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Brady Trantham works for 107.7 The Franchise in OKC (107.9 in Tulsa) as the Insider for Oklahoma City Thunder basketball. Have no fear! Brady is a lifelong Sooner fan and is very knowledgable -- for a millennial -- on the history of Sooner sports. Follow him on Twitter @BradyDoesSports. Brady grew up in Norman, OK, graduated from OU in 2014 and has been with the Franchise since 2018. #Sooners #OU #BoomerSooner #SoonerNation

Pleased To Meet You
Kyler Meets With The Cardinals One More Time, Breaking Down OU/Ole Miss, WWE Comes To Penn State?
23 min
No Apologies
Joe C. Helps The Sooners Go Dancing. Jalen Hurts Follow Up And Agreeing With The SEC, It Happens
23 min
Please Jalen Don't Hurts Em
Jalen Hurts Is Having His Struggles Early On, Would Lincoln Ry Adjust On Hurts Account? Sooners Still Need Some Help To Get Into The Big Dance, And NYG Might Be The Best Place For Kyler Murray
23 min
How Ya Like Me Now?
Kyler Murray Still Has Haters, Who Benefited The Most From Pro-Day ? Why OU Hoops Isn't In As Much Trouble As You Think. The Browns Setting Baker Up To Win Now
25 min
Clean Slate
Alex Grinch Is Giving Defensive Players A Clean Slate To Start Spring, Who Is The Spring Game Entertainment Really For? Beat WVU!
24 min
All About The Optics
Who gains the most from pro-day? Improving the Palace for students, and Casserly sings a new tune on Kyler
23 min
Commitment To Excellence
Kyler To The Raiders Is Starting To Make A Lot Of Sense, Letting A.D. Miller Come Back To OU Says More About Lincoln Riley, And The Real Identity Of The OU Hoops Team
25 min
Buy In Now
Kyler Having To Prove Himself Yet Again, Why One Piece Of File Has Sooners Buying Into Grinch, Spring Game Gonna Be Lit.
25 min
Spring Is In The Air
OU Has Some Key Payers Out This Spring. What If The Cardinals Are Spreading Miss Information? Men's Hoops Peaking At The Right Time?
27 min
Smoke Screen
Did Kyler's Interview Cause Him To Go Tumbling Down The Draft Board? OU's Brand Is Too Big To Fail And Lincoln Opens Up A Fantasy Camp
23 min
A Man Of Value
Defensive Backs Need An Overhaul, Taking Purposed CFB Rule Changes A Step Farther, Does Kyler Have As Much Value As The Pick Itself?
25 min
Kyler Mania
Kyler Is the Most Intriguing Person To Be Drafted Since 1977 According To Gill Brandt, The Best Thing You'll See In CBB All Weekend And Box Office Cash, Baker, Kyler And Hollywood
24 min
Big Man At The Combine
Kyler Is 5-10 and 1/8, Kyler Keeps Picking Up Steam To Be The Number One Over All Pick, Cody Ford Audio from 24/7 And Big 12 Expansion
24 min
Lincoln's Got Your Back
Lincoln And Bob Come To Kyler's Defense, Big 12/Pac 12 Powers Activate, Let Your Kid Play
23 min
Carry The Rock
The Workload Of OU's Running Backs, Why Postseason Play Does OU No Good, and Lincoln Riley Is Set To Be The Most Successful Coach In OU History
23 min
Rattler In The Wings
What Would It Take For Spencer Rattler To Start This Year (Besides Injury), Why OU Is In Fact An NCAA Tournament Team, And The Biggest Lesson We've Learned From Kyler Murray
26 min
Must Win
OU Gets A Break Vs. Texas, Where Is The Basketball Program Going, Rattler Has Moxie
26 min
My Adidas
College Kids Need Shoe Contracts, Is OU Really Better Off Without Trae Young? And Does Stoops Plan On Coaching In The XFL?
31 min
Not Short On Talent Or Heart
Kyler Murray Talks Height, Hollywood Plays Hurt, Transfers Making The Rich Richer, And Trae Young Gives Back
30 min
Love Hurts
Jalen Hurts Stars In The Weight Room, Kyler Murray And The Interview Process, McNeace Is Back For TCU
25 min
Wanna Win? Pick Kyler
The Teams That Shouldn't Pick Kyler, Are We Asking Too Much Of Grinch, Can't Give Up On Sooner Hoops
22 min
Hollywood Nights
Where Will Hollywood Brown Go In The Draft? How High Is OU In The Way Too Early Top 25? Is Mike Stoops Bound For Blue Grass Country
25 min
Kyler Takeover
Kyler Murray Hijacks ESPN, Who Else Is Getting Pre-Combine Run? And OU Stays In The NCAA Tournament..For Now
26 min
Kyler Chooses The NFL
Kyler Murray Forges Baseball To Play In The NFL, What Colin Cowheard Has To Say About Kyler, And Clearing Up The New Transfer Rules
23 min
Time To Shine For Kyler
Kyler Will Go The Combine, Baker's Cold As Balls, Sooner Hoops Still Hanging In.
25 min
Bob Lays The Smack Down
Bob Stoops Is Now In The XFL, Kyler Murray's Fluctuating Draft Status, And A Major Recruiting Loophole
25 min
Guess Who's Back?
Why It's A Good Think If Texas Outranks OU In Recruiting, Lincon Riley On His Class Courtesy Of 24/7 , Bob's Back!
26 min
Dominate D?
Alex Grinch Believes You Can Play Dominate Defense In The Big 12, Kyler And Baker The Next Great Rivalry? Effort Just No Results
23 min
Baker's 11
Baker Mayfeild Makes A Good Bad Guy, Kyler Is Uncomfortable On The DP Show And What Is Success In Men's Hoops?
25 min
Mo Money, Mo Championships
Alex Grinch Is Now The Highest Paid Assistant Coach In OU History, Kyler Still Has To Decide Between MLB And NFL, Brady Makes Bold Move
29 min
Show Me The Money
Lincoln Riley Gets Paid, And So Does His Staff, Brian Odom Audio Break Down, Career Rehab For Mike Stoops At Bama
25 min
OU Sells....And Everybody's Buying
Breaking Down The Roy Manning Audio. Begging The Raiders Not To Pick Kyler Murray And Why Lincoln Riley Is Still OU's Best Salesmen.
23 min
Working Men
Can You Win A Championship With A Mediocre Defense? Roy Manning Audio, Brian Odom Audio, And Why Lon Kruger Should NOT Be On The Hot Seat
29 min
High Stakes
Jalen Hurts Proving To Be A Leader, Austin Kendall's Dad Talks About The Transfer, What Would It Take For Bob Stoops To Get Back Into Coaching?
24 min
Sooners Forever, Forever Sooners (REDUX)
Alex Grinch Wants To Be a 1% Er, Nick Saban On Jalen Hurts, Big 12/SEC Challenge
25 min
Sooners Forever, Forever Sooners
Alex Grinch Wants To Be a 1% Er, Nick Saban On Jalen Hurts, Big 12/SEC Challenge
25 min
Young and Dangerous
This Promises To Be The Most Intriguing Year Of The Lincoln Riley Era. Jalen Hurts Going Out With A Bang? Where Is OU In The Latest Bracketology?
24 min
Go Take It
Why Lincoln Kept Ruffin On Staff, Alex Grinch On Takeaways, Roy Manning Audio, And Why No Player On Defense Should Feel Safe
32 min
Vital Signs
When Did Lincoln Riley Start Thinking About Jalen Hurts Coming To OU? And Why Players Need To Use Their Voice
33 min
Agents Of Change
Parents Are A Kid's Best Agent. Kyler To the Patriots? Can OU Win In The Drum?
26 min
Making Moves
Jalen Hurts is a Sooner, but Austin Kendall is a Mountaineer. What should Tanner Mordecai do? OU hoops falls flat vs. K-State
23 min
Hot Stove
Austin Kendall Should Go To Morgan Town, Kyler Is NFL Bound, And We're Still Waiting Jalen
26 min
Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts Have Big Decisions, OU/Texas To Stay At The Cotton Bowl, OU's Defensive Staff Is Taking Shape
26 min
Beam Me Up, Scotty
The Transfer Portal Is Up and Smoking, Jalen Hurts Would Do Just Fine At OU, And Who Should Kyler Listen To?
24 min
Your Decision
Kyler Must Choose MLB, NFL Or OU, Jalen Hurts Could Be OU Bound, Kliff Is Heading To Arizona
24 min
A Little Less Conversation
Lincoln Building A Dynasty In Norman, Reasons Kyler Could Come Back, Kliff Is Gone
24 min
Here Come The Sooners
Sooners Have A Top Four Recruiting Class, Grinch's Toughest Task, Rick Dixon HOF
25 min
The Grinch Comes To Norman
Alex Grinch Is OU's New DC, Bedlam Hoops And Justin Fields Is Going To Ohio State
25 min
Have No Fear, Lincoln's Here!
Johnny Football Has An Opinion On What Kyler Should Do, Hollywood Is Off To The NFL, WVU It's A Job
26 min
Rock Solid
Lincoln Riley Gets A Contract Extension, What Should Coaches Look For In Program, Men's Hoops Opens Big 12 Play Vs. Kansas
27 min
On To The Next One
Sooners Have Some House Keeping To Do After The Orange Bowl Loss , Plus What Is OU's Place In CFB History
28 min
Carpe Diem Baby
OU Is Playing For A Lot More Than Just A Shot At the CFP Championship, Riley And Saban A Love Story
27 min
Psycho Circus
Hollywood Says He'll Go, Kyler's Feeling Fine, Golding Hasn't Spoken To OU, And Why NEP Is The Best Place For Kyler Murray
27 min
Get Down With The Sickness
Kyler's Not Feeling Well? Hollywood Brown Update, DC Update, When Is A Good Time To Bolt?
25 min
Blue Bloods
Hollywood Brown Update, CFB Free Agency Will Benefit OU, Take Your Pick Bama Or OU
28 min
Rise Of A Dynasty?
Riley Can Sell Kids On OU Not Coaches, How Coaches Keep It All In Order, Men's Hoops Is 11=1 going into Big 12 Play
27 min
Mad Men
Lincoln Riley Is America's Best Salesman, Spencer Rattler: Could He Play? CFB's Hot Stove League
31 min
Too Big To Fail
OU And Ohio State Might Be The Only Two Schools Too Big To Fail, Mom And Dad Need To Step Back, OU Hoops Gets A Big Win
24 min
Transfer U
Justin Fields Is On The Market, What Is The Fallout For Five Star Quarterbacks When Superstars Transfer, OU Hoops At The LNC Tonight
25 min
Lincoln Goes A Crootin"
Signing Day Is Wednesday Who Might Be A Late Flip, Men's Hoops Under The Radar, DC Update
29 min
Chasing Ghost
Tua's Back, Why This Game Means So Much To Nick Saban, OU Hoops Take On USC In Tulsa
23 min
DC Universe
DC Update, Lincoln Riley In Favor Of Playoff Expansion, New Basketball Uniforms
25 min
More Questions Than Answers
Hire A DC Already! Will Hollywood Play? WIll Kyler Chose MLB Or NFL? Why Would We Expand The CFP?
32 min
Put Your Chip On My Shoulder
DC Update, Do I have Low Opinion Of Bama? The NCAA Does Some Stupid Things
24 min
Kyler Murray M.V.P.
What The Heisman Was This Year, Pete Golding Update, How To Change The NCAA Tournament
29 min
Number Seven
Kyler Murray Wins The Heisman, Pete Golding Update, Sooners Cruse Vs. WSU
28 min
Awards Season
Kyler Murray Racks Up The Awards, Sooners Need A Defensive Star, Urban Meyer Vs. Lincoln Riley
26 min
Your Decision
Kyler Murray Has A Tough Decision To Make, But, It's His Decision. Hoops Team Is Rolling, K-State Update
27 min
It's Hard To Be Humble
The Difference Between Kyler and Baker, How Heisman Voters Think and OU vs. ND Hoops
25 min
We Want Bama!
Why The CFP Is Rooting For OU, Biggest Fear Going Into The Orange Bowl, OU Players Have It Better Than The Cowboys
29 min
The Temple Of Boomer
Is This The Biggest Game In OU/Texas History? Did The Defense Get Worse Without Stoops And It's Time For OU/Texas To Move To Jerry World
27 min
The Wrath Of Kyler
Time To Leave Texas Behind, OU Run Game Vs. Texas Run Game, Who Has To Show Up Saturday For OU To Win, And A Follow Up To Stoops And Auburn
28 min
Winter Soldiers
Big 12 Takes The Teeth Out Of OU/Texas, Why Bob Stoops Should Consider The Auburn Job, Fans Get Screwed On Tickets, Beatty And Herman A Love Story
29 min
The Empire Strikes Back
Sooners Not Thinking About The CFP, Kyler Vs. Sam, Could Kyler Murray Be The Next Two Sports Star, Why Cale Gundy Would Be A Good Fit At Texas Tech
28 min
See You In Arlington
Can You Make The Argument Kyler Murray Is the Best OU Quarterback Of All Time? What Will Be Different This Go Around With Texas
30 min
Moonshiners and Couch Burners
Who Is Pete Golding? Other DC Candidates, Lincoln Riley On Kyler Murray Vs. Will Grier For Heisman, And Can OU's Defense Do Just Enough This Week?
26 min
No Easy Answers
Lincoln Riley And Curtis Bolton Talk Defense, How The Chiefs Rams Game Will Effect The Big 12 And Texas Sucks
29 min
Enough Is Enough
Timing Will Be Key When Lincoln Riley Decides To Make Changes On His Defensive Staff, Could Dana Holgorsen Jump To CU, Men's Basketball Off To A Hot Start
29 min
Rock! Chalk! Chickenhawk!
Less Miles Is Back In The Big 12, The Case For Kyler To Comeback And Play One More Year, And A Crazy Weekend In The Big 12
25 min
Rock! Chalk! Good Luck!
Who To Know From KU, Do The Jayhawks Have A New Coach, How Kyler Can Win The Heisman, Curtis Bolton On Violence
23 min
Tramonda Moore Blows A Second Chance, Caleb Kelly And Cutis Bolton Make the Most Of A Second Chance, Should The CFP Selection Committee Focus On Defense
28 min
Stick It Out
Jerry Denies Wanting Lincoln To Coach The Cowboys, Latest CFP Rankings, Bolton's Statement
27 min
Times Like These
Defense Gives Up Over 600 yards to OSU And Sooners Still Win, Injuries Mounting Up, NFL VS. College Which Coaches Have Less Headaches?
29 min
Michael and Fredo
Keys to an OU win, who are the most important players in the Bedlam game. When do the OU losses catch up to Mike Gundy, favorite Bedlam games
23 min
Thor and Loki
Bedlam Breakdown, Lack Of Local Kids Doesn't Make Bedlam Less Special, Less Is Back? Maybe?
25 min
Be True To Your School
CFP OU Comes In At Number Six, Bedlam Memories, Johnathan Alvarez Retires, Kyler Murray Is Good
25 min
Lords Of Discipline
Gundy and Riley Tired Of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties, What Is The CFP Committee Thinking And Lee Morris Is Getting His Due
25 min
Hate Week Is Here
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly From Texas Tech, OU's Path To the CFB, When Bedlam Changed
26 min
Gunfight At The Double T Ranch
The Week That Was In OU Football, What the OU Defense Needs To Accomplish, and Late Games Worth Watching
20 min
Bad Break
Marcelias Sutton Is Out For the Year, OU Offense VS. Tech Defense, OU Defense VS. Tech Offense, Putting Together The Perfect Committee
23 min
Who's Afraid Of The Big 12?
Why We Shouldn't Be Worried About OU's Schedule, Lincoln Riley's Perfect NFL Job, Lon Kruger On The Upcoming Season
25 min
Kyler Goes To Lubbock
Why Lincoln Riley Is Better Than Urban Meyer For Any NFL Job, CFP Predictions, Kyler In Lubbock?
25 min
Hear The Browns A Calling
Does Lincoln Riley Have Any Interest In Coaching The Browns, Why OU Won't Make The CFP and Rodney Anderson's Future
26 min
Bring On The Cats
Bill Snyder On The Mount Rushmore Of College Coaches? Ruffin McNeill's Future And Does OSU Have A Chance VS. Texas
25 min
New World Man
Spencer Rattler Not Enrolling Early, Should Kyler Murray Play In The NFL, Robert Barnes Talks All Things OU Defense, Beer Is Coming To Norman..Sort Of
25 min
Shake, Rattler And Roll
Spencer Rattler Update, K-State Vs. Texas And The QB Run Game, Ruffin On Keeping It Simple And What Helps And Hurts Kyler In The Heisman Race
32 min
CFP Madness
What Needs To Happen For OU To Make The CFP? Spenser Rattler Suspended, Running The Option
25 min
Update On Tre Sermon, Tre Brown Plays After Tragedy, Kenneth Murray On Simplifying The Defense And Ruffin's Dance Skills
25 min
Fort Worth Frog Stomp
OU facing another backup quarterback, did Lincoln Riley Watch TCU and Tech Last Week? OU overcoming adversity and what college football games to watch this weekend
25 min
Just Beat TCU
Gary Patterson On OU Having An Extra Week, Buzzy On The Defensive Struggles, Ruffin On Bob's Eating Habits
32 min