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Locked On 76ers - Daily Podcast On Th...
<p>Keith Pompey of the Philly Inquirer for the last 16 years brings you a daily look into your Philadelphia 76ers and the NBA with Locked on 76ers part of the Locked On Podcast Network #sixers #76ers #nba</p>
Locked on Sixers (10-22-19): Dissecting backup ...
30 min
Locked On Sixers (10-21-19): Sixers' excitement...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (10-7-19):Matisse Thybulle, Sh...
12 min
Locked on Sixers (10-3-19): Ben Simmons' leader...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (10-2-19): Dissecting Trey Bur...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (10-1-19): Dissecting major me...
30 min
Locked on Sixers (9-27-19): Brett Brown's lofty...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (9-20-19): Dissecting 76ers' b...
32 min
Locked on Sixers (9-16-19): Dissecting Charles ...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (9-6-19):Discussing Furkan Kor...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (9-2-2019): Discussing Tobias ...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (8-30-19): Joe Johnson, Carmel...
25 min
Locked on Sixers (8-19-2019): FIBA World Cup pa...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (8-13-19): Dissecting Sixers' ...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (8-12-19); Talking all things ...
21 min
Locked on Sixers (8-8-19): Teams that could giv...
24 min
Locked on Sixers (8-5-19):Trey Burke, shooters,...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (7-26-19): Are Sixers better t...
19 min
Locked on Sixers (7-2-2019): What's next for Si...
12 min
Locked on Sixers (7-1-19): Jimmy going, Horford...
18 min
Locked on Sixers (6-12-2019): Dissecting Sixers...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (6-7-2019): Who's ultimately r...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (6-4-2019): Dissecting team's ...
14 min
Locked on Sixers (5-30-2019): Jimmy Butler's Lo...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (5-28-2019): How close are the...
29 min
Locked on SIxers (5-15-2019): Brett Brown's ret...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (5-13-2019): Kawhi Leonard's s...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (5-12-19): A lot at stake for ...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (5-10-2019): Has Brett Brown d...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (5-9-2019): Is this series ove...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (5-8-2019) Dissecting Game 5, ...
19 min
Locked on Sixers (5-6-19): Stars rising, stars ...
14 min
Locked on Sixers (5-3-2019): Joel Embiid, Rapto...
24 min
Locked on Sixers (5-2-19): Game 3 expectations,...
15 min
Locked on Sixers (4-30-2019): Jimmy Butler's gr...
13 min
Locked on Sixers (4-29-19): Game 2 adjustments,...
21 min
Locked on Sixers (4-28-19): Kawhi Leonard, Joel...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (4-24-2019): What the Nets ser...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (4-23-2019): Joel Embiid's fla...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (4-22-2019): Different mentali...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (4-19-2019): Ben Simmons’ perf...
15 min
Locked on Sixers (4-18-19):Dissecting Game 3's ...
16 min
Locked on Sixers (4-17-19): Looking ahead, talk...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (4-16-19): Statement game for ...
15 min
Locked on Sixers (4-14-19): Saturday was a bad ...
15 min
Locked on Sixers (4-12-19): Brooklyn Nets' fire...
21 min
Locked on Sixers (4-11-19): Joel Embiid’s knee,...
25 min
Locked on Sixers (4-9-19): Can we please fast f...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (4-8-19): Preferred first-roun...
25 min
Locked on Sixers (4-4-19): Is it time for Phil...
17 min
Locked on Sixers (4-2-19): Does Sixers' loss r...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (5-1-19): Jimmy Butler's homec...
25 min
Locked on Sixers (3-29-19): Tobias Harris' lack...
14 min
Locked on Sixers (3-28-19): What makes a good c...
17 min
Locked on Sixers (3-27-19): Barbershop talk wit...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (3-26-19) Time to stop making ...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (3-25-19): Philly still needs ...
15 min
Locked on Sixers (3-22-19): Final thoughts on B...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (3-21-19): Was Sixers/Celtics ...
32 min
Locked on Sixers (3-20-19): Philly's hatred for...
25 min
Locked on Sixers (3-19-19): Looking to avoid a ...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (3-18-19): Statement win, Joel...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (3-15-19): Joel Embiid’s analy...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (3-14-19): A need to take adva...
24 min
Locked on Sixers (3-13-19): Ugly win vs Cavs, B...
14 min
Locked on Sixers (3-12-19) Jimmy Butler, abilit...
24 min
Locked on Sixers (3-11-19): Joel Embiid's retur...
15 min
Locked on Sixers (3-8-19): Joel Embiid's situat...
25 min
Locked on Sixers (3-7-2019): Bad loss to Bulls,...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (3-6-19): Discussing Jimmy But...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (3-5-19): Tobias Harris brings...
17 min
Locked on Sixers (3-4-19): Discussing Brett Bro...
19 min
Locked on Sixers (3-1-19): Dissecting Philly's ...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (2-28-19): Celtics, Pacers bai...
13 min
Locked on Sixers (2-26-19): One can argue that ...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (2-25-19): Stretch of games to...
16 min
Locked on Sixers (2-20-2019): Is Philly's hype ...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (2-13-19): What to make of Joe...
24 min
Locked on Sixers (2-11-19): It's only been two ...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (2-8-19): Philly positioned fo...
25 min
Locked on Sixers (2-7-19): What will Philly do ...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (2-6-19): Dissecting trade wit...
15 min
Locked on Sixers: Days of getting trounced in O...
16 min
Locked on Sixers (1-30-19): Tinkering with line...
19 min
Locked on Sixers (1-25-19): Pompey expects Ben ...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (1-24-19): Dissecting win over...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (1-23-19): Spurs provide stiff...
21 min
Locked on Sixers (1-22-19): Philly must protect...
29 min
Locked on Sixers (1-21-19): Sixers need more co...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (1-18-19): Sixers outpace Pace...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (1-17-19): Off Day Flow
21 min
Locked on Sixers (1-16-19): Timberwolves effort...
29 min
Locked on Sixers (1-15-19): Actual basketball g...
19 min
Locked on Sixers (1-15-19): Actual basketball g...
19 min
Locked on Sixers (1-14-19):Sixers remain unimpr...
24 min
Locked on Sixers (1-10-19): Another horrible pe...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (1-9-18): Dissecting victory o...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (1-8-19): Jimmy Butler is not ...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (1-3-19): Joel Embiid shows wh...
19 min
Locked on Sixers (12-31-18): Dissecting lopside...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (12-18-18) Dissecting blowout ...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (12-17-18): True test comes a...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (12-13-18): Dissecting Wednesd...
24 min
Locked on Sixers (12-12-18): Furkan Korkmaz ben...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (12-11-18): Sixers far from go...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (12-10-18): Dissecting Joel Em...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (12-7-18): Dissecting Sixers v...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (12-6-18): Loss shows Sixers h...
20 min
Locked on Sixers (12-5-18): Markelle Fultz's pr...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (12-4-18): Raptors game to rev...
18 min
Locked on Sixers (12-3-1): Discussing Sixers' q...
30 min
Locked on Sixers (11-30-18) - Talking Markelle ...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (11-29-18): How good are the 7...
23 min
Locked on Sixers (11-28-18): Basketball takes a...
24 min
Locked on Sixers (11-27-18): Talking Markelle F...
25 min
Locked on Sixers (11-26-2018): Dissecting Sixer...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (11-23-18): Markelle Fultz's s...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (11-22-18): Markelle Fultz's s...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (11-20-2018): Dissecting Sixer...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (11-19-18): Jimmy Butler shows...
21 min
Locked on Sixers (11-15-2018): Dissecting Jimmy...
22 min
Locked on Sixers (11-13-18): Talking Sixers' wi...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (11-12-18): Dissecting the Jim...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (11-8-18) :Talking first road ...
12 min
Locked on Sixers (11-7-18): Sixers need to help...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (11-6-18): Talking Brett Brown...
27 min
Locked on Sixers (11-5-18): Sixers lack focus i...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (11-2-18): Dissecting Sixers w...
26 min
Locked on Sixers (10-31-18) Dissecting the Sixe...
28 min
Locked on Sixers (10-30-18): Talking Sixers' tr...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (10-29-18): Sixers must get co...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (10-25-18): Sxers have regressed
7 min
Locked on Sixers (10-24-18): Lack of faith in M...
0 min
Locked on Sixers (10-23-18): Talking Sixers wit...
13 min
Locked on Sixers (10-22-18); Sixers can't get a...
7 min
Locked on Sixers (10-20-18): Talking hoops with...
12 min
Locked on Sixers (10-19-2018):Nothing more than...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (10-18-2018): Markelle Fultz s...
13 min
Locked on Sixers (10-16-18): Boston Celtics vs....
8 min
Locked on Sixers (10-17-18): Sixers were Simmon...
6 min
Locked on Sixers (10-15-18): Sixers coach Brett...
12 min
Locked on Sixers (9-26-18): A lot of Sixer thou...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (9-25-2018): Joel Embiid needs...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (9-20-18): No need to go after...
9 min
Locked on Sixers (9-19-2018): Sixers should hav...
9 min
Locked on Sixers (9-18-2018): Talking Sixers GM...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (9-17-2018): Still a lot of qu...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (8-10-18) Summer Happenings
10 min
Locked on Sixers (6-28-18) Not getting LeBron J...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (5-31-2018) Colangelo saga has...
8 min
Locked on Sixers (5-30-18) Can Bryan Colangelo ...
9 min
Locked on Sixers (5-10-18) Missed opportunities...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (5-8-2018) Talking T.J. McConnell
8 min
Locked on Sixers (5-1-18) Rusty Sixers need to ...
9 min
Locked on Sixers (4-27-18) It's about to get real
9 min
Locked on Sixers (4-25-18) Sixers show maturit...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (4-24-18) Joel Embiid on roste...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (4-20-18) Joel Embiid looks, p...
8 min
Locked on Sixers (4-18-18) Sixers right for bei...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (4-17-18) Sixers die by the three
5 min
Locked on Sixers (4-16-18) Impressive playoff d...
7 min
Locked on Sixers (4-13-18): Sixers vs. Miami H...
7 min
Locked on Sixers (4-11-18) Rookie-of-year debat...
9 min
Locked on Sixers (4-9-18) Who envisioned a 50-w...
9 min
Locked on Sixers (4-2-18) Dissecting Sunday's v...
14 min
Locked on Sixers (3-27-18) Dissecting Markelle...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (3-20-18) Ben Simmons' ninth t...
11 min
Locked On Sixers (3-19-18) Talking Markelle Ful...
14 min
Locked on Sixers (3-17-18) Sixers' wins too clo...
10 min
Locked On Sixers (3-16-18) Strong fourth-quarte...
9 min
3-14-18 (Locked On Sixers) Let's face it, Sixer...
12 min
3-13-18 (Locked on Sixers) Here come the Pacers
10 min
3-12-18 (Locked on Sixers) Joel Embiid dominate...
13 min
3-9-18 (Locked On Sixers) Sixers just can't get...
10 min
3-7-18 (Locked on Sixers) Dissecting rare road ...
12 min
3-5-18 (Locked On Sixers) Sixers blow another g...
11 min
2-28-18 (Locked on Sixers) Lack of lockdown per...
10 min
Talking Ersan Ilyasova, candidates to waive and...
9 min
2-23-18 (Locked On Sixers) - Mixed feelings wit...
7 min
Locked On Sixers (2-13-2018) Don't believe cha...
12 min
Locked on Sixers (2-1-18) - This can't keep hap...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (1-31-2018) Can't wait til it'...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (1-30-18) - What's the truth a...
12 min
Locked on Sixers (1-29-18): Talking travel and ...
12 min
Locked on Sixers (1-25-2018) Ben Simmons key to...
8 min
Locked on Sixers (1-23-18) - Not feeding Timoth...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (1-17-18) - Sixers' injures ar...
13 min
Locked on Sixers (1-16-18) Dissecting Sixers' f...
9 min
1-10-18 (Locked On Sixers) - Advancing NBA Lon...
8 min
Locked on Sixers (1-9-18) -- Sixers begin Londo...
5 min
12-29-17 (Locked On Sixers) - Dissecting Sixers...
6 min
12-28-17 (Locked On Sixers) - Markelle Fultz ne...
9 min
12-19-17 (Locked on Sixers) - Are Sixers as goo...
8 min
Locked on Sixers (12-12-17) - Is Sixers nationa...
13 min
12-11-17 (Locked on Sixers) - Sixers' transpare...
11 min
Locked on Sixers (12-9-17) - Sitting Joel Embii...
10 min
Locked on Sixers (12-8-17) Talking Jahlil Okafo...
14 min
Locked on Sixers (11-30-17) -- We haven't seen...
9 min
Locked on Sixers (11-28-17): Great learning exp...
9 min
Locked on Sixers (11-27-17) -- LeBron James, Cl...
8 min
LOCKED ON SIXERS - Nov 9th - Why Kings are big ...
9 min
Lack of transparency remains a mainstay with Si...
The Sixers could have avoided all of the Markelle Fultz shoulder commotion by being more transparent.
10 min
Dissecting Sixers’ victory over Pistons (Locke...
Keith Pompey talks about Joel Embiid’s domination in the Sixers victory over the Detroit Pistons.
10 min
Intriguing matchup between Joel Embiid, Andre D...
Keith Pompey talks about Sixers center Joel Embiid and his upcoming matchup against the Detroit Pistons' Andre Drummond.
6 min
Looking ahead to this weekend’s games (LOCKED O...
Keith Pompey talks about the #Sixers’ upcoming matchup against the #BostonCeltics and #TorontoRaptors. He also gives a little insight of what it’s like to travel on a road trip.
16 min
Dissecting the Sixers’ opener (LOCKED ON SIXERS...
Keith Pompey and Mike Sielski talk about the good and bad things that occurred in the 76ers’ season-opening loss to the Washington Wizards.
14 min
Minutes retriction for Joel Embiid is right cal...
Keith Pompey says bringing Joel Embiid along slowly will only prevent injuries. Pompey points out the #76ers center is not in game shape.
11 min
Sixers’ need to give TJ McConnell quality minut...
Keith Pompey says TJ McConnell will need to have a prominent role in the point guard rotation if the #Sixers expect to reach the playoffs.
11 min
Sixers’ Joel Embiid on the money (Locked on Si...
Keith Pompey dissects #76ers center Joel Embiid’s performance in Wednesday night’s game against the #BrooklynNets. On this night, Pompey says the big fella more than lived up to his contract extension.
5 min
We’ll learn a lot about Sixers vs. Brooklyn Net...
Keith Pompey says we’ll get a chance to finally see if the Sixers are worthy of the offseason hype with the expected return of Joel Embiid Wednesday vs. the Brooklyn Nets.
10 min
Talk about a whacky day for Sixers (LOCKEDONSIX...
Keith Pompey discusses Joel Embiid’s $148 million extension and the #Sixers’ horrible performance against the #BostonCeltics.
7 min
Sixers’ injury bug strikes, again (LOCKED ON SI...
Keith Pompey talks about reserve center Richaun Holmes becoming the latest in a long list of players that became injured as Sixers since the start of 2013-14 season.
8 min
Sixers need to show more ball movement (LOCKED ...
Keith Pompey says the Sixers need to have more ball movement in Friday’s game against the Boston Celtics. He also talks about Joel Embiid’s performance at Thursday’s practice.
9 min
Talking Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz and Sixers ...
Keith Pompey and Marc Narducci dissect the Sixers’ 110-89 preseason-opening loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.
16 min
Sixers still must find a way to prevent injurie...
The #76ers can’t seem to snap the injury bug. Amir Johnson is the latest Sixer to join the injured list. The team made changes to its medical staff last month. However, Keith Pompey says it won’t matter who’s in charge unless the Sixers are cautious.
11 min
Jahlil Okafor looks great (LOCKED ON SIXERS) — ...
76ers beat writer Keith Pompey says Sixers center Jahlil Okafor has been impressive during the team’s 5-on-5 scrimmages. So much so that the 6-foot-11, 258-pounder could be a solid situational backup for the Sixers opt not to trade him.
9 min
Sixers’ scrimmage provides excitement, optimism...
In front of a packed crowd, the #Sixers show why there’s a buzz around them the city hasn’t seen in years. Keith Pompey talks about that and more in today’s podcast.
15 min
Talking Markelle Fultz (Locked On Sixers) - Se...
Sixers beat writer and columnist Mike Sielski discuss the things first-overall pick Markelle Fultz will have to this season.
9 min
Introducing NBA Sarah (LockedOnSixers) Sept. 28
Keith Pompey and co-worker Sarah Todd chat about the Sixers and compare their rebuilding process to the Golden State Warriors. Todd covered the Warriors for three seasons before joining The Philadelphia Inquirer staff in 2015.
8 min
Brett Brown’s talking about playoffs (LOCKED ON...
Keith Pompey and Devon Givens dissect 76ers coach Brett Brown’s comments about making the playoffs, a possible role for Kris Humphries and the Sixers culture change.
24 min
Redick, Bayless have every right to express the...
The Sixers joined the ranks of athletes voicing their displeasure with Donald Trump.
11 min
Sixers fans need to realistic amid excitement (...
13 min
This is why Saric should come off bench (LOCKE...
15 min
Elton Brand is a huge addition to Sixers front ...
James Michael McAdoo was a two-way contract steal for the #Sixers.
14 min
Sixers could have a rough October (LOCKED ON SI...
Four of the first five games are against playoff teams led by elite point guards in John Wall (Washington Wizards), Isaiah Thomas (Boston Celtics), Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors) and Chris Paul (Houston Rockets).
15 min
Bracing for the preseason (LOCKED ON SIXERS) - ...
11 min
Sixers don't need Kyrie Irving (LOCKED ON SIXER...
The #Sixers would be better off long term letting Markelle Fultz develop instead of trading him to the #ClevelandCavaliers for Irving.
10 min
Wishing the 2017-18 season started yesterday (L...
This is the time to take a break from the #76ers and the #NBA. But reporter Keith Pompey can't keep his mind off the upcoming Sixers' season. Here's why:
14 min
Sixers need to start Simmons, Fultz and Redick ...
Reporter Keith Pompey says the starting Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz and J.J. Redick together is the best way to go.
11 min
Breaking down Sixers' summer league (LOCKED ON ...
Keith Pompey talks about Sixers summer leaguers Markelle Fultz, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, Jonah Bolden and Furkan Korkmaz.
15 min
Markelle Fultz will be fine (LOCKED ON SIXERS) ...
Reporter Keith Pompey says Markelle Fultz's ankle sprain could have been worse . A source said that he's ok. Another source said that he's not expected to play again in the NBA Summer League.
12 min
Korkmaz detractors need to settle down (LOCKED ...
Sixers beat writer Keith Pompey says it's too early to judge rookie swingman Furkan Korkmaz.
11 min
Talking Furkan Korkmaz and TJ McConnell (LOCKED...
Reporter Keith Pompey talks about the expectations for Furkan Korkmaz and TJ McConnell's role moving forward.
12 min
Breaking down Markelle Futlz's pro debut (LOCKE...
Keith Pompey and A. Sherrod Blakely, the #BostonCeltics reporter for Comcast SportsNet New England, dissect Markelle Fultz's first game in the #UtahJazzSummerLeague. They also talk about the #Sixers' trade with the Celtics and what former Boston power ...
14 min
There's a buzz around Sixers (Locked On Sixers)
This is by far the most excitement surrounding the Sixers since the start of the 2013-14 season.
10 min
NBA rookie-of-the-year results not surprising
Reporter Keith Pompey said it's not surprising that Dario Saric and Joel Embiid split votes, leading to Milwaukee Bucks Malcolm Brogdon winning NBA rookie of the year.
11 min
Are Sixers' discussions premature? (LOCKED ON S...
Philly.com reporter Keith Pompey and 97.5 radio host Devon Givens debate over the #76ers chances to make the playoffs. They also talk about Thursday's draft and about the need to pursue J.J. Redick in the upcoming free agency period.
13 min
Markelle Fultz fits what Sixers need
Reporter Keith Pompey and columnist Mike Sielski dissect the76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo's press conference about Monday's trade with the Boston Celtics.
11 min
Hinkie, Colangelo both deserve credit for Bosto...
Sam Hinkie and Bryan Colangelo both desire credit for the trade to get the first pick in Thursday's NBA draft. Hinkie acquired the assets and Colangelo was aggressive enough to use them to be in position to acquire Washington point guard Markelle Fultz.
14 min
Sixers' man of the hour: Malik Monk (LOCKED ON ...
Reporters Keith Pompey and Bob Cooney dissect former #Kentucky shooting guard Malik Monk's workout with the #Sixers on Thursday. They also talk about his chances to get drafted by the team and how he projects in the #NBA before discussing his former #U...
12 min
Talking Dillon Brooks and Josh Hart (LOCKED ON ...
Reporters Keith Pompey and Bob Cooney dissect the 76ers' predraft workout featuring Oregon's Dillon Brooks and Villanova's Josh Hart on Thursday morning.
8 min
Sixers' predraft workouts about to get exciting...
Keith Pompey talks about the Sixers' upcoming workouts with Malik Monk and De'Aaron Fox. The reporter also talks about the report about Josh Jackson receiving a draft guarantee from an unnamed team and predraft workouts as a whole.
15 min
Folks forgot Sixers already drafted coveted sho...
Furkan Korkmaz can provide the shooting the #Sixers need to mesh with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. As a result, that will enable them to go after other needs in the June 22 #NBADraft.
9 min
Beware of the misinformation (LOCKED ON SIXERS)...
Keith Pompey says watch out for all the trade rumors leading up to the June 22 NBA draft. However, he still thinks that Josh Jackson and Jayson Tatum are the team's best options for the third pick.
12 min
Don't count out Jayson Tatum as a Sixer (LOCKE...
#Kentucky PG De'Aaron Fox and #Kansas SF Josh Jackson are mentioned the most when it comes to options for the Sixers' third pick in the June 22 #NBADraft. But don't sleep on #Duke SF Jayson Tatum.
10 min
Should the Sixers trade the third pick? (LOCKED...
Keith Pompey ponders what the Sixers could get in a trade for the third pick.
10 min
Why not draft Malik Monk? (LOCKED ON SIXERS) - ...
Reporter Keith Pompey tells why former #Kentucky SG Malik Monk would be a great fit for the #76ers. #BBN
13 min
Sixers would be foolish to trade Dario Saric (L...
Keith Pompey dissects why trading Dario Saric for #NewYorkKnicks power forward Kristaps Porzingis would not be a good move.
12 min
Who should the Sixers draft? (LOCKED ON SIXERS)...
Outside of Markelle Fultz, there are question marks with the top NBA draft prospects.
12 min
A look at Sixers' free-agent options (LOCKED ON...
Keith Pompey dissects the players the Sixers should go after in free agency and mentions the ones they have no shot at luring to Philly.
19 min
What's next for the Sixers? -- May 17
Bob Cooney and Keith Pompey talk about the 76ers' possible scenarios after getting the third-overall pick in the NBA draft lottery.
11 min
NBA draft combine report (LOCKED ON SIXERS) - M...
Keith Pompey talks about news surrounding the #Sixers at the #NBADraftCombine and the team's roster situation.
14 min
Sixers' NBA Draft Combine report (LOCKED ON SIX...
Interviewing projected first-overall pick Markelle Futz was arguably the Sixers' highlight of Wednesday's portion of the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.
11 min
Why not sign Kyle Lowry? (Locked On Sixers) - M...
Pursuing Kyle Lowry in free agency is the smart thing to do. It's time for the #Sixers to take their aspirations for greatness off layaway and spend money on someone that will take them to the next level. #NBA #TorontoRaptors
17 min
Why not sign Kyle Lowry? (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -- ...
It's time to take the #Sixers' aspirations to contend off layaway and go after free-agent point guard Kyle Lowry no matter what the cost. He'll get the team to the next level and teach it how to win. That will be money well spent.
12 min
Stop comparing Isaiah Thomas to Allen Iverson (...
Keith Pompey says it's unfair to compare Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas to Hall of Famer and former 76ers guard Allen Iverson at this stage of his career.
10 min
Sixers need much more than lottery picks (LOCKE...
Keith Pompey says the 76ers will need to acquire A list free agents or acquire A listers in trades to become a contender. Relying solely on the draft only ensures that they'll have young talent. They won't get over the hump until they acquire top playe...
17 min
Furkan Korkmaz should remain in Europe next sea...
Keith Pompey says another season in Turkey is the best bet for 76ers draft pick Furkan Korkmaz. The 19-year-old shooting guard could use it to add bulk to his 6-foot-8, 198-pound frame. He could also work on becoming a well-rounded player. The Sixers s...
11 min
No need for Ben Simmons to play summer league (...
Keith Pompey tells why Ben Simmons might be better off not playing in summer league. He also discusses the Sixers lottery chances and their best fits in the NBA draft.
18 min
Finish line near for Sixers (LOCKED ON SIXERS) ...
Corey Sharp, Devon Givens and Keith Pompey talk about Dario Saric's injury, dissects the #76ers' loss to the #ChicagoBulls and look ahead the Saturday's game against the #MilwaukeeBucks and the Sixers' lottery chances.
20 min
Sixers' loss borders on humiliation
Keith Pompey dissects the #Sixers' 141-118 setback on Tuesday to the last-place #BrooklynNets. It was one of their five worst losses since the start of the 2013-14. So that's saying a lot.
9 min
Sixers fans need to root for Orlando Magic (LO...
Bob Cooney and Keith Pompey talk about the Sixers' lottery chances, dissect draft prospects and squash the Dario Saric for Aaron Gordon trade.
11 min
Alex Poythress shines in Sixers' debut (LOCKED ...
Keith Pompey dissects the play of newcomer Alex Poythress and the #Sixers in Sunday's 113-105 loss to the #TorontoRaptors. #BBN #Kentucy #NBA
13 min
Sixers literally limping to finishing line (LOC...
Keith Pompey discusses Robert Covington's and Jahlil Okafor's season-ending injuries and dissects the #Sixers' blowout loss to the ##ClevelandCavaliers on Friday.
14 min
Sixers' win bigger than it seems (Locked On Six...
Keith Pompey dissects Tuesday's victory over the #BrooklynNets at the Barclays Center. #Sixers
10 min
Should Sixers win or lose? (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -...
The #Sixers have the league's fifth-worst record with nine games remaining. A string of victories would lesson their chance of securing a top lottery pick. But it would lift their morale. So should they win or lose? Keith Pompey chimes in.
11 min
Pacers' game went as expected (LOCKED ON SIXERS...
Keith Pompey dissects Sunday's loss to the Indiana Pacers and talks about Sergio Rodriguez's elevated play.
12 min
Too much Westbrook (LOCKED ON SIXERS) - March 23
Fred Katz and Keith Pompey dissect the Oklahoma City Thunders' victory over the 76ers in a crossover podcast.
18 min
Sixers doomed by lack of free-throw attempts (L...
Keith Pompey dissects the Sixers' loss to the Orlando Magic. Orlando won the game at the foul line.
12 min
Sixers showing more than hustle (LOCKED ON SIXE...
Devon Givens and Keith Pompey dissect the 76ers victory over the Boston Celtics and preview Monday's game against the Orlando Magic.
12 min
Nerlens Noel and medical questions (LOCKED ON ...
Mike Sielski and Keith Pompey talk about the #Sixers medical problems and Dallas #Mavericks center Nerlens Noel's return to Philly to face his former team.
12 min
Sixers really let one slip away (LOCKED ON SIXE...
Keith Pompey dissects the Sixers' loss to the Golden State Warriors and what does it mean. He also talks about his encounter with former Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie.
14 min
Sixers should hold heads up high (LOCKED ON SIX...
Keith Pompey dissects the Sixers' 114-108 setback to Portland Trail Blazers.
12 min
Shutting Jahlili Okafor down could help and har...
Deciding to have surgery and/or sitting out the final 19 games would help Jahlil Okafor long term. However, it would destroy his already dwindling trade value for this summer.
11 min
Bucks' loss feels like old times (LOCKED ON SIX...
Tom Moore and Keith Pompey dissect Monday's 112-98 setback to the #MilwaukeeBucks, Jahlil Okafor's right-knee soreness and how losing more games will help them secure a top draft pick.
12 min
Justin Anderson more than a trade throw-in (LOC...
Devon Given and Keith Pompey dissect Justin Anderson as a player and his performance against the New York Knicks. They also advance Saturday's game against the Detroit Pistons.
17 min
Can Saric be NBA's top rookie? (LOCKED ON SIXE...
Joel Embiid was going to be the rookie of the year. But some voters may say that he hasn't played enough.
17 min
Could latest setback end Joel Embiid's season? ...
With 24 games left, Joel Embiid's season is probably over due to continued left knee swelling and soreness associated with his bone bruise/slightly torn meniscus.
12 min
Are Sixers back to ground zero?
Marc Narducci, Tom Moore and Keith Pompey talk about Ben Simmons missing the entire season, the lack of depth due to the trades and the number questions about the future. We even ponder if the Sixers are back to ground zero.
11 min
Nerlens Noel trade reaction (LOCKED ON SIXERS)
Mike Sielski and Keith Pompey dissect the Sixers trading Nerlens Noel to the Dallas Mavericks for Justin Anderson, Andrew Bogut and a protected first-round pick.
15 min
Dealing Ilyasova will ensure many losses (LOCKE...
Keith Pompey talks about Thursday's NBA trade deadline and dissects Ersan Ilyasova's trade to the #AtlantaHawks.
12 min
What's going on with the Sixers? (LOCKED ON SIX...
The handling of the JahlilOkafor trade talks is not a good look for #Sixers. #NBA
11 min
Is Okafor's knee slowing up a trade? (LOCKED ON...
General managers of potential 76ers' trade partners might want to give Jahlil Okafor (sore knee) a physical before making a trade for him. The Sixers should agree to the secret physical before any trade. Here's why: They would take a negative hit by tr...
15 min
Where's Okafor? Where will he end up? (LOCKED O...
There was another possible indicator on Sunday afternoon that a trade involving Jahlil Okafor is imminent. There's speculation that he's heading to his hometown Chicago Bulls. We will just have to see, but listen to Keith Pompey to Keith Pompey opinion.
10 min
Talk about a whacky Saturday for Sixers (LOCKED...
Joel Embiid's dance moves, his torn meniscus, Jahlil Okafor being pulled out of the rotation due to trade talks and the #Sixers' victory over the #Heat were all hot topics on Saturday. Devon Givens and Keith Pompey dissect what happened.
14 min
Sixers get a much-needed victory (LOCKED ON SIX...
The #Sixers won't get team of the year consideration by beating the #OrlandoMagic. However, it was a good pick-me-up for a squad in desperate need of a win.
9 min
No need to rush a trade (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -- ...
Keith Pompey and Bob Cooney don't believe the 76ers have to make a trade at this time just for the sake of making one. The team needs to make sure it receives something of value.
14 min
Does the Okafor to New Orleans Pelicans deal ma...
Keith Pompey dissects the trade talks between the #Sixers and #NewOrleansPelicans.
10 min
Sixers could have hands full with Mavs (LOCKED ...
Keith Pompey tells you why the #DallasMavericks will provide stiff competition for the #Sixers.
11 min
Did the Sixers rush Joel Embiid back too soon? ...
#76ers center Joel Embiid is sidelined with a bone bruise in his left knee. The team should have rested him in Friday's setback to the #HoustonRockets. One has to wonder if his playing in that game is the reason why his knee is still bothering him. Bu...
10 min
Sunday was why Sixers fans must remain patient ...
The #Sixers looked like the young and inexperienced players they are in Sunday's lopsided loss to the #ChicagoBulls. This came hours after news broke that the #ClevelandCavaliers had approached the Sixers about trading for TJ McConnell. That would ha...
12 min
Harden's heroics doom Sixers (LOCKED ON SIXERS)...
#HoustonRockets point guard James Harden torched #Sixers for 51 points, 13 rebounds and 13 assists. Keith Pompey and Devon Givens dissect his performance and preview Sunday's game at #ChicagoBulls
14 min
Embiid's NBA All-Star snub makes no sense (LOCK...
#Sixers rookie Joel Embiid proved that he's one of the league's elite players. But the Eastern Conference coaches left the center off their all-star team to make room for four points guards. Another point guard, Kylie Irving, was named an all-star sta...
14 min
Holmes deserves NBA minutes - not DLeague ones ...
#Sixers reserve center #RichaunHolmes is too good to keep going down to the NBA Development League. He needs to play especially when #JoelEmbiid is sidelined. And #NerlensNoel showed that he's a solid starting replacement for Embiid when the standout ...
13 min
Noel and Okafor on display as Embiid rests (LOC...
Keith Pompey and Marc Narducci talk dissect the #Sixers sidelining Joel Embiid and the trade values of Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor.
18 min
Sixers have been horrible without Embiid (LOCKE...
The #Sixers play with a swagger and are capable of upsetting any Eastern Conference foe when #JoelEmbiid plays. Without him, they appear to be in their fourth season of tanking.
17 min
Embiid spearheads win over conference heavyweig...
Keith Pompey and Marc Narducci dissect Wednesday's 94-89 victory over the #TorontoRaptors and preview Friday's matchup against the #PortlandTrailBlazers
11 min
Break up the Sixers (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -- Jan. 17
Keith Pompey and Marc Narducci talk about the Sixers' turnaround, preview Wednesday's game vs. the #TorontoRaptors and discuss whether Kyle Lowry is a good fit for the #Sixers.
13 min
Sixers nab another win. Are they for real? (LOC...
Keith Pompey and Devon Givens dissect Friday's victory over the #CharlotteHornets, tell why the Sixers should overpay to keep #NerlensNoel and preview Saturday's matchup with the #WashingtonWizards.
26 min
Time to give TJ McConnell the respect he deserv...
The #Sixers point guard keeps proving that he belongs in the NBA and deserves to get minutes. He's also a winner.
10 min
Okafor shows maturity amid tough time (LOCKED O...
Keith Pompey and Bob Cooney talk about how Jahlil Okafor is dealing with being benched, Joel Embiid's NBA AllStar Game chances and Wednesday's game with the New York Knicks.
13 min
Playoffs? Is Joel Embiid actually talking about...
Keith Pompey and Marc Narducci go back and forth over Joel Embiid's comments about making the playoffs. They also talk about Jahlil Okafor and upcoming games with the New York Knicks and the Charlotte Hornets.
17 min
#Sixers midseason report
12 min
Sixers need to go hard after Jimmy Butler (LOCK...
The Chicago Bulls are reportedly shopping Jimmy Butler, who would fit in well with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. He would be the missing veteran piece needed to transform the Sixers.
13 min
Now you find people that can stick (LOCKED ON S...
Keith Pompey and Mike Sielski discuss Hollis Thompson being released by the Sixers, Richaun Holmes' stint in the DLeague and what's best for Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor.
12 min
Embiid was a man of his word (LOCKED ON SIXERS)...
Keith Pompey and Marc Narducci dissect Tuesday's "payback" victory over the #MinnesotaTimberwolves. They also discuss whether or not TJ McConnell and Robert Covington are long-term options for the #Sixers.
15 min
Sixers can only hope it's payback time (LOCKED ...
The #Sixers were embarrassed 110-86 to the #MinnesotaTimberwolves back in November. That came to a youthful and struggling Timberwolves squad. Tuesday night's rematch will be a true barometer of the Sixers' competitiveness.
11 min
Bound for Denver - at some point (LOCKED ON SIX...
Keith Pompey takes you behind the scenes of the life of a beat writer on the road. He also dissects Thursday night's fourth-quarter collapse by the #Sixers against the #UtahJazz and advances Friday's game in #Denver against the #Nuggets.
16 min
Bound for Denver - at some point (LOCKED ON SIX...
Keith Pompey takes you inside the life on a beat writer while dissecting Thursday night's fourth-quarter meltdown by the #Sixers and advancing Friday's game in #Denver against the #Nuggets.
13 min
Embiid gets it (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -- Dec. 29
#Sixers rookie center Joel Embiid fears no one. He's also not afraid to speak his mind. Keith Pompey says those traits will make him a fan favorite in Philly for years to come.
15 min
Talking Nerlens Noel (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -- Dec. 28
76ers reserve center Nerlens Noel has no more complaints as he awaits playing time. But his complaints might have been short lived as his minutes are about to increased in the coming days.
18 min
Time for Sixers to punt twin towers (LOCKED ON ...
Keith Pompey tells you why the #Sixers starting lineup featuring centers Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor is a waste of time and won't be successful.
16 min
Trading bigs harder than folks think (LOCKED ON...
Keith Pompey tells why the #Sixers will have a tough time getting anything of equal value for Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor. He also talks about tonight's game in Sacramento.
14 min
It was Show Noel Some Love Night (Locked On Six...
Keith Pompey and Tom Moore discuss the standing ovation Nerlens Noel received, his getting an opportunity to play and the Sixers' defensive woes in Tuesday's 108-93 setback to the New Orleans Pelicans.
11 min
How can Sixers heal the wounds with Noel? (LOCK...
Keith Pompey and Bob Cooney talk about what's next in the Nerlens Noel and Sixers situation.
10 min
Noel's being benched steals headlines (LOCKED ...
On a night when Joel Embiid scored a career-high 33 points, all the talk was about Nerlens Noel being dropped from the rotation for the foreseeable future. Keith Pompey and Devon Givens discuss what happened.
22 min
It was a little more than a simple loss to the ...
Nerlens Noel experiences displeasure in playing 8 minutes in a loss to the Lakers. The team's other two starting caliber centers, Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor, looked out of sync while paired together. Allen Iverson was honored and Sevyn Streeter spea...
22 min
Sixers big lineup comes up small (LOCKED ON SIX...
Keith Pompey and Tom Moore dissect the performances of center Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor in the Sixers' towering starting lineup Wednesday night. And like Embiid, Moore and Pompey tell you why they didn't trust the process on this particular night.
13 min
Is Ilyasova the best trade acquisition of Brown...
Keith Pompey and Bob Cooney agree that versatile players Ersan Ilyasova and Dario Sario could be key to the Sixers' success in the future.
10 min
Things are about get real for Brett Brown (LOCK...
Finally with a full allotment of centers, Keith Pompey and Mike Sielski say #Sixers coach Brett Brown with have the tough task of dividing up minutes for his top three post players #JoelEmbiid, #JahlilOkafor and #NerlensNoel. Can Brown keep all three p...
11 min
Break up the Sixers (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -- Dec. 12
Keith Pompey and Marc Narducci talk about the #Sixers' road winning streak, T.J. McConnell's electrifying night, Nerlens Noel's debut and more.
16 min
No time for moral victories (LOCKED ON SIXERS) ...
Keith Pompey and Marc Narducci point out that late-game miscues are dooming the Sixers just as much as injuries.
13 min
Sixers turn in their worst performance (LOCKED ...
Undermanned or not, the Sixers were awful against the Denver Nuggets on Monday. It won't get any easier for them against the Memphis Grizzlies Tuesday night.
11 min
New season, same results from Sixers (LOCKED ON...
Keith Pompey and Devon Givens look ahead to Monday's contest with the Denver Nuggets and look back at Saturday's loss to the Boston Celtics. They also discuss how the Sixers continue to lose games the way they did last season.
18 min
Nerlens Noel hasnt changed his stance (LOCKED O...
Keith Pompey and special guest Marc Narducci talk about Nerlens Noel's point of view as well as Ben Simmons guarding point guards.
17 min
Sixers' version of Watergate aka 'Trust The Mop...
Keith Pompey and special guests Tom Moore and Terry Toohey discuss the Sixers vs. Sacramento Kings game being postponed, Joel Embiid's minutes being increased and the plan for Ben Simmons.
16 min
Will the Twin Towers work? (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -...
Host Keith Pompey and special guest Marc Narducci question whether using Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid as Twin Towers will work.
19 min
Sixers suffer their 22nd straight road loss (LO...
Keith Pompey dissects Tuesday's setback to the Toronto Raptors.
11 min
A look back at Cleveland and look ahead at Toro...
Host Keith Pompey and special guest Devon Givens dissect Sunday's loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers and preview Monday's game against the Toronto Raptors.
19 min
Embiid's minutes restriction ultimately doomed ...
76ers beat writer Keith Pompey talks about how the Sixers were forced to 'Trust the Process' by sitting Joel Embiid when his presence might have led them to a major victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.
10 min
Joel Embiid deserve Eastern Conference All-Star...
Keith Pompey talks about how Joel Embiid is putting up numbers similar to Hall of Famers Shaquille O'Neal, Dikembe Mutombo, David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson.
11 min
Sixers' true test comes Wednesday (LOCKED ON SI...
Keith Pompey talks about the Sixers' winning streaks, their upcoming game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Nerlens Noel and Jerryd Bayless.
20 min
Thursday night showed 'The Process' is way behi...
The Sixers have a long way to go before we can consider them in the same class as the equally youthful Minnesota Timberwolves.
16 min
Did the Sixers make the right move by saving Em...
Keith Pompey breaks down the head-to-head matchup between Joel Embiid and the Minnesota Timberwolves' Karl-Anthony Towns. He also say the Washington Wizards - not the Sixers - are the league's worst team.
18 min
0 min
Sixers lack effort in latest loss (LOCKED ON SI...
Monday's 115-88 loss to the Houston Rockets was one of worst performances effort-wise under coach Brett Brown.
11 min
Revisiting the Sixers' 2013 NBA draft (LOCKED O...
Keith Pompey gives his opinion about what turned out to be nothing more than an asset acquiring draft for the #Sixers. #NerlensNoel, #MichaelCarterWilliams #JahlilOkafor #JoelEmbiid, #ArsalanKazemi #DarioSaric
23 min
Iverson gives Sixers encouragement amid trying ...
Allen Iverson was the right person, at the right time, to speak to the 0-7 Sixers.
10 min
Sixers sure know how to lose games (LOCKED ON S...
Keith Pompey talks about how the Sixers, once again, crumbled down the stretch in what was a very winnable game vs. the Indiana Pacers.
22 min
Is everything really ok with Embiid? (LOCKED ON...
The Sixers only create more skepticism with their lack of transparency in the Joel Embiid situation.
15 min
Joel Embiid experiences his first growing pains...
Keith Pompey and special guest Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier Times talk about Joel Embiid's struggles in Monday's setback to the Utah Jazz. They also question why Richaun Holmes is barely playing after being hyped up in the preseason and first ...
14 min
A look back and a look ahead (LOCKED ON SIXERS)...
Keith Pompey and special guest Devon Givens of 97.5 FM talk about the Sixers' blunders and highlights in Saturday's loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers before turning their attention to Monday night's tough matchup against the Utah Jazz.
27 min
What do you make of Robert Covington's start? ...
Keith Pompey talks about how 76ers shooting guard Robert Covington is shooting just 19.2 percent from the field, but is fifth in the league in steals at 2.5 per game.
12 min
Ersan Ilyasova debuts in what amounted to anoth...
Host Keith Pompey dissects Ersan Ilyasova's performance, the Sixers' 109-93 setback to the Charlotte Hornets and their inability to win games at the start of the season.
15 min
Late-game miscues lead to another November loss...
Host Keith Pompey talks about how the Sixers blew a perfect opportunity to win their first game in the month of October or November since Nov. 22, 2013.
17 min
Sixers find themselves in piecemeal situation -...
Host Keith Pompey talks about the Sixers' "piecemeal situation" created by Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor not being able to play on back-to-back nights.
20 min
Without improved shooting, Sixers will become h...
Host Keith Pompey talks about the Sixers struggles while Joel Embiid is on the bench, Nik Stauskas' game and the team's overall shooting woes.
18 min
Lack of transparency hurts Sixers - Oct.
The Sixers are taking a public-perception hit due to not giving their account of what happened in the Sevyn Streeter National Anthem situation from the start.
15 min
Embiid's impressive debut (LOCKED ON SIXERS) - ...
Host Keith Pompey and special guest Bob Cooney talk about the performances of Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, Nik Stauskas and the Sixers point guards in Wednesday night's loss to Oklahoma City.
9 min
Breaking down Sixers and OKC Thunder (LOCKED ON...
Keith Pompey and special guest and Locked on Thunder host, Fred Katz, dissect the Sixers and Thunder to advance Wednesday's season opener at Wells Fargo Center.
33 min
Unsettled backcourt cause for concern (LOCKED O...
Guard play, due in part to injuries and poor shooting, has let the Sixers down in the preseason.
10 min
It's best for Noel to have surgery (LOCKED ON S...
Host Keith Pompey says Nerlens Noel made the right decision by deciding to have surgery. His decision could also benefit Jahlil Okafor once he gets healthier.
17 min
Is it fair to judge Brett Brown (LOCKED ON SIXE...
Host Keith Pompey says that it would be unfair for this to be a make-or-break season for Sixers coach Brett Brown. He also salutes Elton Brand before delivering a message to his podcast listeners.
26 min
Simmons' injury provides playing time for 3 cen...
Host Keith Pompey says Ben Simmons' injury makes it easier to the Sixers to provide more playing time for Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor this season. However, he points out the it's still a disastrous situation to have.
14 min
Sixers hold all cards in Noel's situation (LOCK...
Host Keith Pompey talks about why the Sixers are in no rush to make a move on Nerlens Noel's contract situation. He also breaks down why Dario Saric is struggling in the preseason.
14 min
Will Sixers' latest twin towers version work? (...
Host Keith Pompey and special guest Tom Moore dissect the Sixers' new version of the twin towers featuring Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid. The lineup could have a lot of issues on the defensive end.
8 min
Shooting, turnovers dooming Sixers (LOCKED ON S...
Host Keith Pompey says the Sixers will have a tough time winning games along as they continue to shoot poorly and turn the ball over.
21 min
Sixers have plenty of work to do. (LOCKED ON SI...
Host Keith Pompey and special guest J Michael of CSN Mid Atlantic dissect the Sixers' performance in a blowout loss to the Wizards at the Verizon Center. They also discuss why they believe Joel Embiid will be a rookie of the year front-runner and chat ...
19 min
Why McConnell is the likely opening-day startin...
Host Keith Pompey breaks down the point-guard battle between the gritty T.J. McConnell and the electric Sergio Rodriguez. Even though Rodriguez is becoming a fan favorite, Pompey explains why McConnell will most likely be the opening-day starter.
18 min
Sixers team preview (LOCKED ON SIXERS)
6 min
Embiid living up to hype (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -- ...
Host Keith Pompey dissects Joel Embiid's performance against Memphis' Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. He also talks about Gerald Henderson getting back into a groove and Nik Stauskas' decision to employ a sports psychologist.
19 min
Flying under radar is good for Okafor (LOCKED O...
In a twisted way, Jahlil Okafor being sidelined might have raised his trade value and image. Host Keith Pompey explains why.
13 min
How good or bad are the Sixers? (LOCKED ON SIXE...
Host Keith Pompey says it's hard to gauge the 76ers since Ben Simmons and Jerryd Bayless aren't playing. However, he points that they resemble the struggling squads of the past three seasons when Joel Embiid and Dario Saric are not on the floor. Pompey...
18 min
Embiid's next step (LOCKED ON SIXER) -- Oct. 6
Host Keith Pompey and special guest Marc Narducci talk about what to expect from Sixers center Joel Embiid in Thursday's preseason opener against the Washington Wizards.
12 min
Joel Embiid's debut (LOCKED ON SIXERS) -- Oct. 5
(Why Embiid's 6-point performance signals a lot of hope for the struggling Sixers franchise.)
16 min
The excitement surrounding the Sixers has taken a huge hit due to injuries. Can they get it back by the start of the regular season?
15 min
Where do the Sixers go from here now that Ben Simmons has a broken foot? The team is trying to find the silver lining in the familiar territory of another injury.
14 min
Host Keith Pompey and special guest Tom Moore dissect the games of Ben Simmons, Dario Saric and Joel Embiid.
11 min
Locked on Sixers
Can Dario Saric guard a three?
12 min
locked on Sixers
Centers of attention
13 min
Locked on Sixers - Sept 26th - Nerlens Noel ha...
Nerlens Noel thinks the Sixers having three starting centers is silly.
11 min