Locked On Redskins - Daily Podcast On...
Locked on Redskins has the latest reaction, news, and player interviews from the #Skins with this daily podcast from DC & national sports personality, Chris Russell. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network, Locked on Redskins covers the team and the entire NFL better than anyone else. #Redskins #NFL
LOCKED ON REDSKINS -- 12/17/16 -- Norman Redski...
More on Josh Norman week with a locker room take on the cornerback's influence that's similar to many sports legends. Plus Ben Standig and Chase Hughes talk Redskins-Panthers, Cravens and Compton.
29 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS -- 12/16/16 -- McCloughan's ...
Ben Standig along with ESPN 980's Tim Murray and Nick Ashooh look ahead to what we all might be saying about Scot McCloughan's two draft classes by season's end. #Redskins
17 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS -- 12/14/16 -- Priorities
Breaking Burgundy's Ben Standig and special guest Howard Fendrich with the Associated Press examine big picture aspects of the Redskins season including future investments in the defense, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. Plus, Cam Newton talked Josh N...
24 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS -- 12/13/16 -- Josh Norman w...
What's it been like covering Josh Norman all season and what's on tap now that the talkative CB is set to face his former team? Ben Standig (@benstandig) and Erin Hawksworth (@abc7erin) talk Panthers-Redskins + news of the day.
28 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS -- 12/11/16 -- Adios Eagles;...
DeSean Jackson and the #Redskins eventually finished off the Eagles just as a new era begins with Locked On Redskins. Host Ben Standig (@benstandig) was in Philadelphia and shares his thoughts on the win and the pods new direction. Plus postgame Q&A wi...
21 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 11/28/16 - Redskins begin ...
#Redskins #HTTR #NFL
15 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 11/14/16 - Redskins defeat...
#NFL #Redskins #LakeLewisJr
14 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 11/3/16 - Which Redskins s...
#Redskins #HTTR #NFL #LakeLewisJr
15 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 11/2/16 - Trent Williams s...
#Redskins #NFL #LakeLewis
15 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 11/1/16 - Redskins rise in...
#Redskins #NFL #LockedOnRedskins
15 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 10/31/16 - Redskins tie Be...
15 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 10/28/16 - Can the Redskin...
15 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 10/25/16 - 4 Things we lea...
#NFL #Redskins
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 10/24/16 - The Redskins lo...
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 10/21/16 - Will the Redski...
Redskins Insider and TV Analyst Lake Lewis Jr from USA TODAY SMG Redskins Wire breaks down the Redskins vs. Lions game. What is his prediction? #Redskins #NFL
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 10/20/16 - Today's Redskin...
Redskins Insider and TV Analyst from USA TODAY SMG RedskinsWire, Lake Lewis Jr, breaks down today's Redskins news and storylines. Also here Lake on Locked On Lions with Matt Dery.
16 min
Locked On Redskins - 10/19/16 - Jordan Reed and...
Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden responds to national media and TE speaks about concussion. #Redskins #HTTR #NFL
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 10/3/16 - Break down of Re...
Break down of Redskins a day after win over Cleveland #Redskins #HTTR #LakeLewisJr
14 min
Locked on Redskins - 9/22/16 - Redskins prep fo...
#Redskins #LockedOnRedskins #NFL
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/26/16 - Redskins defeat ...
Washington Redskins Insider Lake Lewis Jr breaks down the team's big 29-27 win against the New York Giants.
15 min
LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 9/23/16 - Crossover Podcas...
Giants and Redskins rivalry match-up this weekend and Art Stapelton joins Lake Lewis Jr. for a crossover podcast previewing the game.
24 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/19/16 - The day after an...
Washington Redskins Insider and USA TODAY SMG Redskins Wire's Lake Lewis Jr., breaks down another tough loss for the Redskins that dropped their record to 0-2.
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/15/16 - What will be the...
Redskins Insider and TV Analyst Lake Lewis Jr breaks down what the Redskins will need to do to defeat Dallas.
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/14/16 - It's Dallas Week...
Redskins prepare for Dallas and more Josh Norman comments from opposing WR's
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/13/16 - Many questions n...
Redskins Insider and USA TODAY Redskins Wire Editor Lake Lewis Jr discusses what the Redskins must do after last nights Steelers loss.
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/12/16 Redskins get embar...
Redskins Insider and TV Analyst Lake Lewis Jr breaks down Washington's lopsided defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers. What went wrong? #Redskins #NFL
15 min
Locked On Redskins 9/08/17 - The Redskins can s...
#Redskins #HTTR #LakeLewisJr
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/07/16 - Conference call ...
#Redskins #WashingtonRedskins #LakeLewisJr
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/06/16 - What must the Re...
Redskins Insider Lake Lewis Jr., breaks down what the Washington Redskins must do to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers.
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 9/05/16 - The regular seas...
#redskins #Washington Redskins #Lake Lewis Jr
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 6/31/16 - Redskins beat Bu...
#Redskins #HTTR
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 6/29/16 - A Bizarre Day of...
The Washington Redskins experienced a Monday full of bizarre activity. #Redskins #WashingtonRedskins
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 6/26/16 - Redskins beat Bi...
Recap of the Washington Redskins preseason victory over the Buffalo Bills #Redskins #RedskinsvsBills #WashingtonRedskins #NFL
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 6/23/16 - Josh Norman will...
#Redskins #WashingtonRedskins #JoshNorman #NFL #NFLNews
15 min
Locked On Redskins 8/22/16 - How good is the Re...
#Redskins #LakeLewis #WashingtonRedskins #NFL
14 min
Locked On Redskins 8/19/16 - Redskins defeat Je...
Host Lake Lewis Jr., breaks down the Washington Redskins victory over the New York Jets in a week 2 preseason contest.
15 min
Locked On Redskins - 8/18/16 - Ryan Kerrigan Le...
Which Redskins will consist of the outside linebackers unit? Who's on the bubble and who are locks to make the teams final 53 man roster?
15 min
Locked On Redskins 8/17/16 - Is the Redskins WR...
Is the Redskins WR unit one of the NFL's best? #Redskins #WashingtonRedskins
14 min
Locked On Redskins 8/16/16 - How good is the Re...
Washington Redskins Insider and USA TODAY Sports Media Groups Senior Redskins Reporter Lake Lewis Jr., breaks down the teams secondary.
16 min
Locked On Redskins episode 2
Washington Redskins Insider and USA TODAY Sports Media Group's team reporter Lake Lewis Jr., breaks down the state of the team. #Redskins
15 min