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The Locked On Reds podcast is the only daily podcast for Reds Country to get its fix from Great American Ballpark. Host Jeff Carr gives you all the news, rumors, rumblings, and tumblings as the Reds attempt to win more games than they lose, in the 2021 season. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Locked on Reds - 8/15/18 Romano struggles as th...
Romano struggles as the Reds drop 2nd straight against Indians
12 min
Locked on Reds - 8/14/18 A 10-3 loss, plus Vott...
A 10-3 loss, plus Votto and Bailey
13 min
Locked on Reds – The Reds take two of three fro...
The Reds started the home stand off well – can they keep it going?
9 min
Locked on Reds - 8/9/18 Stephenson struggles an...
Stephenson struggles and the Reds lose again
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/7/18 Bailey struggles and a ...
Bailey struggles and a big decision looms
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/6/18 Harvey, Greene and more...
Harvey, Greene and more bad news for the Reds
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/3/18 Mahle's struggles, Matt...
Mahle's struggles, Matt Harvey's future and a weekend preview
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/1/18 The Reds didn't trade H...
The Reds didn't trade Harvey and that's okay
16 min
Locked on Reds - 7/31/18 Breaking down the Adam...
Breaking down the Adam Duvall trade
24 min
Locked on Reds – 7/30/18 Castillo is picking up...
Castillo is picking up steam and the trade deadline looms
12 min
Locked on Reds - 7/27/18 Winker's injury, Mahle...
Winker's injury, Mahle's struggles and the trade deadline
13 min
Locked on Reds - 7/26/18 The Reds win as the re...
The Reds win as the rebuild continues
12 min
Locked on Reds - 7/25/18 Bailey, the roller coa...
Bailey, the roller coaster season and more
14 min
Locked on Reds - 7/23/18 Reds get swept, endure...
Reds get swept, endure their biggest loss of the season
10 min
Locked on Reds - 7/19/18 The second half of the...
The second half of the season and a trade I'd make
16 min
Locked on Reds - 7/18/18 All-Star game success ...
All-Star game success and injury news
12 min
Locked on Reds - 7/17/18 The home run derby, Jo...
The home run derby, Joey Votto and the All-Star Game
16 min
Locked on Reds - 7/16/18 Gennett, the All-Star ...
Gennett, the All-Star break and a future's game MVP
17 min
Locked on Reds - 7/13/18 James and Chad talk Ba...
James and Chad talk Bailey, trade deadline and more
16 min
Locked on Reds - 7/12/18 Bailey, Stephenson and...
Bailey, Stephenson and more with Doug Gray
17 min
Locked on Reds - 7/11/18 Votto is clutch as the...
Votto is clutch and the Reds pull off an improbably comeback!
13 min
Locked on Reds - 7/10/18 Potentially trading Sc...
Potentially trading Scooter, Senzel and Dick Williams speaks
17 min
Locked on Reds - 7/9/18 This organization needs...
This organization needs to stick to the plan
20 min
Locked on Reds - 7/6/18 Herrera, Stephenson, th...
Herrera, Stephenson, the trade deadline and more with Doug Gray
23 min
Locked on Reds - 7/5/18 Another series win, the...
Another series win, the trade deadline and a tough stretch ahead
12 min
Locked on Reds - 7/3/18 Another win and trade r...
Another win and trade rumors have officially started
12 min
Locked on Reds - 7/2/18 The Reds' hot streak co...
The Reds' hot streak continues
14 min
Locked on Reds - 6/29/18 Evaluating the Reds ha...
Evaluating the Reds halfway through the season
14 min
Locked on Reds - 6/28/18 The Reds' streak and t...
The Reds' streak and the long term impact it should have
15 min
Locked on Reds - 6/27/18 The Reds beat the Brav...
The Reds beat the Braves to continue their surge
12 min
Locked on Reds - 6/26/18 Riggleman's future, th...
Riggleman's future, the Reds' streak and Chad Dotson
22 min
Locked on Reds - 6/21/18 Mahle pitches well and...
Mahle pitches well and the Reds have won 6 of 8
14 min
Locked on Reds - 6/20/18 Sal Romano deals as th...
Sal Romano deals as the Reds' roller coaster season continues
12 min
Locked on Reds - 6/11/18 Billy Hamilton's futur...
Billy Hamilton's future and the way he's being used
12 min
Locked on Reds - 6/8/18 Winker, the MLB Draft a...
Winker, the MLB Draft and more with Doug Gray
24 min
Locked on Reds - 6/7/18 Winker's walks it off, ...
Winker's walks it off, Reds win 7-5
12 min
Locked on Reds - 6/6/18 DeSclafani's debut, Sco...
DeSclafani's debut, Scooter's future and Riggleman
15 min
Locked on Reds - 6/5/18 Recapping the draft and...
Recapping the draft and more with Chad Dotson
20 min
Locked on Reds - 6/4/18 A look at the Reds' dis...
A look at the Reds' disorganization and the MLB Draft
16 min
Locked on Reds - 6/1/18 Riggleman on Winker and...
Riggleman on Winker and Padres preview
11 min
Locked on Reds - 5/31/18 Benching Winker makes ...
Benching Winker makes ZERO sense
17 min
Locked on Reds - 5/30/18 Sal Romano's struggles...
Sal Romano's struggles, Scooter Gennett and player development
17 min
Locked on Reds - 5/29/18 Homer's spot in the ro...
Homer's spot in the rotation and Scooter's future
14 min
Locked on Reds - 5/24/18 They won a series agai...
They won a series against an NL Central team!
13 min
Locked on Reds - 5/23/18 Gennett shines, Harvey...
Gennett shines, Harvey deals and the Reds win!
12 min
Locked on Reds - 5/22/18 Matt Harvey's GABP deb...
Matt Harvey's GABP debut and GM Nick Krall
15 min
Locked on Reds - 5/21/18 Another losing weekend...
Another losing weekend and their 'Homer' problem
17 min
Locked on Reds - 5/18/18 Doug Gray and Chad Dot...
Doug Gray and Chad Dotson discuss Gennett, Iglesias and more
26 min
Locked on Reds - 5/17/18 We recap a winning roa...
We recap a winning road trip
9 min
Locked on Reds - 5/15/18 Reds lose, plus Votto ...
Joey Votto has some interesting things to say about the Reds and the rebuild
23 min
Locked on Reds 5/14/18 They are streaking! A re...
They are streaking! A recap of a fun weekend for the Reds
16 min
Locked on Reds - 5/11/18 The streak, a new GM a...
The streak, a new GM and Harvey's debut
17 min
Locked on Reds - 5/18/18 A positive outlook on ...
A positive outlook on the rest of the 2018 season
17 min
Locked on Reds - 5/9/18 Reacting to the Devin M...
Reacting to the Devin Mesoraco for Matt Harvey trade
14 min
Locked on Reds - 5/8/18 Riggleman is "proud" of...
Riggleman is "proud" of the Reds and we discuss Bailey and Finnegan
16 min
Locked on Reds - 5/6/18 Finnegan Struggles as t...
Finnegan Struggles as the Reds lose series to Marlins
10 min
Locked on Reds - 5/2/18 The Reds lose, but why ...
The Reds lose, but why isn't Jesse Winker playing?
13 min
Locked on Reds - 5/1/18 Chad Dotson discusses M...
Chad Dotson discusses Mahle, Finnegan, Winker and more
18 min
Locked on Reds - 4/30/18 Mahle plays well and t...
Mahle plays well and the Reds get their first series win
11 min
Locked on Reds - 4/27/18 A preview of the weeke...
A preview of the weekend series against the Twins
11 min
Locked on Reds - 4/26/18 A good idea, but bad e...
A good idea, but bad execution, plus Votto's resurgence and Winker
13 min
Locked on Reds - 4/24/18 Recapping a rare Reds ...
Recapping a rare Reds win - The bats have to be better, right?
13 min
Locked on Reds - 4/23/18 Another weekend of get...
Another weekend of getting swept by St. Louis
13 min
Locked on Reds - 4/20/18 Dick Williams talks Pr...
Dick Williams talks Price, plus hear from Jim Riggleman
15 min
Locked on Reds - 4/19/18 The Bryan Price was fi...
The Bryan Price was fired edition
17 min
Locked on Reds - 4/18/18 The Reds drop two in a...
The Reds drop two in a row to the Brewers
11 min
Locked on Reds - 4/17/18 Reds WIN! Reds WIN! Le...
Reds WIN! Reds WIN! Let's enjoy this!
12 min
Locked on Reds - 4/16/18 Votto on losing, plus ...
Votto on losing, plus Price's future and more
13 min
Locked on Reds - 4/13/18 Doug Gray discusses Hu...
Doug Gray discusses Hunter Greene, Nick Senzel and so much more
24 min
Locked on Reds - 4/12/18 Chad Dotson on Price, ...
Chad Dotson on Price, the rotation and a 2-9 start
16 min
Locked on Reds - 4/11/18 Things are as bad as t...
Things are as bad as they seem
12 min
Locked on Reds - 4/5/18 Reed, Finnegan and Senzel
Doug Gray talks Cody Reed, Brandon Finnegan and Nick Senzel
14 min
Locked on Reds - 4/4/18 Cody Reed has to wait a...
Cody Reed has to wait and Nick Senzel speaks
16 min
Locked on Reds - 4/3/18 Mahle deals, the Reds w...
Mahle deals, the Reds win and grading the first four
13 min
Locked on Reds - 4/2/18 The 0-3, the outfield a...
The 0-3 start, the outfield and more
15 min
Locked on Reds - 3/29/18 Opening Day delayed, s...
Opening Day delayed, starters on the DL and Bryan Price
11 min
Locked on Reds - 3/27/18 Chad Dotson on the sea...
Chad Dotson on the season, starting rotation and more
16 min
Locked on Reds - 3/26/18 Price, Larkin and an a...
Price, Larkin and an awkward situation
12 min
Locked on Reds - 3/23/18 How patient will fans ...
How patient will fans be and is this what Robert Stephenson is?
11 min
Locked on Reds - 3/22/18 How many games will th...
How many games will the Reds win in 2018?
11 min
Locked on Reds - 3/21/18 Hunter Greene, the rot...
Hunter Greene, the rotation and more with Doug Gray
15 min
Locked on Reds - 3/20/18 Price on Hamilton and ...
Price on Hamilton and Nick Senzel's potential
17 min
Locked on Reds - 3/19/18 Hunter Greene, a new s...
Hunter Greene, a new scout and Amir Garrett
11 min
Locked on Reds - 3/16/18 Was extending Eugenio ...
Was extending Eugenio Suarez a good move?
9 min
Locked on Reds - 3/15/18 This is a team loaded ...
This is a team loaded with question marks
10 min
Locked on Reds - 3/14/18 Bryan Price has to wan...
Bryan Price has to want a veteran starter... right?
10 min
Locked on Reds - 3/12/18 Desclafani's injury an...
Desclafani's injury and what it means for the rotation
12 min
Locked on Reds - 3/11/18 Making the case for th...
Making the case for the Reds to add a veteran starting pitcher
15 min
Locked on Reds - 3/8/18 Should the Reds add a f...
Should the Reds add a free agent starting pitcher?
11 min
Locked on Reds - 3/7/18 Doug Gray talks Finnega...
Doug Gray talks Finnegan, Stephenson and more
20 min
Locked on Reds - 3/6/18 Is a gold glove in Bill...
Is a gold glove in Billy's future? Plus, Votto is a leader
15 min
Locked on Reds - 3/5/18 This season could be a ...
Marty Brennaman on Stephenson, plus Gennett talks rebuild
17 min
Locked on Reds - 3/1/18 Jonathan Mayo of MLB Pi...
Jonathan Mayo of MLB Pipeline discusses the Reds' farm system
15 min
Locked on Reds - 2/28/18 Cincinnati's farm syst...
Cincinnati's farm system and Doug Gray talks Reds
17 min
Locked on Reds - 2/27/18 Bailey, Stephenson and...
Bailey, Desclafani and a look at the Reds offseason
18 min
Locked on Reds - 2/26/18 Joey Votto's brilliant...
Joey Votto's brilliant, plus Chad Dotson joins us
19 min
Locked on Reds - 2/23/18 Dick Williams discusse...
Dick Williams discusses the starting rotation, Votto's comments and more
21 min
Locked on Reds - 2/22/18 Is it realistic to exp...
Is it realistic to expect Billy Hamilton to improve at the plate?
18 min
Locked on Reds - 2/21/18 Barry Larkin, Bryan Pr...
Will it be Barry or Bryan in 2019?
17 min
Locked on Reds - 2/20/18 Joey Votto feels the w...
Joey Votto feels the way you do about the Reds' rebuild
18 min