in the Spurs ...
35 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/11/2016) Defending Tony Park...
Much has been said about Spurs guard Tony Parker this offseason. Mainly from Spurs fans who have completely given up on the former NBA Finals MVP and are calling for him to be traded from San Antonio. I am here to say Spurs fans - you got to stop the T...
18 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/8/2016) Talking with Phillip...
(Note - Audio technical issues experienced while recording interview) We talk to Orlando Magic writer Phillip Rossman-Reich about the newest Spur - Dewayne Dedmon. Dedmon played for the Magic last season and Phil gives Spurs fans the scoop on what to...
21 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/7/2016) Spotlight: Davis Ber...
The Spurs finally brought over Latvian forward Davis Bertans but many Spurs fans still don't now who he is. I break it all down on his game, some personal life notes about him and how Spurs fans will need to show him patience initially.
19 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/6/2016) - Why Pau Gasol isn'...
On this episode of Locked On Spurs, I discuss why adding Pau Gasol is good just not good enough with a loaded Warriors team with Kevin Durant. Also, why trading Boris Diaw might have hurt SA .
16 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/5/2016)
The dust has settled and Pau Gasol is a Spur! But is it enough to dethrone the West champs Warriors now with Kevin Durant? Spurs foreign prospect Davis Bertans is set to ink a deal but who is he and what can he bring?
14 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/4/2016)
Note: Recorded prior to Pau Gasol signing with San Antonio) The Spurs aren't getting Kevin Durant as he will take his talents to the Warriors. So what does this mean for the Spurs? Also on the show, it may be the end of a career for Tim Duncan.
24 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/3/2016)
He's back! No retirement for Manu Ginobili as he announces he will be back next season! Tony Parker says he's got plenty left and Spurs fans are not liking it one bit. Durant watch rolls on, Duncan still is quiet and more!
28 min
LOCKED ON SPURS (7/2/2016)
Debut show! A general overview at what's at stake for the Spurs heading into the offseason. Kevin Durant? Pau Gasol? A Spurs youth movement & more!
28 min